Paris Hilton's $2 Million Engagement Ring (Plus 20 Other Luxury Celeb Diamonds)

Getting engaged is so much fun, especially for the bride to be. While having your soul mate's love forever is a big enough gift, having a sparkly ring to show off isn't too bad either. And when you're a celebrity whose partner can afford a huge engagement ring, it's even better! Whether you are super single or already married, admiring and wishing for the enormous, glittering rocks movie stars receive from their significant others is a pastime for many women. They certainly are much more glamorous than the rings you have saved to your wedding Pinterest board! Most of us would be amazed if we got a one carat diamond from our boo, but some of these ladies are rocking almost 20 carats on their hand! How does it not weigh them down? Engagement rings come in all sizes, colors, cuts, and designs. Of course a celebrity would never want a boring, run of the mill ring! This list features some of the biggest, prettiest, and most unique rings stars have ever gotten from their partners. From simple yet giant solitaire diamonds to glimmering bands to colorful gems, no two rings are alike. Keep reading to be awed by some of the most amazing celebrity engagement rings ever!

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21 Paris Hilton

via: People

One of the most recent celebrities to get engaged is wild child heiress Paris Hilton. Though she has chilled out slightly since her younger days, she still enjoys the good life. That much was clear when she showed off her engagement ring from actor Chris Zylka. The two made their intent to marry official on a New Year's ski trip to Aspen, Colorado this January. Hilton says she "has never felt so happy." While this is mostly because of her dream fiance, I'm sure the enormous ring he gave her played a part in her joy. It features a giant, unique 20 carat pear-shaped stone on a platinum band with 2 carats of smaller diamonds surrounding it in a halo. Worth almost $2 million, even the woman who grew up in a life of luxury said she was "shaking when she put it on!"

20 Eva Longoria

via: NY Daily News

In late 2015, actress Eva Longoria got engaged to Jose "Pepe" Baston, president of the largest media company in Latin America. He surprised her while the two were on vacation in Dubai. Longoria shared her happy news with a romantic photo of the couple sharing a kiss in the desert on her Instagram profile. While many celebs go for giant white diamonds for their engagement rings, Baston chose a more colorful ring for Longoria. Her huge sparkler features a gorgeous ruby in the center with small clusters of white diamonds for accents. Many women feel they cannot pull off a less conventional engagement ring like this one, but Longoria's beautiful looks and personality make this the perfect ring for her.

19 Gabrielle Union

via: Ritani

December 2013 brought joyous news for one of Hollywood's power couples. Basketball star Dwyane Wade popped the question to actress Gabrielle Union while surrounded by family. He even enlisted the help of his two sons and nephew to make the proposal even cuter! Besides their clearly love-filled relationship, this pair is loaded with cash, let's be honest. That's why Union now sports an enormous 8.5 carat diamond on her left hand. While the design is simple, with just a single diamond situated on a band, it is anything but boring. The gorgeous, glittering cushion cut stone is worth almost $1 million! Crazy, right?! Apparently it took Wade three trips to the jewelers to find this perfect engagement ring. Looks like he chose right!

18 Amal Clooney

via: Cyber Breeze

When George Clooney was shopping for an engagement ring for his now-wife Amal, it makes sense that he bought her something as beautiful and amazing as her. Amal Clooney is not just famous for marrying one of Hollywood's most untameable, handsome men, but also for being a top-notch international and human rights lawyer, too. Her stunning ring features a 7 carat emerald-cut diamond, set in platinum. It is valued at over $750,000! The rock is so huge, in fact, that Amal actually shopped for a simple band to wear in its place while at work. She didn't want the sparkly stone to distract from her serious work. She is also known for her ability to fly under the radar in the media, and that would be hard with such a giant ring on her hand.

17 Serena Williams

via: Brides

Tennis star Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian are one of the most random yet adorable couples in celebrity land. In January 2017, the two announced their engagement on Reddit (of course) with a ring fit for some of the richest people around. You can probably see it from space! Williams received a sparkler as big as her talent, which she officially debuted at the 2017 Met Gala. It features a giant oval-cut diamond, flanked by two smaller diamonds, all set on a silver-colored band. Though the actual specs of this ring have been kept under wraps, it's easy to tell that it cost Ohanian a pretty penny. One appraiser, in fact, estimated that a ring this size would retail at about $2 million!

16 Carrie Underwood

via: TheGloss

When hockey player Mike Fisher proposed to country star Carrie Underwood in 2009, he chose a doozy of a ring. I'm not sure how it doesn't weigh down Underwood's tiny hand! An enormous round-cut canary colored diamond (estimated to be around 5 carats on its own) is surrounded by many glittering white diamonds on a halo and on the ring's band. The International Gem Society estimates that the ring has 12 carats of diamonds total! Fisher co-designed the ring with one of Carrie's favorite designers, Jonathan Arndt, especially for her. Though we are unsure of the exact value of this breathtaking ring, you can tell just by looking at it that it was expensive! This is a sweet ring for a sweet star.

15 Jennifer Lopez

via: PopSugar

Way back in the early 2000s, two of the hottest Latin music stars around tied the knot. Singer Marc Anthony knew he was marrying up when he popped the question to the iconic Jennifer Lopez, so he bought her a ring to match her awesomeness. The ring features an absolutely giant 8.5 carat rare blue diamond, valued at around $4 million! Who even has that kind of cash kicking around? While the engagement ring is totally stunning, J Lo reportedly sold it, along with other clothing and jewels that Anthony bought for her during their romance, after their nasty 2011 divorce. Apparently she often does this as a way to move on from people she cuts out of her life. Nothing like drying your tears with the tons of money she got for her ring!

14 Kim Kardashian

via: Heightline

When you are as in the public eye as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, it makes sense that your engagement ring will be a bit extra. Or, in this case, a LOT extra. On Kim's 33rd birthday in October 2013, Kanye got down on one knee to propose, just 4 months after the birth of the couple's first child, North. Though Kim had also received a gorgeous and huge ring from ex-husband Kris Humphries, Kanye's pick is nothing to sniff at. The simple band features an enormous 15 carat diamond. This means that it is one of the highest quality diamonds you can buy. The stone is so perfect that it is estimated to be worth between $5 and $8 million. Only the best for Kim and Kanye!

13 Blake Lively

via: Ritani

Gorgeous actress Blake Lively got ahead of the rose gold trend with her stunning engagement ring from Hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds. The couple, who got married quietly at a plantation in South Carolina after only a year of dating, debuted Lively's sparkler to the public in 2012. Designed by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, this ring features a huge and rare 7 carat oval cut pink diamond, which perfectly matches the delicate rose gold band that features smaller diamonds. Though some reports value the ring at around $2 million, others say it would retail at well under $1 million. This is a perfect example of veering away from traditional white diamond engagement rings for beautiful results. This is a truly unique and gorgeous ring to match a fun and beautiful Hollywood couple!

12 Meghan Markle

via: YouTube

The most recent royals to announce their engagement, Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle, have some major sparkle to show off. Rather than propose with a family heirloom, as many people predicted, Harry designed a custom engagement ring for the occasion. The ring features one larger 3 carat diamond sourced from Botswana in the center, flanked by two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana's personal collection. The pair love to vacation in Botswana, giving the stone a special significance. The band is yellow gold, bride to be Markle's favorite metal. Normally a ring like this would retail at a meager $50,000 but because of the history of the stones, it could now sell at upwards of $1 million. Who's excited for the next royal wedding? I know I am!

11 Kate Upton

via: ABC News

Early 2016 brought joyful news for model and actress Kate Upton and her baseball player fiance Justin Verlander. The two got engaged after three years of dating but kept their impending marriage on the down-low for quite awhile. The couple finally made their engagement official at the Met Gala that year. Upton's ring features a gorgeous, giant 8 carat round cut diamond in a six prong setting, with even more glittering stones on the band. Some appraisers say that this sparkler could have cost Verlander up to $1.5 million! When you are ten years older than your girlfriend who is one of the most beautiful women on earth, I guess you will spend that kind of money to keep her around.

10 Sofia Vergara

via: Harper's Bazaar

In December 2014, one of Hollywood's hottest couples got engaged. Major hunk Joe Manganiello popped the question to hilarious and beautiful Modern Family star Sofia Vergara. Vergara got to debut her giant rock on the Screen Actors' Guild Awards red carpet in January 2015. And boy was it worth waiting for! The Columbian-born actress rocked a ring with a huge cushion cut center diamond (estimated to be between 5 and 7 carats), situated in a halo setting with smaller diamonds on the stunning platinum band. This sparkler practically takes up Vergara's whole hand! Rumor has it that the ring Manganiello chose cost him around $500,000. Not too shabby! I'm sure that Vergara's first husband, her childhood sweetheart, didn't get her a ring this nice.

9 Beyonce

via: Glamour

Of course Beyonce has an absurdly decadent engagement ring. She's just extra like that in everything she does! Though it is just a solitaire design, this ring is far from simple or ordinary. Before the iconic duo got married back in 2008, rapper Jay-Z proposed to singer Beyonce with this major sparkler. The engagement ring features one flawless emerald cut white diamond, a whopping 18 carats in size, set on a platinum band. That thing has to be heavy! It's one of the most valuable, premium diamonds money can buy. The classy ring was designed by jeweler to the stars Lorraine Schwartz. This ridiculously gorgeous ring is thought to be worth around $5 million! Nothing but the best for the queen of us all.

8 Mariah Carey

via: dailymotion.com

Mariah Carey received one of the largest, most expensive engagement rings in Hollywood history in January 2016. Australian businessman and investor got down on one knee for the pop diva after just a few short months of knowing each other. This ring is a perfect match for Carey's big personality, as it is a whopping 35 carats in size! Created by New York-based jewelry designer and Carey's personal friend Wilfredo Rosado, it features enormous diamonds and a platinum band valued at an insane $10 million. Now that Carey and Packer are in a nasty split, though, the ring is a point of contention. Originally Carey was going to keep the ring as part of the settlement, but rumor has it that Packer has changed his mind.

7 Kate Middleton

via: www.mets-tokyo.com

Even though they are royals, Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William have one of the least expensive engagement rings on this list. But it is one of the most iconic and copied since their wedding a few years ago. Originally given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles in 1981, this ring is worth around $140,000. It is especially noteworthy that Princess Diana chose the ring herself from a selection Prince Charles offered to her. This ring features a stunning 12 carat sapphire stone, surrounded by a halo of white diamonds with more small diamonds on the white gold band. Prince William apparently carried this expensive ring around in his backpack while the pair were on a trip to Africa until he finally popped the question!

6 Jennifer Aniston

via: Martha Stewart Weddings

In 2012, actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux decided to make America's sweetheart his forever sweetheart by proposing to Jennifer Aniston. And the ring was a whopper. In fact, Aniston is quoted saying she still can't believe the size and beauty of her engagement ring! Though the actress says she is normally not into diamonds, she couldn't help but love this 8 carat beauty she received. The simple yellow gold band allows the enormous oval shaped cushion cut stone to take center stage, making the ring one of the more minimal designs on this list. Appraisers estimate that this engagement ring is worth somewhere around $1 million. It shows that just because something is expensive doesn't mean it has to be gaudy!

5 Victoria Beckham

via: PopSugar

We all know that former Spice Girl turned designer Victoria Beckham is a fashion queen. She is glam and fierce and just a bit extra. So it makes sense that the engagement ring pictured here is just one of 13, yes 13, rings that she has. Her husband, soccer icon David Beckham, is worth $1 billion, so he has used his wealth to show his love for his wife over their 20 year marriage with over a dozen flashy engagement rings. The collection includes the giant pear-shaped diamond pictured above (which she received in 2005), plus several emerald cut diamonds, diamonds in round, square, and oval shapes, and rings with other gemstones like ruby, emerald, and sapphire. The ring above is Beckham's largest ring at 17 carats and the one she is seen wearing most often to this day.

4 Ciara

via: PopSugar

Quarterback Russell Wilson made singer Ciara's day in 2016 when he got down on one knee with this amazing engagement ring. The proposal was totally romantic, as he popped the question on the beach during a surprise vacation to the Seychelles. Fitting for the budget of a pro athlete, Wilson gifted Ciara with a huge 16 carat sparkler. Though it features just white diamonds, this design is one of the most unique on this list. A large round brilliant cut flawless diamond is surrounded by 4 smaller side stones in trapezoid and pear shapes. Both close up and from far away, this ring is swoon worthy for sure. The ring was originally debuted on Ciara's Instagram account, then she wore it to a performance in Las Vegas.

3 Angelina Jolie

via: TLC

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are one of the most iconic couples Hollywood has ever seen. That is why when Pitt proposed, he knew the ring had to be extraordinary. Working with the pair's private jeweler Robert Procop, it took the movie star over a year to get the design just right. In fact, the stones were custom cut to complement Angelina's hand. The ring, which is valued at around $500,000, has a vintage feel to it and looks like something the likes of Elizabeth Taylor would have worn. It features 16 carats of diamonds, the emerald cut center stone is flanked by more trapezoid shaped diamonds on the band. Each stone is extremely high quality, which is to be expected from this power pair.

2 Catherine Zeta-Jones

via: Marie Claire

After just a few months of dating, Michael Douglas proposed to fellow actor Catherine Zeta-Jones. The pair are one of Hollywood's longest lasting marriages to this day, despite their big age gap. The two got engaged in 1999 but did not marry until many years later, when they had a huge wedding at The Plaza. When Douglas popped the question, he spared no expense on his choice of engagement ring. The ring, valued at $2 million, features a giant 10 carat marquise cut white diamond set in a unique east-west orientation. This vintage ring from the 1920s is also sprinkled with 28 smaller diamonds to add even more dazzle. This ring fits perfectly with Catherine's classy, old Hollywood beauty vibe.

1 Hilary Duff

via: PopSugar

When Canadian hockey star and heir to a furniture store empire Mike Comrie popped the question to singer and actress Hilary Duff, he put his pro athlete salary to good use. After he gifted her a new Mercedes for her birthday shortly after they began dating, no one was surprised by how decadent the engagement ring turned out to be. Though the pair had a short engagement of just a few months in 2010, we are still dazzled by this ring. Worth around $1 million, the ring Comrie chose features a huge 14 carat princess cut white diamond, a sweet design for the former Disney Channel star. Despite the giant size of the ring, the couple kept their engagement, wedding, and subsequent marriage pretty hidden from the media.

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