Meghan Markle And Prince Harry's Prenup Fight: 15 Things Their Lawyer Doesn't Want Us To Know

Megan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement is in the news for many reasons including their prenup fight. With the amount of money they have, Harry's net worth is at a staggering $40 million, and Megan's net worth is only $5 million. Even though both are in the millions, there's still a difference, and this would be the reason for needing a prenup.

May 19, 2018, is the date for the impending wedding and as the big day approaches, wedding planning is underway including prenup talk. Whether, Harry wants a prenup or not remains a question as his father, Prince Charles and brother, Prince William both said no to one. Members close to the couple and expert lawyer, Kim Aucott advises, as reported on Express UK, a prenup is essential because of Harry's net worth, the benefits of not having to resolve financial matters in the spotlight and with a prenup they'll have confidentiality and privacy. Another reason is if there's a divorce, it can get messy without a prenup. Unfortunately, it'll most likely be that Harry will seek advice from his family.

With all the stress of planning a wedding, prenup talks can incur a fight, especially with a lot of money involved because of Harry's status and it'll be a risk if things go sour between the pair in the future. As the case with royals, private matters are sometimes kept behind closed doors, therefore, here are the 15 things their lawyers want to keep hush-hush and not let the public know.

15 Meghan Struggles With Settling Into London Life

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Moving to a different country is never easy even for celebrities. According to reports from sources close to Meghan, reported on Hollywood life, she is struggling to adjust to royalty life in London. Added stress is getting used to the culture shock of the United Kingdom since she grew up in America and is used to that kind of lifestyle.

As Meghan hasn't grown up as a royal since birth, she needs to get used to everything that comes with being a princess, such as family sticking their noses in her business, learning to act like one and needing to be careful of her every move because of the public. All this can add even more worry and can be hard for someone who has lived a regular life in downtown Los Angeles.

If it gets all too much for her and she possibly decides she can't handle it what will happen then, which is why this is an important reason to consider.

14 The Queen Is Pressuring Harry For A Prenup

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Queen Elizabeth wants Harry to sign a prenup so badly; she's been pressurizing him continuously, which can be stressful. Meghan is upset because of the hidden motifs behind it and is shocked the Queen is even thinking this way.

The Queen wants a prenup to protect Harry's fortune because let's face it divorce can happen because of royalty pressure, look at Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  These situations will make anyone fight because Harry is stuck in the middle and wants to please his fiance and grandmother.

If Harry says no to a prenup, it'll leave Meghan happy but the Queen will be unhappy, and we all know it's not good making her angry because of her high power. The Queen's involvement reveals how she will have a say in mostly everything once the couple is married. Hopefully, Meghan will be able to handle it all and won't have a nervous breakdown.

13 Meghan Gave Up Her Career As An Actress

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Before getting engaged, Meghan was an actress and loved her job. She has revealed to The Mirror, she was living in poverty before her acting career kicked off and how thankful she is for everything. Her role in Suits kicked off her career and held sentimental value.

She has quit acting to become a full-time wife and princess but will this last or will she want to go back to her old life. It's a concern if there's no prenup because let's face it if you love your career you'll miss it and will have the desire to return.

Meghan could also get bored with the royalty lifestyle and could miss the freedom but time will only tell. For Harry's sake, let's hope she's happy and content with her new role and won't want to leave him for what she once had.

Like Princess Diana, she loves humanitarian work and has worked for the UN and did some charity work. Will she find time to do what she loves in between all the events she'll need to attend? If she has no time for humanitarian work, will it wedge a gap in her marriage and will she start resenting the royal life?

12 Her Poor Status Before Becoming Famous

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Meghan was extremely poor before her role in Suits; she struggled to make ends meet and land a part at auditions. She did confess in interviews about how she had no money and couldn't even get her old battered car fixed.

With this in mind, it makes you wonder why she's marrying Harry. Yes, the couple looks happy in all their photos and she's gushed in interviews how happy and in love she is with Harry, but this could all be a farce. We won't know though until they're married.

Obviously, Meghan will love all this money because let's face it who wouldn't but if its all a sham she could well divorce him and if there's no financial arrangement in the prenup, it can get ugly very quickly.

The queen may see her past as a coy for marrying her grandson, a reason for wanting a prenup for Harry even more and because of this insight, it'll make Meghan upset and ashamed if her motif of a once impoverished life or a small amount of net worth is the reason for marriage. All this will lead to even more drama and fighting between the pair as tensions rise.

11 She Was Once Married

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Marrying into the family as a divorcee is frowned upon, and we all know the rules. The queen isn't happy because as its broken.

She was married to Hollywood producer, Trevor Engelson for three years, 2011 - 2013. According to Meghan's best friend and maid of honor for her first marriage, Ninaki Priddy, claims on News.com.au, she was the reason for the split, and once she doesn't want you to be part of your life anymore, a cold manner develops and she disowns you from her life. Ninaki also mentioned the couple was happy and there wasn't any cause for a divorce.

Ninaki also confirmed how Meghan always wanted to be famous and live like a princess and she even owned a book about Princess Diana. It's all very suspicious, and if this is true, a prenup is needed.

With all this coming to light in public, fighting will ensue as to what is right or not, and tensions will be high because of her past.

10 Meghan's Feeling Claustrophobic And Frustrated

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She feels trapped in their living quarters, Nottingham cottage, which is surprising, as it's quite spacious but then again not being able to do much will make anyone claustrophobic.

Meghan's also frustrated with the public's scrutiny and harassment on social media sites, such as Twitter. She has confided in Harry, and he's doing his best to make sure she's happy. The only problem is after marriage; there'll be no way out if the scrutiny and harassments don't stop and the only option for freedom will be divorce. Will she be able to deal with what comes with the price?

These reasons alone can cause a fight and will need to be taken into account in the decision of a prenup because it has happened before, Princess Diana was unable to handle it. Her marriage ended up in a divorce, and it was messy since there was no prenup. Maybe this is what the Queen is worried about as well.

9 Her Social Media Is No More

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Most celebrities are on social media, and they love their accounts, but since Meghan has joined the royal family, she was forced to remove her social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which isn't right. She even had to make a compromise by shutting down her website, The Tig.

The palace even made a statement, reported on Independent and said she gave up her accounts but deleted them because she hadn't used them for a very long time.

She'll have no say to the public freely and will only be able to communicate with the public on social media posts, via Kensington Palace on her behalf, which entails her freedom of speech compromised.

Having no freedom of speech is a cause for an argument of Harry wanting a prenup as Meghan is putting on a brave face, but in time she'll possibly get frustrated, which will add another reason to the long list of a possible divorce.

8 Family Drama

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Family matters are always a drama but it's even worse when you're a royal, and tensions are high with Meghan joining the family, which causes a fight between the pair.

The Queen was hesitant in even attending the wedding but suddenly changed her mind. She didn't participate in her own son's wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles because she was a divorcee, like Meghan. As you all know, she does stick her nose down royalty marrying divorcee's, which is a big no-no. It'll add stress and cause a big fight between family members and the one judged will end up being upset, in this case, Meghan and Harry will also be sad because his future bride is hurt.

Why the sudden change of heart? Is it because she's worried if she doesn't make Harry happy, something wrong will happen if there's no prenup. It could be kept in the dark and never brought to light because of the dreaded prenup, which is causing a lot of drama.

7 Harry's Bad Boy Past

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In previous years, Harry was in the tabloids for wild exploits, let's not forget those naked photos in Las Vegas taken in 2012, but besides the point, he was also quite a ladies man.

He has changed since then apparently because of his upcoming wedding but will the transformation stick. Some people do change and stay as the new person they have become, but many go back to their old ways. A question on everyone's lips is will Harry go back to his old ways?

It's a reason to fight about during prenup talk as if Harry does something wild or wrong it can cause an argument and it'll not fair well for the couple if Meghan decides to leave him for it. If there's no prenup, she could fight for a lot of money because of anger and spite. If it's in her favor, he could lose a lot of money.

6 Meghan's Family's Feelings For Prince Harry

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Her family has come clean in how they feel about Harry; they're hurt by what was said. Harry commented Meghan's new royal family is like a family she never had.

Meghan's family was outraged as it's a big brood and they're close. Meghan's half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr. reported to Daily Mail, the family is close and they get together every holiday no matter where everyone lives.

With what was said, it has apparently caused a rift between Meghan and her father, which isn't good because if she starts to despite Harry for creating a wedge between her and her loved ones and if it won't be fixable it can be a reason for divorce. It upsets Meghan, and it may also cause a fight which is why it's an important subject matter in determining if a prenup is necessary. Will she be able to stop the fighting between the two or will she choose a side?

5 Failed Marriages Of Royal Couples

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Another thing to consider is the failure of other royal couples marriages, especially with the collapse of Harry's father's two unions. Prince Charles is undergoing his battles in his split with Camilla, which may end in divorce due to the Queen demanding the couple split. Charle's divorce to Harry's mother, Diana, which Harry's aware of, was a long battle and Diana ended up getting £17 million, which converts to $20,926,914.60. It's a lot of money and Meghan could walk away with tons of money if there's no prenup.

Harry should take notice of this as many royals weddings have ended in divorce, the same could happen with Meghan. It should be a number one concern in his decision making, whether or not Meghan agrees.

All this worry is a cause for a fight especially if the Queen decides to demand a divorce between the two or kicks Meghan out the palace as she did with Camilla. It's all speculation, but it can happen.

4 The Queen's Involvement In Everything

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Another primary concern in their dispute of a prenup is how involved The Queen will be in their marriage. She always has had her say and involvement in previous marriages with many ending in divorce because of it.

Will the Queen have more power and reign in demanding Meghan to do as she's told once she becomes a princess and how will Meghan handle this?

The Queen can have a say in outfit choice, public matters and possibly even marriage life, for instance, the best time to have children. Meghan may not like this, and if it gets to be too much, it could cause a divorce.

If the Queen doesn't like what Meghan's doing or if she doesn't comply to the demands, she may even kick her out of the palace, which will cause upset for Harry, who will be in the middle and having to choose sides like his father had to with Diana and Camilla.

3 Constant Pressure For Meghan To Be Perfect

A princess is every girl's dream, but there are many consequences with the title. The public expects you to be flawless with everything: your outfit choices, etiquette, and lifestyle. You're supposed to act like a royal, and if there's one mistake, it'll end up being fatal.

With all this pressure since Meghan led an ordinary life, will she be able to handle it in years to come? Or will she sink?

Diana was unable to handle the pressure, which was one of many of the reasons for her divorce, will Meghan feel the same way and end the marriage? If Harry is unable to support her by helping her feel comfortable or standing up for her, divorce will likely be the worst case scenario, and with no prenup, things will become difficult. The sad thing is with all the cases of royal marriages ending up in divorce due to pressure; it could quite likely be the case if Meghan won't be strong enough.

2 Meghan Demanding Harry To Quit His Bad Habits

Meghan demanded Harry in giving up his most loved vice, which is smoking.  She hates the smell of cigarettes, but during the relationship, she handled it but now that there's marriage involved she can make demands.

Harry has accepted but giving up a vice is complicated, and if he wants to return to smoking, fights will occur as she won't want him to. Forcing someone to give up something is never good as it can get ugly and if the fighting is unresolved, your loved one will end up being bitter and hate you.

Meghan can start to be more demanding in forcing him to quit other things, and Harry could do the same but even if it's not the main reason for divorce it can end up being one of the breaking points. If a separation ends up being bitter, Meghan may want revenge and a high amount of settlement, which will not be good if there's no prenup.

1 She'll Walk Away With A Lot Of Money If There's A Divorce

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According to Ms Aucott, reported on Express UK, if there's a divorce with no prenup in the protection of Harry's assets, Meghan could walk away with everything.

As Harry has a lot of money, she will fight against a prenup, which is the case, as she will receive a lot of money if all goes sour and become even more richer. If you had the choice of gaining a lot of money, you would do anything in your power to ensure you achieve it.

If Meghan's greedy enough and is marrying him for his money, sadly this could happen if Harry doesn't listen to his legal advice and take's his family's advice to heart. Look how well it ended for Charles therefore instead of advising him to say no Charles should be influencing him to say yes.

Time will only tell if this marriage ends in disaster or has an ever after fairytale.

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