The 15 Types of Girls All Guys Need To Avoid Dating

Love is hard to find, there are no two ways about it. It is almost as if there are no normal single people left on the face of the earth. Often dating goes a little something like this, you meet someone you find attractive, you exchange a couple of conversations via text or the phone, you go out a few times, you pretend that they are someone they aren't until you can no longer take it and you call it quits. There is an expression that is very telling and that expression is “when someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

When it comes to dating, it is like everyone wants to put the blame on the man, when in reality women are just as bad if not worse. Men, just like women, have the power of being hurt and a lot of the times they do not even know what to look for in a woman to avoid getting stuck in an awful situation.

This is where we at TheRichest come in. We thought it would be a good idea to educate men on the fifteen kinds of women he should stay away from. Similar to everything, there are exceptions to these rules, but more often than not, these types of women are nothing but drama. So, to all you men out there reading, you're welcome!

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15 The Girl That is Demanding

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Let us get one thing straight, there is a difference between knowing what you want as a woman and being demanding. A demanding woman is rarely ever satisfied. A lot of men at first, are attracted to this type of woman because they seem self-assured. However, after spending time with one of these ladies men usually find out that it is hard being with a demanding woman.

A demanding woman always wants and expects more, she has rules for her men to abide by during relationships and quite frankly, being with her gets exhausting. At one point or another, her overwhelming demands are just going to become too much and men eventually run for the hills. For you demanding ladies reading this, take it down a notch! If you want something done, do it yourself and stop bossing your men around!

14 The Girl That is Lazy

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Laziness is one of the least attractive qualities anyone could possess. When we say lazy girls, we do not mean girls who enjoy watching television or laying low, we mean girls that lack ambition and motivation. Being an independent self-sufficient woman, especially in today's society is an absolute necessity and a complete turn on to men. A girl with a job, a social life and passion is pretty much the complete opposite of what we are describing here.

The lazy girl lacks all of the above-mentioned qualities, and instead they live life without any desire to accomplish anything above average and do not push to better themselves.  This is the kind of girl every man should stay away from because in the long run they are they kind of woman that is lazy when taking care of a home and a child, let alone doing all of that while managing a career. The lazy girl usually always remains the lazy girl.

13 The Girl That Always Lies

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What we at TheRichest find funny is that everyone always blames men for being liars when in reality women lie just as much. Let's set one thing straight, liars, be them male or female are the worst kind of people to get involved with.

Liars do not tell the usual “white lie”, these women lie constantly. Usually, liars have ulterior motives and should not be trusted, however, most people do not even realize they are being lied to until they are deep in the relationship. Women who lie are often doing something shady and that often involves another man. A lot of women who lie, do it to gain something, be it attention, material objects or to help win arguments. Whatever their reasoning may be, the fact is that they were still lying to you and that is definitely not cool.

12 The Girl That Bounces From Boyfriend To Boyfriend

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Everyone knows one of these girls. It is almost as though every time she ends a relationship, she immediately begins a new one. There is something that is not to be trusted about a serial monogamist, especially when they are a woman. It goes back to women needing to find their independence. Although we at TheRichest believe that men also require that time to find themselves, this article is focused on women.

This almost desperation feeling that exudes from most of these women is translated through their fear of being alone. A person who is comfortable with being by themselves is usually the kind of person you want to stick by you throughout this world.

Female independence is sexy and a woman who has never been single, a woman who jumps from relationship to relationship is a red flag which men should start looking out for and make sure you aren't just another one in her long line of men.

This does not mean that all serial monogamists lack independence but take it as a warning to slow things down if you are getting involved with a woman similar to what we described.

11 The Girl That Is Always Changing Friends

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If a woman has never kept the same group of friends and is constantly changing “crews”, it is rarely a good sign. This usually means that she is the kind of woman that is difficult to keep around. Friendships are different from romantic relationships in the sense that friends usually put up with a hell of a lot more throughout the years. Which is why, if a woman has never kept the same friends for more than a year, the chances are she probably doesn't have the best disposition.

This is not to be confused with women who have many new friends, that is actually a good thing! It is the women who consistently change their friends that you should be worried about.

10 The Girl That Always Has a Problem

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This is what we at TheRichest like to call a drama queen and they are beyond exhausting. At first, men are drawn to this kind of women because in some way they think that they can help them, which they do. However, as time goes on, the drama begins to pile up and sooner or later it becomes more than anyone could handle. This kind of girl loves the attention she gets from victimizing herself, rather than a boyfriend.

In reality, she should be looking for a babysitter because that is what dating her is like! Sooner or later, regardless of how hot she is, this act almost always gets annoying. The man eventually gets fed up and decides she is simply not worth the headaches, but if it is you, you know to make that decision early on.

9 The Girl That Has No Girl Friends

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Okay, so let us get one thing straight, girls can be full of drama, so it is normal for a girl to balance that out with male friends. However, if a woman has zero female friends, something is up. Women empower one another which is why having zero female friends is suspicious.

This is not a reason to not date someone, but perhaps it is a sign that you should take things slow. Women who only hang out with men tend to be a lot more secretive and a lot more reserved, which is usually why she avoids being around women.

There is a reason why she only hangs around with members of the opposite sex and usually, the reason is nothing but trouble.

8 The Girl Who Hates Your Pets

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If a girl does not like your pets then she should not be around past the first date. Pets are almost an extension of you, they are a member of your family and if the girl you are interested in does not appreciate your love for your pet chances are you should not get too attached.

How pets and the person you are dating react to one another is very telling. Pet owners tend to talk about their pets, so the girl should know how important they are to you. By her not treating your animal nicely, it is very telling on the person she is. We are aware that not everyone loves animals but if you are someone who does, you should probably be with someone who appreciates that.

7 The Girl That Is Friends With Her Ex-Boyfriends 

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Being friends with one of your exes is one thing, but being friends with all of your ex-boyfriends is slightly sociopathic. This is a telling sign that the girl you are dating has a couple of issues. First off, when we say friends, we do not mean being on good terms with their former flames we mean, talking, hanging out and doing activities on the regular. It is pretty much like they are still dating just without the sex.

The issues in this situation are that usually, these kinds of women are still leading these men on that she still has feelings for them (and you better hope she doesn't!) Either way, it is something that you do not want to get involved with. Situations like this have drama written all over them and relationships with too much drama usually end terribly, but hey, you guys will probably stay friends.

6 The Girl Who Is Always Partying

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We hate to say it but this is a pretty obvious one. Party girls are trouble and dating one is not advised. We get it, at first, it is super exciting. Party girls tend to be carefree, fun and above all else smoking hot. This is why so many guys fall into this trap, especially because men similar to women think that they can be the reason someone changes, but in reality, it never works that way.

Party girls love attention, which is part of why they are always going out. It is one thing to be a weekend warrior, meaning you only party on weekends, but when we say party girl, we mean a girl that pretty much lives in the club. They get a thrill from dressing up, boozing and getting hit on by strange men. Even when this girl is in a relationship, her borderline addiction to the nightlife will still be in her and you better believe that will lead to problems.

5 The Girl Who Always Has An Excuse 

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Her phone died, she had no service, she is super overwhelmed with work, she had a really traumatic relationship. These are all some of the things the girl that always has an excuse will throw at you. This is the kind of girl that never owns up to her bad behavior and instead blames it on something else which leaves the man feeling bad for even bringing it up.

Gentlemen this is one of the oldest manipulation tactics in the books and if you are dating a girl like this, we suggest you get out of that relationship. Women, or anyone for that matter, who do not take credibility for their behavior is someone you should not be in a relationship with. This is the kind of person that will forever convince you to feel sorry for them, instead of them simply saying sorry to you. Similar to a liar, this is someone that you should not even give a second chance to.

4 The Girl Who Is Always On Her Phone

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Boys and their toys, girls and their phones? In our generation, it is almost as if people, especially women have become addicted to their phones. From constantly using social media apps to texting non-stop, a girl who is always on their phone is never fun to be around.

The term “living in the moment” is hard to live by in today's society because everyone is so busy “documenting” every moment of their lives that they forget to embrace what they are experiencing. A woman who is always texting and seeking attention via social media is not someone you necessarily want to start a relationship with. Although she may look super confident on her Instagram feed, chances are she is super insecure and looking for validation from as many people as possible. Find a woman who appreciates you and does not advertise her entire life on the internet, as that is the kind of woman you want on your team.

3 The Girl Who Has Never Had a Job

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If a woman has never had a job, there are only two things that she would be doing to survive. The first is that she is still completely dependent on her parents for financial support, which is something that is unsexy, especially when they then go on shopping sprees.

The second is that she has people, usually men supporting her lifestyle. These women are what we at TheRichest like to call “users”. They are leeching whatever they can manage from whoever they can manage and guess what, you are probably just another piece to that puzzle. A woman who has worked for what she has is a lot more attractive than a woman who has had everything given to them. Men need to start looking for those women and appreciating the women who give back, instead of looking for women who simply want to take.

2 The Girl Who Is Just Playing Games

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If you think she is playing games with you, chances are she is and you should turn around and walk away. Let's be real, games are for kids. As an adult, if you like someone, you should be honest and say something. If you do not like someone? Cool, you should do the same thing because everyone deserves honesty and communication.

When someone is playing games with you, chances are they don't really like you, they are instead just using you for their own reasons. Perhaps she likes the attention, or maybe she is trying to get another man jealous, whatever it is, you do not want to be involved in it. Your true partner, the one that you are going to grow old with is not going to be playing games, so do not put up with the random girl who is.

1 The Girl Who Is Not Polite

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When you are starting to date a girl there are certain things you need to pay attention to. One of the most important things is how she treats those around her. A lot of men choose to ignore certain warning signs, however, we are here to make sure you start paying attention to them. When you are on a date, start becoming aware of how she treats waiters, busboys, and bartenders. Notice little things like if she says thank you when you hold the door open for her, or if says please when asking for something.

Being polite is something that will always be in style and is a quality that everyone should strive to have, however, sadly, not everyone thinks that way. If your partner is rude at the start of your relationship when you are supposed to be on your "best behavior" just imagine a year down the line!

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