Meghan VS Kate: Who Rocked These 25 Fashion Looks Best?

When it was announced that Kate Middleton was engaged to Prince William, the media kept emphasizing the fact that she was a commoner, and yet she was going to become part of British royalty. Being a commoner isn't exactly the worst case scenario for the woman that would become the Duchess of Cambridge since she hailed from a prestigious, millionaire family. The public has completely embraced Kate Middleton and many have likened her to Princess Diana because of her incredible style and likability. She seemed like the perfect match for Prince William and the two have built an incredible family together.

In regards to Prince Harry, there has always been a bit of controversy surrounding him. From his over-the-top antics that have made it into the tabloids to his unwillingness to settle down, people wondered whether or not there would ever be another royal wedding for Prince William's brother. Yet, his relationship with the actress, Meghan Markle, seems to have come as a huge surprise. Not only is she American but she's also a divorcee and not exactly the fit mold for someone entering British royalty. Yet, people are starting to have high hopes for this new royal couple since she has been known to have a passion for philanthropic work and she has also been heralded for her incredible sense of style. Check out these Meghan Markle looks that resemble something Kate Middleton wore and see which one of them rocked it better before Markle finally makes it down the aisle with Prince Harry.

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25 Grey And Demure

While many people like to go for a bold color when stepping out into the public eye, sometimes grey can be just as striking. Kate Middleton wore this Orla Kiely grey dress with pleating detail and black floral detail on more than one occasion. While celebrities wearing the same dress on multiple occasions tend to get criticized, people actually liked the fact that Kate has reused different looks on occasion. Meghan Markle wore this grey dress back in 2012 when she attended the WGC Hosts Party With InStyle & HFPA. The event was held at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Canada, but not everyone loved this look. The material accentuated every curve and people weren't a fan with the ruching detail. While both women paired it up with a black clutch and shoes, it seems like the clear winner is Kate Middleton.

24 Light And Feminine

Chiffon is a favorite look for many women because it exudes a feminine style and pairing it with a floral pattern just completes the overall look. Kate Middleton wore this floral chiffon dress when she attended a World Mental Health Day event. People loved the feminine style and the flowing material. Meghan Markle was photographed in a similar dress when she appeared at an event to celebrate the 100th episode of her television series, Suits. While people felt that the look was extremely flattering on her with the flowing material, they couldn't help but remark on the price of the dress. It was a Sinthea dress from American high street brand, Club Monaco. It cost around $400, which is pretty inexpensive when it comes to celebrity dresses.

23 Unique And Blue

Not everyone can truly pull off a bright blue dress, especially when there aren't any other colors pulled into the overall look. Sometimes, the bright blue can start to look like something akin to a Star Trek uniform but that definitely wasn't the case with Kate Middleton's bright blue dress that she wore to the 40th anniversary of SportsAid. This cut-out Roland Mouret gown had a unique cut to the neckline and shoulders and was the perfect backdrop for her Cartier diamond earrings that reportedly cost over $40,000. Meghan Markle hasn't been afraid to wear bright blue either, but she went with a much steamier look. The gown does a much better job at hugging her curves and the unique cut to the neckline adds just the right amount of drama to this steamy look.

22 Color-Block Trend

The color-block trend has been huge in recent years and both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have indulged in it a few times. Kate Middleton wore this color-block shift dress when she attended the Queen's 90th birthday celebration at the garden party lunch. The banding in the middle helped to showcase her amazing figure and the sleeves added a bit of sophistication that was perfect for the event. Meghan Markle wore this color-block dress in 2012 when she attended the TV Guide Magazine's 2012 Hot List Party. There is also a wide band around the middle to help showcase her amazing figure but there is far more skin in Markle's version. This strapless ensemble may have been completely appropriate for this Hollywood event but it would never have served for lunch with the Queen.

21 Green Pleats

Green is often thought of as a complementary color on most skin tones and many people think of it as a spring or Autumn color. When Meghan Markle wore this forest green dress, people couldn't help but remark on how great her casual look is when she's not trying to impress on the red carpet. The subtle pleating detail on the bottom helped to amp up this look, the high boat neckline helped to draw focus onto her shapely legs and the belt was a great accent for her waist. When Kate Middleton wore this bright green dress in 2014, it looked a bit more festive in the way the pleats helped the overall flowiness of the dress. The belt was a bit wider so it really helped to accentuate her waist but it had the same high neckline as Meghan Markle's pick.

20 Lace And Demure

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have worn a dark lace dress, complete with long sleeves. While the dresses may be extremely similar, there are some stark differences between the two of these looks. Kate wore hers in a far more demure way because of the increased length but the bust showed a bit more flesh than Markle in her look. Markle wore this Diane von Furstenberg dress back in 2012 during an event for USA. Unlike Kate Middleton, Markle was introduced to the public through her acting endeavors and this wasn't the most scandalous ensemble to wear on the red carpet. Although Markle's look seems a little steamier, some people prefer the sweetheart neckline of Kate's dress. With these two looks being so similar, it's extremely difficult to know which one of them rocked it the best.

19 Memorable In Blue

Kate Middleton wore this striking navy blue dress during the photo shoot with Prince William during their engagement announcement in 2010. This Reiss dress cost around $300 and became a huge fashion trend that everyone wanted to get their hands on. The V-cut neckline showed off a bit of skin but the long sleeves and modest length ensured that the overall perception was classy. The ruching detail showed off her slim waist and people felt like the shade of blue was ultra-flattering to her skin tone. Meghan Markle proved that she could equally pull off the same color when she wore a similar look in this deep V-neck wrap dress. Yet, the style was far steamier in Markle's version and the sleeveless ensemble was paired with some strappy sandals to complete the look.

18 Sophisticated Through And Through

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have been known to embrace female empowerment through various groups and it seems like they have more than that in common when they wore similar looks out to different events. Meghan Markle wore this black V-cut dress with quarter length sleeves when she attended the Step It Up for Gender Equality event in 2015 for the Anniversary of the Fourth World Conference On Women. Kate Middleton wore her similar look when she attended the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Gala at Kensington Palace. Middleton became patrons for the organization in 2012 and is a huge voice in their support of various charities. Her ensemble has a similar style because of the V-cut neckline and the length of the sleeves. Yet, Middleton's dress is a tad longer and is navy blue rather than black.

17 Belted White Coat

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have proven that they have a great look of winter white when it comes to their fashion choices but this white coat is often thought of as a favorite. Kate Middleton wore it back in 2015 when she was visiting Portsmouth, England. Yet, Meghan Markle wore it during a far more publicized event since it was the coat she wore during her engagement photo call with Prince Harry in 2017. Both of these coats had a prominent lapel and both of them had an accentuation on the waist because of the belt accessory. Yet, the wrap style in Markle's coat was a tad more flattering to her figure because of the lack of pleating and many people think it was a better look on her.

16 Lady In Red

Not everyone can pull off a bright red gown but both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have proven that they're not afraid to step into the spotlight with a striking red look. Kate Middleton wore this Preen gown when she attended a reception at the Government House in Victoria, Canada. Just a few months earlier in 2016, Meghan Markle wore her red flowing dress to a Today Show appearance. Both dresses had the same fit and flare silhouette and substantial straps that drew attention to the neckline and décolletage. Middleton's dress had an asymmetric cut to the neckline, while Markle's dress was a bit more feminine with a sweetheart neckline. Middleton dressed it up a bit with a sparkling brooch and a matching red clutch. Although Markle's dress might be a bit steamier, the oversized black bag definitely didn't help to show it off.

15 Off-The-Shoulder With Embellishment

The off-the-shoulder style has become a huge trend in recent years, but that's a style that seems to always be a favorite in the world of fashion. There's something incredibly foxy and feminine about the off-the-shoulder look and both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have donned this look on occasion. Kate Middleton wore this off-the-shoulder Alexander McQueen gown when she attended the BAFTA Awards in 2017. It had more of a classic look because of the rich satin and the tasteful floral pattern. Meghan Markle chose a different route when she donned the off-the-shoulder look in this sequined dress in 2012. This was a look she wore when attending the USA Network and Mr. Porter's "A Suits Story" in New York. This seemed like a far more modern take on this look and had more of a standout appeal.

14 Casual Cowgirl

While people usually think of the Duchess of Cambridge as British royalty that is constantly donning elegant gowns and tiaras, there are some casual events and outings that allow for a completely different look. The same can be said for Meghan Markle since she wasn't only photographed on the red carpet. Kate Middleton was photographed in a pair of dark jeans and a simple button-up shirt back in 2011. She was attending the Calgary Stampede Parade in Canada and completed the look with a cowboy hat. Meghan Markle didn't don a cowboy hat in her similar look in 2015, but she had the same bootcut dark jeans and simple white shirt. Many people gave Markle extra points in her look since her shirt was styled in a way that showed off her figure a little more.

13 Topped With A Bow

Kate Middleton has been known for adopting some girlish styles and turning them into something classic and ultra-feminine. This particular look was worn during a Buckingham Palace gala in honor of World Mental Health Day in 2017. This Temperley London dress seemed demure at first, but further inspection shows that there is actually a lot going on. From the sky blue color to the lace texturing to the frilled sleeves, it seems like only the Duchess of Cambridge could have pulled off this look with such sophistication. Meghan Markle tried her hand at a similar look but kept things a bit more subtle. The blue blouse had a darker shade that favored more on a teal tone and the black ribbon around her neck was less dainty. She completed it with a pencil skirt but many people felt that Kate's dress was far more dramatic.

12 Military Chic

The military-inspired trend has been hugely popular over the years and it seems like it's a look that isn't going away anytime soon. With Kate Middleton having to appear at numerous military events throughout her time as the Duchess of Cambridge, it shouldn't be surprising that she's indulged in this trend from time to time. She wore this Alexander McQueen double-breasted coat in 2011 when commemorating Armed Forces Day. Meghan Markle donned her military look when she wore this navy Veronica Beard pencil skirt in 2016. She paired it up with a turtleneck and a navy blue overcoat and people couldn't help but remark on how chic it looked with the standout military buttons. Kate Middleton went with the same navy color and standout buttons but many people give the extra points to Markle because of the bold pop of color with her fuschia handbag.

11 Understated With Black Turtleneck

While many people tend to get fixated on all of the bejeweled gowns worn on the red carpet or a major event, sometimes the best ensembles are the ones that are a bit understated. Kate Middleton wore this all-black ensemble when she was photographed in Liverpool in 2012. The black turtleneck was worn with a 3/4 sleeve and the skirt was a little looser than the standard pencil skirt. The only real pop was in the accessory since she completed it with a black and gold belt. Meghan Markle had a similar look when she appeared at the Suits premiered in 2016. She wore the sleeves rolled up a bit and the skirt had a bit of movement in it, similar to Kate's look. Yet, the two differed in their pop of accessory since Markle let her strappy heels act as the focal point.

10 Patterned Skirts

Indulging in a bold pattern for an ensemble can be a bit tricky since it can sometimes be overpowering. Yet, both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have proven that they know how to rock this look without looking like a curtain. Kate Middleton wore this white Goat blouse at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2016. The midi skirt was actually quite affordable since it was Banana Republic but she made it look absolutely stunning. Meghan Markle wore her similar look in 2014 when she appeared at the NBC/Universal 2014 TCA Winter Press Tour. She swapped out the flowing blouse with a steamy button-down top and her midi skirt was much more tight-fitting. Yet, both of these looks seemed to work on them since the pattern was just the right bit of pop.

9 Black Velvet

A huge trend in recent years has involved the use of velvet as a great texture quality to dresses and skirts. Kate Middleton wore it when she was photographed in this flowing black velvet gown with a sweetheart neckline. There were small ruffles along the neckline to draw extra attention to the neckline and a mermaid cut that was great for showing off her hourglass figure. Meghan Markle wore her take on the black velvet dress when she was photographed at the Anti-Defamation League's Entertainment Industry Awards in 2011. While her dress didn't have the same mermaid cut, the peplum style really drew attention to her amazing figure. It also had a sweetheart neckline but there was a mesh feature that was a great added touch. Yet, it was Middleton's black velvet gown that definitely won this fashion face-off.

8 Workout Wear

While the rest of the world may spend their entire lives in workout clothes and gym shoes, celebrities and those in the British royal family aren't exactly known for their athletic apparel. So, when they are photographed in something less than their usual sequined gowns and couture looks, it's actually quite noteworthy. This casual look was what Kate Middleton wore when photographed at the Paralympic Games in 2012. She had a navy Addidas pullover over a simple red t-shirt, which tied into her red sneakers. Meghan Markle wore this casual look when she was photographed in 2014 at DIRECTV's 8th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl. She wore Under Armour leggings but the main pop of color was in her bright green sneakers. Both looks weren't anything too spectacular but somehow Kate Middleton made it look extremely chic.

7 Taupe Shoulders

Many of Kate Middleton's looks have created a frenzy amongst the public to try and get the same style but this particular taupe dress was on another level. Middleton wore in when she met Michelle and Barack Obama at Buckingham Palace in 2011 and within minutes, the dress was completely sold out from the website. This Reiss Shola creation was a huge hit and people loved the accents on the shoulders. Meghan Markle tried her hand at taupe when she wore this satiny dress on the red carpet. Yet, she didn't exactly get the same reception. Many people criticized the ill-fitting shape and the bow detail on the shoulder seemed far too large for the overall look of the dress. In this fashion face-off, Kate Middleton is obviously the clear winner.

6 You Can Never Go Wrong With Lace

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle seem to have a propensity towards wearing black lace when seeking out an elegant but fun-looking dress. This Temperley dress was what Kate Middleton wore back in 2013 when she attended the SportsBall in London. People raved about how great the lace pattern looked on her and the pop of color in the red Alexander McQueen bow clutch seemed like the perfect accent. Meghan Markle wore a similar dress when she was photographed at a charity event. Yet, people didn't give the look high marks. Mixing lace with black satin didn't really go over well in this ensemble and many people felt like the neckline wasn't very flattering. It wound up looking like a dress that was just trying too hard and people seemed to prefer Kate Middleton's instead.

5 Burgundy Dress

Wearing a bright red dress can be a little tricky for some people but it's important to note that not all shades of red are alike. Choosing a darker shade of red can be a great alternative to the same old cherry red that most women go for. This Collette Dinnigan dress in burgundy lace was a great choice for Kate Middleton and people loved how she paired it up with a floral pillbox hat. Meghan Markle chose a burgundy shade with this 3/4 quarter sleeve mock-neck dress. The embellishment throughout the dress is similar to a lace pattern but the overall texture of the dress is quite different from Kate Middleton's choice. The material seems much heavier and doesn't have the same sort of flow, which many people attribute to why Kate Middleton's look was far superior.

4 Over-The-Top Embellishment

When becoming part of British royalty, one of the biggest advantages is the fact that there is no dress that would seem like it would be too over-the-top. People fantasize about the gowns worn by Disney princesses and who better than to wear these looks than Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Kate wore this Jenny Packham gown in 2017 and people couldn't help but compare her to Queen Elsa from Frozen. Meghan Markle tried her hand at the over-the-top look when she posed with Prince Harry for their engagement photos. She wore a Ralph & Russo dress that reportedly cost a whopping $75,000. Both of these gowns had an immense amount of embellishment but Kate Middleton's dress seemed to focus more on the sparkle rather than the mesh. While some people loved the ruffled skirt with Markle's dress, others can't help but favor the Queen Elsa look by Middleton.

3 Fresh In Teal

Teal has been hugely popular in recent years and it's often thought of as a standout color for dramatic gowns. Kate Middleton wore this teal Jenny Packham gown when she attended the Our Greatest Team Gala Dinner at the Albert Hall with Prince William. People loved the added attention to detail in the neckline and the chiffon material seemed so romantic in this figure-flattering gown. Meghan Markle also tried her hand at a teal gown when she wore this mermaid style dress. While it didn't have the same V-neckline as Kate Middleton's, it did have an overlapping detail that really helped to draw attention towards her décolletage. The mermaid cut created the hourglass figure that every woman wants and the material seemed more dramatic, rather than romantic.

2 Pretty In Plum

Plum is a great color that many women turn to when they want something that will set them apart from some of the other tones that people tend to wear at popular events. It can be a great color on some people because of their complementary skin tone but not everyone can sport it in the right way. Meghan Markle wore this plum ensemble when she attended the Invictus Games in Toronto in 2017 while she was just the girlfriend of Prince Harry. Kate Middleton wore this plum Goat tunic dress when she attended a Place2Be head teachers conference, also in 2017. People loved that she wore a poppy pin for those that have fallen in world wars and the military-style buttons were also a great touch.

1 Long And Flora

Floral patterns are constantly a huge favorite for many women because it allows for a plethora of different colors and it's quite feminine. Kate Middleton wore it in the Kate Erdem Alouette tiered floral gown in October of 2015. While the cut of the dress may not have been flattering on every body type, she managed to make it look regal and extremely sophisticated with the satiny texture. Meghan Markle wore her floral look when she appeared with Prince Harry as a wedding guest and donned this ERDEM tropical dress. There were some that criticized it and said that it wasn't the best look for her. Yet, with the venue featuring palm trees, there were many that thought this was the perfect ensemble to show off her ultra-feminine look.

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