The 15 Hottest Photos Of Jessica Nigri Out Of Costume

Everyone who knows anything about cosplay, knows at least something about Jessica Nigri. Usually that something has to do with her being unnaturally hot... seriously unnatural. They are fake, and she is quite open about that. That being said, Nigri's cosplays are certainly made more... voluptuous by her... additions... enhancements.

Sometimes though, it's nice to see someone out of costume... I'm sure the wish of many readers here is to see Jessica Nigri not only out of costume, but out of any and all clothing, however, TheRichest is a classier publication than that, no matter how much sorrow that may cause.

So, while some of the photos below are from specific photo shoots for pinups, they are devoid of any cosplaying, and some share some real and ridiculous moments from this beloved internet personality, model, and cosplayer; this video game fantasy come to life, with all of the accents most female video game characters seem to have.


15 Now That's A Super Nintendo

There must be no better way to play a Super Nintendo than to push these buttons. There's not a need for a costume with Jessica Nigri, it seems. Of course there is the staple, intense amount of cleavage, bountiful as ever (and if one is going to pay for it, it may as well be on display), but it's not just the mountain range that makes Nigri so damn attractive here. Any nerd, surfing the internet, coming across a girl in a gaming dress (likely any girl would do the trick for the dweeb surfing the net at 4am to avoid mom's judgement), especially one as seemingly pure as Nigri, is going to have a newfound love of video games. And for those guys who never were really into gaming to begin with... one might very well accurately say that this outfit will... turn them on to gaming.

14 Peace Be With You

Yes, of course the cleavage is there. There aren't many photos you'll find of Jessica without them being a fairly prominent feature. However, it appears to be that the most enticing feature of this photo is the intense, yet innocent quality of her abnormally light, apparently officially brown eyes. The white blonde hair, with the white top, and fair skin does certainly add to the innocence of the photo, and given that she's offering peace to the recipient of the photo, well... what a fantastic display of innocence. Such a coy photo must drive men mad with desire: not seemingly playing hard to get, Nigri's light lipstick does well to cover what could very well be a slightly devious smile. Many men don't necessarily want to go for the woman who bares all at the drop of the hat (though that can be fun), but the woman who has something to hide, and is happy to be coy about it.

13 How Do You Like My Hat!?

Who knew that Jessica Nigri didn't necessarily look good in a beret? The crazy eyes, and smile, with the painted-in beret, and up-the-nose angle isn't the most flattering for Jessica, to be totally honest, but it has to be admitted that it is indeed refreshing to know that this paragon of feminine beauty, this stunning siren, this gorgeous (some might say) goddess, is still human enough to post ridiculous photos on her Twitter account, knowing full well that an army of sexually charged men and women watch her every move. Humanizing one's self when looked upon as the stencil from which every other woman should be drawn, is a wonderful way for people to relate, as opposed to dangerously envy one's situation. After all, Jessica Nigri is, in fact, a human being and, though she is beautiful and bountiful, should be looked at as a person before being looked at as a piece of art.

12 Happy Canada Day!

There's nothing to love more than a good patriot... especially if that patriot is actually New Zealand-American, and just happens to wear a Canadian flag bikini for no other reason than she can (which, due to requisite censoring, one may not be able to see... but trust that it's there). The attitude in this photo might suggest that it was a dare or a testy move to model for the Canucks. One could always hope that she just cares so much for Canada that she felt the need to nestle the nation against her bountiful bosom... or perhaps she wanted to show how much bigger her purchase is compared to two Canadas, side by side (thankfully not called Upper and Lower Canada— good to have everything in the right place).

11 Did Your Grandma Knit You That Top?

Roughing up her hair, flashing those piercing eyes (almost amber in the sunlight), and sporting a knit bikini top... that's one attractive way to spend a day at the beach. An unexpected way as well. There must not be too many Californian babes who feel they need to keep their breasts warm and nestled in wool when they're strutting along the beach on a hot, sunny day. There probably aren't many either who walk about, flashing a tiny glimpse of their underwear, with their shorts unbuttoned, but that is the beauty of a photo shoot: the ability to take one's self out of the average, even with some seemingly average clothing, and weather. However, it helps when the subject of the photo is above average which Nigri certainly is considered to be; she certainly made some passerby's day, for sure.

10 What Are You Doing Over There?

Jessica certainly knows what gets her views, but I think she is a big fan of getting some decent amount of side spillage in her outfits. Most models, and cosplayers are more than content with incredible cleavage, but Nigri keeps the cleavage, and ensures a strong amount of "side-boob", or at least overflow on the outside of her outfits, whether on the front or side. More intriguing though, than the fact that she is not wearing a bra, is just what she is looking at. It's difficult to tell if she is just waking up, and not yet focused on anything, or if she's giving a seductive, yet simultaneously destructive look to someone she is very eager to jump, or eat up. It's certain that there are many a reader here who would love to be on the receiving end of such a look, no matter what the outcome might be.

9 Eh, I Like Starbucks Too

So many nerds must have immediately pulled out their... puffers when they walked into this comic shop to find Jessica Nigri sucking back an iced coffee, wearing plaid and purple. Revealing as little cleavage as is likely possible for Nigri when wearing a tank top, it's refreshing to see this model in a 'normal' setting, and without a huge amount of face paint, studio lighting, or skin showing. Always in a majority with that last point, beauty needn't come simply from the showing of skin, and some seductive looks. Sometimes it's nice to know there are gorgeous women out there who are just regular, everyday, normal women. Nigri has a job, and she does it well. Surely she makes good coin modelling and cosplaying, and that does therefore limit how much one can accept her being a 'normal' person, but doctors must make more than her, and they'll still take a stroll in the park, and have a pint in the local pub. Looks shouldn't determine one's importance.


8 Luke, Who's Your Daddy?

Not a cosplay costume, but not necessarily plain clothes either, this pleather-looking Darth Vader outfit has got to turn people back on to Star Wars. Wanting the Empire to strike back again, and again, and again, surely any nerd with a soft spot for the sometime Sith, must love this photo. The platinum hair, and grey eye shadow around the deep-set black eyeliner, really help set off her face with the outfit. Unfortunately the hot pink of her bra doesn't quite match the rest, but given how hard the bra is likely working between her chest and that shirt, there can be no real surprise that it might spill out on one side or the other. It's very interesting that the top is not quite so revealing as one might expect from Jessica, but the bottoms are just what the emperor ordered. Nerdy Star Wars selfies are a sweet comfort to those men hoping they find a woman who loves the series just as much as they do.

7 Yeah? You Got A Problem With Nerds?

Unless Jessica was just really shaky with the selfie stick, it seems as though she might have been bouncing a certain part of her body when the shutter opened, as her face is in much better focus than her motion-blurred chest. The attempted attitude-come-pouty-face, really emphasizes her cheekbones in a very Johnny Depp-like way, which isn't necessarily attractive, but in this photo, that's hardly a concern. Besides the epic statuette next to her shelf, it appears Nigri might be a bit of a Pokemon fan, and given her more than thirteen Poke cosplays, one can clearly see where she gets the inspiration for her many outfits. As it happens, five of the Pokemon on display around her room have a sexy Jessica Nigri version of them out there on the world wide web. Makes one wonder just what else there is on that shelf to inspire her future cosplays (though none will ever beat Freddy Krueger).

6 Bedtime Selfie

The tie-dye bra is a fun little touch to cover maybe half of Nigri's chest. The blonde hair here appearing a bit more yellowed outside of the studio lights, and maybe between bleaches works well with what appears to be slightly more tanned skin than normal. But still, in spite of all of the above, Jessica's, at least here, deep brown eyes, are enticing in a wonderfully mysterious way. Yes it's always desirable to be able to look at a gorgeous specimen, but, and this may not be a majority opinion here, it can be equally as desirable to know what's behind the eyes of said specimen; her deepest thoughts.

5 Miss Universe

This photo just goes to show that Jessica Nigri's looks are cosmic in scale. Working this tight little dress of the cosmos, what stellar astronomer would not devote much of their career to be nestled on one of those stars? Or to be part of one of those sprawling nebulae, reaching farther around Nigri's ample body? The only photo on this list that has Nigri's eyes shut, one is compelled to follow the tilt of her head down, along the platinum cascades of hair, evenly placed on either side of her chest, to do some star gazing on this wonderfully form-fitted, and stellar dress of galactic proportions. Clever that way in its composition, the photo, while very attractively done, seems to bring more attention to the curvature of Nigri's body, and those sorts of details one might not be inclined to focus much attention on when gaping, dumbfounded at her prominent purchase, hanging out of most of her outfits. One is led, instead, on a seductive ride from her hand at the top of her head, down the turn of her arm, yes across her chest, then along the other arm until reaching the end just below her right hip. Very intelligently alluring, this photo.

4 You Know I'm A Normal Person Too, Right?

What's interesting about this platinum-haired, plain-clothed Jessica Nigri is that, in spite of the attempt at normalcy here, she still manages to find herself a bit larger than life. The massive cap that is poorly fitted to her head (unless she's aiming for that god-awful gangsta look), and the most interesting makeup job here, and relatively baggy shirt either are an attempt to show she doesn't give a shit that people see her in a totally different, albeit it still abnormal light, or perhaps she actually is just not one to do her own makeup... for good reason. Likely she was just having fun, and given that she's clearly doing an interview, perhaps it was best for her PR to appear more plain than paragon here. The Xbox controller, and massive bowl of cheesy pops suggest that the host wouldn't care what she was wearing, but was just happy to have a woman on the show to talk about games.

3 I'm On A Talk Show!

/ALL Chat is a League of Legends community segment on the LOL Community YouTube channel. Jessica Nigri features on one of these segments to talk about LOL fan art, and her subsequent cosplay of several of the game's characters. A very bubbly and vibrant person, one is less taken by her looks in the segment than by her intense personality, and willingness to be larger than life (which I suppose is the spirit of cosplay to begin with). She mentions how she got her start back in 2009 at Comic Con, deciding to dress as a sexy Pikachu, not yet knowing what cosplay was. However, when she returned home, with a thousand Facebook friend requests, Nigri not only discovered that she had started doing cosplay, but that many people thought she was pretty bad at it. It's safe to say that Nigri has since proven herself more than capable of a well designed cosplay.

2 Just A Day At The Beach

Just hanging out at a California beach, it might actually be the case that this photo op was not planned beforehand. She's got her full bathing suit on and, while she is clearly ready with an attractive pose, the t-shirt and the lack of heavy makeup lead one to think the photo was more spur of the moment. Along with her selfies, it is great to see that, as said before, Jessica is just willing to be herself. That being said, how many here can say they know her well? So it all could still be one big performance, but the illusion of being one's self gives greater chance of positive relation between her and her fans, for sure. Not an incredibly windy day at the beach, nor a very clear and sunny one, it does lend credence to the notion that this photo was decided at no more than a moment's notice. Seeing a full body shot, with dirty feet, and a comparatively covered up body, it is refreshing to see the reality in some of this subject of so much fantasy.

1 Hmmm, Would The Boba Fett Helmet Work With This?

Hair done up, rocking either a cropped sweater, or simply one that is just way too small for her, along with some Daisy Duke denim shorts, Nigri brings her audience a bit closer to her reality here with this cubby wall. Crafting materials, cosplay weapons, Polaroids (for the special Patreon people), cans, notebooks, those anime inspirations, and the Mandalorion helmet of one Boba Fett, help open up a window into the life of a cosplay legend. While all of these items could be very interesting and indicative of one thing or another, this photo has done the reverse of some of the others, and instead of making one interested in the items, and surroundings in the photo, one is dead set on the devious look on Jessica's face. Her traditionally intense eyeliner makes the signature side-glance pop incredibly, and with the devilish grin, and her hands up in an innocent "Oh, did I do that?" manner, or perhaps in a naive "Oh, I had no idea" sort of way, the attraction inherent in that aforementioned, innocent way, is breathtaking, and could be why, almost no matter what Nigri wears, she is so fundamentally the benchmark for all cosplay girls today.


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