The Hottest Gangster In The World: 15 Pics Of Claudia Felix

Crime boss. Mexican Kim Kardashian. Empress of Los Antrax with Sinaloa cartel ties. Owner of a pink and gold plated AK47. Claudia Felix has been called all of these, though to be fair, she has vehemently denied being connected to the cartel and calls all such accusations that she is the world’s hottest crime boss “cowardly lies and slander.” If you’re to believe the rumors, she’s a combination of Scarface and Glamour magazine rolled in one. It’s hard to believe that a mafia leader would look more like a glamazon than a hardened gangster yet the accusations pour in about the social media star who is followed by many across sites like Twitter and Facebook. Her ocean of fans adore her for her beauty, seemingly unabashed personality, likeness to Kim Kardashian and of course, her prowess for all things automatic weapon. It’s obvious that society has a certain obsession with rebels. And to look at a photo of Claudia Felix casually seated near a glass of wine looking calm without a care in the world as two masked gun-toting men surround her, she’s more of a rebel without a cause than James Dean. Her love of posting selfies keeps fans coming back for more as they can’t get enough of the twenty-seven-year-old Mexico native.

Whether you choose to believe she is a badass crime boss or just a sexy babe with a flair for flashy guns, here are fifteen photos of the often-alleged though always-denied world’s sexiest crime boss.

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15 The Standard Car Selfie


The SCS is as good a place as any to start this list. Because what girl's social media account isn't complete without a few dozen in-the-car selfies topped off with a semi-sultry hint of a secret smile? But Claudia manages to go over the top and look extra glam with long glossy locks, super shiny red-pink lipstick, and oversized sunnies. Not a hair out of place, eyebrows on point and an overall look that says you’re too fabulous to even care. Yep, that’s how you nail the in-the-car selfie. Red interior, bonus points. We can only imagine what kind of luxury envy-producing car she is behind the wheel of.

14 Not-So-Standard Car Selfie


The only thing cooler than effortlessly nailing the standard car selfie? Levelling up with a custom made pink and black decorated AK-47 as your very special passenger. Why do we love car selfies so much? Maybe because it's a chance for people to see us in one of the places we spend so much of our day. Our cars always say something about us; from a hula girl on the dash or our favorite kind of gum strewn on the seat. Most girls like to take photos of their favorite morning fuel coffee blend, adorable puppy on the way to the park or even their BFF next to them in the car. Not Claudia, who shows off her little friend (not so little, though) on the passenger seat looking every bit the part of a Hello Kitty meets Grand Theft Auto custom accessory and bringing an entirely new meaning to the term “shotgun.” You gotta admit— the girl’s got style.

13 Bikini Shot


Most girls want that perfect bikini/bathing suit shot to add to their social media album. Most girls also would probably want as many likes as Claudia gets for her bikini photos. Here, she shows off a pink cutout bathing suit with a frilly top complete with a perfect pout for the camera. She's got the pose down pat and the eyes say it all, "I know I've got superstar quality." It's photos like these in her social media account that keep her fans and followers coming back for more. Girls love them for the fashion/glamorous/beauty factor and guys love them well... because of the obvious. This suit is cute and classy while showing off her curves but also leaving much to the imagination.

12 Not Your Average Wine Bar


To be honest, we don't know if this is a wine bar or Claudia's living room but we'll go with a wine bar that comes with a set of very dedicated bouncers. Like, extremely dedicated. Claudia's face looks so nonchalant, every bit the part of someone who’s just got done reading a good book or watching a light romantic comedy or eating a nice lunch, maybe. We’re pretty sure that most of us would look extremely freaked out if two men stood armed to the teeth near us, but perhaps those are her personal bodyguards who act more like teddy bears than the stone cold assassins they look like? Not to mention she's cradling a shiny gun in her lap as if it's a handbag. This is the ultimate female crime boss pic. Um, girl power?

11 Literally Rolling In The Dough


If you happen to be a film buff, this photo may dredge up memories of Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal or Katie Holmes and crew in Mad Money. For you 90s cartoon fans, maybe Scrooge McDuck swan diving into his vault of gold in Ducktales is more appropriate. But this is no movie. This is a real life shot reportedly from Miss Felix’s social media accounts of a true blue full on cash bath. And those are no $1 bills either. Oh no. High denomination all the way. For what is fantasy for the majority of us, here it appears this is just another day of rolling in an insane amount of cold hard cash on the bed. You know, no big deal.

10 Welcome To The Gun Show


It’s been said not to mess with a man and his gun. With the photos that Claudia posts, it seems that she may be rewriting that quote. Whether it’s a custom job of pink and black, gold-plated or basic badass black, it’s clear that Claudia Felix loves her automatic weapons. On her social media platforms, she’s often seen in photos with her bevy of AK-47s at what appear to be makeshift firing ranges or open fields. No matter the custom color or how pretty the gun is or whether she's dressed casually to hit the gym or more dressed up in a tight black outfit, we think that the message is pretty darn clear: don't mess with this girl.

9 Impromptu Kiss


Sometimes kisses are more fun when they’re just because! An impromptu kiss can make any day better whether it's date night or just relaxing near the water. We’re not sure if this kiss caught on camera was planned or spontaneous and a photo taker just happened to be there at the right moment but either way, it’s a pretty cool shot as the "kissee" looks pretty pleased with himself and does not seem to be complaining in the least. Claudia passionately puckers up for the smooch while wearing a salmon-colored cropped strapless top and multi-colored short shorts. For extra amore, Claudia pulls her pecking partner closer to her and runs her free hand through her long hair.

8 Brunette Ambition


We’re sensing some major brunette ambition based on some of Claudia Felix’s posted social media photos. Many of her photos seem as if they were taken on the set of some mob movie. But this is no movie as Claudia is seen expertly looking into the scope of her rifle. It appears she has just hopped out of the car wearing a casual outfit and styled hair and felt the need to grab her rifle and make a, um, business decision? Or maybe she just realized what a great photo opportunity this would be and didn’t want to see it pass by. Yeah, we’ll go with that. In the other photo, Claudia is seen wearing a super sexy little black dress with a statement necklace as she looks down at her ultimate accessory. Her gun is shinier than her necklace! One thing is crystal clear— Claudia knows how to bring on the bling.

7 Wardrobe Adjustments


Ah, the ongoing battle of the sexy skin tight romper. This surefire traffic-stopping outfit is meant for curvaceous gals and leaves its wearers in an unusual and rather ironic predicament. Pull it up then you have to tug it down and vice versa, it never ends. But if you’ve got the body to rock it, it’s worth the hassle. Claudia certainly does and shows off her curves in this clinging animal print number as you can see from the paparazzi-style photo. She completed the super sexy outfit with several matching black and white bracelets and her signature oversized black sunglasses and doesn't seem to mind that she's been caught on camera giving her outfit a necessary little adjustment tug.

6 Rebel Woman


Okay, so we’ve seen photos of Claudia all dolled up, glammed out and beautified but here are some showing her pure badass, girls-are-just-as-tough, don’t-mess-with-me side. In these photos, Claudia shows us that spikes, shiny jackets and very scary looking automatic weapons can be just as feminine, depending on who’s behind them, of course. Whether it’s a camo-colored or painted specially to match her outfit, Claudia rocks the rifles as any tough-as-nails lady would. Again, her level of comfort around these guns is more than most of us would be able to stand. These photos show that Claudia has a serious side but even when she gets down to business, she still likes to keep it spicy in a low-cut cleavage revealing jacket and high-heeled boots that practically scream that she means business… ya know, if the guns don’t say it first.

5 Guns And Glitz


Guns, glitz, a glamorous lifestyle and gorgeous looks. These four things are what Claudia Felix’s fans are drawn to like moths to a flame. We already know that Claudia is able to appear cool under circumstances that would certainly unravel most others, but it still comes as somewhat of a surprise to see a woman in a silvery twist dress holding a gold-plated assault rifle in her lap as casually and comfortably as if she’s holding an adorable beloved puppy. Her hands, complete with a red polish manicure, look right at home resting on the custom AK-47. The way she shows off this obviously beloved rifle looks something out of an ad— for gold-plated assault rifles.

4 The Duck Face


Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for a while or have emerged from a deep hibernation and have missed out on trends sweeping Instagram accounts far and wide, we’ll fill you in. The “duck face” is a silly name for a selfie trend which has gone rampant like wild fire all over social media. This photographic fad occurs when a girl goes for a sexy pout by pursing her lips and, almost always, sucks in her cheeks a little as well. Sometimes, the duck face pose is further exaggerated with sad puppy dog eyes and the lips turned down as if in a frown as well but here, Claudia keeps it light and classy with just a classic kissy face showing her lipsticked-pout and perfectly made up face. This playful pose is almost always done in the car for fun on the go.

3 Incommunicado


Whether life's going perfectly or not, sometimes, a girl’s just gotta take a break. Breaks are almost always better spent relaxing at the pool. Submerged in H20 from head to toe, Claudia lets her long dark hair fan out behind her as she floats in another fashionable cutout bathing suit this time, accessorized with oversized sunglasses and a girly necklace, red nail polish with matching red lipstick. The photographer catches her in a perfect moment of watery bliss. It’s obvious that she doesn’t have a care in the world as she allows the pool to relax any troubles away. We bet that most people wish they could look this effortlessly put together and coordinated while happily floating face up in a pool.

2 Balcony Babe


Balcony shots are a form of scientific art in themselves. One must capture the perfect blend of both the beauty of the subject as well as the landscape that the balcony resident is admiring. We wonder what she is contemplating while looking over the balcony at the city rooftops. Or perhaps she is just appreciating the view of water and palm trees below. Either way, the balcony shot is a classic necessity to any glam girl’s social media photos, while on vacation or just day-to-day while living the life. Here, Claudia contemplates business, life or maybe just the day as she gazes out in a white cropped shirt and patterned black and white leggings that showcase her well, "assets". We can just imagine that Claudia must feel like the queen of the world as she peers out over all the eye can see.

1 A Bedroom Mirror Selfie, Anyone?


Claudia shows off her curvy figure with a sexy bedroom mirror selfie. Look closely and you’ll see that her hair forms the shape of a heart. Her fans go crazy when Claudia sends the love on social media by posting these intimate setting photos. Laying down on the floor near her bed in black boy shorts and a tiny top using a large mirror to capture the causal moment is exactly the kind of pose that allows her fans to see her as more relatable… if a reported mega crime boss with a thing for assault rifles can be considered relatable, that is. Based on this photo, Claudia clearly seems to know that sometimes showing just enough to leave them wanting more is key for becoming a rising social media star. She doesn’t even have to show her face for the viewer to know that this is a sexy tease pic.

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