Mila Kunis' Family Shirt: 15 Photos That Prove The Kutchers Are #RelationshipGoals

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have always kept their relationship private. They aren’t the type of people who gush about their relationship or tell everyone every little detail about their relationship. But sometimes, they do things that just pull at our heart strings and make us realize that they really are crazy about each other.

Kunis was out this past week in Los Angeles and she was wearing a sweater that showed off her family in cartoon fashion. She may not shout her feelings from the rooftop, but she has no problem representing her family on her clothing. The gorgeous actress was seen in a pair of foxy faded jeans, a black blazer, Oxford sneakers, and a white graphic sweater that depicted her family in a black-and-white drawing. The picture shows her and Ashton as well as their two children Dimitri and Wyatt. At the bottom of the drawing, it says, “Los Kutchers”— talk about super cute.

We have to admit that these two have been #relationshipgoals for a while. They worked together on That 70’s Show where their characters dated each other, they were with other people over the years, and then finally found their way back to each other. It’s like a movie really, just one of those love stories that you can’t believe happened. They finally got together and they seem like they are in it for the long haul. They have been popping out babies and showing us what true relationship goals really are.

14 Their Son Represents Their Love

There’s basically nothing cuter than this shirt. These two first met on That 70’s Show and they may have been really into each other at that point. Of course, Ashton Kutcher was with Demi Moore at the time, so it’s not like they were available to date. Kunis was also dating Macaulay Culkin at the time, so again, it just wasn’t the right time for them. Now their son Dimitri was seen in a shirt that had his parents on it while they were on the show. It’s super cute and it makes our hearts melt that they are representing themselves from way back. These are true #relationshipgoals because they show how much these two love their history just as much as their future together.

13 These Two Eat Like Beasts Together

If you are able to eat like a fiend in front of your guy, then you know you are truly in love. Just picture the last time you were on a first date. As a woman you eat delicately, you probably ordered a salad instead of the sticky ribs that you really wanted. The last thing you wanted on that date was to have rib sauce all over your face. These two not only dress the same in these pictures, but they are devouring these burgers like it’s going to be their last meal. You know it’s true love for sure when the two of you look like this when you eat. These types of pictures are hilarious to look at, but it also says a lot about their relationship. Wouldn’t you agree?

12 They Root For The Same Team

Look at these two, you can tell that they are totally in sync. They are rooting for the same team and they are shouting that they think their team is number 1! We love these two because although they are private, they are all about #relationshipgoals. You might be surprised to learn that these two have already secured social media accounts for their child, put on hold until they are old enough.

"We immediately went home and reserved all the domain names [after the birth]," he quipped. "We've got the Twitter handle, the Instagram, everything you could possibly get.

I don't want a porn site with my daughter's name! We write her emails. One day, she'll be able to look at it and see the kinds of things people had to say."

You may not know it, but Kunis wasn’t even legally supposed to work on That 70’s Show — they lied about her age so that she could be on the show.

Considering she was so much younger than her costars, there were things that she hadn’t experienced before, like her first kiss.

You may have thought that Kelso and Jackie were meant to be together back then, but it also puts it in perspective when you really think about it. Her first kiss with Kelso was also her first kiss in real life. What’s even more awesome is that she can tell her children that even though they got together later in life, her first kiss had been with her future husband. Can we get bigger relationship goals than these two? These two might seriously be hard to top.

11 Mila Kunis Bought Their Wedding Bands On Etsy

These two aren't exactly snobby and flashy like other Hollywood couples. In fact, Kunis has admitted to being a bit of a cheapskate. They are not showy and they don’t buy things to impress people. Ashton bought her a really gorgeous solitaire diamond engagement ring, but she says that she hardly ever wears it because it’s so flashy.

She found both of their wedding bands online in an Etsy shop and between the two rings, she only spent $190 on them.

Now that sounds pretty crazy for a couple of rich celebrities, but that’s just the way that they are. They aren’t interested in proving how much money they have with expensive things. She found something beautiful that they both really liked and so she bought them. Most celebrities would be looking for the rings with the most karats, but not these two.

10 Always On The Same Team

It doesn’t matter what they are doing; these two are always completely in sync. It looks like they are high-fiving over something, though it doesn’t really matter what it is, they are always on the same team and rooting for each other. That’s the best part of a good relationship — when you know that your partner is your biggest fan and that you can have the most fun just being together. Who would have thought that these two would have ended up together after so many years? But at the end of the day, they knew that they were meant for each other. Not only are they happily married with a couple of kids, but they are constantly doing adorable things together and that’s what makes them #relationshipgoals. These are the kinds of relationships that make us strive for something amazing in our own lives.

9 They Are Running The Wild West Together

We would like to guess where these two are, but we’re just going to leave that to the experts. Maybe they are at a country music concert; we’re not really sure. But it looks like the two of them are having fun together. What we do know is that couples that play together, stay together. You can see how much they adore each other just by their body language. This cowboy is clearly infatuated with his wife, and she knows that her man will always have her back.

8 They Photobomb Random People

Nothing is more fun than photobombing a someone's pic. Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio. When the opportunity presents itself, you have to jump on it and jump in the pic. As you can see here, that’s exactly what Mila and Ashton did, though Ashton definitely took it to the next level. You know you are a good couple if you can have fun together and laugh through life. In the first picture, Ashton looks like he might even keep his cool, but it isn’t long before he’s right there in the picture with them. These guys must have loved being photobombed by Ashton Kutcher. Mila and Ashton don't take life too seriously and are 100 per cent #relationshipgoals.

7 They Have The Same Beliefs In How To Raise Their Children

One conversation that couples should have before marriage and having babies, is how to raise their children. You may think that you are on the same page when it comes to that sort of thing, but chances are, you might have very different views on how you want your children raised. Ashton and Mila talked about that and considering they came from similar backgrounds, they realized that they were on the same page.

“The one topic of conversation we had even prior to ever having kids was always, 'How do you raise a child to not be an asshole?' And it's so important because we both came from pretty, pretty, solid poverty backgrounds and grew up very poor. We are very much self-made and are very aware of what a dollar is worth.”

These two really work hard to do what’s best for their family and create a humble household.

6 Ashton Is Always Surprising Mila

When Mila was invited onto The Ellen Show last year, she had no idea that she was going to get a surprise from her husband, Ashton. He showed up on the show to take part in a game with her. The two ended up playing the game “Never Have I Ever” with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.

During the game, it was revealed that it was actually Ashton who helped his wife wax before she gave birth to Wyatt.

Now those are true couple goals. To be that comfortable with each other, that a man would do something that is generally a very private act for a woman says a lot about their relationship. Not to mention, waxing is really painful, so she must have had some serious trust in him that he wouldn’t hurt her. These two just keep on making us melt.

5 They Laugh Together All The Time

Seriously, there is one thing that will keep a strong relationship well into old age and that’s the ability to laugh with your partner. Kutcher is clearly a funny guy; he’s been making us laugh for years.

Mila is a lucky girl because she gets to laugh with someone who isn’t just her husband, but her best friend too. And let's not forget that Mila is also quite the comedian.

These two have known each other for a long time before they became lovers and partners. Most of the photos we see them, Ashton and Mila are cracking up. They are usually dying of laughing at something or another and we love seeing these smiles every time a new picture comes out. Mila looks gloriously happy and that says a lot about their relationship. Here's hoping they'll do a movie together soon.

4 Mila Gushes About How Handy Her Husband Is At Home

Isn’t that what love is all about? No one likes to do chores, but it’s necessary. If you’re the type that nags your husband to do things, chances are he’s not going to do them, or he’s going to take a long time doing them. It’s important to let husbands and wives know how much you appreciate their efforts.

You would think for two rich celebrities, they would just hire someone to do it, but these two came from poor backgrounds and that’s just not how things are done in the Kutcher household.

Mila has no problem gushing about how her husband is super handy around the house and we’re sure he really appreciates it. He sure got a lot of likes on Instagram when the photo was posted with the caption: “Work really begins when you get home. Fix the refrigerator.”

3 When Ashton Thought His Wife Was Going To Hurt Him

Worrying that he will do something that upsets her really says a lot about how much he respects his wife. Some guys just don’t care. When he appeared on Live! With Kelly and she really wanted to know the name of his son, who was yet to be born at the time, he whispered it to her, forgetting that he was wearing a microphone. So, he ended up telling everyone on national TV what they were naming their son. He freaked out because he worried that his wife Mila was going to murder him for telling their secret. Luckily for him, no one actually heard the name, so he was safe.

“No way people heard that. Oh, thank God. I thought it was over!

I would have been murdered. The wife would have taken me out!” Of course, we now know that they named their son Dimitri Portwood Kutcher.

2 When They Announced The Dodgers Together

Yeah, these two are just super cute together.

When they were asked to a Dodgers game to announce the team, the two took the job very seriously

and made themselves, yet again, a great example of #relationshipgoals. That day, they were announcing the starting lineup for the LA Dodgers and the two looked adorable together. There were many pictures of the two of them looking at each other adoringly and cuddling together in the stadium. There is one shot where it looked like Mila was falling asleep on Ashton’s shoulder. We love how adorable these two are in public together.

1 She Always Gives Him A Reality Check

These two are always trying to make each other better people and we think that’s what a healthy relationship is all about. You should always be growing and becoming better people in general. When Ashton Kutcher did his speech during his acceptance of the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award, he said this about his wife, “I'm telling you, this morning, I woke up and she kicked my ass on character.

I thought I was awesome because I got up early and helped with the kids before she woke up and I let her sleep a little bit and then she's like, 'Well, now you're going to act tired? I do it every day.' But it was a character moment, right? Because she's right!”

It’s always best to grow as a couple and to always strive to be better for that other person.

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