Kim and Kanye's $443,000 Vacation And 15 Other A-List Celebs Who Took A Six-Figure Getaway

The lifestyle of the rich and the famous is completely different than ours, correct? We could concur that they are just like us, but with more money. And with people who do their hair, grooming, make-up, styling, training, and meals. Okay, maybe they are not totally like us because of their lifestyle, but one way celebrities are like everyday people is the common longing for vacations. We all desire to spend a few days in Bali, the Bahamas, or Italy, but our timeshare in comparison to the timeshare of a celebrity is drastically different. Also, our holiday getaways usually last a week or two, while some celebrities plunge into vacations that last up to a month. We are not talking backpacking trips here or staying in hostels, no, these A-listers are staying at lavish and luxurious resorts that us normal people could only dream of. Some of these A-listers even vacation on their own private islands.

This may be the reason why we obsess over what celebrities do so much, because the way the stars vacation is the furthest thing from our reality. We see it in the movies, we see it in magazines, and on social media, but what do we know about these star-studded vacations? Not much besides the obvious fact that we know we are jealous. When everything is in our faces nowadays because of social media, we are always curious to know the price tag. And since A-listers live in the lap of luxury, we decided to make a list of those six-figure getaways we could keep lusting over.

15 Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in France

It is very possible that we may end up at the same countries celebrities go to, but we just do not do it the same style. Here we have Jenny from the Block and A-Rod who took over France in true Parisienne style. Last summer, after only a couple months of dating, instead of going to their usual hotspot, Miami, they decided to head over to France — no big deal, right? Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez decided to splurge before even arriving to their holiday destination. Since we are talking about six-figure getaways, we want to point out how their flight alone cost six figures; A-Rod and J-Lo paid $180,000 for a private jet to fly them first to Nice and then Paris. If just their flight cost them that much, then we can't imagine the grand total. They were also spotted at the ostentatious hotel Le Maurice in France — enough said.

14 Robert De Niro In Mexico

When we think of Mexico, we usually think of Cancun and partying or tacos and tequila, but some stars, like Robert De Niro, think differently. In an area of Mexico called Las Alamandas, which is quite the opposite of Cancun and is known for its remoteness and exclusivity, sits a posh and exclusive resort — because only celebrities could stay there, of course.

This very lavish resort we are talking about was created by an heiress and environment campaigner named Isabel Goldsmith-Patiño. That being said, we could only imagine what exactly this resort looks like; this resort stands on a 1,5000-acre estate that includes four private beaches and it only rooms 35 guests. If an A-lister is looking for a star-studded getaway with guaranteed privacy, then this is the place to go since no one can be seen. The specific amount of money has not been revealed, but it costs Robert De Niro six- figures to stay here, since he sometimes retreats for a month.

13 Beyoncé And Jay Z In Bora Bora

We already envy Jay Z because he is with Beyoncé, but we envy them now after hearing about their swanky getaway. Their getaway did not beat Kim Kardashian 's and Kanye West's $443,000-vacation to the Bahamas, but it certainly makes us all jealous. We have all dreamt of going to Bali, and some of us have maybe have already gone, albeit much, much less nicer than this couples' time in Bali. When Beyoncé and Jay Z hit up Bora Bora, they flew there in their private jet that cost "only" a few hundred thousand dollars. Upon arrival, the power couple added more to their already heavy bill when they stayed at a private overwater villa.

The couple spent all this money, according to sources, to just nap and read — they could have probably done just that about anywhere else without paying $230,000, but hey, we're still envious.

12 Julianne Hough And Brooks Laich In Africa

Apparently, even being a dancer could get you on the big-time vacations list.  Julianne Hough, who is mostly known for being a professional dancer, married professional hockey player Brooks Laich last year, and they wasted no time diving in head first into a star-studded getaway. Their getaway was a little extra special since it was their honeymoon, so we could maybe be more understanding to the amount of money they spent — they literally hit the jackpot of all honeymoons.

Via private helicopter, because it is a fad for celebrities to fly privately, they went to Seychelles and stayed at the, wait for it...Royal Family's favorite estate. Need we say more? This estate on the island, the Bayan Hill, goes for $11,000 a night. The dancer and hockey player did not stop there, they then head to Africa to enjoy a safari stay at a swanky swank resort, the Angama Mara.  Some people would be paid to spend time with lions and tigers and they would not, but this couple paid $21,000 to hang with them.

11 Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt In Thailand

There is no other couple we would expect to be as lavish as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — they did not fail the six-figure price tag test. The new vacation destination trend the past few years has been to Thailand, so we do know of many people who have been to Thailand, but backpacking of course. Now, lets take a look at how Brangelina took over Thailand while we all dream.

Phuket is where they went and they did not wander from there during their entire stay. Why would they when they were staying at the opulent Amanpuri Beach Resort? This resort, much like the Atlantis in Paradise Island, charges $18,000 per night. And keep in mind that this is Thailand and people usually travel there and find accommodations for extremely cheap, so this is a huge sum of money for the trendy destination.

10 Prince William And The Duchess Of Cambridge In Seychelles

If we want to have a chance at meeting anyone from the Royal Family, we should vacation (or dream) on a secluded island in the Seychelles. We do not blame them; the Seychelles is a jaw-dropping 115-island destination.

Upon getting married, Prince William and Kate Middleton departed on the honeymoon of a lifetime. Do we have to mention again that the rich and the famous obviously flew in on their private jet? Their honeymoon lasted 10 days and it took place at a private villa that cost around $12,000 a night. And Kate, along with her Prince, also had their hands on three private yachts and their own fancy beach.

9 Britney Spears And Family In The Mediterranean

Someone help, we cannot get our jaws up off from the ground! It seems like everything Britney Spears does makes us think she is saying to herself "oops...I did it again."

We know that Spears has been famous for a long time and therefore knows how to be posh and take the fanciest vacations one can take, so we will trust that she got a good bargain on this one. Some celebrities just want the best of both worlds — and the pop singer is one of them. This must be one of the best homes money can buy according to Spears, since she had no problem emptying her pockets. She and her two sons took a trip to the Mediterranean for only a weekend stay. And what did this weekend stay cost? A whopping $30 million for the mansion she rented, which apparently is located on the famous "Billionaire's Row."

8 John Legend And Chrissy Teigen In Bali

As if we don't love them enough already, model Chrissy Teigen and her singer husband John Legend also were fancy fancy when they went to Bali. This is a couple that is no stranger to luxury already, so the numbers we are about to reveal may not be a surprise. With baby Luna alongside her beautiful and so-in-love parents, the couple first shelled out $50,000 to guarantee their first-class flight to Bali.

And it would not be a star-studded getaway if they did not stay at a resort that cost way out of every normal person’s league. The couple went into their pockets and took out another $76,000 to secure themselves an authentic Bali experience at the Hotel Como Shambhala Estate for the week. This estate had personal assistants exclusively for them to help them clear their body and minds as well. Can't we just go to a spa for that?

7 Gabrielle Union And family In Europe

Most people have their 10-year-old birthday parties at McDonald's, a jungle gym, or at home, but this 10-year-old boy just out-did us all with his birthday celebration. The son of Gabrielle Union and basketball player Dwyane Wade had a ball-park of a time when his parents spoiled (we need a bigger word than "spoiled" here) him with a trip to Europe.

While vacationing in Europe — from Greece to France — the family had everything done privately for them; private cars, private flights, and private tours. It is like the word "private" means an automatic six-figure price tag for the stars. The family dropped $100,000 just on the flight. Add the delicious and fancy dinners in Europe, and that makes for a pretty prestigious 10th birthday.

6 The Kardashians In Costa Rica

The Kardashians had to make this list someway, somehow. Last year in January 2017, the Kardashians started off the year with a bang when they took their show to Costa Rica. When we think of Costa Rica, we think of wilderness and insects, not the Kardashians.

Kim K and her crew decided they would go big or go home when they took their getaway to the wild. When it came to their Costa Rica trip, they stayed at a $23,000-a-night suite called Villa Manzu Estate on the Peninsula Papagayo. Did we forget to mention it was an eight-suite villa? Like many other celebrities on this list, the Kardashian had their own private staff and their own private beach and spa. The accommodations for them were endless since this estate sat on a rich 5 acres.

5 Kylie Jenner And Tyga In Mexico

Another Kardashian, now cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner , took a six-figure star-studded getaway with her then beau, Tyga.

We saw it all over social media; Kyle Jenner could not stop flaunting her body in her skimpiest bikinis and did not stop boasting about her view; and Tyga did not stop bragging about his fantastic view also (aka. his girlfriend).

The two enjoyed a romantic getaway, one that most couples will not experience, in Punta Mita, Mexico. Never heard of that area in Mexico? that is because it is full of mansions along the beach that only the rich and the famous could afford to go to. This mansion included 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms- the couple must have needed all that. The price tag of this posh beauty: $16,000 a night.

4 Taylor Swift And Conor Kennedy In Hyannis Port

Taylor Swift  really splurged on a vacation with one of her ex-boyfriends.  This vacation captured headlines because of her whirlwind romance with Conor Kennedy.

When Swift and Kennedy spent several weekends vacationing at the Kennedy family's compound called the Hyannis Port, Swift did not think twice and bought a house on the compound for $4.9 million. What could have been a cheaper vacation turned into a very expensive one, but Swift must not have felt a budge in her budget since she made a reported $57 million dollars that year. They are no longer together; that's no surprise considering Swift's breakup record. Nonetheless, it was surely one of her most expensive vacations.

3 Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi In Italy

Besides being one the funniest and richest women in the world, Ellen DeGeneres also has lavish and posh taste when it comes to her getaways. When she vacations, she often shares the details with her audience in a somewhat comical way.

When Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, visited Portofino, Italy, it cost them $137,500.  Portofino is a village in Italy known for fishing, but people are now crowding the village because it has turned into a resort town. Located on the Italian Riviera, the comedian and television show host spoiled her beautiful wife as they stayed at the Excelsior Palace Hotel that is insanely expensive. For one, it is the only 5-star hotel in the town and it overlooks the ocean.

2 Rihanna In France

The exotic singer from Barbados who likes to throw money around in her music videos, also enjoys throwing money around on lavish vacations. Rihanna will make every woman want to be her best friend because the singer dropped six figures on a holiday to France with her best girlfriends. She went and took her squad to Eze Sur Mer in France and did what every vacation trip would consist of, except she did it in succulent style. Always starting with a bang, Rihanna first took a 170-foot yacht with her friends to sail the Mediterranean and the French Riviera.  She also treated her friends to a shopping spree in Italy, jet skiing, and paragliding.

1 Kate Middleton And Prince William In Mustique Island

The Royal Family made the list again, and that is why they are at the top of the list-because who could afford more luxury than them?

Mustique Island, which was formerly known as Grenadines, is a private island that has now become one of the hottest tourist destinations for the rich and the famous. It comes as no surprise that the members of the Royal Family would delve into a retreat here since it guarantees privacy. Before we continue, keep in mind that it is right now the most expensive A-lister vacation island. Though the island is composed of over 100 luxury villas and two posh hotels, what makes the celebrities, like Kate Middleton, pay such crazy amounts of money is because they are all private.

The Duchess of Cambridge followed her Royal family's footsteps by taking a retreat to Mustique Island that cost $24,000 a day! The Aurora Villa is the villa that is responsible for this whopping price tag, but since Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip stayed there, she And Prince William had to as well. With such luxury, this residence had its own swimming pool and exotic spa. How could the Duchess pass up on that?

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