Money Can't Buy Happiness: 15 Things To Spend On To Prove This Wrong

There are some things that money can’t buy. One of those things just happens to be happiness. Well, at least that’s what people have been telling one another for ages now. It is a great way to console yourself when you cannot buy what you have always wished for. It is a wonderful trick to fool those who don’t really know how to spend their money, even though they might have a lot.

Let’s debunk this myth right now. There is nothing factual about the statement “Money can’t buy happiness.” Of course, you can’t really “buy” happiness, because happiness is an abstract concept. You can’t technically buy abstract concepts like happiness, love, compassion, and so on. However, it is naïve to make such a simple interpretation of the idea. Instead of “buying” happiness, you can buy things that can make you really happy. We must admit the fact that we are materialistic people and there are lots of “things” that are hugely capable of making us extremely happy. Yes, money can “buy” happiness. That is if you know how to spend your hard-earned money.

There is one general rule to this. When you can buy something that you have long wished for, it makes you happy. However, there is a slight difference. What makes the difference is how long that thing can make you happy. For example, if you have been craving a cheese burger in the last couple of hours, you’ll be happy when you buy it and let it melt in your mouth. But, that can make you happy only for a few minutes, can’t it? In this list, we are discussing things that can make you happy for a longer time.

8 Pension Scheme

There is a very small number of people who can afford to spend a worry-free old age, thanks to the complicated income strategies we go through in our life. It is important to plan for the days when we stop working and prefer spending a more relaxed life. Financial security is critical for happiness, and there is no need to do scientific research to determine this. If you have to worry about your monthly income and how you are going to buy the next fishing line, you can hardly have a relaxed life. When you have worked all your life, you need a life when you don’t have to keep working for the next dollar. That is why you should go for a massive pension scheme. No matter how much you have to spend while you are young and active, you should buy a big pension scheme to secure your old age. Plan for a happy retired life in advance.


A frog in a well might feel satisfied to believe that the blue circle above it is the entire sky. But, it has to get out of the well to know that the actual sky is much bigger than that and holds way many more possibilities. You must travel if you want to find true happiness. No matter how romantic it may sound, you are not the one who can travel without comfort, are you? You can never be the wanderer you read in novels and watch in movies. You need comfortable flights, cozy hotels, and fine food to accompany you wherever you go. So, you have to buy a “decent” world-tour package, if not a luxurious one. It will take a lot of savings to buy that package, but the experience you’re going to have is priceless. When you know different cultures, meet different people, and learn the unknown, it can only make you intensely happy. Moreover, you’ll learn different definitions of happiness.

7 Health Insurance

Let’s get practical about this now. We may be able to afford most of the things in daily life, but we struggle when it comes to healthcare. Medical expenses can be tough. However, you have to spend for medical reasons sooner or later in your life. Whether it’s you, your wife, your kids, or your parents, people are sure to get sick. Everything from a small cut on the forehead to bugger diseases comes with a price. We spend the most of our lives while worrying about the possible disease we may have to suffer. We worry more because we know the treatment will be expensive. It is time to secure that part. Get the best health insurance available to make sure you won’t have to worry when emergencies occur. Buying a sound health insurance scheme will make you less tense and happier in the due course. Try it.

Food For The Hungry

Now that you have secured your future and have taken care of medical emergencies in advance, it is time to look around and make a difference to the world no matter how small that may be. While you may keep spending on yourself and on your family, there is no greater joy in spending on those who cannot afford it otherwise. It can be a random act of kindness. While you are walking on the road, you may find a homeless person. You’ll surely realize at the first glance that the person has been hungry for a while. Go buy food for them. If possible, eat with them to show them that they are not alone, no matter how self-centered the world is. If you want to go further and help a wider number of people, search online. You’ll find many non-profit organizations that work for ways to make sure people do not go to sleep with an empty stomach. You can easily contribute online and become a part of the great endeavor. Most importantly, it’ll make you happy.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you have still not heard of this little wonder, it is time that you know about it. Unlike regular headphones, noise-canceling headphones reduce unwanted ambient sounds. Its active noise control technology takes you away from your usual life to a world of your choice. Isn’t this something you have always wanted to do as a stress buster? After a hard day of work, you want to shut the door on the outside world and listen to music of your choice. However, the traditional way of doing so can be disturbing for others. You can raise the volume of your music system to a high level so that no other noise reaches your ear. This can not only cause trouble for you in the neighborhood, but also damage your hearing significantly. With noise-canceling headphones, you don’t have to raise the volume excessively. Such headphones are so soothing that you can use it to fall asleep while you are in a noisy vehicle like an airplane. Away from the outside world, noise-canceling headphones make you happy.

Roomba To Clean Your House

While talking about bringing more happiness to your life, you must first identify the things that make you unhappy and try to eliminate the cause. There is no need to do research on this subject. We all know what makes us unhappy, and it's a dirty house. And, what makes us even more unhappy is the fact that we have to clean the house every day to keep it clean. Housecleaning can be a stress buster occasionally, but nobody has the time, energy, or enthusiasm to clean the house every single day. Here comes a product that helps you solve the problem like magic. Roomba robot vacuum cleaners use a high-efficiency cleaning pattern and a full suite of sensors to map and adapt to real world clutter and furniture for thorough coverage. It runs continuously for up to two hours and then automatically recharges to resume cleaning to complete the entire job. What is even cooler about this product is that you don’t have to stay at home to supervise it. With its app, you can view cleaning coverage and the areas of concentrated dirt on which the robot focused. Also, you receive Push Notifications when your robot completes a cleaning job. You can also schedule cleaning with this app. What a convenient way to clean up!

A Musical Instrument You Always Wanted To Play

Go back to your younger self and dig your hidden ambitions. You wanted to be a rock star and play the guitar hard, didn’t you? Or, were you the more sensitive type who wanted to master Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 on the piano and play it to the world? Wait, did you always wish for the drums but never really managed to buy it? Here is one simple fact about musical instruments: those don’t come cheap. In fact, good quality musical instruments can be really expensive. A career in music might need a lot of money. No, we’re not talking about having a career in music here. Our goal is a lot simpler than that. The plan is to buy that dream instrument that you have always wanted to play. But, you could not afford it earlier. Now, it is time to buy that beast and learn how to tame it. You may not become the next Krystian Zimerman, but you’ll be happier than before.

Things That Save Time

There is hardly anything that is more expensive than money. But, among those few things, time surely tops the list. You can never afford to “own” time. It is something that is gone when it’s gone. You can never buy it back. That is why it is intelligent to think of ways of saving time, whenever possible. In this modern age, it is possible to save time, but it takes money to do so. For example, you could travel from Toronto to Vancouver by train. Of course, you can enjoy the exquisite view on the way. But, the journey of 2,775 miles takes three days and costs you around $280. However, if you take the journey by flight, it will cost you around $500, but you’ll reach the destination in five hours. This is just an example of how money can save time, which you can invest in something productive.

6 A World-Class Home Theater

There is hardly any modern means of entertainment more effective than movies when we’re feeling down. Movies make us sad. Movies make us cry and laugh. Movies give us thrills. But, through all those emotions, movies make us happy. Of course, we are talking about the right kind of movies here. The right kind of movies means the kind of movies you like. Some of us love rom-coms, some prefer action movies, and some love comedies. Choose your kind of bliss, but make sure you have the proper tools to make your movie experience an unforgettable one. There are reasons why movies are meant for theaters. However, if you want to enjoy it in the comforts of your home, get a world-class home theater. If possible, have a separate room for this. Get that giant screen and surround system. Let the Dark Knight save the world, while you get comfortable in your couch. You’ll find happiness for sure.

5 Sponsor A Child

The next best thing you can spend on is about children. You can sponsor a child. It is the next best thing to adopting an orphan. When you sponsor a child, your money is spent on the child’s food, clothes, education, healthcare, and other basic needs. No matter what you may think, sponsoring a child can be extremely cheap. Spending more money does not guarantee more happiness. It is the way you spend that makes a difference. There are millions of children, especially in developing countries, who cannot afford basic necessities. When you sponsor a child, you give them a chance to raise the standard of living for their families and communities. And, these are not anonymous people. You can visit websites that help you sponsor children and you’ll see their faces and names. You’ll know their birthdays. With the money you spend for coffee in a month, you can secure a child’s future. There is no greater happiness than making the world a better place, is there?

4 House For Your Mom

Now, it’s time to focus on the other most important woman in your life—your mom. No, you can never buy anything to compensate what she has done for you. So don’t even try. You’re not doing it because you want to “pay her back.” You’ll do it because you want to see her happy. And, there is a selfish reason for it. If she feels happy, it eventually makes you happy. She may have changed a lot of houses in her life, because there are tough days. Or, she might have spent her entire life in an old house to accommodate your education and upbringing. Let’s think big for her at least once in life. Buy a house for her and let it be a surprise. By this time, you must be aware what kind of house she always wanted to live in. Get that one for her. It doesn’t have to be a palace. But, it must be perfect for her.

3 Spend On Your Child’s Education

Let’s head back home and now think of those who are dearest to you. When you think of their happiness, it makes you happy as well. Let’s start with the kids. They are the future you’re looking for, right? Your child could touch the sky and hug the stars, but they need resources to do so. Education is one of the most expensive things these days. No matter how much possibility your child has, they need proper guidance and opportunities to get ahead with that. You should make sure that you can provide the best education your child deserves, so that they can become their best possible self. Get the best education plan and start saving now. There are numerous examples of how people compromised on their education and settled for something less. They could never become what they could be. Let your child not be that someone. When your child achieves high success in life simply because you planned ahead, you’ll be proud and happy.

2 Diamond For Your Wife

It’s time to think of the person who has always stood by you through thick and thin. She was there with you when you could not afford much for your family. She has seen you succeed, and she’s the one who has always motivated you to work harder and think higher. You may not be able to buy anything significant for her all your life. She might have compromised all her life so that the family gets through difficult times. But, don’t forget that she is still a woman with hidden desires. She might have talked about it on one or two occasions. She might have given you hints that you may have overlooked. Remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Let the young girl in your wife be totally happy at least once in her life. Buy a diamond, a large one, for your wife and see the glitter in her eyes.

1 Car For Your Dad

Let’s now talk about the most underrated person in the family—your dad. Your father has worked hard all his life just like your mom. However, there are so many poems about mothers. There is eulogy for motherhood and a mother’s sacrifices. There is hardly anything for a father. You may have fought with him throughout your youth and made peace with him as you grew older. You have gradually realized that you’re just a modern version of your father. You may know a bit more about technology and online shopping. But, deep inside, you’re exactly like your father. Make no mistake. Your dad has made numerous sacrifices in life so that you get what you deserve—a good life. He has always dreamed of that car, but he never really managed to buy it because he spent the savings for your education. It’s time to buy the wheels for him and see how money can buy happiness.

Dog For Yourself

People who say money can’t buy happiness have never paid an adoption fee for a dog. They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and there are reasons for it. A dog does not care if you are rich or poor. A dog does not care if you are intelligent or mediocre. It has only one goal in life—to make you happy. A dog is the only creature in the world that thinks of your happiness first before its own. Throughout this list, we have talked about many things that you can buy that can make you happy. However, you can never “buy” a dog. You can never own a dog. It’s the dog that owns you. You’ll realize that when you pay the adoption fee and bring home a dog. And, your life will never be the same again. No matter how much the world tries to make you miserable, when you get home, you’ll find someone who will try their best to make you happy.

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