Kanye Hits Up Ikea: And 14 Other Celebs You Had No Clue Love Shopping At Ikea

The most recent set of the UK's Celebrity Big Brother was decorated entirely using items from IKEA. Though this was almost certainly a marketing deal struck by IKEA, does the Swedish retailer need to promote themselves even more? Everyone knows about IKEA, and almost everyone loves to shop there. Students, professionals, and just about everyone else, can't resist the bargain prices that IKEA offers. The reason IKEA is able to offer furniture at such affordable prices, is, of course, because you have to assemble the items yourself. But that doesn't stop people!

Even celebrities can't resist how amazing IKEA is. Though IKEA used to be frowned upon by the upper class, it's becoming more and more acceptable to say that you shop at IKEA. After all, they offer cheap, great looking furniture. In the past few years, it seems like there's been a surge of IKEA in Hollywood. It's almost as if celebrities are just now hearing about how amazing IKEA is. It's surprising that even more celebrities haven't been spotted shopping there. Then again, how many celebrities actually shop for themselves?

So, which household names love shopping at IKEA?

15 Kanye

Back in 2016, the illustrious Kanye West tweeted that he had a few design ideas he wanted to pitch to IKEA. The hip hop producer turned rapper turned fashion designed wanted to put his best foot forward and create a few pieces of furniture for the Swedish company. At first, fans thought that Kanye was just being Kanye. It wasn't until a few months later that Kanye confirmed he did, in fact, want to design furniture for IKEA. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Kanye said "I have to work with IKEA, make furniture for interior design, for architecture," and later added that students would love for him to make a "minimalist apartment inside of a college dorm."

Kanye later went on to contact the brand directly saying, "Yo IKEA, allow Kanye to create, allow him to make this thing because you know what, I want a bed that he makes, I want a chair that he makes." The furniture mogul responded by saying that they were flattered that he wanted to collaborate with them, but added that they had no intention of working with him. Would Kanye's furniture be as overpriced as his t-shirts are?

14 Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas, once the most popular Jonas brother, has now been overshadowed by his younger brother Nick. Despite a promising future career, after The Jonas Brothers went their separate ways, Joe struggled to maintain a solo career. He released a few albums but gradually fell out of the spotlight. Today, he's the lead singer of a dance-rock band called DNCE. The band hasn't found any mainstream success, but they have opened for acts such as Selena Gomez on her Revival Tour.

A few years ago, a photo surfaced online of Joe Jonas posing with an instruction manual for a desk from IKEA. The desk series was called JONAS, which is why Joe could be seen posing with the manual. Now, we're not entirely sure if Joe knew about the JONAS desk series before going into IKEA, or if he saw it while shopping and just had to have it. Nonetheless, Joe looks more than comfortable promoting some of IKEA's merchandise.

13 Anna Kendrick

Realistically, Anna Kendrick may just be the most down to earth celebrity in Hollywood. When some celebrities try to fake being normal, Anna Kendrick genuinely seems like a woman who enjoys acting and just happens to have become famous. Since becoming a household name, Anna Kendrick admitted in an interview that when she gets time off, she tries to do things to keep her normal.

After a busy schedule of filming and promoting her latest movie, Anna Kendrick told interviewers that when she gets time off, all she wants to do is sleep all day, organize her house, and shop at IKEA. In her own words, Kendrick said "I organized my garage and it made me so happy that I felt like I was on drugs. I built industrial shelving, bought tubs from IKEA, and put my Christmas decorations in clear containers so I can see them." Kendrick admits that when she was shopping at IKEA, she was "cowering behind DIY shelving in a baseball cap as a family walked by. I don't know if that's cool, but it's something I do."

12 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has spent her whole life in the spotlight. When she was once only known for being the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley has now completely overshadowed her father's legacy, for better or worse. Despite her best attempts to live a normal life, Miley never will. When she was 17 years old, she told an interviewer that she was dreading buying her own house because her mom would have to help her decorate and that they would probably "get into a fist fight at IKEA" because they have such different tastes.

Recently, Miley Cyrus bought a $2.5 million bungalow in Malibu's Ramirez Canyon, built on a two acre property. The four bedroom house (which also has a Spider-Man themed bathroom) is beautifully decorated with what looks like designer furniture. With that said, when Miley invited reporters into her home to take photographs, people were quick to notice that Miley's house was filled with light fixtures from IKEA. The fixtures are still expensive by IKEA's standards, at around $90 a pop. Needless to say, Miley loves IKEA just as much as everyone else does.

11 Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian

Let's be completely honest for a second, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian only became famous because their sister Kim became famous. Though they've done a great job of separating themselves from Kim over the past decade, they too owe their success to that fateful tape Kim made with Ray J all those years ago. They won the lottery in a sense, as the Kardashians now have more money than they know what to do with. And, to put it bluntly, they've become American royalty.

Though the Kardashians are now known for their expensive taste but that hasn't necessarily always been the case. Back in 2009, Khloe and Kourtney released a video of them designing a college dorm room using only IKEA furniture. This was to promote a new contest, where contestants could win an autographed IKEA table, a signed picture frame, and a $100 IKEA gift card. The Kardashians weren't just selling themselves for a quick buck, either. In 2017, Kourtney proved that she still loved IKEA by telling reporters that she bought several of her Christmas decorations from the Swedish retailer.

10 Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth first dropped into the spotlight back in the days of Beverly Hills, 90210 when she played Kelly Taylor for 10 years. Following that role, she moved on to play Valerie Tyler in the short lived sitcom What I Like About You. Since then, Garth has struggled to keep her career afloat. She had a brief reality show on CMT called Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Of Country and even tried to stay famous by appearing on Dancing With The Stars back in 2007.

The decline of Garth's career can more than likely be attributed to that she started to age. At 45 years old, Garth is no longer the bombshell that she was back in her prime. This became apparent to just about everyone when, while pregnant, she was spotted looking a little disheveled with a cart full of furniture in the parking lot of IKEA. Judging by her outfit, it's clear that she was hoping the paparazzi wouldn't spot her, too.

9 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence's down to earth persona is either a carefully orchestrated marketing move, or that's just really how she is. Since having private photos of her leaked, Lawrence said that she was going to stay off of social media and has been trying more than ever to keep her life private. However, there is something that Jennifer Lawrence has recently opened up about: she loves to shop at IKEA.

According to Jennifer Lawrence, she shops at IKEA because she grew up in Kentucky and not Hollywood, she knows how much money things actually cost. For example, J Law bought a couch from IKEA because the unfairness in prices in Hollywood make her angry, like a t-shirt that costs $150. But it sounds like Jennifer Lawrence doesn't shop for herself. Instead, she asks friends or family members to go buy things for her. Why? Well, in her own words, "A lot of anxiety comes from something as simple as me going to the grocery store because I don’t know what could happen and I have nightmares all the time that I’m walking through a shopping mall and suddenly people start surrounding me and there’s nowhere I can go."

8 Vanessa Hudgens

Sometime last year, Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler were at the center of a nation-wide controversy. While on a trip to Coconino National Forest, Hudgens carved her initials, and Butler's, into a rock in the park. She then took a photo of her sappy graffiti and shared it on Instagram. Instead of fans finding it cute, people were outraged that she vandalized a national park. She pulled the photo from Instagram and paid a $1,000 fine to the United States forest service for "restitution damages."

Back in 2012, Vanessa Hudgens was spotted wearing matching Yankees hats with her boyfriend Austin Butler. The happy couple was spotted in a parking lot, heading into IKEA. Other than carving her name into a rock, going to IKEA is the most noteworthy thing Vanessa Hudgens has done in years.

7 AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord hit up Ikea with her sister and rumour has it, she was shopping for bedroom furniture and decor — loading up on pillows and testing out the beds. The 90210 star has nothing but love for Ikea and spent the day at the furniture mogul after purchasing a house Hollywood Hills. She left Ikea with a $20,000 bill and apparently, her Mini Cooper was stuffed to the max! Just pay the delivery fee McCord!

6 Ryan Reynolds

In 2015, Ryan Reynolds ruined the fantasies of millions of women around the world when he revealed his biggest flaw: he's not very handy. In a video for GQ, Reynolds tried to assemble an IKEA baby crib while following along with the instructions. But it didn't go exactly as planned. Sorry, ladies. Your dream husband Ryan Reynolds isn't as perfect as you might think that he is.

In the short clip, Reynolds gets frustrated with being unable to assemble the piece of furniture and calls customer service. In the video, he says "Well, besides a slow descent into alcoholism, I'm just really having trouble finding all the screws and all the pieces that go with it... So I'm just wonder if there's a representative — or five — who could come by and make this happen for me." He later expressed his frustrations by saying "IKEA is Swedish for f*** you." In his defense, has anyone ever had an easy time building an IKEA baby crib?

5 Eddie Redmayne

Even Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne can't resist the power of IKEA. Redmayne was thrust into the spotlight after winning an Academy Award for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in the movie The Theory of Everything. And, despite his new found fame, Redmayne can't help but shop at a universally loved store just like a normal person.

Back in 2016, a few fans spotted Redmayne at IKEA with his cart full. Fans approached the actor and asked to take photos, which he happily agreed to do. However, after seeing the photos, it was pretty clear that Redmayne was trying to lay low. He had a scarf around his neck and chin, as well as a hat pulled down over his head. Despite his best attempts to stay hidden, fans spotted him and at first, thought that he must have been a doppelganger. Once they realized that he was the read Eddie Redmayne, they all swarmed for photos. Poor guy.

4 Lauren Conrad

It's almost ironic that Lauren Conrad has gotten rich and famous because of the fact that she was rich and famous. After starring on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, Conrad was paid to star in a spin-off series called The Hills, which became widely successful. Arguably, The Hills is one of the most influential (and successful) reality shows of all time, right behind Keeping Up With The Kardashians. After five seasons of The Hills under her belt, Conrad left the show to work as a fashion designer.

Back in 2010, Lauren Conrad was used by IKEA to advertise the fact that the company was no longer using plastic bags. Conrad, who will apparently put her name on anything for a quick buck, became the poster girl for the IKEA reusable tote. By no means is it a glamorous promotion, but at least there's a good message behind it.

3 Ellen Pompeo 

The Grey's Anatomy star hits up the Burbank IKEA store and was spotted pick up her own boxes. We wonder if she assembled the furniture herself. You would think someone as famous as Pompeo would hire an interior decorator to glam up her pad with expensive, handmade furniture. But just by the way she's dressed in this photo with her Kangol hat, you can definitely tell this Hollywood actress is very humble. Sources claim Pompeo stocked up on pillows and house plants.

2 Sean Kingston, Fabolous, and Trey Songz

Back in 2010, a number of celebrities participated in a charity event to transform two rooms at New York City facility for children entering foster care. Among the celebrities at the event were Sean Kingston, Fabolous, and Trey Songz,. The event involved the celebrities assembling the furniture that would then be donated to the children's facility. It's safe to say that they all look great in their IKEA aprons.

1 Olivia Palermo

The City star, Olivia Palermo, was also spotted at the event. The charity event was part of the IKEA Life Improvement Challenge. The challenge was created to help improve communities by providing them with things that they otherwise wouldn't have. Like, for example, IKEA furniture. Since its launch, the IKEA Life Improvement Challenge has helped over 120 charities across the United States receive a full IKEA makeover. The celebs helped revamp two bedrooms for children being places into foster care in Manhattan.

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