Ranking The 15 Hottest Blonde Bombshells In Hollywood

Blondes have always been rumored to have more fun, and a lot of people will agree, they are also considered to be sexier! There is nothing like a hot, blonde to get the attention of any man or woman. Blondes are just hot and there is no denying that, which is why so many women decide to go blonde at one point or another, however, not every girl can pull it off.

Being blonde is a different ball game than being a brunette, and a lot of people will admit being more attracted to a woman with blonde hair. Blondes have always dominated Hollywood and in today's society that has still been proven correct.

There are so many leading ladies that rock blonde hair that it is hard to find the fifteen that stand out the most, but we at TheRichest have done just that. We thought it would be fun to find and rank the fifteen hottest blonde actresses who are considered the biggest bombshells in the industry.

Blondes have a reputation of not being intelligent, but that is an unfounded idea. The following women are not only stunning, but they all have something working in between their ears, even if that won't be where you're looking.


15 Amber Heard

Amber Heard is a beautiful and talented actress whose first film was Friday Night Lights in 2004.

There is no denying that Heard is one of the most good looking blondes in the business. Her natural abilities in combination with her fierce attitude, are just two of the reasons why she is so adored.

The thirty-year-old Texas native has reached huge amounts of success and although she is talented, we are sure that her incredibly good looks had something to do with her star status.

Heard marches to the beat of her own drum, which is something we at TheRichest love about her. She has said “[I] think I've always had a certain amount of skepticism of this whole 'shut up and smile' theory. I haven't ever swallowed that pill so easily, although I tried.”

We're sure you love hearing her speak her mind.

14 Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those women who have that unique, natural, blonde beauty. Paltrow has had an incredibly impressive career and is known as one of Hollywood's hottest babes.

The mother of two has been able to stay in amazing shape throughout the years and at the age of 44, she looks better than ever. The actress has said “Beauty, to me is about being comfortable in your own skin” and we can imagine how comfortable she feels in her skin.

The rumor is that Paltrow is one of the nastiest people in person, meaning her beautiful exterior does not match her awful exterior. The irony is that she played in a movie that had a similar plot, except she was beautiful on the inside, not on the outside, that movie was called Shallow Hal.

13 Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz is a 20-year-old sensation who is becoming one of Hollywoods most sought out stars. Moretz may be young, but she is super talented and also super hot.

Moretz has a unique sense of style in comparison to anyone else in the industry which is why we never get tired of looking at her.

Her talent is undeniable and she is only going to get more successful as the years go by.

It is crazy how level headed the young star is she claims it is because of her mother "My mom has always said that if I get a big head, she'll take me out of this business as quickly as I got into it."

12 Ashley Benson


Ashley Benson made herself a household name when she became one of the main characters in the hit television show Pretty Little Liars. From there, she almost instantly became one of the Hollywood “it” girls and if you're like us here at TheRichest, it should be easy to see why.

Benson is a 27-year-old California native who has a beautiful appearance. She is a blonde beauty with mesmerizing eyes and a great style.

Benson also has a very carefree attitude which is good because the industry that she is part of tends to be hard for a lot of people.

Benson has gone on record saying “People will make mean comments. People are going to say that you're fat, that you're this, that you're that. You just have to be comfortable in your own skin."

It's a great attitude to have and we hope people will listen to Benson.

11 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is an Academy Award winning actress who has graced us with her talent in films such as Monster, Mad Max, and The Italian job.

Theron is one of the most sought out actresses to work with because she is not only talented but apparently a beautiful person, both on the outside and inside. She has elegance, class and adoring fans, which is no surprise, just look at her.

Theron is very close to her mother, saying in a past interview "My mom has made it possible for me to be who I am. Our family is everything.

Her greatest skill was encouraging me to find my own person and own independence."

With such an amazing role model like that, no wonder she is such a force to be reckoned with.

10 Emma Roberts


Emma Roberts is a 26-year old bombshell whose career is only just getting started. Roberts has appeared in movies like Nerve and We're The Millers as well as some pretty epic television shows like Scream Queens and American Horror Story. It is clear that the world is slowly but surely falling in love with her.

Roberts is one of those actresses who is constantly looking amazing. She knows exactly what to wear and how to wear it to make both men and women fall in love with her.

A lot of people probably wonder how Roberts stays looking so good, well, she actually has a unique way of looking at food!

“I only like food without color, like potatoes, bread, and pasta,” said Roberts, which is something that we find pretty funny!

9 Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz may not look 44, but trust us, she is. The actress has been in the spotlight for years and we are sure we aren't alone in saying that we have loved seeing her have such a successful career.

Diaz has been in some pretty epic movies like There's Something About Mary, The Mask, Charlie's Angels, The Holiday and The Other Woman.

Diaz is not only beautiful, but she is super confident

“I'm very happy with the way I look. I wake up some morning, catch myself in the bathroom mirror, and go, 'hey girl, you're alright'. But on the other hand, I find the website stuff, and the polls, something completely removed from my own personal life.

You can't take anything like that too seriously, otherwise, you'd end up in the loony bin”, said the actress.

She has always been an active person, which explains her incredible body!


8 Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is one of Hollywoods golden children. Born into Hollywood royalty, Kate Hudson was bound for fame.

Her cheeky personality in combination with her talent and beauty is what has kept her making movies all these years. For those of you who do not follow her on Snapchat you should, it will remind you of why you love her so much!

The 37-year old mother of two looks incredible. She has always been into keeping her body fit and is definitely one of the hottest blondes in Hollywood.

Hudson has said “If you work out 20 minutes a day in some way, you're going to see changes”, we are sure, however, that she does a little bit more than 20 minutes a day to have that kind of body.

7 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is a superstar in every sense of the word. The Academy award winning actress is one of those people you can't help but fall in love with.

Her light-hearted personality makes you feel like she is approachable, something that is unusual when someone is this gorgeous. Her natural beauty, natural curves, and adorable smile are why she is classified as one of the hottest blondes in the industry.

She has a great sense humor, she has said some funny things like

“I picked up an issue of Cosmopolitan the other day that had tips for job interviews, because I was like, 'I need to get better at interviews.' The article was basically about how to get someone not to hate you in 20 minutes. Every single thing they told you not to do, I was like, 'I do that every day”, which makes us feel like she is a real person!

6 Jennifer Aniston


I do not think there is anyone that will disagree with us when we say Jennifer Aniston is one of the hottest blondes in Hollywood.

She won over the hearts of America when she landed the role as Rachel on one of the most epic television series ever, Friends.

The 48-year old bombshell has always been stunning, however, it is safe to say that she is getting better with age.

She is confident, sexy, and stunning, and there was no doubt that she would be making this list. We love how Jennifer Aniston is letting herself age gracefully “You know, I've got wrinkles on my forehead and smile lines, but what's wrong with that? I love to smile” said the actress.

She certainly has had plenty to smile about in her life.

5 Kate Upton

Kate Upton is a 24-year-old vixen who has captured the hearts of countless men along her rise to fame. Upton, who is a Michigan native is both an actress and a model and this young superstar has quite the career ahead of her.

Upton is all about being healthy. This blonde bombshell works out regularly and believes that enjoying life is worth a lot more than being stick thin. She has even said “I'm not going to starve just to be thin... I want to enjoy life and I can't if I'm not eating and miserable”, which we at TheRichest could not agree more.

Upton is super comfortable with her body and she shows girls that you can be a super successful model without being wafer thin. We think she is not only a great model but one of the most influential blondes in the business.

4 Blake Lively


Blake Lively is a smoke show, there are no two ways around it.

She first got the attention of the world when she appeared in the movie Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants. From there, she got cast as Serena on the hit television series Gossip Girl, which brought her from stardom to superstardom overnight.

Since her days on Gossip Girl, she has appeared in countless films, has become a wife and mother and yet continues to look better than ever.

Blake Lively always looks good, whether she is one the red carpet, or stepping out to grab a coffee, she always knows exactly what to wear. Lively is super confident and she always says that “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence”, something that we at TheRichest totally agree with.

3 Brooklyn Decker


Brooklyn Decker is a model and actress whose charming good looks and adorable personality had everyone in the world falling in love with her. Decker, who appeared in movies Just Go With It and television shows like Frankie and Grace, is one of those actresses that everyone adores.

First off, her body is beyond banging, her long legs, and flawless, glowing skin is enough to make any woman enviable but also, she is super talented, and without a doubt one of the sexiest blondes in show business.

Decker is super shy and almost is disbelief when she sees herself on the big screen “I have a really difficult time watching myself on film. I literally cower in my seat and cover my face” said the actress, and we at TheRichest find that adorable!

2 Scarlett Johansson


When it comes to blonde bombshells, there is no questioning that Scarlette Johansson would have a high spot on this list.

She has appeared in so many big movies that she has earned her title as a superstar in this crazy industry. She has dated some of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors and worked with countless others, which is what happens when you reach her level of fame.

Johansson is curvy, confident, sexy, talented and oh so beautiful. She is one of those women that everyone will agree is one of the sexiest women on the planet. She is super real and down to earth and knows exactly when to turn her classy on and exactly when to let loose “I still eat a burger at a counter with ketchup dripping down my face”, which is something that we find sexy.

1 Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie may only be 26-years old, but she has earned this spot as being Hollywood's hottest blonde bombshell.

Robbie made the big splash in the industry when she landed a role in The Wolf of Wall Street. From that moment on, she became Hollywood royalty!

Robbie is stunning, classy and elegant, she is also undeniably sexy and she is wise beyond her years.

Robbie has stated “I think, at the end of the day, age is just a number. It's like, in real life, I've got friends who are dating someone their age or dating someone who's twice their age, and they're equally in love”, something that shows how mature she really is.


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