Lifts Or Heels: 15 Male Celebs Who Enjoy The Extra Inch (Or Two) In Their Shoes

When a woman puts on a pair of heels, she feels confident, foxy, and ready to strut, and it is normalized in our world. But, what if a man wants to give himself a little bit of height and wants to stand taller next to his leading lady, should it be construed as abnormal?

Heels not only help in giving height and accentuating a woman's curves, heels also make for a steadier posture, so why should these male celebrities not be able to enjoy an extra inch or two as well?

Currently, some of the male celebrities that have been spotted with a "heel" have been Justin Bieber , Kanye West , and Harry Styles, but this trend goes way back to the black-and-white movies of the 1920s. However, one may be surprised at the male Hollywood icons that often wore "heels" on movie sets and to red carpet events, but that were usually somehow camouflaged — keeping in mind that gender norms were not the same back then.

One thing to make clear, though, is that these shoes male stars are wearing nowadays are not heels, as many fashion and media outlets have referred them to, but are simply boots with an extra inch or two, like women wear (a.k.a booties). If women like to have an extra spring in their step, men are entitled also. And there is nothing wrong with elevator shoes and shoe lifts either, since these stars need to have great stature and poise. Here is a list of celebrity fellas who are not afraid to put their stacked foot forward.

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15 Kanye West

Kanye West, a celebrity who many have hatred toward because of his arrogance, apparently thinks he too needs to stand taller in life. Who knew he needed to take part in the "extra inch" trend?

In terms of style, West has definitely come a long way, often donning Louis Vuitton next to his fashion mogul wife, Kim Kardashian . West was first spotted wearing heels in 2015, and has kept the trend going since, spotted standing next to Mrs. West on many occasions with boots with stacks. We all know that West always demands and wants attention and wearing heeled boots gives him that each time. From velvet booties to suede heeled boots, the rapper has gained both haters and admirers with this trend.

14 Mick Jagger

When it comes to heels, who could rock them more than the Rolling Stone legend himself, Mick Jagger . A lead singer with plenty of soul clearly thought that he needed a little more "sole" on his feet also. Let us not forget that the singer came from eras like the '70s and '80s, where styles and clothing items were interchangeable between genders. Jagger often wears "heels" to dinner with his leggy girlfriend L'Wren Scott, to give himself that little boost. It is not heels the veteran rocker sports, but shoes with an extra all-around platform that are the trending shoe for women nowadays. Maybe we should thank Jagger for that one? The star is not a short man, either, standing at 5'10." So he could do it, than why not a short fella?

13 Tom Cruise

When it comes to the Mission Impossible actor, one mission Tom Cruise has accomplished is appearing much taller than he actually is most of the time in the public eye. The reason there was always speculation around Cruise's height was because he never appeared to be the same height, especially when standing next to women like Cameron Diaz. Heel lifts or insoles are what Cruise and a few other male celebrities have used to elevate themselves. A man of average height, Cruise uses these very common shoe accessories for interviews and red-carpet appearances. And the best part about the extra inch fad, is that with Cruise, you cannot tell if he is wearing them or not since they are secretly tucked in the shoe.

12 Robert De Niro

There is a lot of things we do not see in the final cut of films, like the actual shoes that are on Robert De Niro 's feet. They say that the cameras add weight on television, but they definitely do not add height, so shorter male actors sometimes find it difficult to feel serious and in their role without that extra boost of confidence. For Robert De Niro, a Hollywood actor known for his iconic roles in The Godfather and Goodfellas, his shortness has always caused him a problem on set as many of the male actors tower over him, and he is often casted in roles of "important" men. Though not the shortest actor, he has been spotted often wearing ridiculous platforms while filming, and not just your ordinary stacked boots.

11 Justin Bieber

Not many men are big fans of the Biebs anyways, so starting a new trend most men will not sport will not gain him any more men followers. The singer who has grown in front of our very eyes, is not shy to add a few extra inches to him — he strives to be larger than life in all ways.

The look the singer sported was unalike the Biebs we have been used to seeing with baggy t-shirts and loose pants; he was spotted wearing a slim and skin-tight white t-shirt, with a pair of distressed denim and a pair of heeled booties one can find in just about any woman's closet. Bieber ditched his sneakers and baggy jean look for a more mature look, and he did 'slay' the look, we must give it to him. He rocked the look, and since then, has not hesitated to slap on his heeled booties.

10 George Clooney

We assume many of these male celebrities need a rise on their feet to keep rising in fame. In Hollywood, there has been a long-time trend known as "elevator shoes," that plagued the Hollywood world since the 20s. This trend, as mentioned before that was used by Tom Cruise, also influenced the likes of George Clooney . Standing at 5'11”, Clooney is no short man, but in his closet, one will find a couple of leather elevator shoes from the brand Taller, that he has been photographed sporting on many occasions. For whatever reason it may be, most actors like Clooney do not want the public to know they are wearing the shoes but sport them to seem more imposing as a Hollywood heavyweight. The correlation between height and authority is big for actors like Clooney.

9 Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell , the man always quick to judge others should not talk too fast, we now know his secret, he wears bootie heels and shoe lifts, too. Cowell, who is usually perfectly groomed, has often tried to hide his boost in height, along with the booster seat on his judging chair; this probably the reason why Mr. Cowell has always allowed himself to portray such arrogance. A man of this calibre, wants a tall frame and wants to always appear confident, even if that means spending thousands of dollars on leather heeled booties that give a 3-inch boost to the frame. Cowell's trick to fool us all, is that he often sports trousers that are specifically tailored to go over the heels so that they are rarely seen.

8 Harry Styles

Men throughout history, like some of the kings, have been known to seek a little height boost, so why not continue this trend and make it happen? Harry Styles is the number one supporter of this trend at the moment. Styles has been rocking man heels in almost all his recent public appearances; from his $1,000 glittery ones on Saturday Night Live, to his gold pair, and the classic black pair with any extravagant suit, he is digging the heels. Styles, who claims rock star status, follows his rock star predecessors in following the man heels trend; as mentioned, the heels are not a new trend and many rock legends, like Prince, donned them in the 1980s. He even wears heeled Gucci loafers — men, take notes.

7 Sylvester Stallone

There is a famous shoemaker from Italy named Pasquale Di Fabrizio, that has helped many stars stand tall and firm. This man, has helped the star and legend we all know as Rocky, Sylvester Stallone gain height. Actors like Stallone, with such an extensive career and critical movie roles, discreetly reached out to the Italian footwear designer who was able to provide concealed lifts instead of visible heels. Stallone is a man who throughout his career in the movies, and in real-life, has always projected strength, confidence and toughness, and so the heel lifts have been crucial to him for many reasons; to maintain that image and appear the same height when meeting people. In the face of adversaries, Stallone had to employ insoles in his shoes during filming; it is the "eye of the tiger."

6 Bono

When one thinks of platform shoes and rock stars from the 1980s, the band KISS comes to mind as it is part of their on stage persona, but rock stars without the theatrical appearance and costumes, like Bono also sport platforms — visible ones. The frontman that many adore and idolize for his talent, and philanthropic views, has a short man complex that many do not know about. The lead singer stands at 5'6," and always tries to gain a few inches before he hits the stage, the red carpet, or charity events, and he does that by using shoe lifts like the other stars on this list. His height has always been a point that people have discussed as many contend he is between 5’5” and 5’7.” but it does not really matter, he is Bono.

5 Brad Pitt

Stacked heels and shoe lifts are nothing new in Hollywood, and they are socially acceptable amongst the men, though some try and hide their "rise." When standing next to a woman as confident as Angelina Jolie , Brad Pitt needs to stand just as tall. Elevator shoes, or shoe lifts, are popular both on and off set, and Pitt is one of the male celebs that is not shy to take advantage of this tremendous asset; and if Pitt is sporting them, then any man has the permission to. Though Pitt is just slightly off the 6-foot mark, he wears lifts in his shoes on set to gain some height over his co-stars that are only slightly taller, like Christian Bale. The taller a man appears, the better visually — it just might be the reason why Jolie fell for him.

4 Drake

Canadian rapper Drake, is a giant on the hip-hop scene, but is he that much of a giant in person? In a dog-eat-dog world, that is the rapper world, you always have to stand tall compared to your competition, and Drake does that by sporting concealed shoe lifts. In the world of hip hop, image is everything, and though Drake got his debut independently, which is huge, he needs to constantly match his image to his success. And because Drake always wants great "views," he needs to use shoe lifts discreetly placed in his shoes to gain height, project the right image, and get a good view of the Raptors. He has also been photographed with construction style boots, which also help him gain the 2 extra inches to his 6-foot frame.

3 Zac Efron

What is Zac Efron's secret to making all women fall head over heels (pun intended) in love with him? Shoe lifts. Standing at 5'8," Efron is just under the average height of male American celebrities of 5’10,” and so to stand out in comparison to the other Hollywood hunks, he uses shoe lifts to give himself the edge over them. Most women do not realize his actual height until he is doing interviews, where he appears shorter than the other men around him. However, with the perfect dressing tricks, like fitted trousers that makes the "shorter" actor seem more agile, and the elevator shoes, he is able to boost his frame to 5'10." Those virtually undetected heels do you well, Efron.

2 Kevin Hart

Everyone’s new favorite comedian, Kevin Hart, often uses his height as a weapon when getting on stage or on set to make people laugh. Certainly not embarrassed of his height as he often makes jokes about it, Hart, like any other man in Hollywood needs to stand a little taller to break the barrier that the shorter male actors tend to face. It is not known if he wears the elevator shoes or shoe inserts, but he often rocks the platform sneakers trend when out and about, sticking true to his more casual style. We could always count on Hart to crack hysterical jokes, the same way that he could count on his sneakers to give him that little boost — especially when next to his wife who towers over him.

1 Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is a Hollywood actor who has always appeared chill and down to Earth, which is probably why he does not mind exposing the fact that he wears extra inches. However, that means that we cannot ignore the fact that height is an issue for the Iron Man actor and that it does bother him. The man straight up wears visible wedges whether he be on set or on the streets, and even on the red carpet, because he just does not care what anyone thinks. Downey did fool us for years though. While we all thought he was slaying the sneaker look, showing the world that he does not care to walk on eggshells by not dressing up with the proper attire to events, it was because all his sneakers had lifts in them. Little did we know he was hiding a secret in his shoes.

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