Rich Kids Of The USA: 15 Photos Of Their Lavish Lifestyle

The United States continues its centuries-long run as the wealthiest country in the world. Sure, it’s got more debt than any other country, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Yeah, there’s a homeless problem and kids go hungry every day, but we also have some amazingly rich people to flaunt.

Nobody does rich better than kids because they grew up rich. They didn’t earn their wealth. It’s always been there, and they feel entitled to it. They’re the most fun because they have no perspective. Until the Internet, you only heard about them, but thanks to the love that Instagram can now give that their absentee parents didn’t, we get to watch these kids who are now in their 20s live a life of extended adolescence.

In the United States, you have a few Rich Kids of Instagram subsets. There are the genuine Rich Kid clicks. Take, for instance, the Snap Pack, put together by Andrew Warren, composed of his rich-kid friends who come from the right families of old money. Then there are the Hollywood Rich Kids who are found mainly to be presented on TV shows. Finally, you just have the random ones who are looking for any attention they can get. On Instagram, a follow is a follow.

Technically, you don’t need the Internet to be a wealthy kid in America these days, but if you’re not flaunting it, how will everyone else know? You won’t be validated as a person if the poor people aren’t jealous, right? Here are the Rich Kids of the USA: 15 Photos of Their Expensive Lifestyle.

15 A Pool Party With Friends Who Don't Just Use Her for Her Money

Reya Benitez appears to be the latest addition to the Snap Pack crew that was carefully curated by Andrew Warren over the last few years. We’re still not sure how to get invited to join the exclusive click, but we aren’t clicking 'refresh' on our email box in anticipation. Benitez has the pedigree since her father,- former DJ and current record producer John “Jellybean" Benitez, is a moderately famous person who made a lot of money making other people look good. He can take credit for making people like Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson as big as they were in the late 1980s. He ended up marrying a catalog model, Reya’s mother, and settling into a failure average domestic life -- clearly one Reya was ready to break out of to get some attention. Who knows how long this whole Rich Kids of Instagram thing is going to last, but Reya has embedded herself as one of its strongest subsets and might as well ride it as long as she can.

14 First Daughter, Second Favorite

It’s gotta be tough to be the ugly first daughter. The way to cope with that lot in life is to simply spend daddy’s money from the divorce settlement (to his second wife) and party like the rich kid you are, and that’s exactly how Tiffany Trump seems to appear to be handling her new role. While her model half-sister Ivanka is helping craft policy that will see our world into the 21st Century, Tiffany is partying poolside, probably hoping that the cavernous space between her obviously fake breasts will not get any wider, wondering what the rest of her Snap Pack friends are doing tonight. We don’t expect to see Tiffany walking the halls of the White House anytime in the near future. She seems more like the type whom we’ll see popping up on TMZ defending expensive purchases and trying not to talk about her father’s job. We just don’t see her following what he does on CNN too closely.

13 Seeing If Money Can Buy Happiness

We’re guessing that, for the most part, the Rich Kids of Instagram are no more or less happy than your average middle American kid who has the average amount of money. Just watch an episode of My Sweet 16 or Catfish, and you realize that people are screwed up regardless of their socioeconomic level. The one idea that the Rich Kids of Instagram seem to subscribe to and that they genuinely seem to believe that the rest of the world seems to subscribe to is that wealth acquisition and the collection of things -- clothes, jewelry, cars, etc. -- helps fulfill and define you as a person. Here you’ve got Ally Fusco shopping along Worth Avenue in Palm Beach in Florida. What could she possibly need? She’s not off shopping for milk or tube socks. What will she have at the end of the day that she didn’t have at the beginning that will make her feel better about her life?

12 It Won’t Surprise You Who Can Claim This Guy as Their Brother

Paris and Nicky Hilton’s younger brother Barron may be the nicest kid in the world, but he looks like the world’s biggest D-bag in this photo, taken in front of his luxury home in Cannes, France last year. He looks like he belongs in a 1990s band from Scandinavia like Ace of Base or Chumbawamba. You’d think that as a kid growing up, he would have seen how much crap his sister took, and not just for her sex tape with the guy from Girls Gone Wild. Ten years ago, Paris was the poster child for idiot socialite rich kid, and she paid the price when she ended up in front of a judge with a chip on her shoulder. Barron better hope he doesn’t suffer a similar fate. Do you think he stays at his family’s hotels when he travels or finds nicer places?

11 How the Rich Kids Are Telling Time This Year

One of the Rich Kids was like a first grader and couldn’t wait to show off his new watch recently. So the bad news is that you’re going to have to act fast if you want a watch similar to this Hublot Mp 05 Laferrari since only 50 were made. The good news is that they must be moving slower than expected because they’re on sale now at 28% off at a high-end Internet retailer for only $248,400. That’s down from $345,000. It’s made in Switzerland and comes with a micro-blasted titanium case with a smooth black rubber strap. That’s got to be at least $75,000 right there. It’s water resistant to 100 feet, which is worth at least another $20,000. You know, we still think a knock-off Rolex from the Dollar Store does the trick, and you could buy one a day for 680 years and still not reach the price of this wrist piece.

10 We Think He’s at Least a Solid B-cup

Nicky Kaufman is the kind of Rich Kid of Instagram who at first seems he’s so over the top that you think he’s in on the joke, but the more you follow his page, you realize that he’s probably got some kind of disorder that shouldn’t be laughed at. It’s like he’s trying to play a James Bond villain if the kid who got picked last in gym class could ever be a James Bond villain. The thing is, no amount of money can ever make that happen. You just end up with a man-child with man-boobs slurping champagne from a hot chick whose services he clearly purchased. He looks sad in the eyes, yet never fails to declare just how happy he is. Keep telling yourself that Nicky. There’s a big chasm between following someone on Instagram because you’re jealous of his lifestyle and doing so because you feel sorry he can’t find happiness despite mommy and daddy giving him an endless supply of money.

9 Easy on the Eyes, Difficult on the Brain

While the “Rich Kids of Instagram” genre is red hot on the Internet, the genre has not translated well to television with different outfits having tried various versions all over the world. The problem is simple. Rich people just aren’t very interesting. They enjoy sitting around feeling superior and looking hot. Looking good is easy to pull off in photos, but that doesn’t translate well to television where words have to accompany images. These are people who have never had anything asked of them and haven’t had the opportunity to develop their social skills with real people. Hey, these three stars of one of the E! Channel’s projects are all the kind of people we’d like to claim as our good-looking friends, but we imagine they’d make horrible company on a road trip. Watching them converse with each other was so painful that even their beauty couldn’t tide them over, and the show was canceled. Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t even buy bored Midwestern viewers.

8 Is It a Job or Is It a Hobby?

There was a time when you actually had to be a good writer to be considered a book author. Now, all you need to do is open an Amazon account, write down a few words, send them off to Amazon, give them your credit card details, and ta-da, you’ve got a book! The same can be said for designers. We’re not going to say if Lyla Dumont’s designs are beautiful or look horrible since fashion is in the eye of the beholder. What we do know is that her mother bankrolled her company, and it’s not her designs that earned her the yacht that she’s seen on in this photo. This boat is at Fisher Island. It’s off the coast of Miami and is one of those places that you’re only allowed to visit if you know somebody who has a lot of zeroes after their name. We’re all for people’s parents helping them get off their feet, but hopefully, Lyla doesn’t confuse being a Rich Kid who had it handed to her with being a Rich Kid who earned it with hard work.

7 Oh Yeah, Well Do You Know Who My Great-great Grandfather Was?

This is Gaia Matisse. She lives in New York City and hangs with the Rich Kids of New York City crew, including Tiffany Trump and Kyra Kennedy. Her claims to fame are that she’s the great-great granddaughter of French painter Henri Matisse, that she’s hot, that she’s rich, and... that’s the end of her resume. Oh, she’s also an actress, but scoring three small roles in films that 99% of the world has never heard of that were made by her friends doesn’t make you an actress -- it means you have friends who know the right people to make movies. We look at this picture and think to ourselves that with as hard as she’s trying to get our attention, she really shouldn’t be in NYC; she should be with a pet tiger and a Ferrari in Dubai, where they know how to get people’s attention with their cash. Matisse, the painter, probably has dozens of great-great grandkids... what makes this one so extra great?

6 Does This Dorothy Wear Ruby Slippers?

Dorothy Wang is rich, but not rich enough to keep her website updated, apparently. Despite the fact that E! Show #RichKids of Beverly Hills was canceled in mid-2016, her website still clings to the fact that she “is a designer, entrepreneur and currently the breakout star” of that crappy show. Apparently, it followed the lives of an elite group of 20-somethings, but not elite enough for anybody to care enough to watch. Wang’s other big claim to fame is being the fashion correspondent for The Steve Harvey Show. You know that show. It’s the one you’re forced to sit through in most waiting rooms but you’d never watch at home. This photo is a recent one of Dorothy from her Instagram titled “Dubai or Coachella?” It’s Coachella. You’re not that elite, Dorothy. The viewers of E! already tried to explain that to you.

5 At Least He Has the Right Attitude

We can have a little bit of respect for somebody who realizes they won the DNA lottery and at least has a good sense of humor about the whole thing, such as the case of Andrew Warren, who is the grandson of a New York City clothing honcho. He just unleashed his line of clothes, called "Just Drew" but knows that he’ll never live up to what his family did before him, nor that he has to even try. He put together the Snap Pack with people like Tiffany Trump and Reya Benitez and has a feeling he's playing them all for his gain. Good for him. He once told a British newspaper, “If someone thinks one of my Instagrams are [sic] embarrassing that's their problem because I think it's funny and it's just fun and not to take pictures so seriously.” It’s easy to say that when you hang out in private rooftop pools overlooking Las Vegas.

4 This Is When They Like To Do the Work

During halftime at polo matches, the ultra rich people who are watching -- or pretending they're watching, all head out onto the field and stomp the divots back into place. It’s a kind of a novel type of manual labor -- of a juxtaposition of their normal lives -- that allows them to laugh at people who work hard physical jobs while they sip champagne and push in clumps of grass with their $10,000 “weekend shoes.” But before we slam them too hard, it’s also important to remember that for many of these kids, this is the way they were raised, and they’ve never seen any other side of life. Stomping clumps of grass into the ground where daddy raised the turf from an errant mallet hit on the back of his horse is what they did on weekends. Thankfully, some aspire to find out what else life has to offer.

3 Some Rich Kids Make It on Their Own

Here’s the one cocky rich kid whom we will give a 100% pass to because unlike the 28-year-olds masquerading as kids who can only claim to be young because their social skills were never properly developed, Benjamin “Kicks” Kapelushnik actually is a kid. And he’s a Rich Kid who is first-generation money, having started his own business called Sneakerdon.com, an online marketplace that caters to fans of those over-the-top, high-end rare and limited-edition sneakers. He boasts a celebrity clientele, and it didn’t take this teenager very long before he was pulling down seven figures with his online venture. That kind of cash can go to your head quickly, but when you’re a kid, it should. When you’re 28, you should know better. We’re curious to see if Kapelushnik is somebody who stays on the Rich Kids scene over the next decade.

2 Keeping the Kennedy Name Going Strong

Robert Kennedy likely would have been half of the first pair of brothers ever elected to the Presidency of the United States had he not been murdered during his campaign nearly 50 years ago. Now, his granddaughter uses social media to remind us that the Kennedy name is still as close to royalty as you’ll find in the country. Kyra, who is probably a very nice person, takes to Instagram regularly to pose for pictures with her similarly rich-kid friends showing the difference between being rich and being rich from a special family. You’ll notice in this picture that Kyra and her friend have to sit on the floor because those chairs are roped off. That’s because this photo is taken at The Frick Collection, a museum in New York City dedicated to European art and furniture from the Eighteenth Century. We’re going to hope she was attending some benefit at the museum and took this picture, not that she got dressed up to specifically get this shot taken for her Instagram.

1 More Branches on This Dysfunctional Family Tree

Sofia Richie just turned 18, so you can almost be guaranteed that we’re in for at least a decade of watching the newest member of this family rise, fall, slightly rise, then level off like every person related to her in the last 40 years. Lionel Richie was a great singer but shows what happens when you’re not around. Your kids fall in with the other rich kids who have absentee parents and have to find things to do to keep themselves occupied. Ten years ago, it was her sister Nicole and her pal, Paris. Now, it’s Sofia and Paris’s brother, Barron. In this photo, Sofia is modeling clothes for Andrew Warren, whom you’ll find elsewhere on this list. When you see this happen generation after generation, and in this case, within generations, all you can do is sit back and say, “I know how this movie ends.” At least we have a good-looking star of the movie. The whole Roman column architecture in LA thing, though, looks a little crazy in this picture.

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