Johnny Depp’s $2 Million/Month Lifestyle Includes These 20 Items

Fancy a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of the notoriously private Johnny Depp? Stick with us, we’ve got the lowdown on the Hollywood A-Lister’s $2 million a month lifestyle. How he spends his money, where he invests his bank-busting movie paychecks and who might be cashing in on the star’s generosity. How have we got the inside scoop on Johnny Depp’s monthly outgoings? His former business managers dished the dirt as part of a legal battle involving the star. Everything the Pirates of the Caribbean star spends his dollars on was revealed in detailed legal papers. From luxurious properties dotted around the world to a very expensive monthly habit. It’s all here in our list.

And when you’ve got a net worth of around $400 million, it seems you can afford a very ostentatious lifestyle - until your spending goes into overdrive. Which may be what has happened to Johnny Depp. Accused of having a compulsive spending disorder by his former business managers, the star’s been selling off property and investments to cover his outrageous spending spree. Not only is the star burning through $2 million a month in expenses, he's buying up some high end items too. Read on to find out what’s eating Johnny Depp’s bank account …

20 Blasting Hunter S Thompson’s Ashes Into A Canyon

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If you can’t begin to imagine how Johnny Depp could spend 2 million dollars a month, our first entry starts to give you an insight.

When you’re willing to fork out $3 million to blast Hunter S Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon, you’re going to be able to get through $2 million a month

without any significant problems. Apparently, all it takes is a little imagination - and really expensive taste. But back to the cannon. Bizarrely, it was one of Hunter S Thompson’s last wishes. Johnny Depp played the writer in the 1998 movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and they remained friends until Thompson’s death in 2015. Talking about the ostentatious send off, Depp said: “All I’m doing is trying to make sure his last wish comes true. I just want to send my pal out the way he wants to go out.” You can’t really argue with that.

19 A Full-Time Sound Engineer - To Feed Him Script Lines

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Whenever Johnny Depp comes up in conversation, his acting invariably gets a mention. Whatever’s happening in the media, whatever look he’s wearing on the red carpet - it all comes back to his acting prowess. But when his former business managers at TMG let slip what the Hollywood star spends his money on, it blew the lid on his acting secret.

For years Johnny Depp has employed a sound engineer to feed him his lines via a secret earpiece.

This doesn’t take anything away from the actor’s performance, obviously. But it does shine a light on the actor’s willingness to prepare for a role. According to TMG, the sound engineer was paid ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’. Even when Depp isn’t filming, this sound engineer gets paid. Held on retainer, the guy is basically waiting until Depp needs him for his next blockbuster movie. Anyone else considering applying for the role?

18 $150,000 On Full-Time Security For His Kids

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This list entry may seem ostentatious, but of all the things Johnny Depp spends his money on - this could be the most sensible. When you’re as famous as Johnny Depp, you’re going to attract all sorts of attention. Some of it good - some bad. Throughout history, there has been incidents of famous celebrities and their families being targeted by criminals. Kidnappings and blackmail are just some of the ways a celebrity could be targeted. Of course, there are also more sinister things that could happen. So we completely get Johnny Depp’s desire to keep his family safe from harm.

But $150,000 worth of security? How many security guards is he paying to guard his kids?

It seems like a huge amount of money to spend. It’s important to remember, this isn’t $150,000 a year. Depp spends $150,000 a MONTH on security for his children, according to TMG.

17 A Chain Of Islands In The Bahamas

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Now this is one ostentatious and lavish item we can totally get behind. Because, let’s face it, if we had a net worth of $400 million, we’d be browsing the real estate market looking for our own private islands too. Johnny Depp first bought up his own private island in the Bahamas in 2004 - paying a whopping $3.6 million for his own little slice of paradise. Talking about his purchase, Depp said:

"I don’t think I’d ever seen any place so pure and beautiful. You can feel your pulse rate drop about 20 beats. It’s instant freedom.”

Since buying the island, Depp has renamed the beaches on the 45-acre tropical paradise. Naming them after his previous partner, his kids and famous friends - names include Brando, Gonzo and Paradis. The island, Little Hall’s Pond Cay, is just another financial burden among the A-Lister’s $2 million a month lavish lifestyle.

16 40 Full-Time Employees

Via: Fortune.com

Imagine having to dish out over $300,000 a month to pay your employees. This would kind of make sense, if you were running a business - but Depp just employees these people to look after him and his properties. Located around the world, the 40 full-time staff are costing the star a huge amount of money. The huge numbers were revealed as part of a legal battle - but few details of what these employees do were given.

The only details we do have is that some of these employees racked up bills of around $1 million in maintenance for Depp’s private island in the Bahamas.

Which seems a little extravagant - a sentiment that Depp’s former business managers TMG agree with. their relationship broke down when the company repeatedly tried to curb the actor’s lavish spending. They parted ways and a legal battle began - also costing the star a fortune in legal fees.

15 156ft Luxury Yacht

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This impressive luxury yacht is just another in a long line of outlandish purchases made by the Pirates of the Caribbean star. Named Vajoliroja - after Vanessa Paradis (his former partner) himself and his children, the yacht cost around $20 million dollars. Depp often used the yacht to travel to his private island in the Bahamas. With room for four guest cabins - plus staff accommodation, the super yacht could also be used to entertain guests. During the time Depp owned the yacht he added luxury interior items to increase the vessel’s value. Maroon, chenille-covered settees were added - along with Honduran mahogany bookshelves.

When the star hit financial difficulties he sold the yacht for a huge $30 million to wealthy author, J.K Rowling.

Though, the Harry Potter writer wasn’t perhaps as smitten as Depp was with the yacht. She sold it just months later for $23 million, losing $7 million.

14 $30,000 Worth Of Wine Flown In From Around The World

Via: The Journal

Everyone likes a drink every now and then. But Johnny Depp’s love of alcohol has lead him to spend an outrageous $30,000 a month on wine. Like most of the other items on our list, these details came out during his legal spat with his former business managers, TMG. They revealed Depp’s monthly spending habits and his love of wine. Depp himself claims he spends so much on wine as he’s investing in vintage wines for the future. But TMB were quick to point out that his investment portfolio wasn’t flourishing as he was drinking many of the bottles himself, every month. Johnny Depp’s love of wine hasn’t exactly been a secret. After he split from former partner, Winona Ryder, Depp had a tattoo saying Winona Forever amended to read Wino Forever. At least he’s honest about his long-term love affair with wines.

13 An Army Of Attorneys

Via: Hollywood Reporter

Johnny Depp’s former business managers have accused the Edward Scissorhands star of suffering from a ‘compulsive spending disorder’. And just one area the Hollywood heartthrob is spending huge amounts of money on is attorneys. Between his divorces, legal business battles and accusations from former partners and more, Johnny Depp’s team of lawyers are kept busy. So busy that his former business managers, TMG, say the star

has to employ an ‘army of attorneys’ to manage his legal affairs.

They went on to add that Depp needs the lawyers “to bail him out of numerous legal crises, including making a series of hush money settlements.” However, one of the army of attorneys working on Johnny Depp’s behalf said all of TMG’s allegations were “psychobabble”. Depp’s lawyers finalized his divorce from Amber Heard in January 2017 - with the actress awarded around $6million.

12 A Multi-Million Dollar Collection Of 45 Luxury Cars

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How many cars do you have? One, perhaps two, or even three? Do you ever see a time where you might need 45 cars? Johnny Depp has been spending some of his $400 million fortune collecting luxury cars. Though, The Rum Diaries star did pick up at least one of his sweet rides for free. The super-rich celebrity was given a seriously collectable Corvette for nothing. Given to him as a present by the producer of The Rum Diaries, Graham King -

the ’59 Corvette Convertible was one of the cars used in the film.

When asked why he gave Depp the car, King said: “He worked so hard on the film and why not?” Depp’s collection of cars includes some rare motors - a collection that rivals some of the best in the world. And it’s reported that Depp’s fleet of cars cost him millions to gather over the years.

11  70 Collectable Guitars

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Many people don’t know that before Johnny Depp was a household name around the world, he was an aspiring musician. Leaving school to start a band, his music career never really took off and it was acting where he made his serious money. That didn’t stop his love of music. Fast forward past a few multi-million dollar movies and

Depp has found himself the proud owner of 70 collectable guitars.

The music-loving actor has also decided to get back to his musical roots by forming his band - Hollywood Vampires. Playing his super-expensive and collectable guitar collection on tour, Depp is certainly rocking out in style. Want to catch him playing live? You’ll need to head to Europe - apparently the Hollywood Vampires are big in Romania. Other famous names in the band include Alice Cooper and Joe Perry and have worked with Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl.

10 His Own On-Call Doctor

Via: Business Insider

You’ll definitely be surprised by this entry on our list.

Johnny Depp spends up to $1.2 million a year on his very own on-call physician.

Yet another detail revealed in the legal papers served in the star’s legal battle with his former business managers. There are no medical reasons given, though that is after all understandable. Those medical issues would be deeply personal. But that just leaves everyone wondering why exactly someone would need to spend that amount of money to keep a doctor on-call at any time of day or night. It also probably leaves many of us wondering why we didn’t choose medicine as a career! If we knew you could make $1.2 million a year waiting around for a call from Johnny Depp, we would have definitely studied harder in college.

9 A $400,000 Diamond Cuff - And More Jewelry

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend - but with Johnny Depp’s finances spiralling out of control, we’re not sure diamonds are Depp’s best friend. Especially when you discover

the $400,000 diamond cuff the star apparently bought wasn’t even worth close to $400,000 in the first place.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Depp bought this lavish gift when his relationship with Amber Heard was just beginning. One day the Sleepy Hollow star spent hours browsing gifts in a high-end jewelry store. While he was there, staff allegedly broke open the champagne and showed him their finest items. Whether the sparkling bubbles affected the star’s judgement is anyone’s guess, but a source claimed the diamond cuff Johnny Depp eventually decided on wasn’t worth the $400,000 price tag. This is just one of many jewelry purchases Depp’s made over the years - he’s often spotted wearing high-end pieces on the red carpet.

8 Family, Friends And Employee’s Expenses

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When you’re rich and famous you’ll suddenly have way more friends than you ever had before your rise to stardom. Many will be genuine, others - not so much. When celebrities start earning 7-figure sums, they start to share their vast fortunes with those closest to them. There’s a famous clip showing Joan Rivers laboriously signing cheque after cheque - all of them were paying to support friends, grandchildren and family. In the scene she explains it’s why she was still working late into her 70s. Depp seems to have the same issue.

His former business managers revealed he’s spent $10 million over the years supporting friends and family.

Such as paying $35,000 a month to care for his late mother. But much more money has apparently been spent supporting the needs of friends and employees. Could people have been taking advantage of Johnny Depp’s alleged compulsive spending disorder?

7 5 Luxury LA Penthouses

Via: Business Insider

So far you've probably gathered that Johnny Depp loves to spend money - and this list item is further proof of the actor’s love of splashing his cash around town. Back in 2007-2008 the Pirates of the Caribbean star snapped up not one, but FIVE, luxury LA penthouses - in the same building. He then went on to lavishly decorate each individual loft apartment - in his own vibrant, colourful and opulent style. Depp had extra doors installed so that each penthouse was connected to the other. Located in the Eastern Columbia building, it meant Depp owned one vast loft penthouse in downtown Los Angeles.

Faced with financial difficulties, Depp began to sell off the luxury lofts individually, after bricking up the doorways.

Wondering what the actor did with five lofts? One was used as an art studio, another was a guest suite. There was even a private pool on the roof.

6 $55,000 Credit Card Bills

Via: Glamour Lifestyles

With a net worth of $400 million and movie directors regularly paying him millions of dollars to star in their blockbuster movies, it’s hard to imagine Johnny Depp needing a credit card. Even more baffling is the fact that

the affluent Hollywood star owed around $55,000 to a credit card company.

It all came to light when details of the actor’s lavish spending sprees hit the press. At the time, the debt was still outstanding. Depp was even forced to cash in some of his beloved assets just to settle some of his many debts. This included selling his luxury yacht - which of course flew a Skull and Crossbones flag in honor of his Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise deal. He also faced selling his luxury pad in France - reportedly worth millions. This wasn’t just to pay off a measly $55,000 credit card bill - but to meet legal settlements, tax bills and to continue to fund this shockingly ostentatious lifestyle.

5 Johnny Depp Spent Millions On Hollywood Collectibles

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Johnny Depp has spent millions gathering rare and vintage Hollywood collectibles. So far, so good - everyone has to have a hobby. Even if it’s a really, really expensive one. But then when you realize that, despite owning property around the world, Depp has had to run 12 storage facilities to house his private collection in, it's not so good. Costing him a fortune every month,

the storage facilities contain his collection of rare guitars - plus items worn and owned by Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando.

Legal documents lodged by Depp’s former business managers show that there’s another outrageous cost involved with this drain on Depp’s limited resources. An attempt was made to catalogue and archive the enormous collection of Hollywood collectibles - and that alone cost $1 million. We’d love to see just what items the celebrated actor has gathered over the years.

4 Gulfstream GV Private Jets

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Things start to get more than a little 'Mariah Carey' with this item on our list of Depp’s luxuries. His business managers state that the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory star

REFUSES to fly by any other means than private jet.

Johnny Depp takes his demands a step further and insists that the private plane he flies in must be at least a Gulfstream GV or better. And the cost of flying around the world in one of these luxury aircraft? An estimated $200,000 a MONTH. With figures like that, it’s easy to see how Johnny Depp has been racking up monthly bills of around 2 million dollars. Every one of Depp’s ostentatious spending habits offers us a fascinating insight into the actor’s life. This one definitely explains why we’ve never spotted Johnny Depp on a red-eye flight or bumped into him at check-in.

3 200 Collectible Pieces Of Art

Via: Elle

Johnny Depp’s approach to his art collection mirrors his spending in all other aspects of his life. His former business managers say the actor ‘spent wildly’ in his pursuit of building his art collection. Spending millions of dollars in the process, his ‘extremely expensive’ art collection includes over 200 collectible pieces of art. The actor's impressive haul apparently includes works of art by artists such as Andy Warhol, Basquiat and Klimt. Though lavish, this could have been one of the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s most savvy acquisitions. After all, art by famous and collectible artists tends to grow in value. So while his spending may have been wild, with a few Andy Warhol originals in his treasure chest, Depp may be sitting on a growing fortune. Whether he’ll want to part with his bounty is another matter.

2 Funding A $4 Million Music Label For A Friend

Via: Standard.co.uk

We all like to think that, if we were to earn vast sums of money, we’d be generous. We all have that one friend with a great business idea - if only they had the capital needed to start it up. It turns out that Johnny Depp also had one of those friends - and was in the enviable position where he could help out his buddy. And help him out he did - to the tune of $4 million.

Over SEVEN years Johnny Depp funnelled money into his pal’s start-up music label.

His business managers repeatedly advised Depp that the company wasn’t generating any revenue. Not wanting to cut off funding for his buddy, Depp continued to pay out, until finally in 2015 he listened to his advisors and cut off the cash supply.

1 Building A Global Property Portfolio

Via: Vulture

We’ve already mentioned a couple of Johnny Depp’s extravagant property purchases in our list. But these are just a drop in the ocean, compared to Depp’s global list of properties.

Over the years the hugely successful Hollywood star has spent over $75 million buying and improving 14 different properties around the world.

These include the islands in the Bahamas and LA lofts we’ve already mentioned. But added to that list are a handful of homes in the Hollywood Hills, a Kentucky horse farm and a 45-acre estate and chateau in the South of France. As well as the initial $75 million cost of buying the properties, all of these purchases are draining Depp’s money with the cost of their upkeep - including taxes, insurance, maintenance and staff. There’s also the $4.4 million home the actor bought for his ex, Vanessa Paradis.

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