Suri Cruise Is Worth At Least $150,000: 15 Hollywood Kids With Bank Accounts Bigger Than Our Life Savings

Imagine a world where you were born and were immediately considered to be rich. It’s really hard to believe it unless you are the child of a billionaire or celebrity. It’s true, though, and it’s rarely something that we think about. There are plenty of children that grow up in wealthy households and they barely blink an eye about it. It’s just normal everyday life to them. They are rocking $1,500 high heels and receiving gifts from Kanye West. They expect nothing less because that’s the environment they were raised in. It’s a life that many people can only dream about and yet to some, it’s completely normal. Hard to believe, right?

These kids who grow up rich start to accumulate their own assets and wealth without really having to do anything. Money is put into trusts for these children and they aren’t even aware of it. When they turn 18, they walk into a world where everything is handed to them. They have the power and freedom to choose a career that they love because they never have to worry about money or working for a living. Some of these kids aren’t even 10 years old. Are you jealous yet?

We are checking out some of the richest kids in Hollywood and what makes them worth so much money. You might be surprised who makes the list and why. Check out why Suri Cruise is worth at least $150,000 and 15 other Hollywood rich kids that have bigger bank accounts than our life savings.

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15 Suri Cruise Has Been Wearing Designer Heels Since She Was Little 

If you ever want to feel embarrassed of everything in your closet, all you have to do is check out the fashion choices of Suri Cruise. She’s about to be 12 this April and she could put most of us to shame when it comes to her fashion style. She can thank her mother Katie Holmes for that, she has always been a fashion maven and ever since Suri was a zygote, she’s been buying her designer items. Especially with Tom Cruise as a father, it’s nothing for Katie to drop $10,000 on a few items of clothing for Suri. She’s been wearing insanely cute high heels since she can walk and she’s rarely seen without a pair. Suri alone is worth $150,000 due to her designer wardrobe and shoe collection. We can't even imagine what this trust fund baby is worth when she turns 21 considering her father has a net worth of $450 million.

14 Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Makes $25,000 An Episode

Imagine being only 10 years old and being worth $1 million. This little cutie worked hard for her million, it wasn’t just handed to her. If you’re unsure of who she is, then all you have to do is tune in the popular TV show Modern Family. She plays the character of Lily. She accumulated her wealth from the show which she has been part of since the age of 4. Not only is she cute as a button, but she can deliver one-liners like you wouldn’t believe. This cutie reportedly makes $25,000 for every episode she’s in. That’s a pretty sweet deal for a kid. She could easily retire at the age of 10 and live a modest lifestyle. But why stop there? She’s grown up with her cast members and they probably all see her as their own child.

13 Mia Talerico Has Been Working Since She Was A Baby

Another self-made millionaire, Mia has been working in the industry since she was 10 months old. Not everyone has everything handed to them, but considering she is going to turn 10 this year, the girl is reportedly worth $1.5 million dollars. So, where did she get this wealth from? She can thank her career on the TV show Good Luck, Charlie in which she’s been on for many years. You may also recognize this face from some pretty epic memes out there. The show is no longer on the air, but it has quite the cult following with Disney fans. We’re sure she is still getting royalties from the show. You can also find Mia on her YouTube channel where she shows off her modelling and dancing skills. She has her whole life in front of her, yet she is already a millionaire.

12 The Whole Pitt-Jolie Clan Have Tutors And Nannies That Cost $2 Million A Year

These kids are mega-rich thanks to their celebrity parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Let’s be honest, these kids will probably never have to work a day in their lives. Pitt is worth $240 million and Jolie is worth $145 million — maybe even more after her divorce with Pitt is finalized. There is no doubt these kids have hefty trust funds waiting for them when they turn 21. After all, the couple earned an insane $4.1 million just for Shiloh’s first baby picture in 2006. They received much more than that for the twins, making $14 million. Their parents spend $2 million on tutors and nannies, never mind the private jets that take them wherever they want. To say that they will be living it up for the rest of their lives is the understatement of the year.

11 Valentina Paloma Pinault Already Has A Mansion In Her Name

Here's another millionaire child who is only 10 years old. Valentina Paloma Pinault is the daughter of Salma Hayek and billionaire François-Henri Pinault and she is worth $12 million. Her father is one of the richest men in France and her net worth is based on him. It’s also rumored that her parents bought her a mansion for her birthday one year that has property taxes of $50,000 a year, even though the child doesn’t even live in it yet. So, when she is of age, she will have her own mansion to move into. The $12 million is an estimation of what her inheritance will be, but it could easily be more. Billionaire children usually have trust funds that are well beyond that. Either way, little Valentina will be set for life whatever she decides to do with it.

10 Blue Ivy Carter Has A Barbie Worth $80,000

Blue Ivy Carter looked like a class act at the Grammys this year. This little beauty is only 6 years old, but she is living amongst opulent wealth. Between Jay-Z and Beyoncé, the two together make a billionaire. Her everyday life includes a designer wardrobe and a private jet. They go on exotic holidays and she lives a life that most people can only dream of. When it comes to her birthday, they spare no expense. For her very first birthday, her parents had spent a whopping $200,000. The goodie bags for the guests were worth $30,000! Her birthday gift was a diamond-encrusted, custom-made Barbie doll that cost $80,000. We imagine that she will have a trust fund much like Valentina’s. This girl will never have to work a day in her life if she chooses.

9 Harper And Gideon Harris Are Already Worth $18 Million

These have to be the cutest kids ever and they are the 6-year-old children of Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka. Their parents are worth a ton of money and for these little cuties, they have an estimated worth of $18 million. That’s a ton of money. The happy couple is worth $40 million together and it’s no wonder their children are always in the most swag outfits. Seriously, just look at these cute pictures. The two are twins and they were delivered via surrogate for the couple. They each used their sperm in order to fertilize the egg; we wonder which one won the race. It’s fascinating to think that each parent is the biological father of one of the twins. They are certainly the epitome of a modern family and these two kids are millionaires in the making.

8 Axl Duhamel Can Do So Much With $45 Million

This has to be the cutest picture of these two that we’ve ever seen. Axl is certainly happy to be hanging out with his daddy. This kid is going to be just as handsome as his father, we can just tell. This insanely cute 4-year-old has an estimated worth of $45 million. Between his two famous parents, it’s not hard to see why he’s worth what he is. We’re sure the couple has set up a trust fund for the child for when he turns 21. The couple may not be together any longer, but they are still looking out for Axl’s best interests and that’s all that matters. We’re not sure who Axl is going to be when he grows up, but it looks like he’s going to have a great start in life.

7 Jaden And Willow Smith Are Working For Their Millions

They might be strange kids, but they sure are worth a lot. They are well on their way to being adults and starting a life of their own. Will Smith has carved an amazing career for himself tin Hollywood. These days, he is worth $200 million while his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith is worth $20 million. The children aren’t strangers to the industry, either; little Jaden started working with his father in movies since he was young. Remember the remake of  The Karate Kid and The Pursuit of Happiness where he played the son of Will Smith’s character? He has a net worth of $8 million just on his own and he’s just begun his career, he could easily earn more than his mother in a few years. Willow is taking her career into the music industry and her first single Whip My Hair was number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. She is worth $4 million these days.

6 The McConaughey Kids Are Worth $79 Million

These kids certainly got some good genes from their two gorgeous parents. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are the proud parents of three children — Levi, Livingston, and Vida. Their 3 children combined have an estimated worth of $79 million and that’s nothing to laugh about. People have been loving this couple ever since they got together. They always look in love and when they started pumping out babies, it just made it that much better. The couple is worth $100 million together. We know Matthew as an actor, but he also produces and directs. His stunning wife is a model and a designer. There is certainly a love of the arts in this family and it will be interesting to see what paths the children decide to take. For the time being, they are living the dream life of being rich kids.

5 Maximilian And Emme Muniz Have Their Own Private Wing In J. Lo's Mansion

These gorgeous twins are the product of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. To say that these kids live in the lap of luxury would be a gross understatement. The twins have their own wing in their mansion, separate from their mother. Anthony and J. Lo are no longer together, but that doesn’t mean they don’t live a lavish life. When they were born, they had diamond rattles and slept on 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton liners in their cribs — we aren’t even joking. They were spotted last year in Paris on a shopping spree and they are about to turn 9 this year. What could they possibly get for their birthdays? They already have a Shetland pony each. These twins are worth millions and we can just imagine what their trust fund will be like.

4 Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo Rossdale Have Lavish Birthday Parties

We have never seen more stylish children then these kids, they really have it going on. These stylish children are the product of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani. Both of their parents have successful music careers and Gwen also has a clothing line. Gwen on her own is worth $100 million and if Gwen marries Blake Shelton, that could grow even more. Gavin Rossdale is worth $35 million, so between the two, they can set up quite the trust fund for their children. Despite the obvious wealth of the couple, they don’t seem to boast about it like others do. Instead of a $200,000 birthday party, they only spent a combined $15,000 on Kingston’s fourth birthday party. His eighth birthday party was held simply at the beach, though he did have a bunch of A-list guests.

3 Nahla Aubry's Mom Has Her Back Through And Through

Nahla Aubry is going to be 10 years old this year and she has an estimated worth of $85 million. This cutie is the product of the gorgeous Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s. Halle Berry was clearly the breadwinner in the family and when she divorced Aubry, she was forced to pay him $16,000 a month for child support. Nahla is their only child, so she is set to inherit most of their combined wealth. Hopefully, Nahla got her mother’s genes because it’s still shocking that Halle is in her 50s — she looks amazing for her age. Either way, Nahla is never going to have to struggle in the way her mother did early on in her career. She will have the world paved out for her and she can do whatever she wants.

2 Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, And Harper Beckham Are Living The Lavish Life 

The Beckhams are a family that loves the lavish lifestyle. These kids are clearly never going to have to worry about anything in their life because they have two wealthy parents. David Beckham doesn’t play soccer anymore, but he is still worth $350 million. His wife, Victoria Beckham, isn’t far behind with $300 million. They spoil their kids rotten which isn’t surprising considering their wealth. They bought their kids a $50,000 treehouse and a $187,000 playhouse. They all wear designer clothing and are seen all over Hollywood. There is no doubt these kids have hefty trust funds waiting for them when they are adults. The wealth of their parents is astounding and they are looking to inherit a fortune.

1 North West Will Get $10 Million When She Turns 21

North West is, of course, the first child that sprung from the gene pool of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. North West is 4 years old and she’s already a wealthy little girl. Considering who her parents are, we know this child is being spoiled with some of the most lavish items. Just like Suri, she's got a killer wardrobe. The couple now have three children, so West has to share some of her wealth, but we doubt she’s too worried about it. She already owns a $62,000 diamond-encrusted tiara and a toy SUV worth $12,000. Just wait until she turns her 16. She’s certainly a trust fund baby. Kanye has stated that his daughter will receive $10 million when she turns 21. It’s safe to say that the little girl will never have to worry about her finances.

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