Kim Spent $170,000 On A Teddy Bear For Chicago And 14 Other Expensive Baby And Pregnancy Products

Fans of Kim Kardashian have been anxiously awaiting the birth of her third child with husband Kanye West (via surrogate) for months now. The little girl, who is the baby sister of the couple's two older children, North and Saint, was born at 12:47 in the morning on January 15, 2018, weighing in at a healthy 7 pounds, 6 ounces. The Kardashian family is over the moon, of course, and have spent the past 9 months in costly preparation for their newest little princess.

Getting ready for a new baby is an expensive process for anyone, but "expensive" takes on a new meaning when the mother-to-be is Kim Kardashian. We would expect nothing less, but are still shell-shocked with just how over-the-top this celeb mom went for her bundle of joy. That is one lucky little baby!

Check out this list of 15 ridiculously expensive things that were bought and things that Kim did during her surrogate's pregnancy. You will be shocked at the amount of money spent on an unborn child (and naturally, on Kim, herself, and the woman carrying her child). In fact, her spending got so insane, even her husband called her out of control!

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15 $20,000 — IVF Process

It is a bit strange that the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) process is the cheapest thing on this list. It costs $20,000 to go through the complicated process and it is on the high end of what one round of IVF can cost, but given that Kim and her surrogate are both in California, which is a notoriously expensive state and that money is no object for Kim and Kanye, $20,000 may be a conservative estimate. But that was what it took, the first step in the process, before even implanting the embryo into the surrogate (or paying her or her agency). If you think about it, the charges would add up quite quickly when you consider medical testing, preparation of the eggs (both in and out of Kim's body), and all sorts of crazy things like embryo biopsies, chromosomal analysis, fees for the actual procedure, etc. It is a crazy-long list of expenses.

14 $40,000 — The Nursery Furniture

A crib for the baby to sleep in is a staple for any new parents. But most new parents do not spend tens of thousands of dollars on one! Several hundred dollars is more normal, but when has Kim Kardashian ever been normal? It only makes sense that she would drop this much cash on her baby girl's bedroom furniture, and frankly, we are surprised that she didn't spend even more! The $40,000 was spent on a Dolce Notte velvet crib, a hand-painted cradle, a silk Sorrento bassinet, and a matching wardrobe and chair, all imported from Italy. This is insane for a bedroom that the little girl will grow out of in a few years or less. But no expense is to be spared for the newest Kardashian family member.

13 $45,000 — The Surrogate

You would think that the surrogate — the woman actually carrying Kim and Kanye's child — would be at the end of this list, as it should be the most expensive splurge they made. But actually, their surrogate is only being paid $45,000. This amount of money is fairly typical for a surrogate, although, many seem to be shocked that she is "only" receiving this much, probably because the celebrity parents of the fetus are known to be filthy rich. The surrogate is an African American woman in her 20s from San Francisco. She has two children of her own and has been married for five years. And no matter how you slice it, that much money is a pretty decent amount. She will be paid the full sum of $45,000 in 10 equal instalments of $4,5oo over 10 months.

12 $68,850 — The Surrogate Agency

Again, you would think something like this would be further down the list. But Kim and Kanye spent a lot more on material things than they did the actual cost of surrogacy. That is not their fault; it is just how surrogacy is priced. And it may be one of the cheapest things they had to pay for, but for most people, it would be the most expensive part of all. So the surrogate agency who found the surrogate that Kim and Kanye decided to use charged a fee of $68,850 — more than the surrogate made herself for nine months of growing a human and giving birth! Something seems a bit wrong about that. Kim could not carry her third child herself because after experiencing placenta accreta with her last pregnancy, she very well may not have survived another one.

11 $75,000 — Live-In Masseuse

When you think about it, a masseuse who lives in the home of Kim and Kanye makes more money than just her annual salary, because she is also provided housing (and probably a really nice housing). While in the midst of renovations on their $20 million Hidden Hills mansion, Kim hired a live-in masseuse — no, not for her surrogate who probably could have used one while pregnant  but for herself and probably whomever is living in her house, which she wanted to have complete before the arrival of little Chicago. But on the other hand, even though a live-in masseuse would have nice accommodations and what some would call a cushy job, she would also be at the beck and call of Queen Kardashian. No, thanks.

10 $96,000 — The Golden "Dummy"

If you are scrunching up your nose and thinking, "what the heck?" right now, that is the reaction you should have. We are not exactly sure what this whole golden dummy business is about; we only know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bought one for their unborn daughter — just shy of $100,000. You could almost buy a house for that much money! Reportedly, the $96,000 dummy was a limited edition Suommo Dodo solid gold dummy. The purpose of this "dummy" becomes more clear when you realize that by "dummy", the Suommo Dodo company means "pacifier". Nook, binky, passy- it goes by many names, and "dummy" is a European term for it. Personally, I cannot fathom letting my baby suck on anything worth nearly 6 figures. And anyway, aren't the diamonds like a choking hazard or something?

9 $100,000+ — Babymoon To Rome

Italy holds a special place in Kim and Kanye's heart, as it is where they were married in 2014, and it is where their oldest child, daughter North, was conceived. Recently, they went back to Italy (they also went there to celebrate their second wedding anniversary in 2016) on a "babymoon" before their third child arrived. In October 2017, Kanye took his wife to Rome while they were still the parents to just two little ones, and it also served as a birthday gift for Kim who turned 37 on October 21. According to one source who spilled the beans about the trip before it happened, "When it comes to Kim, Kanye doesn’t believe in small gestures. He’s sad she’s still so affected by the robbery and he’ll do anything to put a smile back on her face. He knows Rome holds such special memories for the two of them, so they’re planning to go before their new baby arrives." The exact cost of their babymoon is not known, of course, but given the cost of their other luxurious vacations, $100,00 is a good guess of what may have been spent since they've spent $443,000 on their trip to the Bahamas.

8 $100,000+ — Baby Clothes

Now, this is just insane, right? But it's nothing but the best for little Chicago West (except when it comes to her name, of course). It was reported that Kim Kardashian spent a whopping $100,000 on a (partial) wardrobe for her new daughter. These clothes were limited edition Dolce and Gabbana outfits. Most of us cannot fathom spending that kind of  cash on clothes even for ourselves as full-grown adults, or for our older children, or for anyone at all. And  it makes us wonder how much Kim, Kanye, and their other family members drop on their own wardrobes if the tiniest one of them has a closet full of clothing totalling over $100,000.

7 $100,000+ — Baby Shower

There are no official reports of the exact cost of Kim Kardashian's third baby shower, but judging by the cost of her previous showers, we are estimating it put them out at least $100,00, which is only slightly more justifiable than spending the same amount on baby clothes (at least a shower can be enjoyed by many, remembered for a lifetime, and is essentially a celebration of a new life, whereas the clothes will just get spit up on and spend more time in the laundry machine than on the baby). Kim's baby shower had a cherry blossom forest theme, and as you can see from the photos, it was sheer extravagance. Typically, after a woman has her first baby (and definitely after her second) there is no shower. There may be a "sprinkling" to get the things she might still need, but true to her nature, Kim had this ridiculous (but gorgeous) shower in November 2017.

6 $137,000 — Rocking Horse

Kim Kardashian West dropped almost as much money on a rocking horse for Chicago (who will go by her nickname, "Chi") as most people spend on a house. She spent $137,000 on a rocking horse for the nursery (which, as we already know, cost a pretty penny, itself). But this was no ordinary rocking horse; it is a Swarovski crystal-encrusted rocking horse. All I can picture is it sitting unused in the corner for years and then later, a tiny human trying to ride it but either breaking it somehow (kids are rough on stuff!) or choking on one of the crystals. If a kid shouldn't be playing with a Swarovski necklace, then they should not be playing with a Swarovski rocking horse, either — just saying.

5 $170,000 — Teddy Bear

It is news to us that a teddy bear costing nearly $200,000 even exists on this planet, but lo and behold, leave it to the Kardashians to find it. The bear bought for Chicago West is a Steiff Louis Vuitton teddy bear. As you can imagine, this made headlines (then again, pretty much anything does when it comes to the Kardashians). Everyone knows that KKW loves her some Louis Vuitton; she even has Louis Vuitton trash cans! Yeah, Twitter went nuts over that, and for good reason. A few days before Chicago's name was revealed, rumors were even floating around the Internet that she was going to name her daughter Louis, because of a Louis Vuitton blanket in a photo she had posted. So it only makes sense that she would buy a teddy bear by the famous designer, too.

4 $250,000 — Baby Spa And "Pool For Infants"

The exact cost of what Kim and Kanye spent to add a baby spa and pool especially for infants (whatever that means) is unknown, but $250,000 is a pretty good estimate. That is more than most Americans pay for their entire house! It is an exorbitant amount of money, but it is chump change for them. We are guessing that what Kim calls a "pool for infants" is either some kind of shallow, child-friendly pool, or a separate pool entirely that an adult can swim in with the baby. Kim and Kanye's mansion, which already cost $20 million before all of their renovations, is reported to have two separate in-ground pools, and apparently, one is just for Chicago. Pictured above is Kim with daughter North and son Saint about a year ago in one of the many pools available to them.

3 $1.1 million — Pampering Herself

If there is one thing Kim Kardashian is good at, it is pampering herself. It probably should have been her pregnant surrogate getting all these perks, but during the pregnancy, it was Kim giving herself the royal treatment, so to speak. Over the course of the 9 months, no one will be shocked to learn that Kim splurged on plenty of stuff. Some of that stuff includes upwards of $2,000 per month on her beauty routine, a $50,000 shopping spree in which she bought new designer dresses and accessories, and almost $1 million on hand-stitched bedding for herself and Kanye. One source reported that all of this was in preparation for becoming a mother again, but pretty much everyone but Kim thinks it is just plain ridiculous.

2 $1.5 Million — Security For The Surrogate

During the surrogate's pregnancy with Kim and Kanye's daughter, details came out about the security they got for the woman. They really went all out to protect their unborn child and the woman who was carrying her. It reportedly cost $1.5 million! They provided round-the-clock security, moved her into a new home in the Los Angeles suburbs, purchased state-of-the-art security equipment, a personal security team, and even a driver! They weren't joking around about safety. And all is well that ends well, because the surrogate remained in good hands during the entire pregnancy, and both she and the baby had no issues of safety for all nine months, thanks to Kim and Kanye.

1 $3.5 Million — Home Security

The best of the best when it comes to safety can be bought when you have money like the Kardashians do. So especially after Kim's ordeal in Paris (when she was robbed at gunpoint in 2016), she wanted to make sure her Hidden Hills home was equipped with the best security money can buy. She and Kanye have been renovating their $20 million home since 2014, and the projects have taken far longer and cost millions more than was originally thought. But Kim insisted on the house being done before baby number three arrived, and she got her wish. Part of the millions they spent was for security. There have been claims that she had safe rooms and bulletproof windows and even an underground tunnel for escape if necessary, but no one knows about those exact details for sure.

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