Silvia Bottini: 15 Hot Pics Of The "First World Problems Girl"

The name "Silvia Bottini" might not ring a bell for you but if you were to see a close-up photo of her holding her hand up to her tear-streaked face with big white letters across the photo saying something like "My diamond earrings keep scratching my iPhone" you would instantly recognize her. She's the face behind the very popular "first world problems" meme and she has much more to offer than just a funny enter-your-own-caption template. The thirty-five-year-old actress was born in Varese, Italy but has studied film at the renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles. In fact, her IMDb page shows that she's been pretty active from 2010 to now. She also has launched a career as a public speaking coach and offers workshops for those interested.

Like many people who have become the faces of some of the most well-known memes in the world, Silvia is aware of her famous mug. Three years ago, she responded to people commenting on her un-meme'd photo on her Flickr page. "Thank you very much," she wrote. "This picture was taken by a professional photographer who asked me to cry. On web it is oftenly [sic] used illegally, so that sometimes I found very dirty words on the picture... But I'm happy you appreciate my work."

Let's explore the range of emotions that this Italian actress has to offer beyond the meme, shall we?


15 Champagne Dreams

There is much to learn from this scene: Silvia is posed in a luxurious suite, studying a bottle of champagne and holding one flute. Seeing as how the other flute is far off on the table, it would appear that she is alone but was expecting a champagne date for two. Maybe in this particular scene, Silvia's character got stood up? Or it could be a creative and unique set up that her photographer chose for her. It's definitely a show-stopping, attention-getting photo that makes the observer want to know exactly what happened. The expression on her face says a thousand words yet at the same time, reveals practically nothing. Come to think of it, this photo might actually make a great first world problems meme. "Received champagne service for two. But I'm traveling alone."

14 Blue Skies Ahead


Unlike her sad, tearful meme, Silvia is usually all smiles from the looks of her Twitter account. She often posts pics of her lounging poolside, hanging out with friends and just generally living a happy and carefree life. Her Twitter profile states, "First of all I'm an Actress, eventually a Makeup Artist and accidentally a #FirstWorldProblem #MEME : definitely a Heroine! Italiana DOP." Accidentally or not, the world is happy to know Silvia's sad face. How else could we possibly have understood how overprivileged most of us are? While the memes are always meant as lighthearted sarcastic jokes, it's unknown how many lives it has touched by waking up a part of our subconsciouses to see how truly lucky most of us are.

13 Friends In High Places

From the looks of things, it would appear that Silvia Bottini, First World Problems Girl Extraordinaire has made a friend in a high place. A girl who probably knows more than most about first world problems herself, Paris Hilton. Silvia tweeted this photo with the caption, #perfortuna ci sono inviti come quello da @ParisHilton ! which translated to English, means, #perfortuna (luckily) there are invitations like the one #! The translation is rough but we're assuming that Silvia was invited to Paris' pad. That or Silvia is her number one fan and decked out her place in a Paris Hilton motif which is too creepy to continue thinking about. With her newly found famous heiress friend, will the world be seeing more of Silvia soon? Only time will tell to see if this connection will have big benefits for her.

12 Diving Into Fame


Silvia's website doesn't happen to mention if she is interested in swimming or diving as this commercial photo would insinuate but it does list the actress and meme-famous woman's special talents as advanced tango dancing, advanced rollerblading and advanced iceskating in addition to being a professional make-up artist. All three of those special talents seem like they would be so much more fun to do in Italy. Lucky Silvia. Even if diving isn't one of her talents, this photo shows she's got a thing for the beach... how can you not?

11 Avant-Garde Model

Silvia is not one to shy away from creative, out-of-the-box type photography. She has participated in many experimental shots, sometimes even wearing prosthetics like a super long nose in order to help build up her portfolio. This photo is in a similar vein. Silvia looks to the left while pulling her hair in the same direction. If you think about it, casting agents and directors would be quickly bored to tears scrolling through photos of the same girl posing with the same boring smile on her face. Shaking things up a bit with avant garde photography lets people in the biz know that she's not afraid to go above and beyond with her acting skills. So when it came to shooting the soon-to-be meme seen 'round the world and Silvia's photographer asked her to cry, she did so on the spot and probably didn't ask too many questions. If she hadn't been able to manufacture her tears so quickly, the photographer wouldn't have snapped the famous pic that led to the famous meme.

10 Brick By Brick


Silvia Bottini built her acting career with hard work, sweat and tears. Brick by brick, commercial by commercial, theater gig by theater gig. Her theater resume is so large she can not fit it fully on one sheet. She usually scores lead and supporting roles, some of them being Alice in "Through The Looking Glass" and Giuliet in "Romeo and Giuliet" just to name a few. She has won awards and traveled all over the world to act and star in commercials, building up quite the impressive professional work history along the way. Though it doesn't appear that Silvia is using her famous meme to her advantage as some other meme'd people have done, we have no doubt that stardom is within reach for this famous faced lady.

9 Caffe Bean Beam

Silvia has done many commercials, thanks in part to her beaming white smile, we're sure. Here, Silvia posed for one of her Nestlé Granarolo commercials, which she was the lead in. It seems as though she's done a few spots for this company so perhaps in Italy, her face is synonymous with a delicious steaming cup of caffe rather than being synonymous with a sad and over-privileged person complaining of something like, "One pillow is too low. Two pillows are too high."

It must be annoying on many levels to get made into a meme. People have supposedly threatened lawsuits over it. Imagine a photo of you floating around used and recognized by everyone and their mother and having no control over it. By all accounts, Silvia appears to be rolling with the punches pretty well as she is still smiling.


8 Sunbathing Beauty


Here's Silvia sitting on the beach applying sunscreen. Given the peaceful (and not crying) expression on her face, you can hardly tell that she is the same girl from the meme. Though this may look like a candid shot, be assured it's a part of Silvia's portfolio of professional pictures. It almost looks like it was shot during the filming of a commercial which is highly likely considering the actress has done work for several Italian commercials. Companies such as Nestlé Granarolo, Jagermeister, Klorane Dry Shampoo and Sky On Demand have all been happy to feature Silvia and let her big smile help to sell their products. We weren't able to find out exactly what product she was helping to sell here but she sure doesn't look like the brokenhearted first world problems girl in this photo.

7 Girl In The Mirror

We aren't sure if this photo is a still from a commercial, TV show or movie or just another photo to add to her collection. Whatever the reason for it, it makes for an interesting picture due to the deep contemplative look on Silvia's face. She could be thinking of anything... continuing to fulfill her dreams of making it big in Hollywood or how life would be if she called Italy her second home, perhaps? Or maybe why so many people love to use her face as a meme when there are so many pictures of people crying that have been around for ages? Like all actresses, Silvia has probably always wished for that big break... bet her wish didn't include making people everywhere laugh and earning fame as a meme!

6 Sparkler Stunner


Sparks are flying for Silvia's acting career. While it appears that she travels back and forth to her home in Varese, Italy to Los Angeles and wherever else her acting jobs take her, going home must be pretty nice for this actress. Her hometown of Varese is located just thirty-four miles north of Milan and boasts breathtaking lakes, mountains, picturesque hilltop villages, a college and three railway systems. Living in a dream vacation location is not too shabby and having the best of both worlds by traveling back and forth to L.A. is absolutely ideal. But Silvia wasn't content to stop there. Her resume lists her available for local hire in the following locations: L.A., N.Y., Mexico City, Milan, Rome, Berlin, London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Madrid, Paris, La Valletta and Budapest. Not bad at all for this stunning globe-trotting gal!

5 She Boasts Mad Acting Skills

For all of the lighthearted and sweet roles that Silvia has tackled like Alice in "Through The Looking Glass" she has also managed to pick up her fair share of serious roles, too. From the looks of this professional photo, she wouldn't mind a few more serious roles. Maybe she thought to include this photo in her portfolio to let casting directors know that she has what it takes to play an extreme character who's coming undone.

This photo also has great meme potential especially with all of that empty space just begging for a quote bubble. Maybe this will be the next meme to sweep the nation and then Silvia can be known as "First World Problems Girl" and "Girl Who Has Reached Breaking Point."

4 The Many Faces Of Silvia Bottini


Judging by this historical-looking photo, you'd probably never be able to guess that this is the same face as First World Problems Girl. Many professionals in the business agree that the ability to have as many different looks as possible can be the secret key opening those coveted big acting gigs. Silvia has certainly got that down pat. She is able to change her look with a simple (but what we assume was probably years' worth of extensive training, so not simple) expression and a touch of make up. She can easily look like she belongs to any era and at the same time has a fresh modern face with the ability to portray happy, sad and everything in between.

3 Glasses And Pearls

Here is one of Silvia's custom looks. She appears to be at a library or school setting but she recently captioned this pic on Twitter with, "Delivering cruel lines... #actorlife #lalaland #onset." So she is actually at work. With her bored expression, she looks nothing like First World Problems Girl here. Judging by her outfit and the fact that she had just one project listed on her IMDb page for 2017, we'd have to venture an educated guess that she is playing the role of a professor on the short, Next Big Thing. But her page also shows that she is currently working on two other projects right now that are still filming. One thing is for sure - Silvia is a meme come to life that works her tail off to achieve her acting dreams.

2 In Alice's Shoes


Silvia is all dressed up in this photo with a very important date for Wonderland in an Italian version of "Through The Looking Glass." In Lewis Carroll's story which came six years after he published "Alice In Wonderland", Alice goes through the mirror (looking glass) for another adventure. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee make an appearance just as they do in the first story. In this photo, the Italian version of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee look a bit different than you might remember. Instead of red hats with yellow flags and red shirts, they are wearing white golfing caps and striped shirts and have big dots of blush on their cheeks. It's interesting to see how different cultures take on these treasured characters. Silvia looks the part of Alice in this reimagined take of a classic story.

1 The Classic Shot

In this timeless photo, Silvia stares expertly into the camera with a knowing look. No smile is necessary on her red painted lips to get the message across. She looks mysterious and full of surprises which is maybe just the look that her photographer was going for. Classic shots like this are great for actresses to include in their portfolios. It allows casting directors to imagine her playing any sort of character that the job calls for. Seeing as how Silvia is a professional make-up artist as well as an actress, maybe she did her own make-up for this shot. The subtle tones flatter her dark brown hair and blue eyes, making her look quite the classic beauty.

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