Rich Kids In The USA: 15 Photos Of Their Expensive Lifestyle

Boy, do rich kids in the United States love to show off their wealth. Thanks to social media networking apps like Instagram and Snapchat, today's rich kids are showing off their parents' money left and right. Whether it's their lavish hot rods, multimillion-dollar homes, or crazy pool parties, these rich kids have no problem flaunting their wealth.

You can't go a day without seeing a young person standing next to their expensive cars or boarding their private jet on social media. There's even an Instagram page called "Rich Kids of Instagram," with an obnoxious caption that reads: "They have more money than you and this is why they do." Looking at the page might make you feel extremely bad about your crappy life.

However, these kids didn't work hard for their money. Their parents did, and they're just really, really lucky they were born into it. For example, if it wasn't for momager Kris Jenner pushing her kids (and maybe using a "tape" to get her kids in the spotlight), Kylie Jenner wouldn't be where she is now. And kids like Barron Hilton were just born into a wealthy family and the successful Hilton empire. So, let's just take a look at these 15 photos that show just how ridiculous these kids' spending habits are. It might make you sick to your stomach and maybe you'll feel a sting of jealously.

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15 Barron Hilton - Benefitting From Hilton Empire

Photo Via: http://ouigossip.blogspot.com/

Can you guess which ridiculously wealthy family Barron is related to? His last name obviously gives it away, and he does not hold back when it comes to living a lavish lifestyle. Barron Hilton, 27, is the brother of Paris and Nicky Hilton. And just like his sisters, he lives a glamorous life. Taking a closer look at his Instagram page, Barron definitely loves keeping fit, traveling around the world, and attending venues like Burning Man in California. Barron also looks like he's using his good looks on the runway, appearing in a fashion show during New York Fashion Week. His life looks far from being difficult and thanks to the Hilton Empire continuing to be a success, Barron will continue to spend more of his family's money.

14 Gaia Matisse - Great-Great-Grandfather Is Famous Painter Henri Matisse

Photo Via: wallpart.com

Gaia Matisse may not be all over the tabloids and Hollywood gossip mags, but she is a pretty well-known American socialite. If you're a history buff or you simply know your famous artists, then you'll recognize her last name. Gaia's great-great-grandfather is French painter Henri Matisse, whose works as a painter are comparable to that of Pablo Picasso. Gaia is definitely using her family's name to her advantage. Looking at her Instagram, Gaia loves the hippie, carefree life, and she can do it all while still donning expensive clothing and traveling place to place. Her friends include Paris Hilton, Tiffany Trump, and Kyra Kennedy to name a few.

13 Justin Combs - Like Father, Like Son

Photo Via: twitter.com

Justin Combs definitely took after his rapper father, Diddy, when it comes to spending money on things like cars, clothes, and bling. At only 23 years old, this guy probably has more cars and gold chains than he can count. He is certainly enjoying his life and with a father like Diddy, there is no telling what he'll buy next. From his Instagram page, Justin Combs loves showing off his expensive rides and his million-dollar jewelry. It even looks like he's got his own private jet. However, even though his page is filled with luxurious things, it appears that he still appreciates his father, posting many photos of them hanging out.

12 Morgan Stewart - Shops Until She Drops

via Boobs & Loubs

Morgan Stewart admits to living off her parents' enormous income and has said so a few times on the show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Her father, Herb Stewart, is a successful architect, and his most notable projects have been along the famous Rodeo Drive. Morgan has grown up with expensive taste and her husband, Brendan Fitzpatrick, a successful real estate agent doesn't seem to mind either. While drinking and shopping may seem like her two favorite hobbies, she also has her own blog, titled Boobs & Loubs, named after her two favorite things—Louboutin shoes and her own boobs. We're guessing if she spends all her days shopping in L.A. and New York, she might as well write a blog about all the luxurious things she's purchased.

11 Ally Fusco - Loves Showing Off Her Killer Body On Instagram

via Moison

You may not recognize Ally Fusco right away, but she does not hold back when it comes to showing everything off. This girl has a killer body and isn't shy to show it off, especially all over her various social media accounts. She loves wearing skimpy bikinis aboard million-dollar yachts and taking photos of her and her friends out and about on the town. We won't be too surprised if this girl gets her own MTV reality show down the road or just ends up joining a new cast of rich kids that'll just make us hate our boring lives.

10 Nicky Kaufman - This Photo Just Screams "I'm Rich"

Photo Via: dailymail.co.uk

This photo of Nicky Kaufman just screams "I'm rich and I don't give AF", wouldn't you agree? Nicky surely loves to post photos on his Instagram about the luxurious places he often travels to like Las Vegas and Miami. This guy loves to party and you can certainly tell from the photo you see above. Unlike the other rich kids on this list, Nicky also loves to take pictures of the food he eats, and as we can see, there are definitely no cheap fast food items on his profile. Besides incredible looking food, Nicky proudly shows off his expensive jewelry like his Cartier bracelets and lavish watches. Don't worry, we're envious too!

9 Param Sharma - Named Instagram's Biggest Jerk For Spending Habits

via MensXP.com

Let's be honest here, there really is nothing wrong with admiring expensive cars and high-end designer digs (I mean, we're all a little guilty of doing the same), but people all over the Internet were getting quite annoyed with Param Sharma, who kept flaunting his huge wealth that it made everyone ticked off and more than a little annoyed. Just to put things into perspective, he's so rich that he cleared out an entire Apple store from their iPhone 5 stock (Yeah, we're being serious). He's taken pictures holding tons of money and the latest technology, and definitely doesn't care about what anyone thinks. It's no wonder he was named Instagram's biggest jerk.

8 Reya Benitez - Thanks Famous DJ Dad For Lavish Lifestyle

Photo Via: dailymail.co.uk

Reya Benitez is the daughter of legendary DJ John Jellybean Benitez. He's produced and remixed songs for the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and the late Whitney Houston. His daughter rightly took advantage of her dad's fortune and is usually seen hanging out by the beach with friends and partying with some of the Rich Kids of Instagram like Gaia Matisse, who we've mentioned earlier. Reya has almost 18,000 Instagram followers who are all very interested in her lavish life. Looking at her page, Reya loves fashion and looks like she'll spend lots of money to have whatever is in style next.

7 E.J. Johnson - Socialite Loves His Expensive Fashion Taste

Photo Via: vanitatis.elconfidencial.com

E.J. Johnson is the son of basketball legend Magic Johnson, and you've probably seen him flaunting his stuff on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. This socialite's Instagram is basically flooded with fashion, and you know that it's always on point. From fur coats to designer gowns and handbags, E.J. Johnson is always looking his best no matter where he goes. Now that he had weight loss surgery, he seems even more confident than ever and just keeps surprising his fans and Instagram followers with what expensive getup he'll wear next.

6 Tiffany Trump - You Can Never Take The Party Girl Out Of This Trump Daughter

via LikesGag

During the final weeks of the general election, Donald Trump's campaign team wanted Tiffany Trump to clean up her Instagram account just a bit. In the past, her feed would be dotted with party shots with her and her group of friends, but it looks like she's grown out of her wild ways...for now. Flashback to just a year ago, and this famous daughter was the definition of a party girl. From epic pool parties to adventures to Greece, Tiffany was living the rich life. There is no doubt that this girl still lives a lavish and expensive lifestyle, but with millions of people now watching every move you make, especially now that her father is President of the U.S., she's smart enough to tone it down a notch.

5 Dorothy Wang - Father's Insane $4 Billion Net Worth Definitely Helps Her Lifestyle

via Pinterest

Dorothy Wang's family is insanely rich, and thankfully, they allow Dorothy to spend their money any way she pleases. Her father, Roger Wang, is a Chinese-American businessman and has a whopping net worth of $4 billion! With one million followers on her Instagram account, Wang is a very well-known rich kid and loves showing it off, too. There are tons of photos with the beauty wearing designer clothing and carrying bags that are probably worth even more than some people's homes. She is not shy when it comes to spending, and her Instagram photos would make anyone envious.

4 Lyla Dumont - Living Life On A Caribbean Island

Photo Via: dailymail.co.uk

How can you not be jealous when staring at this picture of Lyla Dumont on a huge, luxurious yacht? This girl is living large and is not hiding any ounce of it. Looking at her Instagram account, this rich kid loves traveling, and there are a multitude of photos of her and her friends on beautiful beaches around the world that people can only dream of going to. Lyla has been working on her own fashion label of the same name which is inspired by the beautiful Caribbean island, Saint Barthelemy. She's currently living life on the island, and it looks like it could be a fantasy.

3 Ekaterina Rybolovleva - Buys NYC's Most Expensive Apartment

via starmap.com

This Russian heiress comes from a family of ridiculous wealth. At the age of 22, Ekaterina purchased the most expensive apartment in New York City, which cost an insane $88 million. She is the daughter of Dmitry Rybolovleva, a Russian businessman, investor, and President of Monaco's football club, AS Monaco. According to Forbes, Dmitry has a net worth of $9.1 billion and is the 119th richest person in the world. His daughter is just as rich, and in 2003, she even bought her own Greek island! The sale price is unknown, but it's been reported that the island had a price tag in the $150 million mark. Now that's living expensive.

2 Kylie Jenner - Who Can Even Keep Up With Her Spending Habits?

Photo Via: galoremag.com

Of course, we had to mention one Kardashian/Jenner on this list. Kylie Jenner is the definition of a rich kid in the U.S. who certainly never has an issue with showing off her ridiculous wealth. Whether it's on Snapchat or Instagram, this 20-year-old loves to spend her money. Thanks to her mom Kris Jenner, for making her daughters famous, Kylie has made her way to the top and won't stop her crazy spending habits. Her lavish lifestyle is something people only wish they could have for a day or even just an hour. You'll always see Kylie driving in one of her crazy expensive vehicles like her Range Rover, Mercedes, or Ferrari down the streets of Calabasas. She also loves jewelry, and she's literally dripping in diamonds when she's on a red carpet. We don't know who could ever keep up with her expensive lifestyle.

1 Robert Cavalli - Life Is Swarmed With Beautiful Models

via m.dagospia.com

Yes, Robert Cavalli is the son of famed designer Roberto Cavalli. That alone makes most of us envious. His Instagram account is filled with him hanging out with a plethora A-list stars and millionaires. One of his posts even shows him hanging out with the likes of Scott Disick (Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy), Sophia Richie, and Paris Hilton. He certainly lives a life of luxury, hanging out with the most beautiful models in the world and traveling just about everywhere on the planet, all thanks to his famous designer father. Robert Cavalli's life is definitely every guy's (and girl's) dream.

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