Khloe Kardashian Shops At Claire’s And Other 15 Celebs Who Dress In Cheap Fashion

It's well known that, if you're making a lot of money, you're more likely to spend that money than if you were poor. Sure, some people will always manage to save and live within their means, but most won't. This is why it's so surprising to find out when celebrities, who are absolutely raking it in, choose to shop at the same sorts of places as us — the normal people who have to keep an eye on our bank account. When we found out that Khloe Kardashian had somewhat of a thing for hoop earrings from Claire's, we wanted to see how many other celebs are slumming it with us in the standard shops!

We think you'll be surprised to find out that it's more than you originally thought! Yes, it would seem that a lot of female celebrities out there aren't willing to put their dollar on the line if they know they don't have to, instead choosing to go with the cheaper option as long as it still looks good.

Are you ready to see which celebs you might see walking around the shop next time you're at Claire's? Let's take a look!

15 Taylor Swift — Talbots

For a lot of people, Talbots allows people with less money to get that classic and fancy look while not breaking the bank, which also makes it perfect for those with money but don't want to spend the money they have to look classy. As we can see, Taylor Swift decided that she wanted to go for a classy, yet modern look with this specific purchase from Talbots.

14 Sarah Hyland — Target

It's a basic look, one that seems incredibly laid back when placed next to a lot of what female celebs choose to wear while out and about, which is why it won't come as a surprise for you to find out that it doesn't come from some high-end boutique, either. Yes, this look Hyland is rocking while getting her photograph taken by various members of the media actually comes from Target. In order to support the event, Hyland wore an outfit from TOMS for Target, to be specific.

13 Jennifer Lawrence — Topshop

It's certainly not new to see a member of the rich and famous walking around in a fake leopard print coat, but seeing them in one this fancy usually makes you wonder where they could've possibly gotten it. Believe it or not, you too could be walking around in this coat sometime soon and you'll only have to go to Topshop to see if you can afford it. We were as shocked as you to know that this coat comes from Topshop. We never knew that famous people even considered Topshop a place where they could get their clothes from, but it's not really a surprise when you think about how much they could save if they just bit their tongue and accepted less expensive brands. Clearly Lawrence is willing to do so.

12 Ellie Goulding — River Island

While it's not that surprising that people in this world are willing to leave their house in clothing that isn't of the highest order when they know that the media will be waiting to snap photographs of them, it seems crazy to think that people will put on these clothes and then head to somewhere they know everyone will be watching them intently. Yes, this outfit, put together by Goulding at River Island, wouldn't cost you anywhere near as much as you may imagine based on the image that Goulding is portraying, or based on how much other singers are known to spend on the clothing they wear while performing. We hope that other performers are willing to take on this trend and show their audiences that buying from places like River Island is fine if you can make it look good.

11 Taylor Schilling — Target

We've commented on it before, but sometimes, newer celebrities will end up continuing to buy clothes and other products from the places they're used to, not letting their new fame coerce them into buying from places they know are too expensive just because it means that they'll be able to show off their new money. We're not saying that this is definitely what Schilling does, but we are saying that it isn't a surprise to us that she has continued to buy from places like Target after her shot to stardom with Orange is the New Black. People who actually know the woman might tell you that she has become a horrendous diva, but we can only assume from public shots and images that this hasn't become the case.

10 Selena Gomez — Urban Outfitters

Not only does Selena look like a normal woman shopping about — and by normal we mean kind of a mess, overwhelmed, and with a ton of clothes on her arm — she's also shopping at Urban Outfitters. Selena is usually on the best-dressed list, so knowing that she still shops at Urban makes it easier for us to shop her style.

9 Rihanna — River Island

We're not sure whether we can give this one to Rihanna because, while she is wearing jeans from River Island, they're jeans that came about due to her collaboration with the company, which sort of makes this one a cheat. She's essentially showing off her own brand, presumably hoping that other people will buy them as well. However, if there's one thing about Rihanna, she has sick style. It's a little weird at times and maybe not suitable for everyday life, but she can pull off just about anything. So if she thinks River Island is cool enough to collaborate with, then we'll get on board.

8 Kate Middleton — Zara

We sort of wish we could leave this one off our list as well, but we think it brings up an important source of conversation that needs to be written about, and that's the fact that the royal family doesn't even pay for their own clothes, anyway. Honestly, the fact that this sort of thing still goes on is so totally depressing, but at least Kate sometimes still shops at stores like Zara. Kate always looks classy with a modern twist, and knowing that she shops at Zara adds to her "people's princess" persona.

7 Kate Mara — H&M

When H&M collaborated with designer Erdem Moralioglu, celebs like Kate Mara went nuts for the collection. the garments were very feminine and had a romantic color palette, which you can very much see here in Mara's long-sleeve, mini dress. You can dress it down with flats or up with heels and a little bling. Mara loves H&M so much, she decided to team up with stylist Johnny Wujek (in photo) and collaborated with the clothing brand a few years back.

6 Jessica Alba — Target

Jessica Alba loves Target so much, she even partnered up with the company to sell her beauty products for The Honest Company she launched a few years ago. "I am personally a huge fan of Target—it’s a one-stop shop for everything," she said. In this photos, she's rocking a $30 bee-print, buttoned shirt from Victoria Beckham x Target collection. Target, much like H&M, has collaborated with other high-end designers in the past including Prabal Gurung and Lily Pulitzer.

5 Kate Hudson — Ann Taylor

While others might not agree, we like the look Hudson has gone for here, regardless of whether she got it from somewhere like Ann Taylor or not. This woman is rocking a really minimalist look that only incorporates two pretty neutral colors. This isn't the first and only time Hudson has worn an Ann Taylor garment. She's been spotted wearing an off-the-rack gown from Ann Taylor to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's annual Hot Pink Party fundraiser. She was also the face of the label for one of their campaigns and is showing women that you don't have to spend a fortune to look fabulous.

4 January Jones — Topshop

Yet another woman who is showing us that than an inexpensive minimalist garment is worthy of a Hollywood event. If you're looking to rock it in the same way, then now you know you can head down to Topshop and add this little number to your wardrobe. Beyoncé was also spotted wearing this exact dress which only cost them about $140.

3 Cara Delevingne — Topshop

It's nice to know that even the likes of Cara Delevingne are buying clothes from Topshop, even though she's quite possibly one of the hottest names in fashion. The supermodel-turned-actress was also the face for a Topshop campaign a few years back. Delevingne's style is usually quite simple, casual, and young, so it makes sense Topshop would want someone like her to represent the brand.

2 Blake Lively — Target

Just because a woman has a reputation of looking quite glamorous, that doesn't mean she can't spend her time wearing clothing from stores like Target. As we've already said on this list, if you can make it look good and have an aura of glam about you, you can pull off almost anything. What we're saying is, no matter where Lively gets her clothes from, even if it's from Target, she will always look fashionable. She definitely has a little Serena van der Woodsen in her.

1 Beyoncé — Topshop

Beyoncé has openly admitted that she loves shopping at Topshop no matter how much she has. "I've been shopping at Topshop for probably 10 years now. It's one of the only places I can actually shop by myself," she tells* Elle* of her Jedi moves. "It makes me feel like a teenager. Whenever I was in London, it was like a ritual for me — I'd put my hat down low and have a good time getting lost in clothes." The Topshop flagship store is massive, so we can see how she gets away with shopping on her own without anyone noticing. She loves the clothing store so much, she partnered up with them to see her Ivy Park  garments.

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