Kylie Is A Momma: 15 Things She Wanted To Keep Secret About Her Pregnancy

Yes, the word is out, Kylie Jenner was, in fact, pregnant. But before you break out the champagne, she’s already had the baby and it’s a girl. What is puzzling the world is why all the secrecy? She was seriously acting as if her baby was Renesmee and the rest of the world was the Volturi was going after her child. That was a great meme. But truly, it was pretty weird that Kylie didn’t just embrace her pregnancy and show off that baby bump for a few months. It’s not like we weren’t all going to find out anyway.

There was a lot of speculation over the past few months and Kylie kept assuring the world that she just had too many tacos. We can’t believe that she kept that up for the entire pregnancy. Why not just be honest? It wasn’t just her either; there were a lot of people that were helping her keep the secret, as well.

The name of the child has finally been revealed and just like the rest of the Kardashian clan, it’s a weird one. They welcomed Stormi into the world and we’re not sure what to make of the name. For some reason, Kylie decided to keep her pregnancy secret and then suddenly post a video of the last nine months of her pregnancy for her fans. It’s truly bizarre. We’re taking a look at the things that Kylie Jenner wanted to keep secret about her pregnancy because we want some answers.

15 Travis Scott Felt The Pressure

Maybe Travis Scott wasn’t ready to be a father, after all Kylie Jenner is only 20 years old. In our day and age, it’s young to be having babies; she had her whole life ahead of her to do that. Kim Kardashian has been harassing the father to step up in his role. He’s been getting non-stop text messages from Kim and it’s been putting a lot of pressure on him. It wouldn’t be the first time he admitted to feeling bullied by the family. She may have kept the secret because announcing it would put more pressure on him. Kylie doesn’t want Travis to feel pressure and has insisted that the harassing must stop. Kylie appreciates her family’s support, but in situations like this one, it can make things so much worse. Pressuring a guy is never the best way of getting what you want.

14 Being In The Public Eye Stressed Her Out


Considering that all the Kardashians and Jenners are in the public eye, and some of them made their careers out of being in the media, this one really surprised us. Kylie Jenner worried that being out in the public eye and being pregnant would be too stressful for her and then that stress could harm the baby. “Kylie wants to disappear and be out of the spotlight and focus on her health and happiness,” a source told People. “Kylie isn’t going to publicly address her pregnancy until she gives birth. She’s not doing any public appearances and just wanted to take 6 months off. Kylie is only trusting her closest friends and her sisters right now. She wants to reveal things on her own terms, but she’s, of course, having fun teasing everyone. She knows all the attention is on her and her baby bump, but she won’t share until she wants to.”

13 Khloe Kardashian Was Her Personal Trainer

Well, of course, because she’s totally qualified. Both the Kardashians and the Jenners seem to be obsessed with weight and most importantly, losing it. So it’s not surprising that Jenner is anxious to get back to her pre-baby weight. She looked to a family member to help her out, and who better to turn to than Khloe? When it comes to losing baby weight, it’s no easy task, despite what some celebrities want you to believe. Kylie has never enjoyed working out, so the task may be even harder for her. She chose her sister to help her out because she was impressed with how Khloe transformed her own body. We feel that she should probably get an actual personal trainer to help her lose the extra pounds, but if she’s just looking for a motivational partner to workout with, then Khloe would probably be the best person.

12 She Didn’t Want To Show Off Her Body

Again, the whole clan is obsessed with their weight and not everyone looks great pregnant. It was rumored that Kylie Jenner was uncomfortable about the way her body was changing and did not want to show off any baby bump or have the world experience those changes with her. It can be hard for a young girl who’s used to being “hot” and wearing crop tops all the time to then start to gain a lot of weight, but that’s all part of the process. Being pregnant isn’t always easy for a young girl. “She feels good, but her body is changing,” People reports. “She doesn’t want to be photographed. At the moment, she wants more privacy. She has family and friends come to her house instead, so she has company. She’s very excited about the baby, though. She talks about the baby nonstop.”

11 She Wasn’t Sure How To Feel About The Birth

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 10: Kylie Jenner attends the Jeremy Scott collection Front Row during, New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Gallery 1, Skylight Clarkson Sq on February 10, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week)

Well, she wouldn’t be the first female out there that was a little anxious about the birthing experience. Being pregnant is one thing, but then thinking about the birthing process is a whole other thing. It can be stressful when you think about the pain involved or how long it’s going to take. A source told Hollywood Life that Kylie Jenner was terrified about giving birth, which is a normal reaction, especially for a young girl. It’s a good thing that she has siblings who have been through the whole experience already and can help her out. Once the baby is born, though, all those feelings just seem to disappear. We hope she had a lot of support in the room with her to make the experience of birth not so terrifying. It is now Travis’s job to step up and help her out.

10 She Wanted Control Over Her Pregnancy

Living in the limelight 24/7 sometimes means that you don’t get a say in your own life. Especially if you have a PR team that choreographs all your big moves in life. It must have just killed her PR team to have to keep a secret like this one for 9 months. But for Kylie, she can be really stubborn and in this case, she wanted control over her pregnancy and when to give out the news. She didn’t want it to be manipulated in any way, though many people will still consider the way in which it was released as a PR move. “If you knew Kylie — she can be very stubborn. When she makes her decisions, she sticks by them," says the source. "This is a decision she made early on in her pregnancy and she’s sticking by it.”

9 She Wants To Decide Who Gets The Story

When it comes to announcing the birth of your child, it has to be done a certain way, especially if you’ve been denying you were even pregnant for 9 months. Many people believed they would announce the pregnancy on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. We’re really glad they didn’t choose that option or we would have had to wait well after the birth to hear about it. Another rumor was that E! Entertainment was promised the exclusive link once the news was ready to be released. It turned out, though, that neither was true. Kylie once again took control of the situation and was the first to Tweet about the news as well as releasing a YouTube video that chronicled her whole pregnancy for her fans to enjoy. We’re sure that some magazine is going to end up paying a lot of money to get the first photos of Stormi, though.

8 No Baby Photos

Kylie Jenner is keeping her baby on lockdown. She’s not planning on dragging the baby to public parks or events where she is bound to be photographed. For the time being, she plans on keeping the child within the gated community that they live in. Well, at least until she decides who she’s selling the photos to. Oops! Did we say that out loud? For the time being, Jenner has decided to keep her child out of the paparazzi’s eye. That really shouldn’t be hard for Jenner who has managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps for months. Travis, on the other hand, feels different and has said that he would like to take the child to show off to his friends and family.

7 She Wants Some Privacy For A Change

We can’t blame her, really. From the time she was 10 years old, her life has been chronicled on reality TV, the worst possible place for a kid to grow up. Being in the limelight 24/7 has obviously had its effect on her over the years, she completely transformed her face at a very young age. So, it’s not surprising that when she discovered that she was pregnant that she just didn’t want to talk about it and be surrounded by the press wherever she went. The girl wanted some privacy throughout her pregnancy and considering what her life has been like; she had every right to want that. “She spent her adolescent life on television and has been famous for over 10 years now," says a source. "If this is the first thing she wants to keep to herself, she should be allowed that. She’s worked hard enough to do whatever she wants.”

6 She Wants To Build A Home For Her Family

She wants to have a home of her own — for her, Travis, and the baby. At one point, Kylie Jenner was seen at a construction site where a house was being built. So, it’s possible that one of her pregnancy secrets was that they were building a home for the new addition in their life. It could be possible that Jenner wants everyone under one roof, especially since Kim has been putting pressure on Travis to step up. What other reason would there be for Kylie to be eyeing a house being built at a construction site? TMZ was the first to leak the photographs and it definitely is something to consider. This could be the fresh start that she needs with her little one. She has the money to have her own home, so why not go for it? We’re not sure where the house is located, but it’s likely that it’s very private and it could be in another gated community.

5 No Social Media

When we say that Kylie Jenner has complete control over the situation, we’re not even kidding you. If she’s keeping the baby in a gated community to avoid the paparazzi, then you can bet that she’s going to be limiting who does what with her baby pictures. We’re sure at this point that there have been tons of pictures taken of the baby by friends and family, but Kylie is limiting what is to be posted on social media. We can understand that it is her baby after all and with everything being so fresh, it’s no wonder she’s trying to keep control over the situation. They just announced and confirmed that she was pregnant to begin with, so we doubt she’s in a rush to splash her baby all over social media anytime soon. We won’t see anything until Kylie wants us to.

4 Is Being A Single Mom A Worry

It must be, right? Otherwise, why does Kim feel the need to put so much pressure on Travis Scott in the first place? The girl is quite young for a pregnancy and it’s possible that it wasn’t what Travis had in mind at this stage in his life. He’s used to going clubbing and sometimes without Kylie, so being a new dad is certainly going to be a big change. There have already been rumors that Travis Scott has cheated on her multiple times and that she even dumped him at one point, so we’re not sure about the longevity of their relationship. Travis has on more than one occasion disappeared on Kylie and that stuff is just not going to fly now that they have a child together. So only time will tell whether Kylie will end up being a single mother or not.

3 Were Mommas Fighting In The Delivery Room?

<> at Hollywood High School on July 7, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

We were all wondering who was going to be invited in the delivery room when it came to Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner. Typically, dads don’t go into the delivery, but technically, Caitlyn is just another mom excited to see her grandchild born. So, was it a war between mothers to see who was going to be in the room. It turns out that Kris Jenner was the mom allowed to be in the room and Caitlyn Jenner was nowhere to be seen. We wonder why she opted to stay out of the room or whether it was Kylie that nixed her being in the room in the first place. She only invited a few friends and family to watch the miracle of birth. A couple of other no-shows seem to be Khloe and Kim Kardashian, two people that we expected to be in the delivery room.

2 An Old Love Coming Back

Her pregnancy could have been kept a secret for many reasons, one of which being that feelings for Tyga have not completely left. It’s just another rumor that’s surfaced recently that Kylie has been talking to Tyga again behind Travis’ back. It was alleged that Tyga told Kylie that he would drop everything if she needed him in the delivery room with her. Now that’s pretty serious, another man in the delivery room? We don’t think that would have gone over really well with Travis. There is a chance that Travis could lose her to Tyga if he doesn’t step up an be the man that she needs him to be and that includes not cheating on her. It’s obvious that Tyga wants her back so it all really just depends on what Kylie wants. If she’s already been talking to him, that might be an indication of where her heart is.

1 Kylie Felt Alone During The Whole Process

The pregnancy certainly would have felt like a lonely experience for Kylie if Travis wasn’t by her side for the whole thing. She may not know what her future holds for her and her new baby girl. Now that she has had the baby, she’s going to start focusing on what kind of life she wants for her child. Sure, she has her family’s support, they will always be there for her, but it’s not the same as the support of your partner. There have been reports about Kylie that state that her loneliness has caused her to become emotional and cry. But that could have been just normal pregnancy hormones. She’s been getting lots of advice on what to do with her life and that can also be overwhelming. Hopefully, Travis will step up, he certainly seemed excited in the video when he was showing off the sonograms pictures. Only time will tell how this story will play out.


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