The 15 Most Expensive Houses In South Beach

It’s one of the most beautiful places in the United States...maybe even in the entire world. It's a giant vacation destination filled with late nights, beautiful women, good times, and big celebrities. Home to the Heat and Dolphins, and the former resting place of LeBron James, Miami has a huge sports community. It also has its Hollywood flair as well—home to Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and many other high profile performers. Now, why wouldn’t they want to live there? The gorgeous beaches encapsulate their surroundings as men and women frolic in the sand enjoying the wonderful weather. I’m talking of course, about Miami, Florida, or as many people call it, South Beach. Miami is the home to many successful men and women—not just athletes and celebrities, but businessmen, bankers, and people who participate in…well, extra circular activities. It’s a great place to enjoy your wealth, and an even better place to show it off. Some of the richest homes in America (including the richest) reside in South Beach.

What constitutes a house having such an extravagant price tag? How about 10 bedrooms and bathrooms? How about a giant in-ground swimming pool and a place to dock your boat? How about a waterfront property with ocean access and a view of a lagoon? Well, these Miami homes have it all. Here are 15 of the most expensive houses in South Beach, Miami, Florida.

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15 Shaq's House

via Curbed Miami

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal’s home in Miami is one of its nicest, and much like Shaq, one of its biggest. The house stands tall on Star Island in Miami Beach, one of the most exclusive parts of the Miami area, and was sold to The Diesel for a whopping $16 million. The home’s previous owner was another former Heat player, Rony Seikaly. Shaquille O’Neal came to the Miami Heat in 2004 from the Lakers, and went on to play a big part in the Heat’s NBA Finals along with Dwyane Wade leading the team to an NBA championship in 2006. Although O’Neal’s NBA career is mostly remembered for his time on the Lakers, Shaq was a huge part of the Miami culture for many years. His number was recently retired by the Miami Heat organization. When Shaq left Miami, the home was sold to Naomi Campell’s billionaire boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin.

14 J'Lo's Crib

via Curbed Miami

Jennifer Lopez is an icon in Miami. So, of course, she owns one of the most expensive homes in all of South Beach. Lopez lived in the 12,152 square foot Mediterranean revival house. The house which includes a terrace, gym, office, and huge walk-in...err, live-in...closet was put up for sale by J-Lo many years ago. However, it remained on the market for a very long time until it was finally purchased by music legend Phil Collins for a staggering $33 million. Collins will now have the luxury of enjoying a full theater, wine cellar, and 6,000-gallon Koi pond with 200 feet of water frontage. Collins bought the home because he ‘was looking for a really big piece of land.’ He also has homes in New York and Begnins, Switzerland. This home is definitely worthy of our list, not only for its price tag, but it gets bonus points for keeping the beautiful J-Lo safe and sound.

13 Faena House Penthouse

via Curbed Miami

The Faena Penthouse is the most unbelievable piece of real estate in all of Miami. The extravagant house is a gorgeous eight-bedroom, nine-bathroom home with a 70-foot long rooftop pool, and a wrap-around terrace with views of the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Creek, and the entire downtown Miami skyline. Step inside to find an in-house spa, a fitness center, a concierge service, and round-the-clock doorman.

It only makes sense that this piece of land broke the Miami Beach real estate record for sales. In 2015, the penthouse was purchased for an unreal $60 million which breaks out to about $3,500 per square foot.

In the latest update, the Faena Penthouse is being placed back on the market for a staggering $73 million! It has yet to be purchased.

The owners of the house are unknown, but whoever they are, before you sell it, invite me over please.

12 Ocean Penthouse

via Curbed Miami

Prior to the $60 million price tag on the Miami home above, 321 Ocean was the most expensive house in all of South Beach. The penthouse owned by Elizabeth and Boris Jordan, was on the market in December of 2015 for a whopping $53 million—the most expensive Miami real estate listing at the time.

The penthouse occupies the ninth and tenth floors of the magnificent building, stretching out to nearly 6,800 square feet. The giant penthouse contains four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a private rooftop terrace with a 36-foot infinity pool! Nothing screams money more than an infinity pool. The house is the ultimate spot for a pool party. The house also features a barbecue area and bar with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic ocean and the entire city of Miami. The house was originally worth $20 million but after millions of dollars of renovations, it has skyrocketed to over $50 million.

11 1 Star Island Drive

via Curbed Miami

This gorgeous home once belonged to the Estefans, Gloria and Emilio, both of whom are long time Star Island, South Beach residents. Gloria and Emilio already own a two-house main compound that resides over two acres of land with views of the bay. The power couple spends the majority of their time in that home, so 1 Star Island Drive is up for sale. It is currently listed for $40 million.

The house is 1.34 acres long with a 4,700-square-foot main house and a 2,600-square-foot guest house. Gloria and Emilio have been keeping the house as an income-generating rental property that has been nicknamed by the attendees, “Nena's Villa.” The rich and powerful head down to “Nena's Villa” to wine and dine, enjoy the weather, and look out at the beautiful view of over 240 feet of waterfront. The next owners will more likely utilize the property for the same thing.

10 Home Of Lenny Kravitz

via Daily Mail

Ever wondered what it’s like to live like a rock star? Of course you have—so here are some answers. Lenny Kravitz, the uber popular half-black/half-Jewish rock star is the former owner of this beautiful home in South Beach. Originally purchased by Kravitz for a little over $8 million, Kravitz was able to sell the six-bedroom, eleven-bathroom mansion for nearly double what he paid. Kravitz raised the value by smartly adding sand to the front of the house to create a private beach setting leading to 125 feet of private waterfront, only adding to the allure of the already beautiful tropic getaway.

The two-story property was designed by the same people best known for developing the infamous Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami in the early 1970’s and is located in the exclusive Sunset Islands where only the powerful and elite reside. The house has since been sold a second time for a new high of $25 million.

9 La Casa De Enrique Iglesias

via Daily Mail

One of Miami’s biggest icons is Hispanic pop legend Enrique Iglesias. He’s a staple of the community and his house represents his power among the South Beach elite. However, Enrique wouldn’t be complete without his other half, tennis ‘star’ Anna Kournikova. The two have been together for over 12 years. So you better believe that this South Beach mansion comes fully equipped with a regulation size tennis court.

The $26 million waterfront mansion is over 20,000 square feet and is located on Sabal Palm Road in the Bay Point community. Look up in the sky and see palm trees, high hedges, and a giant lush green lawn.

And if Enrique misses his father, Julio? Not to worry as Julio lives right next door in what’s known as ‘Millionaire’s Row.’ The row of the elite includes other Miami legends—the likes of Lil Wayne, Ricky Martin, Matt Damon, Billy Joel, and many others.

8 100 La Gorce Circle

via Trulia

You can be the owner of this beautiful mansion located at 100 La Gorce Circle in Miami Beach for a mere $35 million. That’s only $130,716 a month! Well, for those that can afford the steep asking price, La Gorce Circle is one of the most prestigious areas to live in all of Florida. It’s a newly-renovated Georgian mansion with everything brand new, both inside and out. The extravagant home includes a more than 950-square-foot kitchen and a 30-by-60 pool with a hot tub included. Not only does it provide a beautiful view of the Atlantic, but it lends its hand to exploring the ocean—the decadent house features a dock and two boat lifts. There is even a HydroCourt tennis court which is ranked as one of the nicest tennis courts in the entire United States. The nearly two-acre piece of land has nine bathrooms and really separates the rich from the richest.

7 North Bay Road

via Youtube

North Bay Road is considered almost as upper echelon as Millionaire’s Row among the South Beach inhabitants. The average home goes for about $10 million but the top level ones have been sold for as much as $26 million. They generally have large lots with views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline. Some of the most premiere houses on North Bay Road are owned by mega-stars the likes of Matt Damon, Perry Ellis, and maybe the most notable, Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod’s home may be the most amazing in the area. It’s an absolute masterpiece surrounded by 275 feet of water with two boat docks. The former Yankee’s home also includes a zen garden, a stand-alone gym with a steam room, a heated pool, and a theater with surround sound. Don’t try and break into the former MVP and world champion’s home though. It also contains 16 security cameras that are watching your every move.

6 3 Indian Creek

via Forbes

Indian Creek at one point in time, owned the title of most expensive home in Miami. That title has since been stripped by two other homes that you’ve already seen on this list. However, 3 Indian Creek is nothing to turn your nose up at. It’s still a ridiculously gorgeous house that remains one of Miami’s elite. The property is literally floating on water. Need I go on? Probably not, but I will. 3 Indian Creek is a 10-bedroom, 14-bathroom home comprised of a series of pavilions that are interconnected by stone crafted walkways and lush gardens.

The home doesn’t have an owner on the record, but Miami residents consistently rent out rooms. Those lucky few are treated to a 100-foot resort style pool and cabana, six wet-bars, a rooftop sky-bar, and a Jacuzzi. 3 Indian Creek might as well be a hotel with all the amenities it has to offer. It also faces a private 18-hole golf course with a Country Club. Living at 3 Indian Creek is basically living in paradise.

5 8901 Arvida Lane

via The Alexander Team

8901 Arvida Lane is an exquisite villa located in Gables Estates, an exclusive Mediterranean area filled with amazing waterfront homes. This one specifically is the most expensive on the block, stretching over 2.3 acres long and surrounded by exotic landscaping that separates this home from the rest. Residents can see a beautiful view of Biscayne Bay (noticing a theme among these homes?) and contains six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, three half bathrooms, as well as a guest villa that includes a private courtyard. Imagine having to shell out over $143,500 a month to pay your mortgage? Well, the owners of this luxurious home do just that as the South Beach mansion was sold for an estimated $45 million.

A little bit of research into the history of this home’s price tag yields fascinating results. Back in 1999, this house was sold for 3.3 million dollars, and then doubled to six million when it was sold again in 2003. 14 years later, it’s already worth $45 million. 8901 Arvida Lane is a crazy lesson in the real estate market and a beautiful home to boot.

4 D-Wade's Miami Mansion

via Curbed Miami

It was huge news when all-time great Miami Heat legend, Dwyane Wade, decided to leave the team he’s been with his whole career to go play for the Chicago Bulls. It was a shocking move, but people always expected Wade to come back to the city of Miami at least in the off-season or later in his life. That’s why it was even more shocking when D-Wade ended up selling his Miami home shortly after signing with the Bulls. Wade purchased the eight-bedroom mansion many years ago for almost $11 million when he was in the prime of his basketball career.

Career-long teammate and Heat-lifer, Udonis Haslem, said upon the news that Wade was selling his Miami home. He added, “I might just buy it and hold it for him.” Haslem was probably sad to see Wade go considering the home on North Bay Road (remember that road in South Beach?) is the home to many Miami Heat ballers. Haslem lives only a few blocks down, and Chris Bosh, another star basketball player for the Heat who played with Wade, lives right next door. The sale of Wade’s Miami home was yet another reminder that his time in Miami has come to an end.

3 7002 Fisher Island Drive

via Jill Johns

What would it be like to live in the penthouse of a gorgeous Miami Beach hotel? What would it be like to live in the house named ‘Largest Trophy Penthouse’ that also has a rooftop pool and deck? What would it be like to watch the sun set on a rooftop everyday? Well, only the residents of 7002 Fisher Island Drive know how that feels like. Located on the top floor of a 5-story condo in Miami, this amazing 7-bedroom, 7-bathroom, 9500-plus square foot home has a perfect view of the sunset and ocean while also being located right off of a private golf course that residents have access to. The house also has a two-car garage for your Mercedes and Rolls Royce, a full bar with custom mirrors, and an elevator to get from floor to floor. This beautiful Miami Beach home can be all yours for a total of $35 million.

2 387 Ocean Blvd

via Active Rain

Ocean Boulevard is one of the most famous streets in all of Miami, so it only makes sense that it has one of its nicest houses in the entire city. 387 Ocean Blvd (technically located in Ocean Beach, Florida) is a home worth $29 million. There is no shortage of space in this home as it contains ten bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and stretches to almost a full acre. This home actually has more rooms than the average amount on this list, but less acres, so it is interesting to see the approach that was taken on this home architecturally. The house also includes a gym, movie theater, BBQ cabana, and a captivating oval-shaped pool that lays right outside the home.

The home’s biggest selling point—or at least on the listing—is its direct ocean views. Ocean Boulevard has its name for that very reason. Nowhere else in Miami can you see a better view of the Atlantic Ocean than in this luxurious home and it may have the best view in the entire city.

1 Villa Jasmine

via Villazzo

The Villa Jasmine currently serves as a hotel/Air BNB type of landing spot for people either living or visiting the Miami Beach area. However, it used to be owned by Enrique Iglesias not too many years ago. He sold it for just under $25 million and now you can rent it out yourself for just $9,999 a night! And yes, the people renting out the rooms are still very well-off.

What do you get for your stay at the Villa Jasmine in South Beach? Well, it’s located on Sunset Island, a spectacular area with waterside views of the Miami Beach inlet. As you can see in the picture, it is truly a breathtaking view that is worth every dollar spent. Some families have hosted weddings here. Others have stayed for the summer while some just come for one night to take in their surroundings while they visit the Miami area. Although not the most expensive house on this list, Villa Jasmine stands tall at number one simply because it is the most aesthetically pleasing. It caps off our list but anyone of us would be lucky to spend a night in any of these lovely Miami homes and somehow be “mansion-owners” for a day or two.

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