Rich Kids Of Dubai: 15 Photos Of Their Lavish Lifestyle

It’s one thing to be rich and grow up in New York, Miami, or London. It’s not exotic. Everybody visits one of these places in their life. It’s crawling with tourists, and it’s really not all that special. The “rich” people there aren’t all that rich either. It’s not like they’re Middle Eastern oil rich.

If you're looking to encounter the Middle Eastern oil rich, we suggest you head on over to the United Arab Emirates and its crown jewel, Dubai. It’s a city that seems like it’s partly out of the future, partly out of a fairy tale, and partly out of a story about greed. It’s rich with culture, fascinating things to see, and interesting people. Many of those people have a lot of money. A few have a disgusting amount.

Many of those who have a crazy amount of money had kids in the late 80s and early 90s, and those kids didn’t exactly embrace traditional Middle Eastern values. Growing up watching American television and movies made them realize they could have what they saw because their parents were richer than the famous people they saw on TV. Their parents were busy raking in the dough selling the Americans their oil, so they raised themselves, and in the process, became the object of jealousy of the very American kids they originally were mimicking. Ironic.

With the Internet celebrating all things over the top, the lives of these super-rich kids, who are now spoiled young adults, have become popular to follow. Finally, they can get the attention they never got from their parents. We’re here for you; don’t be shy with the tips. Here are 15 Photos of the Lavish Lifestyle of the Rich Kids of Dubai.

15 Whizzing by the Khalifa

One thing that Dubai can claim nowhere else in the world can is that it's home to the tallest building in the world, and has been since 2008. Known as the Burj Khalifa, or Khalifa Tower, the skyscraper is almost a half-mile tall at 2,717 feet tall. To the Rich Kids of Dubai, it’s also a really cool thing to zip line by when you’re bored during the day waiting for the nightlife to begin. We’re also fairly sure none of the rich kids worked on building the tower since there were so many allegations of mistreatment of migrant Southeast Asian workers that were brought in to help construct the building. You see, despite their wealth, the United Arab Emirates has no minimum wage laws, so they can literally pay workers next to nothing. Several instances of suicide among those workers have been reported. Something tells us the most of the rich kids just don’t care.

14 I Hate Taking a Gross Cab Like A Common Person

Sometimes, when Daddy grounds you from using one of the 80 cars, or if you lose your license for running over one of the poor people selling gum in one of the outlying towns, you’re going to find yourself without a way to get from Point A to Point B. So what, as a Rich Kid of Dubai, are you supposed to do? Well, you do what kids all over the globe have done for 100 years: you call a cab. But getting a taxi in Dubai is not like getting one in New York City, London, or Tokyo. When you call one in Dubai, a freakin’ Lamborghini taxi shows up to deliver you from Point A to Point B in style. We couldn’t find a rate card online, but we doubt they operate on the same kind of $1.50-per-1/8th-mile system that most major cities do.

13 Cosplaying a Rich Kid Who Has Something To Do

What is this guy doing? He’s got security behind him. He’s wearing a pair of probably $10,000 sunglasses and likely a $5,000 hat -- even though we know you can buy both at the dollar store. He’s got his maps carefully laid out and is taking notes. If you look over his shoulder, he’s got a bag all packed and ready to go. Or might it be full of money? Could it be ransom? Clearly, there’s only one thing happening here. We have a very bored, very rich kid posing for a photo. He doesn’t know the drama of wondering if the heat or power is going to go off overnight or if his parents are going to lose another job. He doesn’t know the pain of going hungry or being made fun of for not having new clothes for school. His life has been pretty darn sweet, but it’s pretty darn boring, so he’s inventing intrigue because he’s watched a lot of American movies.

12 Does This Kind of Room Even Have a Name?

If we told you this was just the cover of a brochure for a resort somewhere in the Caribbean, this wouldn’t seem like such a big deal. It’s a model who was flown in, was put in a beautiful, expensive bikini, and this over-the-top quasi-room was erected on the beach mainly for effect. But no, this isn't the case for the Rich Kids of Dubai. While most of us can’t even afford to go to that high-end Caribbean resort, so we have to pick one of the others without the curtains to hide the sun, while most of us would call it the opportunity of a lifetime to be in a structure like that on a beach, do you know what the woman in this picture calls this awesome day on the beach? Tuesday. Who knows what her family did to get rich... but for her, it’s just another day on the sand, hanging out, looking fabulous, taking everything for granted.

11 Sweet Golden Machine Gun Hookah, My Friend

OK, so here’s the thing with this dude... we found him on a Rich Kids of Dubai website, and obviously, he caught our attention because he’s smoking out of a giant golden machine gun hookah, but we were sorely disappointed to learn that’s not a one-of-a-kind hookah that he had specially made and is worth millions. It’s something that anybody can buy online and only costs about $150. So what does this mean? Either that this Rich Kid of Dubai is a thrifty shopper who's really just about the lifestyle and doesn’t need to spend millions, or he’s a total poser. Part of us hopes it’s the latter. We hope there are a bunch of people who are infiltrating the lives of these ultra rich who have no money and are sponging off the ultra rich. And we hope they teach us how.

10 Keepin' It Real, At Least 88% Real

The danger of being one of the Rich Kids of Dubai is that you have to start to wonder what around you is real and what about you is real. Once again, we have no idea what this woman’s name is, but we’re going to assume that there are many parts of this lovely lady that were helped by plastic surgeons. Those breasts can’t be real. We also don’t think those lips are real, and that hair was probably purchased for thousands of dollars as well. If you have the money and it’s what you need to be happy, fantastic. We think that the giant boat with the jacuzzi would be enough, but sometimes it isn’t. Why doesn’t her bikini match, though? Does she have the mismatched top and bottom someplace at home? It seems that with all of her money, having to wear unmatched bathing suits wouldn't be something that would be part of this woman’s life.

9 Keeping the Peasants Gainfully Employed

There are a lot of ways to play a Rich Kid of Dubai. You can be the “I deserve this all” type and act like you’re entitled to the riches that have befallen you, or you could play the type of person who is surprised at what having money is like. The problem with the second option, however, is that sometimes, it makes you come off as looking either stupid, spoiled, or both. You can be the judge of how Iman Lopez looks in the Instagram post from the Dubai Mall where she seems genuinely surprised and delighted that there is porter service to help her carry all of those Ralph Lauren bags. Those are a lot of bags, too. Obviously, whatever the co-founder of 3Prive Couture spent was just a drop in the bucket of her overall wealth. That poor guy who has to carry her stuff -- he looks like a reject from The Nutcracker. At least he got to hang out with a sexy lady all day. Hopefully, she tipped him well.

8 Gravity Works Even on the Wealthy Dude

We don’t know who this Rich Kid of Dubai is, but it probably doesn’t matter. The difference between this guy and a million others (maybe not a million, but probably several thousand) is that he was caught on camera doing something daringly stupid versus the rest of them who do death-defyingly stupid stuff all the time, but are smart enough to make sure their equally rich and equally stupid buddies aren’t taking pictures. Dubai looks awesome at night; we could never debate that. It would be stupid to try. We’d love to one day stand (safely behind the window) where this guy is and look out over that amazing city. There’s no reason to stand on the ledge like that yahoo is doing other than to impress his friends or try and feel some kind of rush. You want to feel a rush? Give all of your money away to charity, take none from your family and friends, then figure out how to live. You’ll never need to stand on a balcony again.

7 Because The Store Was Out of Monkeys, That's Why

Unless your name is Mike Tyson and you’re playing the part of Mike Tyson in the movie The Hangover, having a large jungle cat as a pet is a stupid idea, no matter how rich you are. There are other things to spend your money on. In the movie Marley and Me, there’s a voiceover part at the end where Owen Wilson says a dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor. Neither does a lion or a tiger. They will eat you either way when they get hungry. We guess owning one of these beasts shows that you have the money and the connections to get your hands on them, and it shows a willingness to spend your money on just about anything. The kind of people who are impressed by owning a puma or a cheetah are exactly the kind of people who like to buy them, and without these people, we wouldn’t have cool lists like “People accidentally killed by their pet jaguar.”

6 Don't You Hate it When a $100 Bill Falls Between The Seats?

So much of about this photo just screams “Not the life of anybody we know.” From the high-heel golden shoes that look more like props out of a Broadway musical, to the flowing dress, to the red Ferrari, to the shiny city in the background looking like it’s beckoning this beautiful woman -- all of these elements from the photo make us irritated at ourselves for being jealous of the Rich Kids of Dubai. We like to tell ourselves that if we were in their situation, we wouldn't flaunt our wealth and we would use it for good, but we also know that for every one of these D-bags that like to walk around with a tiger, there are plenty of nice people. There’s nothing wrong with this woman other than the fact that she was born lucky. And we don’t even know that for sure. With a lot of money usually come a whole lot of other issues most of us don’t have to deal with... but we’d sure like to try.

5 The Two Most Intimidating Women in Dubai

We look at these two beautiful women on this beautiful boat in front of this beautiful city and immediately know that we wouldn’t have any idea what to do if we were dropped into the middle of that lifestyle. It’s the kind of thing you just have to be raised in or gently eased into. The Rich Kids of Dubai run at a different speed than the rest of us -- even at a different speed than Hollywood. When you can have anything you want because money is no object and things like the law don’t stand in your way, how can you relate to average people? What could these two women be talking about? What could we possibly talk to these two women about on their level? The truth is, if we were somehow transported to this boat, they would scare the crap out of us, and something tells us that these are the kind of women who know how intimidating they are and use it to their advantage.

4 Another Day, Another Ride on the Private Jet

You see the beautiful girl getting on the private jet with no luggage? You know why she has nothing, not even a carry-on? It’s because she was only going 12 miles. That’s right. She needed to go get an iPhone case and decided to take her family’s private jet. Truthfully we don’t know that, but we wouldn’t be surprised. Traveling by private jet is as common as traveling by Ferrari or dune buggy or yacht to The Rich Kids of Dubai. It raises an interesting question: what does impress these people? They spend a lot of their time trying to impress the normal people, but what impresses them? Space travel? Time travel? What does it take to get someone who has everything or can snap their fingers and get everything to really be impressed? Ironically, it’s probably the fact that people can survive in the harsh poverty that most of the world actually lives in.

3 Just Pull In Next to the Watercooler

This dude looks a little older than a kid, but with the way everybody acts these days, it seems like being a kid includes anybody under 40 years old. And maybe he’s bald by choice. Whatever. If he pays us enough money, we’ll call him a kid until he’s 98 years old. He’ll probably be back in diapers by then anyway. So this guy owns a Ferrari, but he apparently doesn’t feel the need to drive it. We understand the hesitation. We freak out when we get a tiny scratch on our 2004 Toyota Camry and we wouldn’t get $2,000 on a trade-in for that, so keeping your sweet car in your office is understandable. It’s also a little weird. It’s kind of intimidating to people you have meetings with. “Let’s meet in my office... next to my $75,000 car.” The one thing you can say about The Rich Kids of Dubai: the richer they get, the weirder they get.

2 Let's Stare Off Into the Distance!

“Hey Jenny, before we get into this little deathtrap and try not to flip over as we bounce all over the desert, let’s squat as if we’re going to go to the bathroom, stare off into the distance, and have someone take our picture. Then we’ll post it to the Rich Kids of Dubai Instagram page and all the poor kids all over the world will wish they were here with us instead of living their boring lives with no money.” “OK, Lisa, but do we have to actually ride around in this thing. Can we just do the picture?” Riding around in these dune buggies is a popular hobby for the Rich Kids of Dubai, second only to having their pictures taken near them. When there’s nothing but sand on three sides of you, you’ve got to make the most of it when it comes to recreational activities.

1 It's Rough Being a Rich Kid of Dubai

Here’s what totally sucks about being a Rich Kid of Dubai vs. A Regular Kid of America. If you’re a Regular Kid of America, what do you have to wait for? A train? Maybe if you live in the forest, there are deer or moose that have to cross the road. And even if a wild animal comes and crashes into your car, it’s not a big deal because you’re probably only driving a Ford Focus, right? Well, life is a lot more challenging for the Rich Kids of Dubai. They have Ferraris. They have Lamborghinis. And if they come from poor families, they have Porches. In this case, they have a Rolls Royce. And they don't have to deal with just regular wild animals... they have camels -- gross, two-ton, spitting, angry camels. So before you start saying it’s easy to be a millionaire who has everything handed to them, think about the unfortunate Rich Kids of Dubai.

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