Kate Middleton Wore Princess Diana’s Tiara: 25 Other Lady Di-Inspired Fashion Looks The Duchess Rocked

When Lady Diana Spencer became engaged to Prince Charles, the public couldn't help but remark on how her beauty was so accentuated by her fashion choices. She was constantly leading the charge when it came to fashion trends and many of her most famous looks have become mainstay trends in today's fashion world. Throughout her marriage to the Prince of Wales, there were some tumultuous times that only furthered the obsession by the public and the press. Many think of the press as a huge element of what caused the death of Princess Diana in 1997. The world mourned over the death of "The People's Princess," but it seemed like it received a new British royal that would help honor Princess Diana when her son, Prince William, became engaged to Kate Middleton.

People couldn't help but remark on the similarities between these two women and it often showed itself in their many different fashion looks over the years. Despite the fact that Princess Diana's heyday in the public eye was in the 1980s and '90s, her forward-thinking in style choices and Kate's love of classic and nostalgic looks just seemed to meld well together. Over the many different events that these two women had appeared in throughout their time in the limelight, there have been many ensembles that seem practically identical. Check out our list of the 25 looks where Kate Middleton wore Lady Di-inspired fashion looks and see how these two women seem to have the same fashion sense and style.

25 White And Gold Gown

While both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have worn casual and elegant ensembles to various events, it's the truly romantic gowns that really captivated people's attention. Princess Diana wore this majestic beauty when she attended a banquet with the German Ambassador in 1986. The white and gold gown looked like something straight out of a Disney princess film and people loved that she completed the look with gloves and her tiara. Kate Middleton wore a similar gold and white dress when she attended a dinner in Malaysia during the Diamond Jubilee Tour in 2012. Both dresses featured a deep sweetheart neckline and had gold accents throughout. While Kate didn't don the gloves or tiara in her look, she still impressed everyone with this ultra-feminine look.

24 Lace And Illusion Mesh

It's interesting how there are some styles that just never seem to go out of fashion and both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton has rocked them in the same way. Princess Diana went with a sexy little black dress in this sequin and lace look with illusion mesh. The long sleeves were further accentuated by the lace and sequins and people couldn't help but remark on her beautiful legs that were flaunted with this glamorous look. Kate Middleton went with the same sort of style in her dress but the green color and extra length let it stand out a bit. Kate may have chosen a bolder color but her lace didn't have the same bold sequins and had a deeper accent on the slim waist.

23 Red V-Neck Feature

Princess Diana wore this red ensemble during the early '80s so she gets a pass on the puffy sleeves. Yet, the ensemble doesn't really look all that dated. The ruching detail on the waist and torso draw attention to the slit detail and her fantastic figure. Her look was completed with a boat neckline and a V-shaped cut that offered just a hint foxiness in this super-flattering ensemble. When the Duchess of Cambridge wore her red dress, it was a bright red Beulah London gown that also featured a V-neck shape. Yet, this one revealed far more skin and was great at hugging all of her curves. There was an accentuation in the waist because of the belt accessory and both ensembles featured long sleeves.

22 Powder Blue Suit

Powder blue is a color that Princess Diana had worn repeatedly and it's obvious to see why since it was very complimentary to her skin tone and beautiful blonde hair. Yet, that doesn't mean that powder blue isn't a great color on the brunette Kate Middleton, as well. Both of these British beauties wore powder blue suits in the past, with each paying close attention to the buttons and slim waist. When Kate Middleton wore this look in 2016, the style of the Catherine Walker suit had a slight peplum feature that cut out by the hips. Princess Diana's look had a similar cut in the hips to show an hourglass figure. Kate's suit had more of a Peter Pan collar but the similarities between these two looks were undeniable.

21 Lady In Red

There are some occasions where it isn't exactly acceptable to wear a striking red dress, but sometimes there are occasions where a red dress can be just the right look to step out into the spotlight. Princess Diana wore his textured red dress when visiting Argentina in 1995. There was extra attention on the halter strap and an off-the-shoulder cut that was super flattering. Kate Middleton wore her red dress when she visited Canada in 2016. While it didn't have a completely off-the-shoulder cut, it had a similar attention to the straps and the asymmetrical style really accentuated her décolletage. Both dresses accentuated the slim waist but Kate's was considerably longer. Both of these British beauties finished off the look with red heels to complete the "lady in red" style.

20 Busy And All Buttoned-Up

This look is a huge example of how different fashion trends always seem to come back around. Princess Diana wore this look at her wedding rehearsal all the way back in 1981 and Kate Middleton wore her floral and abstract ensemble at the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace in 2017. These dresses aren't identical in the print or cut but there are still some striking similarities in their looks. Both feature high necklines and a little detail towards the collar and front. The sleeves are also a bit roomy and feature a puffy detailing that goes with the overall flow  of the dress. The skirt portion has some great motion, but there is a slightly cinched waist that really created a flattering look for both of them.

19 Skiing In Red

One of the perks of being royalty is the fact that traveling all over the world and partaking in activities like skiing in Switzerland is just part of the lifestyle. Princess Diana was photographed in 1986 with this striking red skiing coat on the slopes of Switzerland, while Kate Middleton was wearing a similar red coat in 2005 in Switzerland. Kate paired it with a matching red headband and some sleek skiing goggles but Princess Diana was fully embracing the '80s trend. Her headband looks reminiscent of something seen in a '80s workout video but it really seemed to work on her. She looked so fresh-faced and happy out in the outdoors, but Kate looks like it may not be the right environment for the Duchess of Cambridge.

18 Blue Elsa Look

People often romanticize British royalty and compare it to the princesses in the Disney films. This particular look seemed completely on par with Queen Elsa from Frozen and the world couldn't get enough when Kate Middleton wore her Jenny Packham gown in 2017. People couldn't help but compare it to a look that Princess Diana wore back in 1986 with a Catherine Walker gown in Qatar. Both of them featured long sleeves and sequins embellishment throughout. Diana's gown was a bit more powdery blue and featured a sweeping detail with ruching detail on the sides. Yet, Kate's dress featured an illusion mesh that featured rhinestones throughout. Both of them paired the dress with a metallic shoe and people couldn't help but compare them to Disney Princesses.

17 Remembrance Service With Poppies

Poppies are quite significant in the UK because it is commonly worn to commemorate military personnel who have died in war. There have been many different variations worn by people every year, from poppy dresses to poppies worn in the hair. In this particular look, both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton decided to wear their poppies on their lapel. They both set a black backdrop to their ensemble, which really helped to make the poppies stand out. Diana wore it at the Remembrance Sunday Service in 1991 and Kate wore this ensemble at the Remembrance Sunday Service in 2016. Although they were very similar, Diana's look is a bit more dated because of the shoulder pads and hat. Kate put a modern twist on it with a standout coat and tilted hat.

16 All In White

Some women try and steer away from ensembles with a prominent lapel because it can sometimes look a bit masculine. Yet, there are ways to create an ultra-feminine look with a suit-like form and Princess Diana and Kate Middleton both know how to pull it off. Diana wore this Catherine Walker suit dress to the Isle of Wight in 1985 and Kate wore this Alexander McQueen dress at Princess Charlotte's Christening in 2015. While they both paired it with a white hat, Diana's was more of a sailor look and Kate's was far more embellished. Kate's dress was a bright winter white and Diana's had a bit of variation throughout. Yet, they were too similar to pass up when comparing a Princess Diana look with the Duchess of Cambridge.

15 Foxy Sailor

Princess Diana had a tendency to seek out naval trends when it came to fashion and she often had some sort of sailor-inspired look. From naval hats to this ultra-feminine sailor-inspired ensemble, this was a favorite for Princess Diana. Kate Middleton tried her hand at it when she wore this Alexander McQueen dress while touring North America in 2011. Kate has proven that Alexander McQueen is one of her favorite designers and it's easy to see why with this figure-flattering, sailor-inspired dress. It's far more subtle than Princess Diana's look but it has the same sort of cut in the plunging V-neck and feminine details. Kate received nothing but compliments when she wore this in Charlottetown, Canada and people couldn't help but remark how flattering the color was against her radiant skin.

14 White Wedding Dress Look

When it was announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton were going to be married, everyone speculated what her dress would look like and whether or not it would resemble Princess Diana's. Yet, it would be extremely difficult to recreate Princess Diana's iconic David Emanuel dress worn back in 1981. From the giant, puffy sleeves to the 25-foot train, that wasn't the look that Kate Middleton was going for at her wedding. Yet, that didn't mean that Kate's wedding dress was going to be completely different from something Princess Diana wore. This is the look that Kate wore for Clarence House for the reception following her wedding and people compared it to a look that Princess Diana wore back in 1988. From the sweetheart neckline to the flaring skirt, it's obvious that these two looks have glaring similarities.

13 Shoulders And Teal

Many people in the public eye seem to favor basic colors in their ensembles since you can't really go wrong with black, white, and red. Yet, Princess Diana never worried about standing out amongst the pack and it seems like Kate Middleton has the same sort of adventurous spirit in regards to her style. Princess Diana wore this teal gown when attending an event in Melbourne back in 1985. While it does look a bit dated due to the extra puffy accents in the bottom of the dress and, of course, the bejewelled headband screamed the '80s. Kate Middleton wore the same striking teal color when she wore a Jenny Packham gown at Royal Albert Hall in 2012. Both of these looks paid extra attention to the shoulders, even though Kate's substituted a chiffon material for Diana's satin sheen.

12 White Peplum Ensemble

Both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have proven that they look amazing in white and both of them have turned to winter white in their various ensembles. Princess Diana wore this look at the Royal Ascot in 1986 and Kate Middleton wore this look during the Diamond Jubilee Tour in Singapore in 2012. It's undeniable that there are some major similarities in both of these looks since they both include the peplum style. While Princess Diana's top has a far more accentuated peplum design, Kate's still had a bit of a flare by the hips to help give off a flattering figure. Both of these looks featured a deep V-neck but they differed on the type of skirt. While Princess Diana's is more like a pencil skirt, Kate chose to pair it with a flowing A-line skirt.

11 Pretty In Plaid

These side-by-side looks prove, yet again, that fashion trends always seem to come back around since Princess Diana wore this look back in 1985 and Kate Middleton wore it in 2012. Yet, plaid has always been a favorite in some way or form in the world of fashion. Diana wore this plaid coat that was from the same designer as her wedding dress and it made a big appearance when she was touring Venice. Kate Middleton wore her plaid ensemble when she returned to St. Andrew's School, where she had previously spent 9 years. There were numerous photos taken of Kate in this striking plaid ensemble since she gave a speech at her former school and even opened a hockey pitch. She seemed right at ease running on the field with her heels and everyone agreed that she did an amazing job while looking great.

10 Powder Blue Coat

With the UK having a reputation for not having the best weather, both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have never had a shortage of some amazing coats. Princess Diana wore this powder blue and white coat during Easter services back in 1987 and she paired it with a matching hat. The coat paid extra attention to the buttons that popped out, as well as the coat pockets that featured a white lining. Kate Middleton wore a similar coat when she was visiting Pembroke Refinery in Wales in 2014. Middleton's Matthew Williamson coat also paid close attention to the buttons but it seemed a tad more military style with the metallic buttons. There was also a huge accentuation in the coat pockets but the accent was a tad different.

9 Hot Pink And Black

There aren't many women that can pull off such a bold color combination as hot pink and black but both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton didn't seem worried when they wore these two ensembles. Princess Diana wore it in 1990 when she was visiting Westminster and the look seems a little dated by today's standards. From the shoulder pads to the pocket handkerchief, even the cut of the coat seemed a little dated in the neckline. Kate Middleton wore a similar hot pink and black coat when she visited the Stephen Lawrence Centre in 2015. Both of these looks seemed a bit square in their shape but that didn't take away from its ultra-feminine style. The black buttons really seem to pop and both women wore this look with pride.

8 Glamorously Black

While both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have been photographed in ensembles that were a bit demure in its style, that didn't mean that they didn't try their hand at a foxier look once in a while. Princess Diana wore this flowing black gown when out with Charles and people couldn't help but fall in love with the glamour of the overall look. From the flowing skirt to the ruffled sweetheart neckline, the overall look was utterly glamorous. Kate Middleton donned the same sort of look when she was photographed in this flowing black dress with smaller ruffles along the sweetheart neckline. Kate's dress had a different form due to its mermaid-cut and it really showed off her hourglass figure and shoulders covered only by her beautiful brown locks.

7 Full On Polka Dots

Princess Diana wore this flowing polka dot dress when she greeted the press on the steps of St. Mary's Hospital in 1982. She stood and posed while holding Prince William and people couldn't help but remark on how great she looked with a radiant smile. When Kate Middleton greeted the press upon the birth of her son, George, she wore a similar polka dot dress. She and Prince William wore a matching blue ensemble, while Princess Diana wore her polka dot in green. There is a difference in the neckline since Diana's had the sailor twist once again. They are also different lengths since Diana's was much longer. Yet, people couldn't help but compare these two moments in time since both women looked so radiantly happy.

6 Beauty In Beige

The British are known for their amazing creativity and whimsy in their hats but not everyone can pull it off in the best way. Princess Diana wore this featured hat back in 1981 and she paired it perfectly with a tweed coat by Caroline Charles. The John Boyd hat was received well and people loved her in this whimsical look. Kate Middleton put a bit of a modern twist in her similar look since her suit didn't feature the same '80s-style puffy sleeves. This was the look she chose when attending the wedding of Laura Parker-Bowles and people couldn't help but compare it to Princess Diana's look. Both of the hats featured wispy aspects that were both fun and feminine on these two British beauties.

5 Feminine Red Polka Dots

Both Kate Middleton and Princess Diana have proven a major favoritism towards polka dots when it comes to their fashion. In Princess Diana's look, she looked quite young in this ultra-feminine dress with dainty spaghetti straps. The ruffled top gave it a girlish look but the banding around the wait showed off her incredible figure. The dress featured a full skirt that also added to the girlish appeal. When Kate Middleton wore her modernized version of the red polka dot dress, it was a wrap-style with a foxier look. Despite having wider straps, the deep V-cut was extremely foxy and the flowing material really accentuated her curves. Although both of these women wore the same look in this midi-length dresses, there was a considerable difference in how they were perceived.

4 Black And White Spots

While there are some fashion trends that people just can't seem to rid themselves of, polka dots have been welcomed by every generation. Princess Diana was a huge fan of the polka dot style and really showed off her enthusiasm with this black and white polka dot ensemble. It was the stereotypical puffy-sleeved style because it was during the heyday of the 1980s but the cinched waist and matching hat made it completely work on her. Kate Middleton wore her black and white polka dot dress when she attended the Wimbledon Championships in 2017. Her Dolce & Gabbana dress was much more casual but it exuded the same look with the fit and flare cut that accentuated her figure. The square neckline and the fitted sleeves helped pull off the look that was a major nod to Princess Diana.

3 White Head Cover

One of the reasons why Princess Diana was thought of as "the people's Princess" because of how devoted she was to philanthropy work around the world. This photo was taken back in 1996 when Princess Diana was visiting the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital in Pakistan. She donned a light suit with a high neckline and paired it with a white head cover that allowed the front of her hair to shine through. Kate Middleton wore her look when she was visiting the Assyakirin Mosque in Malaysia in 2012. She wore the same white head cover and her suit was in the same style with the high neckline. She was trying to be modest in her appearance to be respectful of the location and even less of her hair could be seen in this look.

2 The Pillbox Look

This look proves that both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton can wear any color with ease. Princess Diana wore this forest green ensemble with black accents during an Italian State visit in London in 1990. Kate Middleton wore a forest green ensemble during a 2012 honoring of Irish Guards. Her black accent was seen on the belt that helped draw attention to her amazing figure. Both women featured metallic accents in their look, from Diana's gold buttons to Kate's clover brooch. Yet, the major similarity in these two looks was the decision to pair it up with a pillbox hat. Diana was also in a rich-green colored suit coat, but Kate Middleton decided to wear a chocolate brown pillbox hat. Kate's is dressed up a bit by the side bow and side tilt but both women looked amazing.

1 Military And Chic

Both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have been often called upon to appear at events involving various military forces throughout the Commonwealth. Yet, it's not just military events that these two very public figures have decided to don military-inspired ensembles. This is a style that both of them have favored in the past and is actually quite trendy. Princess Diana wore this military-inspired black and white ensemble when accepting a charity donation from All Nippon Airways back in 1989. Kate Middleton wore her military-inspired black and white ensemble when she visited the Land Rover BAR headquarters in 2016. Both of their looks featured gold button accents despite having a different neckline. Kate's dress accentuated the buttons with black stripes, while Diana's look focused more on the black lapels.

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