Olivia Culpo’s Getaways: 18 Photos That Prove She's Living The High Life

Olivia Culpo has become known as one of the best-dressed women in Hollywood, but when she's not posing in front of the camera in one of her latest and trendiest outfits, you can catch the brunette beauty on one of her many adventures all across the globe.

Culpo is pretty much the queen of celebrity airport style and you can tell that the former Miss Universe travels quite a ton on her Instagram. Culpo knows how to treat herself and you can either catch her relaxing on a white sandy beach in Turks and Caicos with her NFL beau, Danny Amendola, or spending time with her family back in her hometown in Rhode Island.

The actress is definitely living the glamorous life, and we have eighteen photos that prove it. From wearing skimpy and sexy bikinis while lounging in the sun with her friends, to traveling to Paris and Milan for fashion week and wearing the most luxurious clothing, the star knows how to live the sweet life. Culpo has a few favorite destination getaways, and these are just a few of the many amazing places she's lucky enough to get to travel to.

18 Ditching The Cold For The Miami Sun


Olivia Culpo loves to have a getaway with her best gal pals, and of course, every one of her girlfriends is just as smoking hot as she is. Back in October, Culpo ditched the sweater weather back in Rhode Island and traveled to Miami, Florida for a fun girls trip.

Culpo's girl crew consisted of Dev Windsor, Shanina Shaik, Hannah Ferguson, and Caroline Lowe,

who are all beautiful and all rocking killer bikini bodies. Coconut drinks in hand and palm trees in the background, the ladies looked happier than ever lounging around in the Miami heat. Can we also mention how adorable Culpo's floral print bikini is?

17 Turks And Caicos With Revolve

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Olivia Culpo had the chance to go on the 14th Revolve around the world trip to Turks and Caicos with a bunch of models including Hailey Clauson, Charlotte McKinney, and influencers like Tash Oakley and Mary Seng (just to name a few). The actress spent five nights in Turks and Caicos and looked to have the time of her life with her

12 other gal pals as they soaked up the sun, jet skied, and enjoyed a beautiful beach brunch.

Not everyone gets to live it up like Culpo and it looked like she had a blast on the beautiful island. For fashion bloggers and influencers like Culpo, vacations like this one are part of her job. Feeling envious? We definitely are.

16 Miss Universe Goes To The Bahamas

Photo Via: youtube.com

When she was just known as the winner of Miss Universe in 2012, the star had the chance to go to the beautiful island of the Bahamas where she met contestant of Miss Bahamas Universe 2013 and was a judge to crown the next winner who would succeed Miss Bahamas Universe 2012.

Besides judging all of the ladies, Culpo had the chance to experience the island and even lounge around in her bikini and take numerous photoshoots.

The star even had the chance to Jet Ski for the first time and did a pretty good job at it too. After winning Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo certainly received the royal treatment by getting the chance to travel around the world.

15 Visits Big Sur, One Of The Most Gorgeous Places On Earth

Photo Via: thezoereport.com

It girl Olivia Culpo wanted to get away from all the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and took a relaxing trip to Big Sur, California. The area is known for its breathtaking views and abundance of nature. Just six hours away from Los Angeles, Culpo decided to stay at the Post Ranch Inn, a four-star hotel perched on the coastline with amazing nature views.

Each room at the inn has either a mountain view or ocean view with a private deck.

We take it from this photo that Culpo decided on the vast ocean view (we don't blame her). The area is a great destination if you're looking for a solo escape or romantic getaway. Culpo looks beautiful in this photo, dressed in all white and posing at the edge of her private pool.

14 Woke Up In Bermuda

Photo Via: popsugar.com.au

When it gets cold out, we tend to dream about the tropical places we wish we could be in. For someone like Olivia Culpo, she already makes sure to have her round-trip ticket booked to the next possible warm getaway. Culpo stunned everyone when she wore this white off-the-shoulder bikini in Bermuda. The former Miss Universe struck a pose, like she normally does,

in this white Are You Am I bikini, which totals for $268.

She paired her bikini with a white Dannijo choker and oversize shades, looking very glamorous. After posting this photo to her Instagram, we're sure everyone wanted to get his or her hands on this exact number.

13 Home Sweet Home In Rhode Island

Photo Via: twitter.com

When Olivia isn't traveling all around the world, you'll probably catch her back home in Rhode Island.

The brand ambassador and her family recently opened up a restaurant called Back 40, serving comfort food with a twist. "It's hometown, country-style, all American cuisine,"

she stated and then added, "It's going to be big and welcoming." The restaurant, named after the untamed acreage behind a farm, is located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Culpo and her family are big foodies. Her father, Peter Culpo, has been involved in the restaurant business for quite some time, having several stakes in several restaurants in the Boston area. If you ever decide to check out B40, you might be lucky enough to spot Culpo chowing down on one of her favorite dishes.

12 Malibu, California

Photo Via: pinterest.com

You don't have to travel far to have the perfect destination getaway. In June of 2017, Olivia made a trip to Malibu, California where she took photos on the beach in a black crisscross bikini and shorts. On her Instagram, the beauty called it a "Malibu road trip kind of day," because who doesn't have time for a spontaneous trip to the beach to lounge around and take photos?

The actress paired her black bikini top with a low-cut black shirt and black gladiator sandals.

Usually donning big sunnies and a Starbucks drink in hand, it's nice to really see Culpo's eyes in this shot.

11 Makes A Return To The Bahamas With Her Beau

Photo Via: tmz.com

After having such a fantastic time in the Bahamas as Miss Universe, the starlet decided to take her beau, New England wide receiver Danny Amendola, to the vacation hot spot. The two couldn't look more smitten with one another as they posed for photos, with Culpo wrapping herself all up on the NFL player. Culpo also invited two of her model friends on the trip,

model Devon Windsor and Cara Santana, who all seemed to have a blast even if Culpo brought her man along.

In an Instagram video, Amendola appeared to be getting into Super Bowl shape as he tugged a parrot float in the water with the three women on it.

10 Yachting In New York City For Her Birthday

Photo Via: nydailynews.com

On May 8, 2013, Olivia decided to celebrate her 21st birthday aboard the World Yacht Duchess in New York City. Not many people can say they celebrated turning 21 aboard a ship. She and Miss USA 2012 Nana Merriwether took a tour around the Big Apple while also sponsoring Russian Standard Vodka. The actress even got to cut her own cake,

topped with a crown that resembled the one she won as she was named Miss Universe in 2012.

The night ended with Culpo dancing the night away with friends and family and even watching fireworks all while on the yacht.

9 Shows Off Her Style During Paris Fashion Week

Photo Via: oliviaculpo.com

As a fashion it girl, Culpo made her second appearance at Paris Fashion Week in 2017. Not only does the star enjoy a getaway to the most beautiful beaches in the world, but she also gets to fly to places like Paris to show off her style and be among some of the most influential people in the world when it comes to fashion. "I love the street style," Culpo said, adding,

"Everybody looks really sophisticated and the style is much more unique to each individual. You see a lot of creativity."

We're sure she'll be making a third appearance to Paris Fashion Week in September and taking in all the sights of the wonderful city.

8 Singapore

Photo Via: hdpiclook.com

Olivia started off the New Year by jet-setting to Singapore and Instagramming every minute of it. The American beauty queen flaunted her abs while sightseeing in Chinatown and Marina Bay Sands. Culpo was in the country for the launch of Skin Inc's range of face masks at their Sephora location.

The model shared a photo on her Instagram of her walking around in a white crop top that showed her killer abs and low-cut jeans.

She also posed while on the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands while holding a glass of the iconic Singapore Sling cocktail. Culpo looked stunning and certainly started off the New Year with a bang.

7 Los Angeles

Photo Via: pinterest.com

When Culp0 isn't traveling across the globe, you can find her in Los Angeles, where she currently resides. She even has a few favorite spots in L.A., including restaurants like Catch, Pace, Gracias Madre, and her favorite place for a quick bite to eat, Sugarfish. In an interview with People,

the brunette beauty mentioned she loves going hiking with her brother and simply lounging out by her pool with family.

She spends her evenings with a "glass of champagne watching the sunset." However, she also mentioned that she does enjoy a good vacation that consists of fresh fruit, sun, beautiful oceans, and of course, good company. Is Olivia Culpo living the good life or what?

6 Rooting For The Pats In New England

Photo Via: nydailynews.com

Olivia Culpo is her man's number one fan. With the Super Bowl slowly approaching, you can bet that the beauty will be in New England at Gillete Stadium, rooting for the Patriots and rooting for her man, wide receiver Danny Amendola. Last year, the star was photographed giving her man a big smooch for winning the game, and we're sure she'll have a photographer on hand to capture the moment yet again if they win. She's been a big supporter of the Patriots and going to New England is one of her top destination getaways, especially during football season. She even rocks Pat's gear too!

5 Having Fun In The Sun In Newport, Rhode Island

Photo Via: Instagram.com

During holidays like the Fourth of July, you can find Olivia out in Newport, Rhode Island jumping off a boat into the water, lounging on floaties, and popping champagne to celebrate America's birthday. The actress and a bunch of her good pals celebrated the fourth of July last year in the warm sun and shared the memories on her Instagram. While we're all having barbecues and beers in our backyards, Culpo's on a yacht and having a blast with her girlfriends. We can't wait to see what she'll be doing this coming fourth.

4 Coachella Vibes

Photo Via: celemafia.com

Olivia and Danny were spotted at every celebrity’s favorite music festival, Coachella. The two were super cute and held hands while they walked throughout the festival last year.

The star opted to go all-black with simple black t-shirt, black shorts, and over-the-knee boots, while her beau wore a white button-up t-shirt and black pants.

They were definitely one of the hottest couples at the music event. The Cali music festival isn't exactly a luxurious destination getaway, but you still have to splurge quite a bit to go to this place. After all, so many celebrities are known to show up!

3 Quick Trips To London

Photo Via: starstyle.ph

Where hasn't Olivia Culpo been? The Rhode Island native has basically traveled the world and making a quick stop to London is just part of her job. She met up with some of her gal pals for another Revolve event, posting a photo of her and three other influencers,

like fashion blogger Marianna Hewitt, having tea.

The ladies stayed at a stunning countryside hotel called the Cliveden house in Berkshire near London. On Culpo's Instagram, she poses outside the beautiful home and looks downright gorgeous, just like she always does.

2 Relaxing In Santa Barbara, California

Photo Via: pinterst.com

Olivia Culpo was featured in LA Travel Magazine's winter issue and got the chance to get all glam in the beautiful Santa Barbara, California. Culpo was lucky enough to pose for the camera in breathtaking dresses and take in the surrounding beauty of the exquisite home the magazine was featuring. The star looked drop-dead gorgeous (as she always does) in the issue and looked like she had a lot of fun doing so.

Who else wouldn't want to travel across the country to be photographed in some of the most stunning places in the U.S.?

Culpo is clearly a pro at this by now, and we're extremely jealous at the many places her job takes her.

1 Sizzles In Mexico

Photo Via: gotceleb.com

What other word can best describe Culpo walking on the beach in Mexico but sizzling? The star looked amazing in this plunging swimsuit in Mexico. She was photographed swimming in the water and soaking up the sun with a friend. We're also wondering how on earth her makeup stayed on so perfectly while she was in the water.

It's no secret that Olivia has one of the best bods in Hollywood and she isn't afraid to show it all off.

We're patiently waiting for the star's next big destination getaway. Where do you think she'll go to next?

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