Sophie Turner VS Maisie Williams: Which Stark Sister Rocked These 15 Street-Style Fashion Looks Best?

One of the biggest problems facing parents is trying to make sure that their children don't spend their entire lives fighting with each other. You hope that they're going to grow up and be proper adults, adults who can spend their lives loving each other, but this doesn't always work out sadly. For some, the competition is too great and they can't get past it for their entire lives. However, does this sort of thing work with fictional siblings as well?

We all know how into it actors will often get when they're preparing for a role, so there's no reason to think that a sense of competition or camaraderie wouldn't come about between fictional siblings, right? Well, it would seem that Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams have gone the opposite way, looking to create a bond and a friendship that surpasses that of many siblings in this world.

Not wanting to create a rift between the two, we thought we'd throw a little competition their way for them, choosing to have a look at how they both utilize fashion in different ways. So, ready to take a look at who wore it best?

15 The Rocker Chick 

It's a look like most of us went through in some way during our youth, but it's also one that many people choose to go back to when they're older, seeing how the scruffy approach can allow you to look fashionable and laid back in equal measure. If we're honest, we don't know who really did it better here, but we think we're going to have to hand it to Maisie on this one. Maybe it's just the fact that she suits it better, but the cap and the frayed denim shorts give this whole look something else that the denim jacket just doesn't give to Turner's. Maybe you disagree, but we know which one of these two looks more realistic in their rock chick look. We would guess that Williams actually went through this rock  period during her youth.

14 Music Fest Attire

Festivals are no longer something people go to just enjoy music and get high with their friends as people continue to throw out a certain look and highlight how cool they truly are, especially if they're famous. Sure, some of them will be there to enjoy music and have fun with their friends. However, which Game of Thrones sister do we think wore this festival style best? Sorry Turner, but we're going to have to go with Maisie Williams again on this one. She looks so much more comfortable and happy, her clothes reflecting the laid-back girl that's wearing them. Sophie Turner looks like she doesn't really want to be there and her clothes are way too fancy and put together. Williams looks scruffier, like she's ready to get stuck in the crowd and take part in the more messy parts of the festival.

13 Morning-After Look

We've all been there— heading out the morning after a heavy night, knowing that we don't want to look as trashy as we feel. We take a look around our room in the hope that we see something worth dragging our tired body into, but it doesn't often work out that way. However, for the rich and famous, they already have a lot more options open to them when they wake up. As we can see by this image, these two both scrub up well the morning after, and while we do like Maisie William's laid-back look, we have to give this one to Turner. The heels Williams has on do not fit with the rest of her outfit if you ask us. Not only that, but Turner's wool jacket just makes us feel more comfortable looking at it. Throw in the shoes and you've got yourself a winner right here.

12 Up In The Air

If you're not in the public eye, you probably have very little fear about going to the airport in your most comfortable clothes, even if those clothes don't make you look your best, since you know you're going to have to sit in them for a very long time. For people who know they'll be getting photographed, like Turner and Williams, they have to try and find a happy middle ground if they don't want their face and body splashed all over the front page the next day. Williams definitely looks more relaxed here, but we think that Turner wins overall. You can tell by what she's wearing that there's no chance she'll feel constricted while also making sure she can stay warm as well. That's a woman who has spent a lot of time looking glamorous on airplanes!

11 Hitting The Shops

None of us will ever truly understand what it's like to be as famous as these two women, with people following you around as they take pictures and judge you. So, even when you're going out to buy more clothes, you have to make sure that you're looking your best in clothing that you probably don't even like anymore. That means, for famous people, what they wear while shopping will be judged. Turner, we're going to give you this one, because Williams doesn't look her best with her shoulders out and those clashing orange heels don't help either. Keeping it classy, yet beautiful, in the jacket over the plunging tee is exactly what we're looking for with this look.

10 Sophisticated Ladies

While it may be true that most famous people only need to fully dress up when they're heading to the red carpet, that doesn't mean they don't want to look sophisticated in between those times. They may even be heading for an event that they need to look sophisticated for that isn't as glamorous as a red carpet event, so they have to make their own way there, all dressed up on the way. While we do enjoy what Turner is wearing, the huge zip and leather skirt just tip it a little over the edge into unappealing. Williams looks simple and yet elegant in this image. The flowery splotches fit well with her earrings and while she may not be throwing anything too new into the mix, it still just works much better.

9 Lounging About

In a very similar way to the morning after look, sometimes you want to be able to get out of your house without throwing on something fancy. It's important that you don't look too bad most of the time, but just like the rest of us, even famous people decide that they can't be bothered that day and just want something to cover themselves up while they head out of the house. This is when we get the dressed down look that both of these women are showing to us in this image. While we do like the look of the hat and tee on Williams, we're afraid she has to be thrown out of this competition for the Ugg boots. Turner is looking more comfortable, more relaxed and her pants tucked into her socks also look great in a way that we wouldn't normally expect them to.

8 Nothing But Posh

It's weird to think that people interested in fashion or people who are forced to worry about what they wear outside of the house will spend a lot of time thinking about which clothes will make them looks scruffy and which ones will make them look posh. These are two different looks that both of these fictional sisters go for and we think that Turner suits the look much better. We're not sure why, but she pulls off this look between than Williams. We do like Williams' pants, but the coat looks just a little too big for her. We're not into it Maisie, sorry.

7 Night Out

Celebs are always out and about and hitting the social scene more than the rest of us, so there's an abundance of "night out" looks that we can judge.Think about how much time you put into how you look before heading out on a Saturday night, now imagine how much longer you'd spend on it if you knew that somebody would be following you around with a camera to judge you for how you look. We have to give the win straight away to Williams here. Her outfit works with her style perfectly, especially with the novelty tee, whereas Turner looks like she's trying too hard. She looks like the stereotypical model who wants people looking to think that she's a bit of a mess, knowing full well that she has spent hours trying to make it look that way. Although, we have to admit, we do like the shiny shorts.

6 Fashion Fails

There are periods in everyone's life where we decide that, no matter what our friends and family may tell us, what we're wearing is actually super cool and nobody will be able to tell us otherwise. Unlike normal people, the rich and famous actually have the money and respect to back it up, throwing themselves headfirst at some absolutely ridiculous styles and designs because they know that they're some of the only people that can get away with it. While Williams' outfit may look the most ridiculous, we have to accept that Turner just looks better in what she's chosen to throw on. Don't get us wrong, we wouldn't advise anyone in the real world to try out either of these designs, but seeing as these two already have, we're going to have to throw this win to Turner.

5 Tomboys

While there are numerous young women out there who will have people commenting on the fact that they look boyish in their style of clothes or that they should be trying to wear things that make them look more feminine, they will grow up to realize that none of this actually matters. The tomboy look is a valid one and going for a set of clothes that makes you look more androgynous than usual is something that many famous women do on a regular basis. We think that, despite the Pink Floyd tee, Maisie Williams takes this win. We actually think that, despite how beautiful she looks with her hair down, the actress should choose to have her hair tied back like this on a regular basis. It's a great look for her and gives her a chance to show an entirely new side of herself.

4 Laid Back 

Okay, so this really is a hard one. Of all the looks, this one is definitely our favorite as it usually shows you what the stars of this world would be wearing if they didn't have people following them telling them to wear things that are much fancier. Sorry Maisie, while you may look the happiest we have ever seen you, we think that Turner is rocking the laid-back look much better here. Not only does her hair stand out beautifully against her white top, she's also rocking a backward cap that suits her face brilliantly. That lock of hair across her face actually looks quite good as well, even though we never thought we'd hear ourselves saying that post-2000s. That being said, we wish all female stars felt they could enjoy the dressed-down look more while in the public eye.

3 Visiting Italy

As we've already said, there are so many things about being rich and famous that we will never understand. Not only that, but there may be some sibling rivalry between these two due to their work together on Game of Thrones, so we wouldn't be surprised to find out that these two do think about how they're going to look when out with each other. While Williams looks better here, in a way, we think we might have to give it to Turner. She looks way more comfortable in her travelling attire. We think that this might edge the win for her on a personal level. However, if you're going for who looks better, we think you'd probably go for Williams on this one.

2 Glamorous From Head To Toe

Sometimes, you just want to make yourself feel better by throwing on some clothes that you know make you look fancy and glamorous. Either it's because you're heading somewhere that calls for it or you just know that this is a chance for you to look glam in front of the cameras and we can't really blame these two for that. In this glam off, we can see that Williams is headed somewhere while Turner is on a night out. This would make you think that Turner would look better, but we think Williams wins this one. Turner looks so uncomfortable in her clothes like she doesn't want to look as glam as she does, while Williams looks so at home in her big coat and makeup. The flowers really are a nice touch as well!

1 When Did The Stark Sisters Become Adults?

There's a period of time in all of our lives where our fashion choices change drastically, usually as we start to feel like we're growing up into an adult. It's likely that our choice of clothes will continue to change as we get older, but never as much as that first time. Without even getting into it, we think that everybody looking at this image can see that Turner has won with this look. This isn't an insult to Williams, but we think she looks better when she's wearing something "younger" and more relaxed. Turner can pull off the sheer grown-up beauty that she is throwing out here while Williams just looks slightly awkward, if anything. We're not too keen on those high heels either if we're being honest.

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