Khloe K Bought A House: 14 Other Extravagant Things Celebs Bought Post-Divorce

Famous or not, it’s understandable to want to take part in much needed retail therapy after a very ugly breakup, especially a divorce. While some splurge on Ben & Jerry’s flavor-of-the-month ice cream for much longer than needed, and others take part in a junk food, movie night with their closest girlfriends, we’re not surprised to see celebrities go a little further when it comes to spending money to heal their broken heart. In fact, when you’re famous, we can only imagine that it would be much more difficult to cope after countless fans and critics have seen the rise and fall of your marriage on the Internet. We’ve all rooted for our favorite celebrity couples to win and beat the odds of actually lasting for a lifetime after saying their “I dos.”

And even when some couples who we’ve been giving the side eye too all along call it quits, we can relate to and feel their pain. If we had millions to spare, we might respond just like some of these celebrities did when they went out and purchased gifts that are as lavish as they come, from new homes to new cars to a new wardrobe. Ironically enough, it’s often the spotlight that allows them to take such pleasures that also causes the ruin of a celebrity marriage. Loving in the spotlight certainly can’t be easy. And a divorce in the spotlight is even more difficult. Check out some of the most expensive things celebrities purchased after they returned from divorce court.

15 Danny DeVito’s Feeling Young Again And Got A Flashy Car

Via: Page Six

Oh, Danny DeVito. He might be short in stature but he certainly spent big after his high-profile divorce from Rhea Perlman in 2012. It was said that he wanted to buy a convertible sports car like a Porsche or a Ferrari to get over his marriage coming to an end. One insider even said the actor had no problem “embracing the single life.” While he was 67 at the time, DeVito reportedly felt “like a young man again” after calling it quits with his now ex-wife. He also had a little inspiration from his friend, actor Jack Nicholson, who is also said to embrace the “care-free and easy life.”

The source added, “The first step of this transformation [is] trading his current ride for a flashy car.” As for what led to the divorce – DeVito’s infidelity with co-stars and other women definitely played a part. Side note: Could anyone watch Matilda in the same light anymore after DeVito and Perlman’s split?

14 Josh Duhamel’s Private Cabin In Minnesota

Via: Refinery 29

We know we’re not alone when we say that we were shocked about Fergie and Josh Duhamel's divorce. The two had been married for nearly a decade (eight years, to be exact). Living their new and single lives in the spotlight with all eyes on them has to be tough. This is probably why Duhamel splurged on a cabin in Minnesota as a getaway after their divorce. While it’s not a Hollywood mansion, the idea that it sits on 52 acres means it has to be somewhat expensive. “Do you know who Terry Redlin is?” asked Duhamel as he opened up about his cabin with Architectural Digest. “Look up any Terry Redlin painting and it feels like that. It really does. It’s a tiny little place. It’s not big, but it’s right on the water, and it’s tucked into all of these pine trees.” Sounds like quite the pricey safe haven for the actor.

13 Rachel Bilson Went All Out And Bought A $3.25 Million Home

Via: Pop Sugar

While Josh Duhamel kept his post-divorce purchase nice and quaint, Hart of Dixie star Rachel Bilson went a much different route. She bought a mansion that cost $3.25 million after her breakup with Hayden Christensen. The home touts six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and was built in 1950. It sits on 3678-square-feet and includes jealous-worthy features such as a fireplace, bookshelves, and floor-to-ceiling windows. It was said to be a step up from the home Bilson and Christensen shared together. Their house, located in Sherman Oaks, had four bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms. The two were together for ten years and had a daughter, Briar Rose Christensen, before their split. As for hope on whether Christensen will move into the mansion with Bilson one day, one insider said they are over for good. Bilson currently lives in Los Angeles while Christensen is based in Toronto.

12 Stephanie March Moves Out AND Up Into A $34.6 Million Home

Via: Bravo TV

Stephanie March, known for her roles in hit shows like NBC’s Law & Order: SVU pretty much went as big as she could after her breakup with her now ex-husband, celebrity chef Bobby Flay. Her purchase of a $34.6 million home is pretty juicy as she shares it with her new husband, Daniel Benton. The mansion, to say the least, roughly sits on 7,000-square-fit and 3,500 square-feet of an outdoor terrace. Benton and March tied the knot in September 2017. March’s split with Flay was pretty ugly and very public. She filed for papers after she found out that Flay had been having an affair for three years with a younger woman who was a hostess in one of his restaurants. Way to hit him where it hurts, March.

11 Britney Spears Went On A Huge Shopping Spree

Via: Billboard

Britney Spears treated herself to a major shopping spree after she and ex-husband Kevin Federline split in 2007. She was spotted going to a Los Angeles Lakers game that week. Let’s just say her outfit was complete with a wig and a straw cowboy hat as she was seen arriving halfway through the game. But she didn’t end her weekend of fun there. After the game, she went to the Lisa Kline boutique. Customers were requested to leave so Spears could splurge in silence. She cashed out $2,000 on herself and another two grand on Lisa Kline Kids. “She was in a great mood, ecstatic really,” said one worker Kate Levington. “She was lots of fun to shop with. We had music on in the stores and she danced to the music and she ran around and picked out stuff for herself and the boys. You could tell she really enjoyed herself.”

10 Kevin Federline Got His Party On In Las Vegas

Via: Biography

Now, we all know Kevin Federline had to cope with his split with Spears as well. He decided to take his troubles and grief to Las Vegas for a “guys’ weekend.” He arrived that Friday and enjoyed sitting out in the sun at the Mirage’s pool. It should be noted that the pool is an area marked off as private and only for adults. Someone really wanted to party, huh? Federline then enjoyed dinner at Nobu before hitting Jet nightclub and took in the musical selection of hits like “Make it Rain” by Fat Joe. Um, who remembers that throwback jam? Still, Federline’s expensive weekend of fun continued when he and his friends went to Caesars Palace’s Pure Nightclub after three in the morning. He hit the DJ booth before they headed to yet another place. He enjoyed dinner and gambling the next night so he could get home in time to spend Easter with his and Spears’ sons. Good to know he has priorities.

9 Jennifer Aniston Bought An All-White Home

Via: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Jennifer Aniston’s divorce with actor Brad Pitt was one of the biggest celebrity break-ups that’s still talked about today, nearly 15 years later. In fact, it’s possible other celebrities who bought homes after their divorces took notes from Aniston on how it’s really done. For starters, she skedaddled out of her Beverly Hills mansion that she and Pitt had together, and opted for a beach house with all white everything. Well, pretty much: white flowers, white candles, white furniture. The list goes on. While she selected a home that has been described as secluded, she had plenty of space for hanging out with friends who came to comfort her as Pitt scoured headlines with his now new wife, Angelina Jolie. Don’t worry, we’re still rooting for you, Jen.

8 Bethenny Frankel Got Some Retail Therapy At Barneys

Via: Star Magazine

Who wouldn’t want to indulge on an item or three from their favorite store after an ugly breakup? Reality star and former television talk show host Bethenny Frankel did what most of us would do after a breakup, or even divorce, went viral on the Internet: she went shopping. She was spotted enjoying a trip to Barneys just before the ink dried on her divorce with her now ex-husband Jason Hoppy. The two were married just more than two years before they called it quits in December 2012. As for the breakup that scoured headlines, Frankel kept it simple when she explained what went wrong: “In my marriage, I made a mistake. It is what it is. I made the wrong choice.” Nothing a trip to Barneys can’t fix.

7 Cynthia Rodriguez Spent Nearly $100,00 In Paris

Via: People

Actually, she left the country entirely. The former wife of baseball all-star Alex Rodriguez maxed out all of his credit cards so she, her children, and her three best friends could enjoy an all-expenses paid trip to Paris. This was just days before she filed to end their marriage. One friend even confessed, “She’s been spending wildly. She spent close to $100,000 on her jaunt to Paris.” She partook in spa treatments and the most expensive restaurants in the City of Light. Interestingly enough, the only thing she seemed to think twice about was her destination: “She was originally headed to Spain, where Lenny Kravitz was touring.” This was all after Alex was reportedly unfaithful. He has since moved on with singer, actress, and dancer Jennifer Lopez.

6 Kim Kardashian Went On A Shopping Spree And Bought New $10 Million House With Kanye West

Via: Refinery 29

Kim Kardashian’s divorce from her second husband, former NBA star Kris Humphries was stressful on all of us. It’s no wonder she splurged on high-end retailers to help fill her wardrobe. Kardashian, who was pregnant with her first child by then boyfriend Kanye West, was seen shopping at Giorgio Armani in Beverly Hills after she and Humphries finally reached a settlement in 2013. Earlier that year, during the stresses of her split, she and West purchased a mansion in Bel-Air. It was marked as a 9,000-square-foot home and was only three years old at the time. If that wasn’t big enough, there were reports that the two wanted to extend the home another 4,000-square-feet. The home cost them roughly $10 million, which could have added up to be $38,077 a month. Sheesh!

5 Christina Aguilera Shopped At A Children's Store To Protect Her Son From The Stressful Divorce

Via: Angela Weiss

Just like any parent, famous or not, Christina Aguilera purchased some pretty expensive items after her divorce. The singer used an old-fashioned shopping trip to distract her son, Max, from her split with her ex-husband Jordan Bratman. While she looked casual, she certainly racked up with items from popular children’s store La La Ling. Interestingly enough, things got ugly between Aguilera and Bratman as he camped out in the home they shared together, leaving Aguilera to check into Los Angeles’ SLS hotel. The shopping trip could have been the only speck of normalcy for the tot as one insider said Aguilera was “living out of a suitcase” at the time. They added, “Things have gotten tense between them.” The two were married for five years. Aguilera cited irreconcilable differences when she filed for the split.

4 Amy Poehler Repurchased Her Own Condo For $6.49 Million

Via: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Amy Poehler paid top dollar after her divorce for, well, her own apartment. She and her now ex-husband Will Arnett had quite the interesting split. Poehler ended up buying out Arnett from the condo that they once shared together, so she could be the owner. The two bought the condo together for $5.28 million. But the stock on it went up when Poehler had to pay $6.49 million to keep it. While there are no photos of the place, it was said to be three-bedrooms, three-bathrooms, and sat in a building that was home to other major celebrities. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, and Oliver Stone once called the same building, located at 1 Morton Square, home. We’re sure it was worth every penny.

3 Khloe Kardashian’s Post-Divorce Crib Used To Be Owned By Justin Bieber

Via: YouTube

Let’s not forget that Khloe Kardashian purchased Justin Bieber’s old home just weeks after she filed for divorce from Lamar Odom. Even though Kardashian filed in 2013, their divorce wasn’t final for a few more years as fans questioned if she would even really go through with it. During that time, Kardashian purchased the Calabasas home formerly owned by singer Justin Bieber. And just like Kardashian, it came with its own history. Police raided Bieber’s home a couple of months before after Bieber was accused of damaging his neighbor’s home with eggs. The neighbor, Susie Schwartz, said trading Bieber for Kardashian was a big win for them, too. “I’m very happy. It’s been a little hush-hush, but we’ve known for a little while,” said Schwartz. “I’ll take a Kardashian over a Bieber any day of the week. I’m sure she’s harmless. And I hope it’s great for her. I’m sure it will be great for us.” Looks like Kardashian’s split worked out for everyone.

2 Heidi Klum's $9.875 Million Mansion Vs. Seal's $ 6 Million Bachelor Pad

Via: Business Insider

Model Heidi Klum also purchased her post-divorce home from a famous person following her split with singer, Seal. She shelled out $9.875 million for her home in Sherman Oaks (or arguably Bel-Air). The former owners were writer and producer Ed Weinberger (who’s known for his work on shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Cosby Show. His wife is actress Carlene Watkins. As for Klum, she and her four children enjoyed the home complete with bedrooms, dressing rooms, offices, a wine cellar, a gym/dance studio, and a library. It also touted a guest home with one bedroom, a kitchen, a pool, and a beautiful lawn. Seal opted for a bachelor bad in Brenton after their shocking divorce. His home racked up to $6 million.

1 Mika Brzezinski Wipes Tears With New $1.6 Million Home

Via: The Daily Beast

Author and television host Mika Brzezinski is also on the long list of celebrities who purchased a new home after getting a public divorce. We guess it makes sense to want to get rid of all of the memories of the old home (and the old home altogether). So, if you have the means to splurge like she does, why not? As for a breakdown of the price and features that came along with her home, reports show that her new digs cost $1.6 million and includes four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and is 3,670-square-feet. A real estate listing also touted the home’s mahogany deck designed by Dean Davis, French doors, a brand-new office with heat flooring of course, and “spectacular” views. And of course, things that all new homes could use: a washer and dryer, a 2-car garage, and huge hall bath.

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