Kaia Gerber and 14 Other Up-And-Coming Fashion Models We Should Be Paying Attention To

The modelling world can be a wild one, and lots of young ladies (and some fellas) try to make their mark on the fashion industry. Many start as teens trying to climb their way to the top as the “model of the moment.” Some do succeed, but not many last long. The modelling business must stay on top of fads and trends, and what is hot now may be ice cold in the blink of an eye. It’s just the way it goes, but these young models are up for the challenge.

But there are some up-and-coming models who have that special something that makes us think they will be more than a flash in the pan. Fifteen minutes of fame is fine, but these models are in it to win it. They have the looks, talent, and background to be a force in a fickle business. Some have famous parents and some have started from scratch, but no matter their upbringing, they all have something in common — they are gorgeous and they want to have a long career in the biz.

Take a peek at these 15 up-and-coming models and remember their names and faces. Bet your bottom dollar that these babes will be around for a while, making the modelling world look up and take notice. Do you have a favorite or do you think some of these models won’t last the long haul? It is hard to predict, but for now, these hotties are doing just fine. Keep it up!

15 Kaia Gerber Is Following In Her Mom's Footsteps 

If this gorgeous gal’s face looks familiar, that is because 16-year-old Kaia Gerber’s mom is one of the most famous supermodels in the world — Cindy Crawford. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree as Gerber is a budding beauty who is following in the steps of her magnificent mama. Gerber is signed with IMG Models and is already strutting her stuff like a real pro. She has walked the runway for Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Prada, Fendi, and other top-name brands and designers. With all this under her belt at just 16, Gerber is well on her way to a lucrative career. And she has the best mentor a model could ask for!

14 Amelia Gray Hamlin Was In W Magazine And Teen Vogue

Amelia Gray Hamlin is just 16, but her modelling career is off and running. Her two famous parents, Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna have embraced their daughter’s beauty and know so much about the biz, so it is easy to see why Hamlin is hot on her way to even more fame and fortune. Her mysterious look and gorgeous features are model-perfect, but at 16, Hamlin will continue to blossom into womanhood, leaving us to wait and see where the road takes her. She has already rocked Fashion Week and has been in W Magazine and Teen Vogue. With looks like hers, Hamlin is headed for even more success in the world of modelling. Rinna must be raving about her baby girl!

13 Lily-Rose Depp Acts Like Her Dad And Models Like Her Mom

Johnny Depp? Check. Yes, Lily-Rose Depp is the darling daughter of the famous actor and her mom is model Vanessa Paradis. Depp is just 18, but her model-perfect looks have her well on her way to a life in the spotlight as a sought-after model. Although she is not tall like most models, her petite frame and drop-dead gorgeous face is plenty for her to have a big career in the biz. Depp models for Chanel and is also a movie star, having appeared in films including Yoga Hosers, The Dancer, and Tusk. Talent and top-notch looks run in her fab family, so Depp is sure to rule the runway as well as the big screen as she makes her way into adulthood.

12 Wallette Watson Is A Chameleon

The amazing and talented Wallette Watson is definitely one to watch. Her 5’9” frame, deep brown eyes, and perfect smooth skin make her an ideal model, and her gorgeous face is hard to look away from. Watson has been featured in Bazaar and Vogue, has modelled for Coach, and that’s just the start to something that is sure to be even more special. She is sweet and sassy, bold and beautiful, and has a look that can be tailored for any campaign or spread. Keep your eyes out for this foxy siren, she’ll be on fire as her career keeps heating up.

11 Rocco Ritchie Has Madonna And Adidas To Back Him Up

Rocco Ritchie is 17 years old and he is beginning to tap into the crazy world of modelling. Oh, and his mom? Madonna! Yep, having a ridiculously famous mom sure has its perks, one of which is knowing the ins and outs of being in the spotlight. Ritchie made his modelling debut with the athletic brand, Adidas, showing off his confident and cool side in some Alexander Wang-designed kicks. He surely knows how to manage the paparazzi, but how will he fare on the catwalk? If his Adidas sneakers hold up, he’ll do just fine! And mom will be cheering from her front-row seat.

10 Delilah Belle Hamlin Has A Raw Talent Most Models Could Only Dream Of

Amelia Gray’s older sis the 19-year-old Delilah Belle Hamlin. This blonde beauty is proving that great looks run in the Hamlin family. Like her sister, Hamlin has standout good looks and a raw talent that comes from within. Her features are fabulous, and she knows how to work the cameras as well as a woman who has been in the industry for years. She has graced the pages of Vogue, walked in Fashion Week, and has been by her little sister’s side for this exciting ride. The Hamlin’s are hot, and we are sure to see them around for a while.

9 Sistine Stallone Inherited Good Genes

Sistine Stallone is 19 years old, and the California native’s proud pop is none other than movie great, Sylvester Stallone. Her beautiful mom is model Jennifer Flavin. Talent and good looks run in this famous family, and now Stallone is stepping into the spotlight as a blossoming model. The lovely young lady signed with IMG Models, and her unique look is surely treasured by her agent. You may have seen Stallone on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country MagazineTeen Vogue, or Glamour UK. She has modelled for Express and Smashbox Cosmetics, too. This chick is ready to soar, so stay tuned for more from the stunning Stallone!

8 Lottie Moss Is Catching Up To Sister Kate Moss

If the name Moss sounds familiar, that's because surely you know of supermodel Kate Moss, who happens to be the big sister to the new model on the block, Lottie Moss. Moss is 20 years old and hails from London. Her pretty and delicate features and beautiful blonde hair are angelic and special, making her the next Moss to take over the modelling industry. Moss has been on the cover of Vogue Paris and Bazaar and has modelled for Chanel. While her big sis was one of the biggest names in modelling, Moss may one day catch up to her elder sibling. So far, things are looking good for this bright and beautiful blonde babe!

7 Ming Lee Simmons Used To Model For Her Mom's Baby Phat Line

Ming Lee Simmons, 18, is the famous daughter of model and TV personality Kimora Lee Simmons and business mogul Russell Simmons. Now it's time for Simmons to seek the spotlight with a career as a model. She had modelled as a child for her mom’s Baby Phat line, but it's time for Simmons to keep going as a young woman. While she may have had a hand in getting into the biz, it takes talent to persist, and that is just what Simmons is doing. Simmons’ unique looks paired with hard work is helping her land gigs in the modelling world, and she recently did a shoot for Galore Magazine. With some tips from her mega-fabulous mom, Simmons is on the road to success. Keep your eyes peeled for more pretty pics of this princess!

6 Liv Freundlich Is Starting Young With Julianne Moore's Blessing

Does that freckled face and ravishing red hair look like something you’ve seen before? Perhaps, if you are a fan of actress Julianne Moore. Liv Freundlich is her 15-year-old daughter who is embarking on a career in modelling, even at her young age. Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! And why not start early? Freundlich has an innocent and sweet look that is captured on camera beautifully. Her soft skin, bright eyes, and eagerness to learn the ropes is evident, showing she’s got what it takes to make it. She's modelled for J. Crew and looked like a million bucks. There’s surely so much more to come from this fine young female. She may one day be as famous as her A-lister momma!

5 Iris Law Is Outshining Her Papa, Jude

Iris Law, 17, is the breathtakingly beautiful daughter of actor Jude Law and Sadie Frost. She is from London, England, but as she makes her way through the modelling world, she is beginning to be well known across the globe. She has graced the pages of Vogue and has modelled for Miu Miu and Burberry. While Law is only 5’4” — which is rare in the modelling world — her stunning looks are all she needs to make her way in this competitive and cutthroat business. Those lush lips, bright eyes, and bone structure put Law above the rest.

4 Cara Taylor Means Business

Now here is a model who is sure to have an off-the-charts career in modelling. Cara Taylor is one to watch as she struts and poses her way into the hearts of fans who adore her alluring and unique look. She has modelled for Dior and has posed for Prada and Coach, too. Taylor has the edge to stand out in a sea of young hopefuls, but her grit and determination will propel her into the limelight. Those big eyes, plump lips, and glare into the camera prove she’s got the right stuff to become a shining star. Be on the lookout for so much more from this young talent — she’s got the touch to go far in this biz!

3 Giannina Oteto Is Taking Her Unique Look Across The Globe

Stunning and exotic, the gorgeous Giannina Oteto is a model on the move, with looks that are impressive and captivating. She is of Kenyan descent, and her modelling career is taking off all across the globe. You may recognize Oteto’s fabulous face from her work in ads for L’Oreal’s True Match line of cosmetics. She has also been featured in Glamour magazine. Her defined cheekbones are enviable, her deep dark eyes are contemplative, and those amazing pillow-like lips are the kiss of good fortune. Stay tuned for more to come from this model-on-the-rise, as she is sure to have a long-lasting career.

2 Zuri Tibby Is Already A Victoria's Secret Angel

Zuri Tibby, 22, is from Florida and stands at a tall 5’10”. She was discovered at a shopping mall and the rest is history. If you are a fan of Victoria’s Secret, then it is no secret that Tibby worked it on the runway in the PINK segment of their 2016 Fashion Show. Tibby has also posed for Vogue, Marie Claire, V Magazine, Dazed Magazine, Glamour UK, and more. Tibby has a beautiful face, a fantastic figure, and a bold presence. With her model-like qualities, we will be sure to see her light up the world of modelling for years to come. You won’t soon forget this chic chick!

1 Georgia Fowler Is Modelling For Almost Every Big Designer

The New Zealand native, Georgia Fowler, is 25 years old and simply stunning. She is 5’10” with blue-green eyes and wavy brown hair. She has worked for Victoria’s Secret, Max Mara, Elie Saab, Yeezy, DKNY, Miu Miu, Jeremy Scott, Blumarine, amfAR, and a number of other well-known, high-end brands and designers. She has posed for GQ, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, ELLE, Vogue Mexico, Vogue Italia, W Magazine, and other publications. Fowler is a total fox and don’t be surprised if we see lots more of the lovely lady in the years to come. With super steamy looks like hers, it would be a sin to stop modelling.

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