McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed: 15 Hot Pics Of The Girl From The Meme

She's a 21-year-old retired gymnast, has 1.3M followers, is the face of a meme that took over the world... oh yeah, and she's hot AF!

Talk about a one-eighty! 2012 Summer Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney (famous for her "not impressed" photo, taken after she won a silver medal) has done an about-face from the balance beam to her Instagram account where she promotes her new up and coming music career. In fact, her Instagram bio sums it up pretty well: "Olympic gold and silver medalist. Music on the way." She currently has 1.3 million followers but not all are fans of the big change for the 21-year-old retired gymnast.

Many of her loyal fans who have been following her since she earned her fame at the Olympics think that the brand new image is a sellout and call her new and very different look the "trout pout." They also point out the similarities to Kylie Jenner, both in adjusted lip size and attitude. McKayla announced her retirement from the world of competition sports in 2016 due to multiple injuries she sustained during her competing years. Perhaps the need for a career change is one of the reasons she is determined to strike out as a singer. It's clear that she has worked hard to change her image from the "not impressed" scrunched smirk that landed her in the meme hall of fame (or shame?) and these fifteen pics will prove that.

15 Party Girl

At an increasingly rapid rate, McKayla's Instagram account is showing her with less and less clothing and in more party girl situations than ever before. This photo actually shows her wearing more clothing than in most of her risqué photos. With plenty of eye makeup on, she shoots a seductive smile to the camera, wearing a black cut-out swimsuit tucked into two-tone denim cutoffs and a pink and white wrap draped across her shoulders. McKayla is showing that after all of her hard work, she is ready to let her hair down and have a little fun. As for the gaggle of guys in the background, the jury is still out on if they are cheering on McKayla's new party personality or just enjoying the night's events for themselves. Party on, McKayla!

14 White Bodysuit For The Instafame

This little white number is definitely not a leftover from her days as a member of the Fierce Five as it shows more than the strict Olympic lawmakers would approve of. However since McKayla is quite used to wearing tight-fitting lycra/spandex combos, she seems right at home in this long-sleeved white bodysuit that she appears to be trying on in a dressing room... unless she has a room with a short door in her house. Many people have commented that McKayla is trying to earn likes and plenty of attention on Instagram by posting photos that her fans have called Kardashian-ish. Do you think McKayla was inspired by the Kardashian/Jenner girls to get the idea for this look or was this a purely organic idea?

13 (Mc) Kayla Kardashian?

It's a whole new McKayla! Would you be able to tell this is the same girl from back in 2012? Neither would we! Now if she hasn't had any work done as she claims then she is missing her natural calling as an Olympic star-level make-up artist. Those eyes, nose, lips and chin look mighty different than what we remember from the girl dancing across the mat. But maybe she invested in some top of the line products and knows how to work her contours. Maybe not? Hmm. But her hips certainly look different as well. A trick of the camera? Or is McKayla Maroney, as so many have said, getting plastic enhancements a la the Kardashian girls?

12 An Old School Look On A New Face

McKayla showed off this interesting pic to Instagram. She took her new-looking face and wrapped up the rest of her in an 80's style ensemble with a vintage-looking pale pink Adidas jacket paired with super tight light jeans while giving a tiny hint of a coy smile. It looks like McKayla, who has had ties with Adidas in the past, is experimenting with her new image... from sleek and sexy aspiring recording artist to old skool chic. Which look do you think best represents the new girl McKayla is trying to show to the world? When too many looks are shown at once, things can get pretty confusing. It almost seems as if McKayla is working her way through a Pinterest board.

11 Recording Artist In Training

Ever since she wrapped up her acting career, McKayla has been hard at work on keeping her singing voice, that we are all supposed to be dazzled with, top secret while simultaneously making sure that we are all waiting on the edge of our seat to hear it. Or at least that's what it seems like with all of the interviews she's done about her new single "Ghost." McKayla has sort of done herself an injustice in that she has hyped her super secret voice and amazing single so much that if we're not blown away by this other talent, it could be a pretty big let-down.

But at least she looks the part. She looks more like a recording artist here than a former gymnast. However, this photo was taken at an interview she did to generate interest in her singing career and part way through the interview, she stopped to walk on her hands. You can take  girl out of the gymnasium but you can't take the gymnasium out of the girl.

10 Pop Star Lips?

In a 2016 interview with ET, McKayla addressed the rumors about her plastic surgery, specifically her lips by saying that her recent change in plumpness is attributed to a mere make-up trick. "Basically, I'm wearing lip liner," she said. Her fans and non-fans alike disagree. In the interview, she also claimed, "I have not had anything done to my face" and shut down further commenting by saying that she will not be responding to any questions about plastic surgery or lip filler injections. To many people, refusing to respond further to so many accusations seems like a pretty convenient thing to do if you've got something to hide. Her new look is often compared to that of Kylie Jenner who also found herself with a rare case of extreme overnight lip growth. Maybe McKayla will start a line of lip kits if her music career doesn't work out?

9 The Joke's On Us

What's so funny? Perhaps it's just the lighting in this club but McKayla's cheeks sure look different here than they do in some of the other photos. Instead of a smirk, she gives a wink and a smile to the camera with a look that says, "I don't know what this guy next to me is talking about and I really don't care but I'm a nice girl so I'll sign something for him." Gee, McKayla is really taking to the glitzy life of a celeb like fish to water, isn't she? We're sure she really appreciates gifs like these a lot more than the memes that once littered the internet and helped spark her to fame... in the awkwardest of ways.

8 Dare To Bare

After announcing her retirement from professional gymnastics, McKayla posted a video of herself to her Instagram account. Wearing nothing but a red tank top and G-string bottoms, she dances around, spins in a circle, giving viewers a shot of her full moon and posed with her hair tossed over the side of her face, giving her best bedroom eyes impression into the camera. These are just a small sample of the multitude of racy videos and pics that she loves to post online. It seems that she is doing all she can to put a wedge in between Not Impressed Face McKayla and the New McKayla, whomever that might be. These photos were taken pre-plastic surgery rumors so she has upped her game plenty since this.

7 Pitch Perfect

In 2014, McKayla traded in her leotard and funny face for a jersey tied to her midriff, skinny jeans, white Adidas sneakers and a casual low ponytail as she wound up for a fake-out pitch to entertain the crowd before performing a couple flips and prancing before finally tossing the baseball to the White Sox catcher and posing for a photo. Performing at events like this with a sweet, carefree and fun-loving attitude went a long way in helping to draw attention to her new image. McKayla's playfulness and easygoing nature mixed with a bit of sensuality is exactly the kind of new branding she's hoping to lay the groundwork with for her new career as a singer.

6 Trout Pout In Full Effect

Dressed up (or down) in a throwback acid washed denim mini skirt and a rolled up Lakers tank top, McKayla is performing a perfect example of what her former fans refer to as the "trout pout." It's kind of like McKayla's very own custom-tailored version of the duck face. To do the trout pout, you'll need a set of recently (allegedly) chemically enhanced lips or according to McKayla, just some lipliner and a little bit of attitude with a side of saucy sass. Then you curve the corner of your lips upwards and open your mouth just a bit. Now look in the mirror to see if you have successfully pulled off the Maroney trout pout for yourself. But never in public, please!

5 Putting All Of Her "Hart" Into Acting

In 2012, McKayla appeared on the CW show Hart of Dixie starring Rachel Bilson. She played a teenage bratty character named Tonya who backed up a regular character named Rose and threw out snarky barbs at Bilson's character. Her spot on the show was supposed to be a one-time thing but the show had her back for a recurring role and she did a total of six episodes from 2012 to 2015. This wasn't her only acting gig. In 2013, she appeared as Ellie in an episode of Bones and in 2016, she played a version of herself in Superstore. In a 2012 interview, she stated that she worked hard all of her life to get to the Olympics and that acting was the next phase in her life. Much has changed then of course as McKayla is hoping to dazzle the nation with her singing abilities instead of acting, just as she did with gymnastics.

4 Adidas Star

Here McKayla poses in orange active pants and a geometric patterned sports bra to show off (and hopefully, sell) a classic pair of black and white Adidas for a photoshoot. In her day, McKayla signed to sponsor many products but with Adidas, she launched her own line of specially designed leotards for aspiring gymnasts. It looks like fashion designer was just one more feather she was looking to add to her ever-shrinking hat. Post-Olympics, McKayla emerged as the most marketable of the Fab Five/Fierce Five with much of the thanks being owed to her famous not impressed smirk photo taken at the London Olympics. She cleverly followed up the meme seen 'round the world with a series of talk show spots filled with quippy, witty remarks and big toothy smiles which paid off big time when the advertisers came a-knocking.

3 No Smirk Here

Post-Olympic McKayla found a lot to smile about with endorsements pouring in and her phone no doubt ringing off of the hook with offers and deals. And here as she models an LBD and black high heels, you won't find a smirk on her face because McKayla has been actively fighting to change her image from the girl in the leotard with her hair severely pulled back from her face in a tight ponytail to a serious actress, leotard designer, Instagram model and singer. Many people say that it's wrong for McKayla to dress a certain way since she has so many children as fans who look up to her. She's not letting any of their words hurt her and maybe being an accused Kardashian-lookalike is exactly what she's aiming for.

2 Loving The Spotlight

All smiles and with stars in her eyes, McKayla does not disappoint during this interview judging by the look on the interviewer's face. She also probably did not miss a chance to plug her hopeful singing career, too. And why shouldn't she? If McKayla really can sing, she should go for the gold. Why not? Michael Jordan had a very successful acting career post-NBA retirement. Maybe not highly successful but Space Jam had its day in the sun... kind of. We wish McKayla nothing but bright days ahead on her journey of near nudie Instagram posting and singing dreams. And if all of that doesn't work out, we sense a Dancing With The Stars opportunity in her near and immediate future.

1 Booty Authenticity Debate

Just like her face, other body parts have come into question. This photo in particular, is what her fans, former fans and people who enjoy accusing others like to use to refer to her alleged body enhancements. In her defense, these could just be a pair of very strange shorts made from some sort of awkward material but something does look off... maybe even pointy. Whatever really is going on, it's clear that McKayla was not worried one bit. Notice how her top is pulled up to further show off her allegedly enhanced behind. As she poses to take a photo with a fan, she lifts up the heel of one foot. Whether she did this to get a better angle for the photo or because her other foot was sore, it made for speculation opportunity that people are still talking about. Hey, as long as they're talking, right McKayla?

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