Jessica Simpson's $4,000/Day Birthing Suite (And 16 Others Who Splurged To Deliver Their Baby)

Giving birth is one of life’s great miracles. But for some people, that’s not enough, especially if you happen to be loaded. When celebs have babies, they choose to have them in style. So naturally, they spend an absolute fortune on everything from their maternity room to the luxe ‘push presents’ they sometimes give themselves after giving birth.

You name it, celeb moms-to-be have got a fancier version of it when they’re ready to pop, and no expense is spared (clearly) for some of the spend-happy mothers on this list. For famous moms who can afford to splash the cash, going to the hospital to give birth isn’t so much a biological process as a mini holiday. Think we’re kidding? Read on.

Forget long, agonizing waits to be taken to the delivery room or gritting your teeth through contractions. These celebs treated their last few hours of pregnancy more like a spa weekend! Some people have branded these types of exclusive maternity hospitals as places for women who are “too posh to push.” Not every celeb below falls into that category, but they’re definitely too rich to bother with a lot of the realities of giving birth. Here are 17 celebs who spent way too much to bring their tots into the world...

17 Beyonce - Built Personal Maternity Ward In Mansion

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Yoncé is quite possibly the Queen of flawless and luxurious-looking pregnancies. She showed the world as much when she dropped her now-iconic bump photo on Instagram to announce that she was having twins. With her veil and the archway of flowers behind her, Bey looked every inch the glowing Princess about to pop. As it happens, her birth was very regal in its own way too.

When Beyonce and hubby Jay Z were preparing for the arrival of their twin boys Rumi and Sir Carter in 2017, they casually splashed out $1.69 million to build a maternity ward at home inside their Hollywood mansion. Wow! When Blue Ivy came into the world back in 2012, the Carters spent a cool $1.3 million to rent out the entire maternity floor of the Lennox Hill hospital in New York. Bow down, b*tches, indeed.

16 Jessica Simpson - $2 Million Maternity Care Package

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Beyonce may have made the headlines for a while with her extravagant birth plans for Blue Ivy Carter, but when pop star Jessica Simpson had her turn a few months later, she blew Bey’s spending out of the water. The Dukes of Hazzard blonde beauty may not be earning as much as Queen Bee, but you’d never guess it from how much she splurged just to give birth back in March of 2012.

Apparently, Jessica spent a whopping grand total of $2 million to ensure that her birth would go without a hitch. As well as renting out an entire maternity wing for as much as $4,000 a day, she hired 30 armed guards (no, really) to prevent her bundle from being kidnapped as she left the hospital. She also spent nearly $15,000 on a new crib and even hired a lookalike to distract paparazzi on the birthing day itself. How much did that kid’s first birthday cost?!

15 Kim Kardashian - Deluxe Suite And Postnatal Mani-Pedis

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Kimye is one of many famous and wealthy couples alike to become parents at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in LA, but they’re certainly the most high-profile pair. The luxury hospital in Los Angeles is a magnet for celebs who are ready to pop and is where Kim Kardashian headed straight to for the birth of her first two kids, North and Saint West.

It’s thought that Kim’s third child born via surrogate earlier this month was also delivered at the same LA hospital, so Kimye obviously wanted the best, whether she was the one having the star treatment or not. The Deluxe maternity suite Kim was thought to have given birth in features three rooms, two bathrooms, a TV, and stylists on-hand to give new moms a mani-pedi—all for around $4-5,000 a night.

14 Victoria Beckham - Personal Nursery And 5-Star Meals

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One-half of the original celebrity power couple that is Posh and Becks, Victoria Beckham made luxurious births a thing when she and footballer hubby David was pictured leaving the private Portland hospital in East London after giving birth to their first child, Brooklyn, in 1999. Victoria was one of the most famous women in the world at that time, so unsurprisingly, her bundle of joy had the star treatment before he even arrived.

At the Portland hospital where many British celeb moms have given birth, Victoria will have indulged in services like a round-the-clock nursery to allow her plenty of rest after the birth and a five-star kitchen ready and waiting to cook up any meal that the new mom desires. Swish. Although, judging by Vicky’s famously slim figure, we doubt it was a comforting cheeseburger and Coke!

13 Lui Hui - Lobsters, Champagne, And C-Sections

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Chinese ‘It Girl’ and fashion designer Lui Hui has followed in the footsteps of Beyonce and her other fellow pregnant celebs by giving her baby the ultimate welcome into the world. As part of a BBC documentary called Five Star Babies: Inside The Portland Hospital, the 24-year-old socialite took us around her luxury maternity package that cost her an eye-watering £40,000 (about $55,400).

Lui Hui and other wealthy women who give birth at the private London hospital have been labeled “too posh to push,” which essentially means that they sign themselves up for a C-section...no matter how much it costs. While Hui rests up from her elected C-section, the deluxe maternity suites allow her to enjoy 5-star dining, afternoon tea, champagne, and as much rest as she wants while nursery staff takes care of her newborn for her. And this can all be yours, for the price of a small house.

12 Kate Hudson - Yoga Services And 24-Hour Doula

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Kate Hudson has twice checked herself into the prestigious Cedars-Sinai hospital in LA joining fellow celeb moms Beyonce and Kim K. The star of You, Me And Dupree gave birth to her eldest son, Ryder Robinson, back in 2004 and her youngest son, Bingham Hawn Bellamy, in 2011. Although it isn’t known for sure just how much Hudson paid to give birth at the celeb hospital of choice in LA, we know it can’t have come cheap!Depending on a celeb’s entourage, some moms-to-be have the option between a ‘modest’ two bedroom and one bath unit or the most Deluxe package in the place consisting of three bedrooms, two baths, and everything you’d expect to find in a five-star hotel. Knowing how much Kate believes in spiritual yoga and meditation, she probably opted for a round-the-clock doula too. Bet the final price tag didn’t feel too zen, though.

11 Geri Halliwell - Bought A $3,000 Aston Martin Buggy For Son

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Victoria Beckham’s fellow Spice Girl and BFF, Geri Halliwell, also gave birth in the prestigious Portland hospital in London and treated herself (if you can call it that) to the same amazing birthing luxuries. Both of Halliwell’s two children, Bluebell (born in 2006) and Monty (born 2017), were delivered at the fancy private hospital, where mom-to-be Geri enjoyed luxuries like lobster, champagne, and a hotel suite for a delivery room.

In preparation for her son, Montague or ‘Monty,’ being born, Geri even made sure that her newborn son would travel in style by buying him a rather pricey buggy. She forked out around $3,000 for an Aston Martin pushchair (yes, these actually exist). Most of us can only dream of stepping foot inside a real one in our lifetime, and Ginger Spice’s baby rocks these hot wheels before even starting kindergarten?

10 Kourtney Kardashian - 3-Bedroom, 2-Bathroom Maternity Suite

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Fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will remember the grand finale episode of the series in 2012, as it was when viewers had a chance to watch a Kardashian birth. Kim’s older sister, Kourtney Kardashian, had the entire Kardashian clan around her bedside (not to mention millions of TV viewers!) while she gave birth to her baby girl, Penelope Scotland.

Kourtney may have given birth at the same luxury Cedars-Sinai hospital as her little sis and Beyonce, but her birthing experience doesn’t sound quite as glamorous as some of the ladies on this list. For starters, her mom and dad were there to watch her pushing and screaming but also the fact that Kourtney actually pulled her daughter out towards the end with her own hands! Kourt had the best maternity care money can buy, and she still did the doctor’s work? Respect.

9 Jools Oliver - Fine Dining At £3,000 Per Night

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Juliette or ‘Jools’ Oliver (wife of famous British chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver) and her husband have 5 beautiful children together, and it’s believed that every one of them was born in the lap of luxury at London’s exclusive Portland hospital. Considering that the maternity suites there start charging from $3,000 a night and upwards, that must have added to one hell of a price tag. Yikes!

Being married to a world-famous chef, you might assume that Jools had her hubby, Jamie, whip up any meal she was craving during each of her five pregnancies. Nope. No need when the fancy maternity suites at Portland hospital actually offer 24-hour fine dining as part of their care package! Jools probably had her pick of 5-star meals around the clock while nervous hubby Jamie sampled the endless bottles of bubbly in the suite’s not-so-mini bar. Nice.

8 Cheryl Cole - Stayed In £8,250 Per Night Suite

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When the gorgeous singer-turned-X Factor-judge announced that she was pregnant, it’s fair to say that she and her partner Liam Payne’s fans couldn’t handle it. Months later, she pretty much blew up Instagram with a picture of Daddy Liam holding their newborn son Bear in his arms. Together, Cheryl Cole and the former One Direction member, Liam Payne, are considered the darlings of the UK (perhaps even the new Posh and Becks). So, how did Britain’s most talked-about couple bring little Bear into the world?

Let’s put it this way. It’s a good thing that Liam’s records are selling well! Unlike a lot of British moms-to-be on this list, Cheryl bypassed Portland hospital in favor of the even pricier Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London, with private suites costing £8,250 per night. New mom Cheryl reportedly also enjoyed a pampering ‘Post-natal suite’ which laid on Champagne and smoked salmon. Fit for pop royalty!

7 Liz Hurley - Champagne, Postnatal Pampering, And Heavy Security

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The stunning star of Austin Powers and former model, Elizabeth Hurley, stayed at the Portland Hospital for several days back in 2002 when she gave birth to her only son, Damian, surrounded by flowers and decorations in her luxury suite. She was reported to have had a C-section to deliver him but considering her age at the time (36) and a premature birth, this may not have been the delivery style she elected for herself as a “too posh to push” mother.

As well as providing immediate maternity care and fancy meals, the private London hospital also offers a security package for celebs. This is mainly used to ensure paparazzi back off when new moms have been discharged, but in Hurley’s case, extra security came in handy for a different reason—a man was charged with stalking the model in the months before she gave birth.

6 Amal Clooney - Gave Birth In Same Hospital As Kate Middleton

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George and Amal Clooney are one of Hollywood’s most high-profile couples, and as such, they’re kind of viewed as Hollywood royalty. It’s quite fitting then that they chose to deliver their beautiful twins in a place frequented by many pregnant royals—St. Mary’s hospital in London (where the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana happened to deliver their tots).

Unsurprisingly, George Clooney and his glamorous wife, Amal, spent more than most for their maternity care—racking up around £120,000 ($166,000) for the privilege. The ‘Lindo Wing’ of the hospital where Amal stayed boasts a personal nursery, three adjacent rooms, a never-ending food and champagne menu, and even a ‘recovery facility’ for fathers. Since George became a Daddy to twin girls in his 50’s, he probably needed all the recovery he could get!

5 Jemima Goldsmith - Spent Roughly Half A Million Pounds To Give Birth

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The socialite and European editor for Vanity Fair magazine, Jemima Goldsmith, is one of the most high-profile women to have had their baby at the elite Portland maternity hospital. As part of the incredibly wealthy Goldsmith dynasty and a billionaire journalist in her own right, socialite Jemima could probably afford to have her own maternity hospital built in her honor if she wanted!

The 43-year-old aristocrat came to Portland to have her first child with her then-husband, Imran Khan, the famous Pakistani cricketer turned politician. Goldsmith gave birth to her first son, Sulaiman Isa Khan, in 1996 and imagining how much she spent throughout her labor is making our heads spin. Maternity staff at Portland have revealed that the wealthiest clients can spend up to and beyond £500,000 (roughly $700,000) during their stay. Insane.

4 Penélope Cruz - TVs, Snack Bars, And Personal ‘Husband’ Sidebed

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The alluring Spanish beauty gave birth to two children with long-term partner Javier Bardem in 2011 and again in 2013. Despite giving birth twice within such a short span of time, Penélope Cruz always seemed to regain her beautiful figure, and at the age of 43, the film star has never looked better. Of course, she had the best maternity care money can buy and the best recovery team around her, so that probably helped a little!

Cruz booked herself into a deluxe suite at the world-famous Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles when she had her son, Leo Encinas, and her daughter, Luna Encinas Cruz. A deluxe suite will have given her hubby of 7 years, Javier Bardem, a bed next to her while she went into labor, not to mention sofas, TVs, and a well-stocked snack bar. Since Cruz’ entire family was there when she popped, snacks and plenty of sofa room are just what you need, in fairness!

3 Pink - Had The Same OB/GYN As The Kardashian Sisters

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Pink and her Motocross pro racer partner, Carey Hart, welcomed baby Jameson into the world back in 2016. The feisty pop-punk singer gave birth to her bundle of joy just days before Christmas. Even in the life of a celebrity, having a baby so close to Christmas has got to be expensive, right? You wouldn’t think so from where they decided to have their little boy.

Yep, you guessed it—LA’s wealthy-mom magnet, the Cedars Sinai Medical Center. As well as sharing the same maternity suite that Kim Kardashian used a few years earlier, Pink also had the same OB/GYN as the other Kardashian sisters. Pink also seems to share another trait in common with the Kardashians—silly baby names. Don't get us wrong, the name Jameson is super cute, but not so much when you realize why they named him that—as a tribute to their fave whiskey brand. Okay then.

2 Rachel Zoe - VIP Maternity Package (Around $50,000)

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If you haven’t heard of the fashion designer and stylist Rachel Zoe, then you’ll definitely recognize some of the looks she’s helped to cultivate over the years. Zoe has styled many a Hollywood star from Liv Tyler to Cameron Diaz and also pioneered the ‘boho-chic’ look that became so popular in the early 2000’s.

Since she’s quite a VIP name in the fashion world, she also had a very exclusive delivery too when she gave birth to her two sons, Skyler Morrison and Karis Jagger. Zoe is rumored to have stayed in the priciest suite that the Cedars-Sinai center has to offer. For 2 kids and several combined nights in the VIP suite? You’re looking at upwards of $50,000 overall. Ouch. Still, at least her sons had a fan new wardrobe waiting for them.

1 Blac Chyna - The Roomy Deluxe Suite At Cedars-Sinai

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The former model and ex of Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna, pulled out all the stops to give her newborn a proper greeting. Before her on-and-off volatile relationship with the Kardashian brother, Chyna gave birth to their baby girl, Dream Renee Kardashian, in November of 2016. And boy, do we feel sorry for that kid. Talk about dysfunctional relatives.

Like her ex-sisters-in-law before her, Chyna went the way of most of the Kardashian girls when it came to her birthing plan. The couple decided to spend their remaining days of her pregnancy at one of the fanciest rooms in the Cedars-Sinai hospital. The three-bedroom suite will have been roomy enough to fit the entire Kardashian clan in and more, but judging by their past relationship with Chyna, we’re guessing they were on their own for that one.

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