Top 15 Countries With The Most Beautiful People

Vacations are both amazing and stressful. When planning a trip, you tend to think of several factors that go into the trip, such when you want to go, who you want to go with and of course where you want to go! When deciding on a new country, there are a lot of factors to consider; weather, food, sightseeing, safety and of course the level of hotness of the locals around them. If you are looking to visit a country, and the level of hotness of the locals is a concern for you, then this article is for you.

The world is a big place, filled with a lot of people - 7.4 billion to be precise. We at TheRichest have done our research and we have come up with the 15 countries that we believe house the sexiest people, both men and women. Although every country has some beautiful people, some countries are just known for their good looking residents. We've also tracked down 15 celebrities that represent their country well in regards to the level of attractiveness. From North America to South America and of course Europe, the next countries are located all around the world.

These truly are 15 of the most beautiful women in the entire world.

15 Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia known for its breathtaking islands, incredible hospitality and of course beautiful people. Philippines, has the second most wins in “The Big Four International Beauty Pageants”. Filipina women are not only beautiful, but they are sweet, family oriented, compassionate and most of them possess good values. Philippines is a gorgeous place with even more gorgeous people. Some of the best known Filipino heartbreakers are Vanessa Hudgens, Dave Bautista, Nicole Scherzinger and Nicole Gale Anderson. With hot celebrities like this, it is no wonder why the Philippines made this list. It is clear that people of Filipino descent have an exotic and natural look to them. Their dark features and petite physiques are common looks for people of this country.

14 Turkey

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Turkey is a country that straddles Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The Turkish culture, which is connected to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman and Ottoman empires, is one that is filled with a lot of history both good and bad. The country in recent years has been an incredibly popular tourist destination, especially in cities like Istanbul which has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. Perhaps people visit it for the beautiful visuals, however it is most probably because of the smoking hot locals roaming the streets. Turks have dark features and charismatic personalities making them irresistible, especially to tourists. The women have long dark hair with stunning, striking features that are guaranteed to make men drool over them. Turks are underestimated when it comes to their beauty. Hadise, who is a television personality, singer, dancer, and performer, is currently residing in Istanbul.

13 Lebanon

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Another country that is known for its dark featured beauties is Lebanon. Lebanon is a country that is rich in history. With beautiful beaches, mouth watering foods and enough eye candy to keep you people watching for hours, Lebanon is a place to visit. The city of Beirut is known for its extravagant lifestyle and over the top night life, people in Lebanon party like the world is going to end tomorrow. The beautiful people have an array of looks from dark features with light eyes to light features with dark eyes, there is something about the Lebanese genes that creates beautiful people. Believe it or not, there are a lot of celebrities in Hollywood that are of Lebanese descent such as Zoe Saldana, Wentworth Miller, Vince Vaughn and Shakira.

12 Spain

With celebrities like Enrique Iglesias, Penelope Cruz, and Javier Bardem, it is no big surprise that Spain has some fabulous looking people, which is why it had to make our list. For those of you who have ever been to Spain, I am sure this thought crossed your mind while roaming the streets “wow people here are so good looking.” There are incredibly good looking men and women roaming the dreamy streets, sitting at cafes and working in local shops. Not to mention the exciting nightlife that is sure to feature many opportunities to help create an unforgettable night. There is something about the Spanish culture that exudes an air of beauty and grace. People age better in Spain and seem to have a zest for life, making them even more attractive.

11 Italy

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Similar to Spain, Italy is one of those places where everything surrounding you, including the people, takes your breath away. Italians are known to be extra beautiful and extra charming, giving them extra chances of breaking your heart. The Italian culture is one of the most respected cultures in the world for its deep history and delicious foods. One thing is for sure, Italy is a place to go to if you want to fall in love. Anyone who has ever roamed the streets of Italy will tell you the same thing, how beautiful everyone and everything truly is. Celebrities like the stunning Carla Bruni and Marisa Tomei are also proof that Italy is a country that produces smoking hot people. Italy is a must visit country for so many reasons, the extremely hot people are just a bonus.

10 Russia

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Anna Kournikova, Irina Shayk, Maria Sharapova; these three ridiculously hot women all have another thing in common besides their looks, they are all Russian! Russia is cold, far and has a reputation and stigma surrounding it that gives outsiders an image of what it is like. However, in reality, it is a wicked cool place with awesome people who love to drink and who enjoy life to the fullest. Russians are some of the sexiest people in the world. I am not sure if it is the accent or their badass attitudes but Russians, both men and women, know how to turn heads. Russians are fearless, which is a quality that somehow makes them more desirable to the opposite sex. They are hard working and motivated people who know how to provide for their families and look damn good while doing that.

9 Netherlands

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The Netherlands are known for its windmills, flowers, legal “illegal” activities and so much more. Did you know that this country has an endless amount of incredible beaches and some of the most breathtaking forests in the world? Did you also know that it is one of the countries that houses some of the most beautiful people? Dutch men and women have a natural beauty about them, perhaps it is the fresh air or European produce, but something about those from the Netherlands is truly beautiful. They have a natural innocence about them which is ironic seeing how their country is known for things like its red-light districts and drug use. The Netherlands is a great country to visit because it will offer you a bit of everything, and you might even find someone to have a vacation romance with! Fun fact, Yolanda Foster, Gigi and Bella Hadid's mother is from the Netherlands!

8 Brazil

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Brazil is a country that knows how to celebrate life. Known for its festivals, its parties, its beaches and of course its beautiful people, we at TheRichest could not make this list without including Brazil. Brazil is one if those countries that just produces incredibly sexy human beings. We are not sure if it is in the water, or purely in their genes, but Brazilians, both men and women, are known around the world are being at the top of the beauty chart. Did you ever realize that some of the most well-known models are from Brazil? Women like Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosia are all of Brazilian backgrounds, which is proof of how hot the people from brazil are.

7 Denmark

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Denmark is a predominantly protestant country whose name means “Land of the Danes”. This little country is home to some big and sexy people. Known for their height, people in Denmark are just all around attractive. Denmark is known for having some of the most attractive men in the world, so ladies, next “girls” trip should be there. From good sight seeing, to even better people watching, Denmark is a must visit for any woman who has a height requirement of over 6 feet. Men in Denmark are known to be gentlemen. That in combination with their intense good looks is why we at TheRichest had to include this country this list. Denmark is also known to be the happiest country on the planet, maybe that's because everyone you see is so damn sexy, its hard to be in a bad mood! Caroline Wozniacki is one of the best tennis players in the world, as well as being an accomplished model and actress and hails from Odense, Denmark.

6 Norway

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Norway is a Viking country known for its breathtaking blonde bombshells. Although Norway is filled with hot women, they do no get the same treatment as women in other countries. Women are extremely respected in Norway. People in this country are active, healthy and dress to impress for any occasion. Norwegians are attractive people, with intelligent minds and kind hearts - a good country to find love in! Both Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart are of Norwegian descent and both of them are known as two of the biggest sex icons of all time.

5 United States of America

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The United States of America is the home of the brave, as well as some of the most attractive people in the world. The thing about America is that many of its people look completely different. However, that “All American” look (think Abercrombie and Fitch) really tore at the heart strings of men and women globally. America is the hub of the world, it is a melting pot of different religions and ethnicities which is something that makes the country so special. Women like Reese Witherspoon possess that girl next door look which America prides itself on. America is a great country, and although it has its problems, it is a place that is viewed as a land of opportunity and the beautiful people are part of that opportunity!

4 Canada

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Similar to America, Canada is a melting pot of people. However, there are certain differences between Americans and Canadians. Canada, especially cities like Montreal, have European roots, giving the people a mix of American and European vibes. Then, adding into the mix that people speak French takes the hotness level up to the max. Canadians are educated, cultured and good looking people who know how to have fun and who enjoy life. Although it is just across the border, Canadians are known to be more passionately active in bed and this gives them another edge over Americans. Some of Canada's sexiest celebrities include Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Drake and Justin Bieber.

3 Greece

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Greeks are some of the most proud people you will ever meet. They have a rich history, beautiful country and some of the most attractive people on the planet. Some of their sexiest celebrities include Jennifer Aniston, John Stamos and Billy Zane. Greece is another one of those countries that you can't help but fall in love with and fall in love in. The gorgeous locals in combination with the stunning scenery are why Greece made this list. Greeks have a certain confidence about them that makes them more appealing to people. Every summer, tourists from all walks of life fly down to island hop in Greece, and it is common for some people never to return. People will either fall in love with the country or fall in love with a person, and sometimes even both.

2 Sweden

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Swedish people are known for three things, there ivory and clear complexion, their incredible height and of course their striking good looks. Sweden is a country that has bred some of the most outstanding looking human beings of all time. These blonde bombshells are known throughout the world as being one of the most attractive breeds of people. These tall stunning people are also known for being extremely intelligent. Although most people think the women in Sweden are the prizes, in reality, the men are known as being some of the most handsome on the planet. Not only does Sweden produce beautiful people, some of the most talented celebrities are of Swedish descent. Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo and the stunning Alicia Vikander are just some of the most prominent celebrities that are Swedish.

1 Venezuela

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To many, Venezuela houses the most beautiful people, both men and women, and we at TheRichest couldn't agree more. Venezuelans coined the term sexy, with their delicate features and sultry physique it is no wonder why people fall madly in love with them. People from Venezuela have a “joie de vive” that not many other countries possess. People from this country exude happiness, which studies have shown is the most attractive quality to both men and women. Between their way of living and loving life and their breathtaking good looks, it is no wonder that the people of this country are known as the most beautiful in the world. They are especially known for their passion and zest for all things around them. That mixed in with their curvy bodies, soft skin and dark features, and anyone (and I mean anyone) has the potential of falling in love with someone from this extremely sexy country. Above you see Gaby Espino who has been an actress since 1996.

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