The Coolest Cars Owned By John Cena And 15 Other WWE Stars

The world of professional wrestling can be quite lucrative, especially since it can easily lead to earning a lot of money if you’re a huge hit with the fans of course. Most of the time money is also represented as part of a wrestler’s gimmick such as in the case of Alberto Del Rio who would always arrive in the ring on expensive cars.

No other object has been more indicative of someone’s wealth than the car that they drive around so it is only natural that the rich choose to drive around in expensive luxury cars. This is also true for most wrestlers and because of the money that they make, they are perfectly capable of buying their favorite cars and maintaining their desired collection. This isn't only limited to cars as most of these guys have also spent a considerable sum on expensive motorcycles too. While many tend to go for moderate means of transportation, some wrestlers do believe that driving a nice looking automobile means everything. Whether you love wrestling or think that it's fake, you'll definitely end up loving some of these really cool cars that are owned by WWE wrestlers.

16 John Cena's Luxury Ferrari

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John Cena is probably the only wrestler on this list to own the most number of cars. This comes as no surprise since Cena spent most of his teenage years working on muscle cars when he was in Massachusetts. His first car was a 1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville which he bought back when he was only 14 years old.

As he eventually got into wrestling and started making money, he decided to fuel his one and true passion for collecting some fine rides. One of the most notable vehicles that he currently owns is the InCENArator which is a completely custom car designed by the Parker Brothers Concepts and was used to open up the Gumball 3000 supercar rally.

15 The Rock Loves Custom Sports Trucks

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was not only one of the most influential wrestlers of the attitude era but he also went on to create a name for himself in Hollywood. This has allowed him to become one of the most well-known icons all over the world.

His current net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $220 million which means that he has plenty to spend on his favorite rides. The car that he loves the most is his 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS which was also featured in his movie Faster. He also owns a 2016 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck which was modified by California Custom Sport Trucks and can be seen often in the posts he makes on social media.

14 Bill Goldberg's Amazing 1970 Superboss 429 Mustang

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Goldberg is also one of the most well known names when it comes to the world of professional wrestling. Outside of his busy schedule, he is known to have a passion for customizing and modifying older cars.

One of the most notable cars in his collection is the 1970 Superboss 429 Mustang which is also often referred to as the “Lawman”. This is the only automatic 429 to exist and outputs a whopping 780 horsepower. Some of the other cars in his collection include a 1965 Shelby Cobra that features a 900 horsepower NASCAR engine, a 1959 Chevy Biscayne and other famous classic cars.

13 Rey Mysterio's Modified Toyota Tundra Is A Sight To Behold

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Famous for his Lucha Libre high flying style, Rey Mysterio has remained as one of the most well-known names in the world of professional wrestling. Similar to many of the other wrestlers on this list, Rey also has a nice collection of cars and motorcycles.

Some of these have been modified by Chuck Palumbo, another former WWE star but the car that gets Rey the most attention is his modified Toyota Tundra. Newer, more menacing bumpers have been installed and the overall the truck has been given a matte finish. Since this is what Rey drives daily, he gets a lot of comments on it when he’s out and about.

12 Seth Rollins Is The Owner Of A Lamborghini Aventador

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Seth Rollins arrived on the WWE scene a few years ago and was able to create a name for himself in a very short amount of time. Unlike his ring persona, however, Rollins prefers to live a quiet and subtle life away from any sort of public attention.

Still, this hasn’t stopped him from enjoying expensive cars as evident from the picture above where he can be seen posing with a Lamborghini Aventador. While most of his colleagues live in either Florida or California, Rollins still resides in Davenport, Iowa since it is close to where he spent most of his childhood years.

11 Hulk Hogan Purchases Mostly Red Or Yellow Cars

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If you were to ask anyone to name the most influential people in the history of professional wrestling then Hulk Hogan would definitely be up there. The years have not been very kind to him, however, as he lost most of his fortune in a messy divorce and later the WWE cut all ties with him when his name surfaced in a racism scandal.

Before this, he owned a number of famous muscle cars like the 1968 Dodge Challenger and the 1994 Dodge Viper. One really cool fact about all of is vehicles is that all of them are either Red, Yellow or a combination of both colors signifying his Hulk Hogan persona.

10 Shane McMahon Owns An Extensive Collection Of Motorcycles

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While technically not a car collection, Shane McMahon has an extensive collection of custom and original motorcycles. While he was away from the WWE, he made use of his time to pursue his passion and entered the motorcycle business by partnering up with Bobby Seeger and starting a motorcycle shop in Brooklyn by the name of “Indian Larry’s Motorcycles”.

Their shop was featured in one of the issues for Inked magazine where Shane highlighted the company’s work and customization skills. Shane also ensures to expand his personal motorcycle collection by purchasing expensive bikes from his own shop.

9 Chuck Palumbo's Favourite Car Is His 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

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After his time the WWE was done, Chuck decided to pursue his passion for customizing motorcycles and cars when he opened his own customs shop. Since then, he has been responsible for customizing cars for some of the other well known names in the wrestling industry like Batista and Rey Mysterio.

This obviously comes without saying but Chuck also has a decent car collection for himself out of which his favorite car is the 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Other than a career in the WWE, Chuck has also been featured in a number of car related shows on TV including co-hosting Lords of Car Hoards.

8 Randy Orton Is The Owner Of A Hummer H2 DUB

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Randy Orton is known by quite a few names in the wrestling industry but his signature move, the RKO has also turned him into an internet meme. A successful career in the WWE ensures that Orton can enjoy the finer things in life and one of those is purchasing a customized, one of a kind Hummer H2 DUB.

This Hummer has been outfitted with a state of the art sound system which has been designed according to Orton’s requirements. While it is true that the Hummer is looked down on by many car enthusiasts, there is no denying of the fact that it has been a favorite among a lot of celebrities and we doubt anyone would have much to say once they see Orton stepping out of this monster.

7 Batista Is An Avid Collector Of Luxury Cars Like Lambos And BMWs

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Similar to Dwayne Johnson, Batista has also been able to create a name for himself outside of WWE, especially after he got a role as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. Regardless of this, Batista has been an avid collector of expensive vehicles ever since his days as a member of Evolution.

His first purchase during that time was a BMW 754 LI which was fully customized according to Batista’s specifications. After this, he developed a taste for collecting white vehicles and added a Mercedes SL 500, a Hummer H2 and a Lamborghini Murcielago to his collection of expensive cars. The white theme carries throughout and all of these have been outfitted with matching white rims.

6 Stone Cold Steve Austin Owns This Monster Truck

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If you would expect one person to own an actual monster truck then it would definitely be Stone Cold Steve Austin. Not only was he extremely outspoken but he would also not hesitate from delivering a stunner to pretty much anyone including Vince McMahon and his family.

His monster truck was featured on the WWE a couple of times during Austin’s feud with The Rock in the Attitude Era and one especially notable appearance during which it was used to crush The Rock’s Lincoln Continental. Nowadays the truck is present at Austin’s ranch in Texas along with some of the other cars that he owns.

5 The Undertaker Is Obsessed With Motorcycles

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Similar to Shane McMahon on this list, Undertaker is also known more for his motorcycles than cars but it would be crazy not to include the 7-foot Phenom on this list. Very few wrestlers are as well known as the Undertaker and before his Deadman persona became famous all over the world, he adopted the aptly named American Badass look.

This meant that the Undertaker would often arrive at the ring riding his expensive custom motorcycles and boy were they a thing of beauty. Since he had always loved motorcycles more than cars, this persona suited him perfectly and he still has some of the motorcycles from that era as part of his personal collection.

4 Eddie Guerrero Is Famous For His Custom Buick

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Some cars hold value not because of how rare or how fast they are but instead for the number of memories that have been associated with them. The late wrestling legend Eddie Guerrero made sure to bring out low riders as part of his gimmick.

While some of these vehicles were given to him by fans or other car enthusiasts, he made sure to bring out his own custom Buick in his entrances to the ring. Compared to other wrestlers who always focused on the more expensive and flashy cars, these low riders seemed to work pretty good with Eddie’s personality and played an important role in him becoming an icon.

3 Triple H Buys Mostly High End Models Like BMW And Mercedes Benz

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In recent times, Triple H or ‘The Game’ as we all know him has shifted his focus more on management instead of wrestling full time, thanks to his marriage to Vince’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon.

He has also made a good amount of money during this time because of which he has been able to create an extensive collection of vehicles for himself. While he hasn’t stuck around with a specific car for too long, he makes sure to mostly buy the most high end models of both BMW and Mercedes Benz. Vehicles from Toyota and Nissan are part of his collection as daily drivers.

2 John Bradshaw Layfield's Custom Limousine

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There isn’t a voice more iconic than that of the legendary JBL. He was also a pretty well known character during his wrestling days as part of the APA Protection group. This, later on, led him to win numerous titles in WWE.

To show off for all of his success, JBL preferred to travel around in luxury and there wasn’t a car more befitting than his limousine. The one thing that put apart this vehicle from all the others is that it was adorned with bullhorns over the hood, giving it the complete southern charm. As of recent times, JBL was a commentator at SmackDown but has since stepped down to focus more on community service.

1 Ric Flair Had To Auction Off His 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

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The legendary Nature Boy has had his fair share of problems over the past few years. A couple of messy divorces and some unpaid taxes have left the once luxurious lifestyle of Ric Flair into shambles, however, that still doesn’t mean that it has stopped him from keeping a nice ride or two around.

Until recently, Ric Flair was the owner of a white 2010 Chevrolet Camaro which also had some really nice looking white rims as well. Unfortunately, in order to get some extra coin for himself, Flair had to auction the car off on eBay where it was listed for a $27,000 Buy It Now price. In the end, the highest bidder for the vehicle ended up getting it for a decent $22,000.

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