Kate Upton's Wedding Shoes: 15 Other Times We Weren't Focused On Her Looks

We are all used to seeing Kate Upton wearing nothing but a bikini when modelling for an upcoming issue of Sport Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. Her eye catching curves and sandy blonde hair are just two of the many possessions Upton wows us with. Since Upton was voted SI Swimsuit's Rookie of the Year in 2011, her career has just got bigger and better. We have seen Upton become a three time SI Swimsuit cover star in 2012, 2013 and 2017. Her famous 'Cat Daddy' dancing stunt and the staring video competition you can all find and watch on YouTube has helped grow her name. As well as modelling for the cameras she has done a bit of acting in front of the lens too. From starring in The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz to acting alongside Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy in Tower Heist. 

The 25 year old is expected to be part of the SI Swimsuit models team again. She is expected to be on the next issue, out in February after making her comeback last year, previously on a hiatus for quite some time.

But in Upton's world it is not just all about her gorgeous body and looks. Upton is also known for her massive range of shoes. Whether she is out painting the town red with her husband and professional baseball player Justin Verlander, or is attending an evening premiere - Upton is always sure she is dazzling in her shoes.

Let's take a look at 16 dazzling shoes worn by the very lady herself.

16 Jeffrey Fashion Cares Shoes

A black dress with tanned shoes, why not!? Normally you would see this the other way round with the outfit being formed of a pair of black high heels with a tanned dress.

The footwear we see Upton wearing in this photo are called Christian Louboutin 'S*x' Shoes. From that title it looks as though the bikini model was hoping to get lucky on the night she attended the 2012 Jeffrey Fashion Cares fundraiser which was held at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City. Yet again we see Upton's shoes including a bit of a glittering finish, you could say it's a shoe tradition from the 25 year old. But If you look closely at those shoes you will notice crystals forming the word 's*x' that were thought by the designer Mr Louboutin. You could own a pair just like Upton's for a whopping $1400.

15 Harley Boots

No matter what Upton wears, from a bikini to just casual clothes she just finds a way of looking sexy and irresistible; like this photo for example. Some may think wearing just black clothes as an outfit can look sad and miserable but for Upton it looks completely the opposite. Beyond her leather jacket, the tight clothes shows to us Upton's incredible figure while walking her cute dog, Harley. And we also have the black pair of ankle boots matching her airport look. Upton is certainly no beginner with heels in this look including her Ray Ban shades.

There is no knowledge of how much the ankle boots would have cost for the cover model, but we don't expect any small amounts.

The black look just works for Upton but at the same time you ask the question what doesn't?

14 The Other Woman

In 2014 we saw the release of Upton's first major film role as one of three main characters in The Other Woman. The film also starred Cameron Diaz (known for Fiona in Shrek and The Holiday) and Leslie Mann, Judd Apatow's wife. The film was directed by Nick Cassavetes. And yes we do get a rather revealing scene in the movie when Upton is running down a hot beach in a very short white bikini. Upton had starred in other films before The Other Woman but this would be her biggest gig at the time by being one of the main characters.

Upton's choice of footwear at the Los Angeles film premiere of The Other Woman was metallic pumps from the Giuseppe Zanotti brand. So as you can see a rather more relaxed look with a flowery little dress and sparkling jewellery of ear rings, necklace and bracelets.

13 Red Skull

The one good thing about owning a pair of black shoes is that it can go with anything. Every girl knows that, and that is why Kate has paired it with her gorgeously tight red dress. Upton was wearing this at the 2013 Melbourne Cup as she was invited as a special guest by the Victorian Racing Club and Emirates airlines. Emirates airline are known for promoting their brand and services with the colour red, so this was a good dress choice from Kate in the eyes of the company.

The peep toe pumps are designed by Alexander McQueen, which features skull embellishments, a reference you might not have expected from a girl like Upton. Probably the best choice of shoes when attending a very hot and warm event, especially in Australia's summer time.

12 Sandals For A Scandal

Evening sandals at an event sure is a cool look, as Kate is proving in this photo. Another summer look from the model while she was attending a Victoria's Secret event in 2011. Instead of the usual red carpet display it was instead a pink carpet chosen by Victoria's Secret's event organizers.

This was all before the feud sparked between Upton and Victoria's Secret. Old images from 2011 of Kate Upton in a lingerie outfit were used in a catalogue without the model's permission. She was not contracted to work for Victoria's Secret at the time and was not notified at the time before the company used the pictures. The picture was Upton wearing a black Body by Victoria bra on the back of the Victoria's Secret catalogue. Since then the relationship between the two was certainly not love in paradise.

11 Over the Knee Boots

A very cool photo of Kate with her husband Justin and their furry companion Harley while the couple are loving life by wearing their stylish shades when seen at the airport.

The over the knee boots we see Kate wearing are teamed grey suedes by Sam Edelman. The boots were at least over a hundred dollars, but it sure makes a good look with her black skinny jeans, black top and black leather jacket. The boots are certainly a winter look but no matter what the season, Upton is always sure to look the best.

Did she purposely wear grey because of her handbag? If so, they certainly make a good fashion match. The scarf may have been part of the deal too despite the grey colour looking a little darker compared to the boots and the bag.

10 Business Shoes

You would think the swimsuit model spends more time at an airport than she does modelling bikinis at a hot beach when looking through her fashion photos.

In this picture you see Upton strutting through LAX Airport in her metallic heels, skinny jeans, low grey top with a nice navy jacket. At the time this photo was taken, Upton had days before posted a picture of her bare bottom on her official Instagram page causing quite a social media stir. Naturally, it caused the internet to break. But the actress proved in her visit to the airport that she looks just as good in her clothes as well as she does in bikinis and swimsuit outfits.

Her appearance in the photo shows a more business look of Kate. It is as though she is attending an important meeting, probably reviewing potential clients to model a clothing line.

9 Smoking Slippers

Now how awesome do these slippers look? You know you are winning in life when you are able to get away with wearing slippers out of the house. White slippers are a good look for Upton as we see her pictured yet again at an airport and the casual look of wearing shades indoors, as only cool people do. It goes with her white and flowery top we see underneath her very long navy cardigan, revealing her amazing figure. White is definitely Upton's best colour when it comes to either her fashion or when modelling sexy bikinis and underwear.

The 'Smoking Slippers' are designed by Nicholas Kirkwood with the slippers believed to be at the price range of $500, a crazy figure but for many celebrities fashion does come at a high price.

8 Cat Walk In Flip Flops

Let's not forget that Upton has done a few cat walks in her time as some of the many talents she has in her modelling career.

Here we have another all black outfit from Upton, but this time with a footwear twist. Who'd have thought flip flops would go with a black dress and a black sparkly jacket? Well this model dares to be different in the world of fashion. The black flip flops are designed by Michael Kors. These flip flops are a little more of an affordable price compared to the shoes we have already seen from Upton's range. These flip flops go for around $35 to $40. Upton must surely have her own section of flip flops at home when hitting the beaches, whether it is for work or for her own pleasure. Many men have the guilty pleasure of looking at ladies feet and for any Kate Upton fans out there they'll be many loving the flip flop look.

7 That's Amore

Again another black outfit appearance by the 25 year old model, this time with a very lengthy black dress and black studded heels. In the photo with her is Karolino Kurkova, a 33 year old Czech Republican model. Her best known work is being a former Victoria Secret's Angel. Kurkova is also an actress with her biggest gigs having parts in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Seamless and My Sexiest Year.

Both Upton and Kurkova in this photo were attending the Amore cocktail reception during the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival in 2017. In 2017 we saw Upton's latest film The Layover come out in cinemas. The film also starred Alexandra Daddario and William H. Macy.

Her paired black studded heels are from Valentino Rockstud which are worth over $670 but it's a good excuse to wear pricey shoes at a film festival especially the Cannes Film Festival.

6 Silver Sneakers For SPCA

A happy dog and a delightful Kate Upton, what's there not to like?

Since Upton and her husband Verlander became dog owners to Harley there was no surprise the model would be showing her support to a dog charity event as seen in this picture. The dog charity event was to try and find homes for abandoned dogs. When hosting the events, Upton struggles not to adopt the dogs available at the event. If only we can take all animals home with us.

Upton looks rather cool in those shiny Flat Oxfords which are a kind of a trainers look but with a dazzling twist.

There's a story that will just make you fall in love with Upton even more. The blondie has from time to time volunteered at animal adoption centres just due to her love for animals especially for dogs. She really is a goddess.

5 Express Sandals

Upton's eye catching black and white shirt must certainly translate to 'Hello world!'. It sure goes with her platform sandals in white with the orange T-strap.

The SI Swimsuit model was posing for the Express & Kate Upton Campaign Launch Event in New York City. Express is an online clothing store and in 2014 Upton was announced as the first named celebrity face of Express' campaign. She appeared in Express' spring 2015 advertisements by mainly modelling spring dresses and not bikinis, surprisingly. The images were shot by famed photographer Mario Sorrenti on location in Miami.

Upton has been known for being in quite a few advertising campaigns but the biggest one of them all was the Game of War mobile phone app where she was dressed as a warrior with a revealing cleavage. It caught a lot of people's attention from TV adverts to posters. It was another successful stunt from the model. I think we are all starting to lose count on how many times she has broken the internet with her good looks.

4 Strappy Scrappy Woman

This photo brings back a great time for all Kate Upton fans when this photo of her at an event was taken in early 2017. After the 2014 issue of SI Swimsuit - where for the first time in two years Upton was not the cover model after gaining the credit in 2012 and 2013 - Upton had left the modelling crew with no real sign of coming back to model for Sport Illustrated again. It left many fans upset and wondering if she would ever get back into a sexy swimsuit outfit, while she was busy moving onto being in films. But in 2017, SI Swimsuit revealed their latest cover being the very lady which for sure helped the magazine sell thousands of copies across America and all over the world.

Here she is at a SI Swimsuit event promoting the magazine in a very smart low cut top with a colourful finish at the end of the top and black skinny strap sandals.

3 Leather Sneakers

You start to wonder how many miles Kate Upton travels a year because here she is again signing autographs at the LAX Airport. This time she is seen wearing a pair of leather sneakers along with her skinny grey ripped jeans, a plain white tee shirt and a grey woolly coat. No matter how busy she is trying to catch a flight she seems to always find time to talk to her beloved fans and sign some autographs. Of course for many celebrities it's their fans who help them become who they are in their careers.

During the time of this photo being taken at LAX Airport, Upton revealed to the press that she had accepted her figure (who wouldn't?) after refusing to bow to 'fashion industry standards'. With her outstanding CV showcasing her portfolio of being a cover star on many occasions just shows that Kate is doing a fantastic job.

2 Rookie Of The Year Award

What a picture to round off this list. A beautiful and sexy Kate Upton looking straight at you in a very cheeky way.  Her tight purple and pink dress really reveals her sexy killing figure and why she's one of the most gorgeous looking ladies this planet earth has to offer.

This photo was taken in July 2011 as the model was attending a Caffe Swimwear show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami Beach, Florida. 2011 would be the year Upton was voted as SI Swimsuit's Rookie of the Year which would be the first of many big moments for the 25 year old. A year later saw Upton become SI Swimsuit's cover model for the first time when modelling in Australia for the magazine, and then again in 2013 after a famous photoshoot in Antarctica showing some warmth in one of the coldest places in the world. She's come a long way since 2011.

1 The Shoes To Say I Do

In November 2017, Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander became the luckiest man in the world when he married Kate Upton in a Medieval Church in Tuscany, Italy. The two lovebirds started dating in early 2014 before they got engaged in 2016. They have come across as quite a sweet couple as we have seen Upton support her partner in Astros' World Series triumph.

Upton's wedding dress was known for covering up her glittering shoes but the fashion world were not letting those shoes from being unseen. The shoes Upton chose for her big day (pictured above) were Kate Spade Sala Heels and are available to buy for around $328, just imagine how expensive the dress was on its own. Of course the colour white was intended to go with her spectacular white wedding dress but the nice finishing touch of gold glitter decorating the heels of the shoe you could say represents a beautiful woman.

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