Kim Jong Un’s $20 Million Car Collection And 14 Other Items He Spends Money On

The whole world knows who Kim Jong-un is and where North Korea is. Reports say that Kim Jong-un is the dictator of North Korea because the country is under dictatorship and one-party state government. The whole world also knows how Kim Jong-un and his family are living a very lavish and luxurious life with properties all over the country.

While Kim Jong-un is living the life he always dreamed of, most North Koreans struggle to make ends meet. An average North Korean citizen only earns an estimated $1,800 per year. The world has the impression that North Koreans lack freedom in all aspects of life including mobile phones and internet access. In fact, they are not allowed to tune into international broadcasts because their TVs are supplied and pre-programmed to only receive North Korean feeds.

The people of North Korea make great efforts to earn money and their dictator Kim Jong-un has an estimated net worth of $5 billion. News reports say that the dictator is using the state's fund of North Korea for personal needs. That is why North Korea is always included on the list of the top five most corrupted countries, according to the Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index.

Do you remember the movie The Interview starring James Franco as Dave Skylark, Seth Rogen as Aaron Rapoport, and Randall Park as Kim Jong-un? The film caused a massive stir about North Korea's dictator's way of living and how he runs his country. The movie is based partly on truth, so yes, Kim Jong-un definitely splurged on a luxury lifestyle for him and his family.

Let us take a look at the things that Kim Jong-un loves to spend his big chunks of money on.

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15 $20 Million Car Collection

via: newsweek.com

Just like any other rich man in the world, Kim Jong-un loves luxury cars. In fact, he has his own collection of supercars that is believed to be worth $20 million and counting. He has gone so crazy with cars that reports on the internet revealed that he has almost 100 cars in his garages (take note, he has a lot of garages). He reportedly blew $16 million on cars when he was having a massive spending spree back in the year 2014.

Of course, Kim Jong-un has a favorite and that is Mercedes-Benz limousine. Who would not want to get out of a fancy limo as the red carpet is waiting for your arrival? On top of these limos, Kim Jong-un also owns other sports cars and race cars, which are believed to have been banned by the UN when he made the purchase.

14 Mansions And Palaces

via: bbc.com

Kim Jong-un does not just own a house, he owns 17 palaces and mansions across North Korea, while his citizens are living in farmhouses and simple huts. Although there are more than a dozen residences for the dictator, Kim Jong-un primarily spends most of his days in the Ryongsong Residence. This is the central luxury mansion that leaders of North Korea use as their main residence. The main residence of the dictator can be compared to the United States' White House, where the president mainly resides.

While it is not clear which palace is which, one of Kim Jong-un's residences has a custom-built private luxury cinema. The private luxury cinema is believed to have the capacity to hold 1,000 people. Also, Kim Jong-un has a piano collection in his residences – not two or three, but over three dozens pianos in his homes. Reports also say that one piano in particular is worth $64,451.

13 He Owns A Private Island

via: realclearlife.com

North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un is not content with just owning palaces because he also bought himself a private island. His private island is very comparable to Hawaii and Ibiza, which means that Kim Jong-un's private island is a luxury island with palm trees, the best amenities, top-shelf liquor and cocktails, and tropical parties. The private island is believed to be located just outside the country's east coast.

Kim Jong-un's private island was revealed to the world when Dennis Rodman, former NBA player, visited his "friend" and spent his vacation on the private luxury island. The actual cost of the island was not divulged. If Angelina Jolie bought an island for Brad Pitt that was worth $12.2 million, then Kim Jong-un definitely spent a fortune just to have this Hawaii-like and Ibiza-like luxury island.

12 Travels Around In A Private Jet

via: cnn.com

Of course, Kim Jong-un has a private jet just like any other world leaders and filthy rich men. He owns the Air Force Un or the Soviet Ilyushin IL-62 that was once considered to be the world's largest jet airliner. Originally, the private jet could accommodate 200 people aboard, but now, this serves as Kim Jong-un's private jet and his guards and some aristocrats are the only ones allowed aboard. The dictator reportedly bought the Air Force Un for around than $100,000.

If you have a private jet, you might need an airport. In Kim Jong-un's case, he owns a private jet and missile base. The Kalma Airport was initially built to boost North Korea's tourism. However, this airport serves only one purpose and that is to serve Kim Jong-un and his private jet. It cost more than $200 million to build the airport.

11 $35 Million Unused Masikryong Ski Resort

via: nbcnews.com

As another effort to build the country's tourism industry, the dictator Kim Jong-un commanded the construction of the Masikryong Ski Resort in the year 2013. The construction of the ski resort only took less than a year, which is very fast considering that the ski resort includes a luxury hotel, ice rink, swimming pool, and restaurants, and cost over $35 million. However, reports claim that the luxury ski resort is now unused and just kept open.

Instead of using the fully-equipped Masikryong Ski Resort, Kim Jong-un ordered to construct another ski resort. Just in January 2018, Kim Jong-un opened the newly built Kanggye Ski Resort amidst talks that North Korea will be involved in South Korea's Winter Olympic Games that will be held in Pyeongchang.

10 Imported Luxury Goods Worth $645.8 Million

via: msn.com

There is no doubt that Kim Jong-un wants the finer things in life, so it is not a shocker that he spends a lot of his fortune (and somehow, also North Korea's fortune) just to achieve his desires to have a posh and lavish lifestyle. While the whole nation is battling an alarming rate of malnutrition and poverty, Kim Jong-un still managed to spend millions of dollars to import luxury goods. His annual spending for luxury items jumped to an average of $645.8 million.

This includes luxury items from Switzerland and other countries. He reportedly blew off an estimated $80,000 on Swiss watches. What's odd is that he also imported $35,000 worth of fishing rods and $230 million worth of umbrellas from China, which could have been locally made if he would give his citizens z

9 $8 Million Custom-Designed Yacht

via: southchinamorningpost.com

Aside from the cars, palaces, and the private island, Kim Jong-un finds refuge in his own private superyacht. Apart from the fact that his yacht is custom-made, Kim Jong-un's yacht measures at about 200 feet, so no wonder why it is called a superyacht. This top of the line yacht is not just famous because of its size but also of what's inside. The whole yacht's interior is customized and kitted out with Fendi Casa. In fact, princess yachts and Fendi Casa made a great combination in terms of luxury living.

Kim Jong-un's yacht is valued at a heaping $9 million. The private yacht is also one of his party lairs where he throws parties and just purely enjoys life. He also took Rodman on his yacht for a party and celebration. Rodman described the yacht as a "cross between ferry and Disney boat."

8 $11.7 Million Mercedes-Benz Collection

via: carthrottle.com

Kim Jong-un does not just purchase Mercedes-Benz cars for himself. In fact, he knows how to share. However, he only shares his blessings with his very inner circle. Do you ever wonder why the high-ranking officials remain loyal to him throughout the years? If yes, this is the answer you have been searching for.

Kim Jong-un is generous in giving gifts to his high-ranking officials to "buy their loyalties" and remain on his side. In 2010, he reportedly bought Mercedes-Benz sedans for 160 officials that he needs loyalties from. The cost of these sedans is estimated to be worth $11.7 million. There are also rumors that the state's budget was used for this purchase.

7 Statues For His "Honor"

via: pinterest.com

Of course, Kim Jong-un thinks that he deserves a statue just like the former presidents of the United States of America who did something great for their country. So, he decided to blow millions of dollars to build his very own statue made of bronze. But of course, he is not that selfish at all. In fact, he also built statues for his father Kim Jong-il and his grandfather Kim Il-sung that are also bronze. In total, the statues cost an estimated $46 million.

Before these huge statues of the "Three Kims," Kim Jong-un had already started building statues of his ancestors and political bigwigs over the past five years. He had ordered his own personal army of workers to construct 45 monuments and statues, amounting to $160 million.

6 Expensive Gifts For Wife Ri Sol-Ju

via: businessinsider.com

The "great" dictator will never forget to spoil his wife, Ri Sol-ju. Although there is very little information about North Korea's First Lady Ri Sol-ju, journalists and reporters continue to write about what they know so far. There are reports that she is also from an elite family and is the daughter of a professor and a doctor. Aside from that, other information about her has remained a mystery.

However, her expensive taste is not a mystery. In fact, she loves designer items, ranging from clothes, to bags, to shoes, and to accessories. Kim Jong-un does not forget this. He was even photographed at a shopping center using the state's funds to buy a $1,457 Christian Dior bag for his wife.

5 Uses State's Budget For The Maintenance Of His Horses

via: nymag.com

Now, here's the part where the list gets crazy because Kim Jong-un surprisingly spends his money on other things aside from palaces, cars, and expensive gifts. To start, he is using 20 percent of the state's budget for the maintenance of his Thoroughbred horses, which is worth millions of dollars. Yes, you read that right. The Thoroughbred is a breed of horse used for horse racing.

It is duly noted that Kim Jong-un's father also spent millions of dollars for horses. This is also what Kim Jong-un inherited, so he decided to regularly inspect each facility of his horses. Maintenance includes food for the horses, instead of food for his people. Kim Jong-un also purchased horses from Russia that cost around $185,000.

4 He Loves Booze!

via: totallycoolpix.com

Kim Jong-un also developed a deep love of alcohol. He loves liquor so much that he wanted to have the finest and the most delicious imported liquors in his home. So, to satisfy these cravings for booze, he splurged $425,000 on imported alcohol, including $46,000 on U.S. spirits, $177,000 for German beers, $150,000 on Danish hard liquor, and $53,000 on Russian alcohol. These figures were shown by Trademap.

There are also reports that Kim Jong-un spent almost $1 million just for the love of alcohol in 2016 when he acquired the taste for vodka from Vladimir Putin. Before vodka, he was obsessed with winemaking and blew his money on wines. He even admitted that he had 10 bottles of Bordeaux wine just over one dinner.

3 Lingerie, But Not For The Wife

via: inquisitr.com

The dictator Kim Jong-un has also splurged on lingerie but not for his wife. For the record, Ri Sol-ju does not seem to mind that her husband bought lingerie for other women and not for her. This is because Kim Jong-un has a squad, not the Suicide Squad, but a squad of women called the "Pleasure Squad." This squad is responsible for bringing pleasure to Kim Jong-un and his comrades. The squad seems to be important for Kim Jong-un because he splurged $3.8 million for their lingerie.

Who are the members of the Pleasure Squad? Just like Harley Quinn, these women are strikingly beautiful. The defector Jang Jin-sung said that these women were carefully hand-picked as early as the age of 13 and taken from their families. They undergo serious medical testing to ensure that they are still "intact".

2 He Is Soo Into CHEESE!

via: news.asiantown.net

Kim Jong-un loves a lot of things but this might be the weirdest! Do you want to know the secret behind the fluffy and chubby cheeks of North Korea's dear dictator? This is your chance. Cheese! Cheese is the secret behind the "cuteness" of Kim Jong-un's cheeks. He developed this deep love with Emmental cheese when he was still at his boarding school in Switzerland and he has not forgotten what his heart really desires.

You should take note that he does not just simply love cheese, he is so obsessed with cheese that he spent $66,000 just on a single purchase. So, it is not a shocker that he suffered some health consequences because of cheese – he ballooned and doubled his size. Aside from cheese, he also squandered almost $100,000 on Brazilian coffee!

1 Of Course, Missiles!

Via: news.sky.com

Do you remember how many times Kim Jong-un tested a missile and caused the world leaders a panic attack? No, not really, because he has done this more than a couple of times since his ascent to his "rightful throne". For example, nuclear and ballistic missiles were tested throughout 2017, instilling fear in most countries, especially the U.S. and Japan who are now ready if North Korea ever decides to strike.

Because Kim Jong-un has spent so much on missiles, there are reports stating that he will be left with no money at all to run North Korea. A missile can cost millions to billions of dollars, depending on what type it is. However, Kim Jong-un is not yet done amidst the rumors that he is losing all of his money with nukes because, at the end of 2018, he is planning to test a nuke over the Pacific Ocean.

Sources: Dailystar.com, Businessinsider.com, Dailymail.co.uk, MSN.com, Express.co.uk 

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