Jenny From The Block To J-Lo: 15 Fashion Photos Of Jennifer Lopez’s Style Evolution

J. Lo is always flawlessly fabulous, but just like the rest of us, her fashion choices have changed over the years since she's been in the public eye. From the first time she hit the celeb circuit as a “Fly Girl” on television to the A-lister we know and love now, Jennifer Lopez’s looks have adjusted with the times with her personal touch always evident.

Whether she is rocking something comfy-casual, done up for a live performance, or dressed to the nines in haute couture for a star-studded red carpet event, Lopez makes the most of her curves with outfits that always wow. She knows what looks good on her body and her fans love to get a glimpse of her latest fashion statements. And the paparazzi is always ready to snap pics of the star.

Even as she's gotten older, Lopez keeps her look youthful and fun, with touches of elegance and high-end excellence thrown in just to show us who’s queen. If anyone has got an eye for style, it is the impeccable and incomparable Jennifer Lopez. She is a star on stage and screen as well as a force in fashion. She isn’t afraid to try something new and always poses with confidence and class.

Here are 15 pics of the pop diva sporting all sorts of styles, showing us how her fashion has evolved over the years. It's hard to choose which look suits her best, but perhaps the best is yet to come!

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15 Fly Girl Gorgeous

A simple white t-shirt and cute bottoms seem so unlike the J. Lo we adore today, but back in the day, this basic look turns lavish as the budding star brought it to the table. Even so, if anyone can make plain look like perfection, it is Jennifer Lopez. With the right pose and a cute hairstyle, Lopez takes this ho-hum look and makes it her own. It goes to show ya that even in an outfit we can all pick up at the mall, it takes a natural star like Lopez to show us how hot it can be. No stylist required!

14 Foxy As Selena

When Jennifer Lopez landed the role of the dearly departed iconic Latin singing sensation, Selena, fans of both Selena and Lopez were over-the-moon with delight and excitement. Lopez nailed it as she gave her all to the highly-acclaimed performance, and her many Selena-inspired looks were as gorgeous on Lopez as they were on the late singer. Belly-baring ensembles covered in “bling” made Lopez look like a million bucks. Form-fitting and fabulous, Lopez made the most of this moment in her career and took her fashion game to new heights. Every curve was on display and J. Lo’s appeal grew even stronger.

13 Thigh-High Hottie

Who needs a pair of pants when there are super foxy thigh-high boots to make Jennifer Lopez’s lean legs look even better than they naturally do? Leather paired with a light and billowy top gave Lopez a look that was a real showstopper. Patterns and prints and a deep cutout make this stylish shirt unique and alluring, and J. Lo’s floppy beige hat added a super-cool vibe that not many could pull off as well as she did. With a big sweet smile for a flawless finish, Lopez looks red carpet-cute and ready to be photographed. This fashion statement may never make a comeback, but when we look back, we like it!

12 Taking The Plunge

You would have to be living under a rock to have never seen the deeply-plunging green dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards. The tropical print Versace number was an iconic fashion moment that will go down in history as one of the most memorable gowns of all time. When the V-neck is down past one’s belly button, you know the woman wearing it is secure and self-confident. Lopez knows her body is fierce, so why not show off the goods? Thankfully, lots of double-sided tape was used to keep that thing from revealing even more. Not that her fans would mind a nip-slip! This little number, though, is actually a "revamped" version of the Versace dress, this time designed by the Versus, their little-sister brand and worn in 2014. Good on J. Lo for bringing it back.

11 Disco Diva

"Bling" it on, J. Lo! When it is time for a late night out on the town, the beautiful Jennifer Lopez knows how to shine. Glitz and glam is putting it mildly when we see this pic of the star glimmering from head to toe. Those pants are a dream and her top is even more amazing. Paired with Lopez’s glowing bronze skin and sun-kissed and shiny tresses, this outfit is sparkling and spectacular. For some, all this bold bling would simply be too much, but when it comes to J. Lo, more is more! Who needs a disco ball when Lopez is the main attraction?

10 Diddy’s Dame

Remember when J. Lo dated Diddy, or whatever his name was at the time? The two lovebirds were a hot Hollywood hookup, and everyone had their eyes on the superstars. They made every moment in public count with their cool style and steamy connection. Here we see Lopez in all white, with studs and rhinestones to make her look pop. Showing off her midsection is no big deal, and that smile is as amazing as her urban-chic outfit. Diddy may have been the more famous of the two at the time, but it is clear that Lopez knows how to steal the show.

9 Cheeky

If you are going to wear super-short shorts, you may as well make 'em count. And that is just what the cheeky superstar did when she wore this fuzzy off-white pair, showing off lots of thigh and a perfectly-shaped silhouette. Sure, her striped shirt and those oversized glasses are fashion-fabulous, but the shorts totally steal the show. “Daisy Dukes” are always cute, but denim’s got nothing on these high-end shorts. Only a glam gal like J. Lo can find a way to make a pair of shorts look like something you would expect to see on a runway. Work it girl!

8 Sleek And Sophisticated

This head-turning look J. Lo rocked was so stunning and special. Her headwear and matching sliver sweater made Lopez look sleek and sophisticated, and she always knows how to pose just right to show off her signature style. All J. Lo needs to reveal is her stunning face to prove she’s got the look. Not only does this chic outfit give an air of class, but it saves anyone who wears it time getting ready since no hairdo is required! Not to mention, those huge sparkling diamond earrings prove that Lopez has plenty of loot to spend. Maybe we are “fooled by the rocks that she’s got!”

7 Golden Goddess

All that glitters is gold when it comes to this super-sultry J. Lo look. She is bronzed and beautiful from head to toe, with a fit figure to envy and a trend-setting style to match. From her long and shiny locks to her short leg-baring shorts, this drop-dead gorgeous dazzling diva is 14-karat perfection. A plunging neckline seems to be something Lopez always covets, and when you’ve got a fab figure like hers, there is no reason to hide it. A shiny gold belt pulls this look together perfectly, but Lopez is already well-put together anyhow. A golden goddess indeed!

6 Feathered And Fabulous

Look out Big Bird, J. Lo’s got the feathered thing down and she “did it better!” Pale pink is a big change for the woman who often goes for golden hues, but she looks ever so delicate and delightful in this show-stopping pastel gown. Plus, her clutch is covering her fondness for flair in the “bling” department. Lopez looks ravishing in this floor-length dress, her hair is flowing and lovely, and her makeup is perfection. Her figure is hourglass to a tee, and her smile shows that she is feeling this look as much as we are. Lopez brings new meaning to “pretty in pink.”

5 Jumpsuit Joy

Who knew a jumpsuit could look so terrific? Apparently, J. Lo did, that is why she looks so awesome in this sparkly denim-inspired one-piece look. Lopez’s tousled “bedroom” hair and golden glowing skin go well with this outfit’s shade, and the fit is simply perfect... a designer’s dream. When it comes to a jumpsuit, not every lady can look so effortless, but J. Lo always knows how to dress to impress. Minimal makeup allows the foxy jumpsuit to take center stage and all eyes are on the diva wearing it. We are "jumping" for joy seeing J. Lo in a jumpsuit!

4 Booty Call

Lots of color and a skin-tight fit make this on-stage outfit a real winner. Lopez knows what works for her body type, and this eye-popping look is a prime example. J. Lo loves to show off her ample behind, so this form-fitting outfit is the perfect choice to flatter every curve. The pattern and colors are intricate and artsy, and the woman inside the clothing is as well. While this look is a performance costume, we could picture Lopez wearing this out to dinner or drinks after the show. Why not? When you are as fabulous as J. Lo, anything goes!

3 Agelessly Amazing

A more current pic of Lopez shows that the stunner is simply ageless. She looks hotter than ever in an outfit most women half her age would never dare to wear. (And they’d never look as good). But Lopez is not your average gal. She can wear revealing outfits like this with no issue. She looks fierce and foxy and strong. All those cutouts and the deep neckline show off Lopez’s amazing body, and her posture shows that she is confident in her risqué outfit selection. You may not see a woman J. Lo’s age wearing such a look to the grocery store, but maybe you just don’t live in Lopez’s neighborhood!

2 The Look Of Love

Here we see the lovely Lopez in a more casual, down-to-Earth outfit as she is on the arm of her ball-playing beau-of-the-moment. With their nearly matching looks, the two lovers look like they are comfortable with one another and that J. Lo doesn’t always need to take the revealing route in order to look beautiful. Covered from head to toe to combat the cold weather, Lopez looks chic in her turtleneck and ripped jeans covered by her warm coat and topped off with a pair of chic shades. Even in an everyday, wearable look like this, Lopez still manages to stand out from the crowd.

1 Back To Her Roots

Sleek street style taken up a notch is what this city-cool look we see on Lopez is all about. “Jenny from the Block,” is making a major comeback in her updated version of trendiness paired with a thorough throwback. A cropped Guess t-shirt, a super-high pony, big statement jewelry, a fab fur (hopefully faux), and a no-nonsense expression do J. Lo justice. She looks tough and tempting at the same time, showing that foxiness is so much more than short shorts and skirts and sequins. J. Lo never fails to change it up, even when she is reinventing the classics.

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