Top 15 Hottest Instagram Baddies

When it comes to flaunting what your mama gave you, Instagram has definitely been the chosen platform for numerous baddies. Man or woman, I am sure we have all been caught stalking a hottie, or two, o

When it comes to flaunting what your mama gave you, Instagram has definitely been the chosen platform for numerous baddies. Man or woman, I am sure we have all been caught stalking a hottie, or two, or ten. As a straight female, I am here to admit that people I follow on my personal Instagram account are 5% friends and family, 5% fashion and beauty pages, and 90% sexy-as-hell-I-want-to-be-them-why-don't-I-look-like-that Instagram baddies. I follow them not to drown myself in self-hate and misery, but to motivate the sexy beast in me to come out and play.

With over 600 million active users, using one of the best android applications - according to Time magazine - sure is a smart way to go. Instagram's global audience reach has paved the way for numerous social media influencers to achieve their highest potentials. The internet has really been a huge game changer in the world of business and freelance hustlers. Traditional media, sad to say, is slowly fading into the background, and the World Wide Web into the forefront.

Enough with the introductions though, I know you are all here to see 15 of the hottest Instagram baddies - and trust me this list will not disappoint. Now scroll down and get ready for some sizzling photos!

15 Demi Rose


Who is that lady looking hotter than the sun? Why that is Demi Rose, a model, and UK's Instagram queen. Like many of the women on this list, her rise to fame started off on the internet - specifically Myspace (do you guys remember Myspace? What a blast from the past). She then started posting sexy selfies on Instagram once it became a thing. Her followers of course grew and spread like wildfire, which is actually how her career as a model took off. Feel like you have seen her somewhere other than Instagram? You probably have if you are a Chris Brown or DJ Khaled fan. The curvaceous model can be spotted in their music videos. Aside from her killer looks and bod, formerly dating rapper Tyga is also one of the reason's this black-haired beauty became such a social media sensation.

Instagram account: @demirosemawby

14 Katya Elise Henry


Onto my personal favorite, Katya Henry. Probably one of the hottest women you will ever see in your life, this fitness babe and model from Miami has made quite the name for her and that booty - not just in the fitness world, but on social media as well. Her slammin' body does not come easily; Katya always stays on top of her diet and workout game, and man oh man does it pay off. I have no doubt singer (and Katya's boyfriend) Austin Mahone is thankful for his little piece of heaven everyday - I know I would be. The fitness guru has been such a huge motivation for women everywhere - I being one of said women. She continues to inspire her fans by letting them know that dedication and consistency goes a very, very, very long way!

Instagram account: @katyaelisehenry

13 Anna Nystrom


Anna Nystrom is a 21-year-old fitness model who has quickly caught our lurking eyes (for an obvious reason). The Swedish babe who resides in Stockholm has taken interest in fitness and fashion blogging and has become quite successful. With over 3.6 million followers on Instagram, the fitness model makes sure to keep her followers happy by regularly posting updates on fitness, as well as sharing some great fashion tips (of course this is aside from blessing your mobile screens with steamy selfies). So if you share the same interests, or are just looking for another sexy-ass female to follow on Instagram,  well here you go. You are welcome.

Instagram account: @annanystrom

12 Yovanna Ventura


Say hello to another Miami-based hottie! Yovanna Ventura, rumored former girlfriend to Justin Bieber (he sure knows how to pick the ladies), is another model and Instagram sensation who well deserves to be included on this hot-list. Her exotic beauty and body to die for (and of course being headlined as dating Bieber) has helped her gain a huge fan-base for herself. The young model may not have major modeling contracts, but just looking at her, we can all bet to see a lot from this beauty in the near future. Ventura - which can be translated as fortune/luck - sure is a fitting last name to the ever-so-beautiful Yovanna.

Instagram account: @yoventura

11 Jourdan Dunn


More than just a pretty face, Jourdan Dunn is a model and an ambassador for sickle-cell disease. You are probably wondering "Why sickle-cell disease?" You see, Jourdan is a mother to a four year old boy who suffers from the disease and, like any mother out there would, she used all her strengths to help her little boy. Jourdan is definitely not your average 24 year old; with a busy supermodel schedule, she still manages to be the best supermom she can be. Her career started at the young age of 16 when she signed with Storm Management. Being pregnant by 19, motherhood did not slow down this gorgeous Brit, instead, she used that as a drive to now being one of the world's best paid models.

Instagram account: @jourdandunn

10 Joan Smalls


Puerto Rico-born supermodel Joan Smalls created a BIG life for herself. Coming from a little island, Joan always knew she could rise above and make it into the fashion industry. It is her self-belief and goals that made her one of the highest-paid supermodels today. Of course, looking the way she does contributed a whole lot to her success; but do not overlook her drive and the amount of hard-work she has put into being the fuego Puerto Rican she is. Being Latina, Joan had always had that extra flavor - sexy; but aside from that, she has admitted to being troublemaker. Sexy AND dangerous? I don't think we can handle this.

Instagram account: @joansmalls

9 Emily DiDonato


Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Emily DiDonato is the American dream in human form. The American model from the Big Apple makes us want to sing "New York! New York!" at the top of our lungs. Her angelic looks combined with her sultry vibes prove to make THE perfect cocktail. It is hard not to notice her unique appeal; she has taken giant leaps since her career took off - even Giorgio Armani and Maybelline took notice of the blue-eyed beauty. I am sure that soon enough, names as big as Armani will follow suit. If I were you, I would head onto Amanyara Resort at Turks and Caicos if you want to get a glimpse of the beautiful model; she admits to always vacation there.

Instagram account: @emilydidonato

8 Galinka Mirgaeva


Despite the large community of attractive women on Instagram, Galinka Mirgaeva has successfully managed to take on the challenge of standing out. The incredibly good looking Russian model - famous for promoting the ever so popular Skinny Bunny Tea - has such a huge fan base that numerous companies have chosen her to sponsor their products. Who knew that one day, we would be able to make money off of a simple application? But anyways, back to Galinka (always go back to Galinka). She is definitely the Instagram babe you never knew you needed in your life.

Instagram account: @mirgaeva_galinka

7 Sahara Ray


Surfer-babe Sahara Ray is exactly the kind of woman who will make you look twice, or even thrice. This Instagram queen is daughter to surfer Tony Ray. Following on her father's footsteps (while adding a dash of sugar, spice, and everything sexy), she brought the surfing scene to a whole other level of hot, infecting everyone around her with a little sizzle hotter than the sun. As a freelance model who is adored by her Instagram followers, she used that as a platform to build her very own swimwear company - Sahara Ray Swim. Is there anything more attractive than an already attractive business-minded woman? I don't think so.

Instagram account: @sahara_ray

6 Cindy Prado


Cindy Prado, as hot as the place she was born - Miami. The Cuban-American FHM and Maxim model is obviously the definition of sexy (refer back to FHM and Maxim for further clarification). In an interview with Urbasm, the Insta-famous model spoke about her ideal prince charming. Are you ready for this guys? To Cindy, the perfect man possesses two main characteristics: a good sense of humor, and good fashion sense. If you have those checked off her what-I-want-in-a-man list, she adds that loyalty, independence, and romance follow. She didn't mention this, but it probably wouldn't hurt if you were able to level with her degree of hotness, just saying.

Instagram account: @cindyprado

5 Paris Dylan


Meet Paris Dylan, a model who is into sports a.k.a. the perfect woman. Like all the other women on this list, she is beautiful, sexy, and of course Instagram famous; and like many models, the only thing she hates about her career is the fact that she can't grab a pizza at 12 am (who can blame her?). I guess one of the perks of being not-so-sexy-but-sexy-enough is the fact that we can grab a doughnut for breakfast right? The 21-year-old California model is perhaps too attractive; it reached the point where so many people used her photos for a fake profile - surely a smart way to get anyone's attention - that MTV's Catfish just had to feature her.

Instagram account: @parisdylan550

4 Alice Peneaca


Add a little flame to your Instagram feed by following the ever-so-beautiful Alice Peneaca. The Romanian-born model slash animal lover is a wonderful sight to see. Being that one of her favorite pastimes is hitting the beach with her teeny bikini - and i bet she posts a ton of pictures just chillin' by the beach - I would go and follow her right away if I were you; you have got nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain. She is also not afraid to show her mischievous side. In an interview with GQ, when asked how she was feeling, she replied with "I feel like I want to do something naughty!" Oh la la, Alice. I see you.

Instagram account: @alicepeneaca

3 Ola Kowal


Polish beauty Ola Kowal is yet another Instagram queen worthy of being on this list. The laid back temptress who now calls Brooklyn her home, will usually be caught doing yoga (stop picturing her in a downward facing dog), or in the haunt for a new hot restaurant (I guess opposites do attract). She also enjoys going to the beach - who doesn't, am I right? According to the model, there is nothing better than gold sand and turquoise water. According to me however, there is nothing better than Ola Kowal at the beach. I guess the gold sand and turquoise water would be the plus.

Instagram account: @szindy

2 Sharam Diniz


This Angolan/Portuguese supermodel and Victoria's Secret angel is a true beauty-and-brains kinda gal. Sharam Diniz pursued modeling at the young age of 17 and maintained to keep her nose on books. Once her career took off, the model decided to move to London, where she led an outstanding career in the fashion industry, all the while studying Management and Event Production at Leeds Metropolitan University. She has walked runways for huge names like Jason Wu and Balmain, been on covers of Vogue, and stared in Chanel and Ralph Lauren campaigns. Did I mention that she branched out as a fashion designer as well? That's right, there's no stopping this queen.

Instagram account: @sharamdiniz

1 Georgia May Jagger


No one has got the moves like Jagger! How can we not include the offspring of rock n' roll royalty Mick Jagger on our hot list?! Georgia May Jagger is witty, sarcastic, and - I don't feel the need to state the obvious but - gorgeous as hell, and we are all totally digging it. The rock child turned model has quickly become a fashion icon and her Instagram account - and basically everything that has to do with her - proves why. She has the ability to transition to a "cool girl" in a snap of a finger. With a gap-tooth smile as bright as her future, I have no doubt in my mind that Georgia May Jagger will prove to the world that she has got her own moves too!

Instagram account: @georgiamayjagger

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