Roman Abramovich’s $1.5B Yacht: 15 Photos That Prove Money Isn’t An Object For Him

Roman Abramovich is a billionaire from Russia who is also an investor and a politician. His net worth has been estimated at $9.8 billion, which makes him the 12th-richest Russian and the 151st-richest person in the entire world. While known for his vast wealth for many years in his home country, Abramovich became known to the rest of the world in 2003 when he bought Chelsea Football Club, which is part of the Premier League. Known for his endless ambition, Abramovich decided to take Chelsea to the next level, wanting the football club to be on a par with the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid, and he succeeded.

Abramovich also happens to be the most charitable person in Russia, donating more money to charity than literally any other living Russian, so with a large wallet comes a large heart!

In 2010, Abramovich made headlines when it was discovered that he had built for himself one of the most luxurious yachts ever – the Eclipse. Designed by Terrence Disdale and built by Blohm+Voss, Eclipse is estimated to be worth a whopping $1,5 billion! Keep on reading this article to see its numerous exquisite features that prove money is no object for Roman Abramovich.

15 Two Indoor Swimming Pools

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Most luxury yachts provide plenty of entertainment for guests, and this one is certainly no exception. Along with its 24 suites, it also boasts not one, but two swimming pools (and the photo shows that they are beautiful!), several hot tubs, a disco hall, and even a hair salon! Let’s face it, this yacht has more entertainment than many small towns!

Some might find it arrogant to have two swimming pools, but when you think about it, dozens of guests stay on this boat, so if they all used the same pool at once, it would feel like they are using an overcrowded public pool – not something that the elite particularly enjoys! Luckily, with two pools on board, they can still all enjoy their personal space, even during pool parties!

14 Exquisite Living Rooms

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This luxury yacht is luxurious in every sense. It doesn’t just have bedrooms, it also has living rooms, and not the two sofas and a recliner kind! In fact, it’s the combination of bedrooms and living rooms that makes up the mentioned number of 24 suites.

As seen from the photo, these living rooms are bigger than some people’s apartments, and it is evident that Abramovich isn’t one of those tacky rich people, as these living rooms are so tasteful! He clearly knows what he wants and he knows who to hire to get the job done! Money can’t always buy you good taste, but fortunately, Abramovich seems to have been born with good taste, so it’s easy for him to turn good ideas into something real. There are no busy patterns or animal prints here!

13 14 Plush Bedrooms

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Abramovich wanted to make sure that each and every one of his guests would be comfortable while staying on the yacht, so he forked out a considerable amount of money to design 14 plush bedrooms! Just like any room on the second-largest yacht in the world, each bedroom is the size of a decent-sized apartment, with king-sized beds, walk-in closets, and en-suite bathrooms! Makes sense, you don’t want dozens of guests queueing up to use a couple of bathrooms!

If you’re going to own a luxury yacht that costs a small fortune to maintain, you might as well do it right and give your guests the experience of a lifetime! And let’s face it, it doesn’t get much better than staying on the superyacht of one of Russia’s richest men!

12 State-Of-The-Art Interior Décor

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When you’re not just rich, but filthy rich, and you get yourself a luxury yacht, it’s only logical to spend just as much money doing it up on the inside so that the interior matches the exterior! And that’s exactly what Abramovich did – interior designers were probably fighting amongst each other to land this job! Can you imagine how much money they would make?

Abramovich is the kind of guy who chooses his associates wisely as he is quite the perfectionist himself, so the interior design of his yacht was no exception. As you can see from this photo, each and every room has been designed with the most careful consideration, and has been decorated in a sophisticated style that will never go out of fashion – because who would want to see tacky psychedelic furniture?

11 24-Guest Suites

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Abramovich’s money and charisma have made him popular with many people, and with many others fighting to be his friend. He is a generous man, so he wants as many people as possible to be able to use his yacht at once. This is why the yacht has a whopping 24 suites – it’s basically a small hotel! Abramovich has a master suite all to himself, but the other suites certainly aren’t much of a downgrade. In fact, they’re probably nicer than most 5-star hotels!

In 2014, he hired British singer Robbie Williams to perform at a New Year Eve’s dinner for Russian president Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. This took place in Moscow, and it seems that the party was the inspiration behind Williams’ hit single Party Like a Russian. Not bad!

10 70-Member Crew

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When you own a luxury yacht that can entertain dozens of people at once, one cleaning lady simply isn’t going to cut it! This is why Abramovich has employed a 70-member crew to keep his yacht running smoothly at all times. There are engineers and cleaners for every inch of the yacht. There are also chefs, waiters, pool cleaners, even hair stylists, you name it!

Obviously, they’re going to be paid way more than they would make at any other place of employment, whether on land or on some kind of cruiser. It costs a lot of money to maintain such a luxury yacht, in fact, The Yacht Report claims that it costs about 20% of a superyacht’s initial value – and that’s per year! It’s a good job that Abramovich keeps on making plenty of money, isn’t it?

9 Three Launch Boats

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Larger boats always need smaller ones, called launch boats, in case a few people want to or need to get off the boat for various reasons. When you’re a billionaire who owns the world’s second-largest yacht, why stop at one launch boat when you can have three? It is way more practical to have more than one launch boat in this case, because that way almost all of the guests can leave the yacht if they want to move the party to the mainland.

Abramovich has always appreciated a good celebration, and his wealth allows him to be able to organize truly spectacular celebrations. He’s spent a lot of money on his New Year’s Eve celebrations over the years, hiring many stars to perform at them. In 2009, he hired Beyonce, Prince, and Gwen Stefani to sing at his St Bart’s home.

8 Mini-Submarine

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When you own a huge yacht with more than one launch boat, state-of-the-art defence equipment, and enough entertainment to please even the biggest party-pooper, why not throw in a mini-submarine while you’re at it? That’s exactly what Abramovich did. Some might wonder what he would need a mini-submarine for. Well, if you’re sailing along the Caribbean, some of your guests might be intrigued by what’s under the sea. And that is where a mini-submarine just like this one would come in!

One of Abramovich’s more prominent children, his daughter Sofia, was known as one of the richest teens living in Britain. Now a young woman in her twenties, Sofia used to be active on Instagram, sharing many pictures aboard her father’s yacht. Unfortunately, she deleted her account, but it was nice to see that this rich girl isn’t estranged from her father!

7 Two Helipads

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Although Abramovich’s yacht was placed on the charter listing, making it available for charter, it actually isn’t available for charter and was only registered as such in order to avoid European taxation. In reality, the yacht is only available for Abramovich’s rich friends, acquaintances, and business partners. Every winter, Eclipse sails to St. Martin in the Carribbean where these guests are picked up after flying in to St. Martin’s airport, and the yacht then sails to nearby St. Bart’s, where Abramovich’s home is located.

Since some of these guests are so rich that they have their own helicopters, Abramovich probably decided that it was practical for the yacht to have not one, but two helipads, probably to avoid any hold-ups during arrival and departure. Also, this way they can skip St. Martin altogether and just meet up with Abramovich on St. Bart’s.

6 Bulletproof Glass And Armour Plates

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Since this yacht is frequented by entire groups of extremely rich people, as well as some controversial figures, the yacht could potentially be a popular target for various organized criminals wanting to extort, rob, kidnap, harm, or even kill them. Always concerned for everyone’s safety, Abramovich decided to wrap the entire length of his master suite and the bridge with armour plates and bulletproof glass. This way everyone can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy themselves without any worries.

Of course, bulletproof glass and armour plates are very pricy, especially in this quantity as they’re covering a massive surface area. Luckily, being the 12th-richest man in Russia allows you to fork out that kind of money, and let’s be honest, you can’t really put a price on personal safety!

5 German-built Missile Defence System

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When you’re building a huge, expensive yacht that’s going to be frequented by many rich people and that could sail anywhere worldwide, bulletproof glass and armour plates are fine to defend against basic attacks, but they sometimes just won’t cut it against more dangerous people. Abramovich probably had this in mind while ordering the yacht, so he paid for the installation of a German-built missile defence system. Hey, the second-largest yacht in the world certainly deserves and needs the best defence that money can buy! And with Abramovich, he can buy you almost anything he wants!

He isn’t just a paranoid rich guy, however, as he has been alleged to have been involved in various wrongdoings. He has been accused of bribery, intimidating and threating his former business partner, and fraud. Whether true or not, it’s clear he has a few enemies!

4 Special Stabilization Systems

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Abramovich’s luxury yacht weighs a massive 13,000 gross tons, so any ordinary stabilization system simply isn’t enough for it to remain calm while anchored or slowly moving through rough waters. Therefore, it is the largest vessel that uses a special stabilization system. Ordinary stabilization systems come at a hefty price, so, obviously, the price of such a special stabilization system is astronomical! Mind you, this is something that isn’t a luxury, but a necessity, and sometimes you have to spend more on necessities if you want something to be used safely and properly. With his billionaire status, Abramovich can easily afford the priciest necessities available on the market.

Since safety is a necessity, the Eclipse has plenty of life rings located everywhere, so if worse came to worst, at least nobody would drown!

3 100,000 Gallons Of Fuel

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When a yacht is as large as the Eclipse is, it’s going to need a lot of fuel in order to sail. In this case, to be specific, it needs to be filled up with 100,000 gallons of fuel. This fuel will burn at approximately $3,000 per hour, so for a five-hour cruise, that’s $15,000, making it a total of $30,000 for both ways! Yikes, that’s a lot of money just for fuel! It’s a good thing that Abramovich’s net worth is nearly $10 billion, otherwise he’d be in hot water!

Ever since the Eclipse was launched, there have been rumours that Abramovich paid for the installation of a laser defence to prevent paparazzi from taking pictures of his guests, but photographic evidence of this laser defence is yet to be found.

2 563-feet Long

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Ever since Eclipse was launched, the world was dying to know what it looked like and what features it had. Business Insider was given an exclusive first look at the yacht in 2013, and they reported it to be docked at Manhattan’s Pier 90 terminal. It is 563 feet long, a mere 17 metres shorter than the world’s largest yacht Azzam.

Abramovich has been married three times. He has five children with second wife Irina: Ilya, Arina, Sofia, Arkadiy, and Anna. The couple divorced in 2006 after his affair with 25-year-old Dasha Zhukova, whom he married soon after. They went on to have two children, Aaron Alexander and Leah Lou. But third time was not the charm, as in 2017, Abramovich and Dasha announced their divorce. However, they remain business partners, so at least it wasn’t a nasty divorce. And he will surely be able to accommodate his growing family in this never-ending luxury yacht.

1 $150,000 Parking Tab

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In 2013, Abramovich’s daughter gave birth, which is why the proud grandfather decided to anchor his yacht in Manhattan Pier 90 terminal. He decided to anchor it there for 75 days in order to spend as much time as possible with his family during that happy time. Since it costs about $2,000 a day to anchor a luxury yacht, Abramovich ran up a parking tab of $150,000 – that’s more than many people’s houses are worth!

Luckily, this billionaire is good at managing his money, which is why he managed to hold onto that status even through the 2008 world financial crisis. Though he lost $3 billion during that period, he managed to earn it all back and then some more. Abramovich is a smart man with a good nose for business!

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