15 Tricks To Date Two Girls At Once (And Not Get Caught)

It has almost become common practice for some guys to have a steady girlfriend while still keeping a bunch of side-chicks in reserve. You don’t have to be Dr. Phil to conclude that some of those men do it out of greediness or poor self-esteem, but that’s not always the case. The thought of being a one-woman man seems absurd to those guys. Besides, being in a long-term relationship can get really boring at one point, so dating two women might seem like a viable option for adding a spark to one’s life.

And let’s make something clear - playing a two-hole course without raising suspicion is great fun, but it takes a lot of planning and keeping an erratic schedule. In fact, it’s a very complicated ballgame, and if you want to play it smart, you need to take many things into consideration. Juggling two girls at once is a confidence booster, but also hard work. If you are thinking of engaging yourself in the game, or if you are already “in the field”, you may find these guidelines extremely useful.

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15 Identify The Type And Choose The Right Combination

This is probably the most essential rule. Women fall into two basic categories. There is the Alpha Woman on the one hand - she is career oriented, very independent, and would rarely put her romantic relationships first. The Subordinate Woman, on the other hand, is family oriented and invests a lot of time and emotions in the relationship with her partner. You are already guessing where we are going with this. First of all, you should NEVER date two Subs at once, the reason being that they both will equally crave for your attention. At some point, it will become exhausting and virtually impossible to juggle two clingy and demanding girls. The winning combination is to have two Alphas on your team, but dating one Sub and one Alpha will also do the trick.

14 Stay Away From The Neighbor Girl

“Hi, my name is Katie and I’ve just moved into 24B. I’m baking a cake, but have run out of sugar. Can I borrow some?” No, no, no, you cannot, sweet Katie! It’s always a bad idea to start dating the girl next door, and we’ll tell you why. When things between the two of you get serious, she will get more attentive. The fact that she lives in the same building enables her to keep an eye on you. She will take full advantage of the opportunity to closely monitor your daily activities - from having your coffee on the balcony in the morning to getting off a cab late in the evening. Sneaking around will become impossible for you. Having the neighbor girl as a steady girlfriend could mean kissing your freedom goodbye.

13 Get A Second Cell Phone

… and keep it secret. Many girls have the obnoxious habit of checking their boyfriends’ cell phones to make sure they don’t get any suspicious texts from other females. And you definitely don’t want GF1 to see the face-blowing-a-kiss emoji that GF2 sends you every time she thinks about you. Speaking of telecommunications, another thing you should keep in mind is to never give your home phone number to GF2. Thus, she won’t be calling and leaving messages on your answering machine for GF1 to listen to. The secret second cell phone should be your only connection to GF2. That will keep the peace and quiet at home.

12 Make Sure The Two Women Have No Direct Link

Sometimes you have to become Horatio Caine, Dexter Morgan, and Richard Castle in one if you want to keep your parallel relationships running smoothly. In the very beginning of your double game, you need to run an underground check on both ladies to make sure there is no direct link between them. No mutual acquaintances from work or yoga classes, no common academic background, no nothing. It’s important that they don’t share same interests and tastes either, and that they live as far away as possible from each other. And be careful not to accidentally create a link between the two yourself by taking them to the same bar, because eventually, it can become their favorite. The step from here to the day when they will be having a drink at the same table is a tiny one…

11 Never See Them On The Same Day

Yes, we know you can handle two girls. Even three and four won’t be a problem for you! Only, we are not talking about the physical side of the situation. Since your number one priority is keeping both your women in total oblivion about the existence of the other, you need to be extremely cautious about any visible trails of cheating. You won’t believe how much evidence a woman can leave on a cheating man! Lipstick smudge, for starters. It’s a cliche, but it’s also classics. And then, there is the hickey (or many of them!) and the perfume smell. Women are not stupid; they can be as good as detection dogs when it comes to catching their men in a lie. But if you absolutely necessarily have to meet them both on the same day, at least be reasonable and make sure you’ve washed off all the evidence from the first date before showing up at the second one. Take a quick shower and change your clothes - this should keep you on the safe side…at least for a while.

10 Develop A Secret Code With Your Buddies

Of course, all your buddies don’t have to know that you are juggling two chicks at once. Practice shows that not all of your friends can be trustworthy, and the “rats” can easily blow your cover. That’s why it’s essential that you develop a secret code only you and your closest friends can understand. The purpose here is to prevent accidental screw-ups when either of the girlfriends is around. You don’t want your buddy Steve to burst out, “So, this is Jodie! And what happened to Amanda, by the way?” Nothing has happened to Amanda, of course; only he wasn’t supposed to bring her name up in front of GF2. Such an embarrassing accident can be avoided if you introduce Steve to your secret code in advance. Thus, he would know that mentioning a certain color or a cartoon character means that you are in the middle of a complicated girlfriend situation.

9 Do Not Take Them To The Same Hangouts

We know a guy who once brought his side-chick to his steady girlfriend’s favorite restaurant. Guess what happened? Exactly, she was there having a Sex-and-the-City kind of brunch with her three besties. Do we have to explain what happened next? The moral of the story is that you have to avoid the places where you usually hang out with one of your flames, because… well, you already know why. We understand that developing two completely different logistics strategies which never overlap takes a lot of hard work, time, and excellent organization, but we can assure you it is all worth it.

8 Set Your Priorities

If you are dating a girl of the subordinate type and one of the alpha type, then it won’t take much effort to wisely place your priority. First of all, these women have different needs. The subordinate GF craves all your free time and attention. That’s why she automatically becomes your woman of first concern. Since she puts her heart into your relationship, she needs to get the same in return. And you give her that! While with the Alpha girl, things are much different. She doesn’t need you twenty-four-seven. She has a lot more on her mind besides you. Her sense of independence and dramaless attitude towards your relationship pretty much absolves you from the responsibility to serve all her needs. As a whole, the Alpha girlfriends are easy to replace, so you shouldn’t care how they handle it if you are not around much.

7 Make Them Slow It Down

No matter how skillful you are in playing this double game, at some point you will get extremely tired. And it’s not a matter of planning and logistics as much as it is of mental exertion. Juggling two girlfriends while doing your best not to get trapped can wear even the toughest man out. When the pressure from both sides becomes unbearable, you can apply the slow-the-pace tactics so that you can avoid confrontation and losing a woman. You can tell both girls that they are pushing your relationship further too fast. The intention here is to make them reconsider their own actions. And they will, believe us, because girls are not stupid, and they know what the implications of such a request are. Of course, not every girl would buy these tactics, but it’s worth trying. After all, the best outcome you can expect is that your girlfriends soft-pedal your relationships.

6 Don’t Give Any Of Them Spare Keys To Your Place

GF1 would always insist on having her own set of keys to your apartment. But do not dare fall into the trap she’s digging. Of course, you’ll be happy to be coming home to a romantic dinner served by your girl dressed in sexy lingerie only, but you need to assess the situation from another angle. You are dating two women, right? And one of them has just sort of moved in with you. She certainly won’t miss the chance to go through your closet, drawers, and your computer while you are not at home. It’s in woman’s nature. And persistent as she is, she will eventually find what she is looking for - a compromising piece of evidence that will expose you as a cheater. But still, there is a slight chance you can evade the death sentence when Number One asks for the spare keys. You can simply tell her she will have them if she’s ready to pay half the rent. And besides, “Aren’t we moving too fast, baby?” Yeah, girl, hold on your horses!

5 Always Prepare An Alibi

For each of your two girls, you must plan a default alibi. We would recommend this to involve a person - someone you completely trust, and who will cover up your tracks no matter what. Sometimes your ladies won’t be able to believe any of the words you’re saying, so they’ll need to double check your story. And here is where your sidekick, or alibi, steps in. Another trick that you can find handy is telling your GFs you have two buddies named Frank. So, when one of them asks where you’ve been, you say “At Frank’s”, and she says, “But I saw him with his mom and you were NOT with them.” And then you fire back, “Oh, not the single Frank who lives with his mom, the OTHER Frank, the one with the missing toe!”

4 Always Stay On The Safe Side By Being Safe

Besides at the very crime scene (i.e. in bed with another woman), you are most likely to be caught cheating if you give one of your GFs an STI. This is going to be your death sentence for sure because she is not the one sleeping around. Dating two girls at once is living a lie. But having more than one intimate partners is playing with fire. That’s why, keeping a full stock of rubber is an essential prerequisite for every guy who is entertaining two ladies. So, in order to avoid disturbing itches down there, and also the various complications that these itches might bring into your relationship(s), you need to go for regular check-ups. Make sure the stakes are not too high, because you may lose not one, but two great girls in the process.

3 Consider Social Media A Threat

It was sooooo much easier to be unfaithful until the early 2000’s! But then social media came into play and ruined it all for the cheaters. Nowadays, nobody could stay incognito for long. Everybody knows everything about you - your current whereabouts, at which diner you ate a burger at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, and in which clinic you had your tonsils removed. It’s absolutely impossible to have an active Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever account (or PROFILE?) and not to get caught when dating two girls simultaneously. Sooner or later (but probably sooner) you’ll be tagged in one of your GFs’ selfies and that’s going to be the end of it. What’s the solution? Challenging, but highly satisfactory this solution will be. You simply delete all your social media accounts.

2 Carefully Choose Your Words

Don’t let either of your GFs lure you into too intimate conversations. Answer their questions as if you were talking to cops. Do not get into details. Offer only the information requested, otherwise you risk diving into dangerous waters. GF1 doesn’t need to know that you are going to Boston for exactly 96 hours. Instead, tell her you’ll be gone “for a few days.” Withholding information will provide you with vital playing room when needed. Always be alert and carefully weigh your words before uttering them. You don’t want to make the colossal mistake of using GF1’s name when addressing GF2. Loose lips sink ships, remember? So keep yours zipped up.

1 Take Up A Sport

…Or at least tell your girlfriends you regularly meet with the guys from work to play basketball. Thus, you will be able to explain all the bedroom injuries and/or absences. When asked how you got that nasty scratch on the back or the purple bruise on your chest, you can say that you were playing shirts versus skins, and you were on the skins team. To add more credibility to your story, it’s a wise idea to keep a gym bag with towels, water bottles and kneepads at a visible spot in your apartment, so that your GFs won’t doubt your extracurricular sports activity. Now you understand why swimming and chess are out of the question when making a solid alibi for yourself.

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