Mike Tyson Spends $220K A Year To Feed His Tigers And 15 Other Celebs With The Most Exotic Pets

More and more people are skipping out on the traditional domesticated pets in order to welcome wild, exotic animals into their homes. This trend seems to have skyrocketed in recent years, with many Hollywood celebrities flaunting their wild and unconventional housemates. Snakes, monkeys, tigers, lions, and pigs are just some of the popular choices; Mike Tyson has a tiger, Leonardo DiCaprio has a tortoise, and Kristen Stewart has a wolf! There really is no limit when it comes to animal love!

Despite the cool factor involved with housing an exotic pet, keeping wild and exotic animals in captivity doesn't come without risks. Amateur pet owners might be in for some unexpected surprises when they realize just how much work goes into pet-keeping a large, exotic animal. Not to mention, can you ever be fully sure that your faithful tiger won't turn on you and pounce in the midst of a bad day? Exotic pet ownership is definitely being used as a status symbol; the rich and famous have no limits when it comes to what kind of pets they can acquire! We have compiled a list of the most shocking, fabulous and downright terrifying pets that call Hollywood home. So without further ado, join us for, Mike Tyson Lives With A Tiger: 15 Celebs With Exotic Pets

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15Mike Tyson's Bengal Tigers

Their food bill alone reached close to $200,000 a year.

Mike Tyson is known to be a big spender, so it comes as no surprise that he's shelled out thousands of dollars to acquire pet Bengal tigers. The former boxer allegedly spent $70,000 on each kitty, and even more on monthly charges to maintain their personal living spaces and food


Each cat eats on average 40 pounds of meat a day, so these pets mean serious business when it comes to chow time! Tyson also shelled out about $125,000 for a year of tiger training with a certified coach. Eventually, Mike had to give up the expensive pets, as he was already having some money troubles, and this expensive side project was not helping matters. Before surrendering them, he appeared alongside one of the cats in The Hangover.

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