Meghan Markle's Top 15 Go-To Fashion Designers She's Rocking At Buckingham Palace

Before Meghan Markle became associated with the Royal Family, she was cast in small television roles like 90210 and CSI: NY, but what really made her bloom, was her role as Rachel Zane in the courtroom drama, Suits. One thing to bear in mind about this royal couple that is on everyone's Google search bar, is that when the two met, they both did not even know one another; Markle did not know he was Prince Harry, and Prince Harry had no idea who she was, nor did he know what Suits was. The Prince, evidently, could not dismiss her beauty and her rocking fashion sense.

As soon Prince Harry confirmed his relationship with the actress, Markle became everyone’s new favourite fashion muse. After sky-rocketing in the spotlight, Markle has nailed each one of her looks; her looks being polished to perfection from head to toe. Markle makes the heads of women and men alike turn twice when she hits the red-carpet, just as much as when she is strolling the streets with her new beau. Though Markle churns designer pieces in her wardrobe, the reason so many fashion gurus are keeping their eyes on her is because she makes looking chic and casual very effortless. She is not only on her way to becoming fashion "royalty," but also a bonafide style icon. Since Markle is now princess potential, here is a list of her go-to fashion designers since she has been engaged ― keep your eyes open.

15 Mackage

The modern "princess," who is on top of her style game, made Canadians very proud (Markle had a home in Toronto); here she is in a navy, ankle-length, double-breasted Mackage trench coat. The Canadian brand, now known worldwide for their jackets, caught the attention of the trendy and chic Meghan Markle. The fact that she chose this designer coat for her first royal visit, put major spotlight on the brand, and Markle is no stranger to helping designer brands gain massive attention. She always makes her outfits look effortless because of her signature style, which usually consists of her blow dry, her to-die-for shoes, and her central piece, which in this case would be her coat. Not only does she look dashing in the ankle-length coat, but she is matching with her prince, though she predominantly stands out because of how graceful her ensemble is.

14 Stella McCartney

Though not as cold as the North East, the Welsh temperatures are a little chilly, which means Markle needs to stay warm with or without her hubby-to-be. When Markle throws on a coat, though, she makes it look so fabulous and classy, while some of us look like polar bears in our puffer jackets. On her first official visit to Wales, which took place in January, all eyes were once again on Markle's coat. The long, black Stella McCartney jacket that was thrown over a pair of Welsh brand jeans and was the stand-out piece of her outfit. Wearing all black, the Stella McCartney A-line trench coat that Markle wore on her first visit still stood out above all. Her style remains not over the top, but casual and chic, which is what the Stella McCartney pieces exemplify, making this designer one of her go-tos.

13 Line

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock (9243868ag) Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement announcement, Kensington Palace, London, UK - 27 Nov 2017

We could conclude that the fashionista, who was also a contributor for the magazine ELLE, could wear anything and make it look like a million bucks. A trait that is also evident about her, though she will soon be married into the Royal Family, is that she is extremely humble and down to Earth; the soon-to-be princess does not always wear the "top" designers, but also the more local and independent ones. Here she is, photographed in another outstanding coat, by a Toronto-based label called Line. The white coat, which she accessorized with a pair of her Italian footwear and a green P.A.R.O.S.H dress, was the central piece of her look on the day she and Prince Harry broke the Internet when officially announcing their engagement. She specifically went to the Toronto label for this belted and classy coat for her most viewed event ― Toronto is honoured Meghan.

12 Smythe Brando

Prince Harry's fiancée is on her way to becoming the new Audrey Hepburn; a woman who is so selfless, caring, chic, classy, and effortless. All the designers she has sported since the announcement that she would be the next duchess, have all been getting trampled with requests from clients to have the same piece Markle wore. And because her look is so natural, it is easy to copy her polished style. To mark her second major appearance since the announcement of her engagement in November 2017, Markle wore another stunning and chic coat by fashion house Smythe Brando. The camel, single-breasted, felt coat with an open collar, got the Internet and fashion lovers going nuts ― it fit the Prince's fiancée like a glove. Markle is very confident in the designers she chooses, especially when she is making public appearances with Prince Harry, honing a balance between her favorite Canadian and British designers.

11 Strathberry

It's safe to say that Markle has caused a frenzy each time she has been out in public, even before the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry. The ‘then’ actress and the duchess-to-be has a great appreciation for designers that are under the radar, and ever since she has sported those brands, there has been an increase in demand for the brands and even sell-outs. The same day that Markle opted for her navy Mackage trench coat, she complimented it with a Strathberry handbag. Markle has an obvious admiration for any piece that is classic and timeless, like her style, and this British brand features just that; timeless and elegant pieces. The designer purse was chic enough to staple her first official royal outing. This autumnal handbag then sold out in 11 minutes online ― talk about royal power.

10 P.A.R.O.S.H

Under the sophisticated and snow-white coat Markle wore on her first appearance in the outdoors with the prince after their engagement announcement was a stunning dress that complimented Markle in every way. With her dark hair and olive-skin complexion, Markle opted for a tailored, dark green dress by another "under-the-radar" designer brand, P.A.R.O.S.H. Following her appearance outside in the public eye, Markle revealed her love for the high street and locally known Italian brand in her BBC interview with Prince Harry. The designer behind this brand is Paolo Rosello, and after the most adorable couple interview, the flattering and fit-to-tea dress sold out— if you want to get your hands on the timeless dress, just search for "The Meghan," which is the style name Rosello renamed it to.

9 Aquazzura

Besides always having perfect hair, which consists of her signature look, Markle always is wearing stand-out pumps to complete her look. Her style, however, is never flashy, but subtle; a look that ordinary people could mirror. Markle has demonstrated a love for the luxurious brand Aquazzura, whose shoes she has worn on various occasions. Markle has been spotted out more than once sporting the Matilde shoe, which she wore along with her Line the Label coat on the chilly November day when they announced their engagement. On the brand's website, search "Meghan Markle Engagement Shoes" and they will pop up on the screen; the beige suede, ankle-strapped, pointy toed Aquazzura Matilde heels are now her signature shoes and are named after her.

8 J. Crew

Since Markle is about to become a royal, all eyes in the world are on her, which also means that the world is paying close attention to her outfits and all the details. Like many style icons like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy, Markle sticks to items that are timeless. Her love for neutrals and basics leads to her love for brands that could provide all that, like J. Crew. And as mentioned before, she does not care to always sport high-end designer brands. Since entering Kensington Palace and even before, J. Crew has been her go-to for many of her pieces more basic pieces. Her look is always polished, and she easily locks that look down when wearing her tailored pieces from J.Crew like white button-down blouses and jeans.

7 Victoria Beckham

The "Meghan Markle Effect" is what designers are now coining as a trend and phenomenon that is in full maximum effect. Markle chose a Victoria Beckham piece for a part of her engagement photo shoot, that was royally approved — it has also been said that Markle and Beckham have a tight relationship since her move across the pond. On December 21, 2017, Markle, in all chicness, chose a sweater from the former Spice Girl for her most important photoshoot yet. The classic, but ordinary top by the British designer was stunning on Markle, as she opted for an item that was a little subtler but still super luxurious. The bridal-white hue of the cashmere top stands out predominantly in her black-and-white photoshoot with Prince Harry. The ensemble is more low-key and exemplifies exactly the person she is.

6 Ralph & Russo

On that same day when Markle wore the Beckham cashmere top, the picture-perfect couple had their official engagement photoshoot with the jaw-dropping gown, as well. In the portraits, Markle is donning a black and gold Ralph & Russo gown worth $75,000. Though any piece could look great with her custom-made diamond ring, this dress is what sparkled most on the elegant Markle. Though apparently different from her first public appearance as the Prince's fiancée with the white, belted coat, Markle never strays away from her signature style. This dress by Ralph & Russo also caused many speculations as to whether they would be the designer for her wedding dress, which we are all so eager to find out. The embroidered feather mesh dress with a ruffle black skirt and top with embellishments is said to be one of the modern-day royal's favorite piece.

5 Tabitha Simmons

Markle is a very supportive woman, and it is no secret that she has thrown a lot of her support behind British designer brands. During her visit to Cardiff, Meghan Markle showed up to the castle in the afternoon donning British brands while greeting the crowds. And since their engagement announcement, her outfits have been the talking point all over social media. Markle has amazing taste in shoes, as we have mentioned, but on this day, Markle opted for Tabitha Simmons booties; these booties are ankle boots made of black velvet, which are timeless in style. Markle has an eye for the neutral, everyday pieces that people wear, which is why these Tabitha Simmons boots sold out instantly as well — her British support has gone a long way.

4 Marks & Spencer

People are watching all of Markle's moves, so it is no surprise that everything she wears gets all the views. The royal bride-to-be wore a £45 Marks & Spencer top during a visit to Brixton with her Prince ahead of her marriage, at a radio station. The top, or "jumper," that was black and influenced by the '70s, was simple, but elegant, which is what Markle always aims for in style; the top had bell sleeves and was made of a wool blend and round necked. That price tag positively influenced the "Markle Effect" as fans scrambled to get their hands on the Marks & Spencer top that was donned by the duchess-to-be — they all want to emulate her style. The top was another instantaneous sell-out, making it very easy to attain the top from the high-street label.

3 Burberry

Just about any designer right now would be thrilled and honoured for Markle to wear pieces from their collections because of the phenomena that the "Markle Effect" has caused that is uplifting sales for every brand she has sported. Another British fashion house that is high end and that Markle is fond of, is Burberry. Following the previous entries, where we mentioned that Markle's look consisted of English designers from top to toe, Markle complimented her look with a pair of Burberry trousers. Having a love for pieces that are timeless, chic, and classic often means that the pieces will be influenced from the '70s, which is why Markle continuously dons such pieces. The flared Burberry trousers, added a '70s twist to her kit, much like her Marks & Spencer top. Also, the princess-to-be chose the black Burberry trousers over the traditional skirt, which is why she is one to watch.

2 DeMellier London

Against her all-black ensemble that she wore to her appearance in Cardiff, Wales, was a little green tote that got all the buzz. Markle has a great appreciation for smaller labels, and when she went out with her all-black outfit, we know that she knew she was going to draw attention to a small British handbag company called DeMellier London. Imagine being a designer and waking up one day and seeing the person who is most famous at the moment wearing your brand! That is exactly what happened to Llusia-Lindh. It was not known by the designer herself that the striking forest-green mini purse was purchased by the royal-to-be, as it was done by a secret buyer.

Markle carried the $395 Mini Venice style purse, which had the designer's phone ringing non-stop, and she is still working to get all orders in as this was such a shock to her. To see that the Prince’s fiancée chose other brands, rather than only high-end brands, is magical.

1 Chloé

Though different than Kate Middleton, because she loves her tailored dresses and loves a little bit of glitz and glam, her selection in designers is definite proof that Markle has the best royal wardrobe. Markle stunned fashion followers everywhere on Christmas when she attended the festive service with the royal family that takes place every year in Sandringham. The Chloé handbag that she had on her hands is named Pixie and retails at a little over $2,000. Because Markle is now the most followed fashion icon, all eyes were on this bag by the French designer. Since Markle was an American actress before turning into the princess-to-be, she has a lot of love for designer totes, and is said to have an impressive collection of them. Markle specifically chose the Chloé tote for the celebration because a woman who is a part of the Royal Family needs to hold the handle of their purse with her two hands — this helps them stand still and straight.

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