Jay Z's Expensive Night Out (And 14 Other Rich Celebs' Insane Spending Habits)

Being a celebrity has both its ups and downs. The two most common outcomes are fame and, of course, a celebrity earns tons of money. If you are a celebrity, all eyes are on you! A private life is almost impossible to achieve. The swarming fans and the paparazzi spying on celebrities' daily lives are everywhere. They can't even go shopping on their own because they'll need some bodyguards or assistants to help them move away from the people who want to catch a glimpse of them. That is one of the consequences of fame. Every move will be recorded and it is almost impossible to keep a secret.

While being famous has a downside, being a celebrity also means earning tons of money from TV shows, films, concerts, and albums. While some celebrities are like Keanu Reeves, who chose to have a simple lifestyle and donate most of their income every now and then to PETA and other charities, most celebrities choose to live a lavish lifestyle. Well, you can’t blame them because they are rich and they can afford it.

How about the celebrities who are willing to spend tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars for the sake of a luxury lifestyle? Believe it or not, there are celebrities who have an outrageous spending habit. One of them is Jay-Z who has a passion for booze and nightclub drinks. This list of celebrities who just don't know how to spend their money, from Lady Gaga spending tens of thousands dollars just for a Koi fish to Kim Basinger's $20 million town, will definitely make you lose it.

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9 Jay-Z Spent $100,000 On Drinks For Beyonce

via: fortune.com

Since Jay-Z was already mentioned, let us start with Jay-Z! Yes, Jay-Z, people know Forbes listed you as the highest earning hip hop artist of the year 2011. Everyone also knows that you are married to Beyonce. But perhaps not all people know how generous you are in terms of your nightlife drinking. There are reports that stated Jay-Z spent massive amounts of money solely on nightclub booze.

Jay-Z's outrageous spending habit on booze includes throwing down $25,000 just for bottles of Armand de Brignac. Well, this champagne is not a joke since this is one of the famous brands of champagne. There are also reports stating that Jay-Z also spent $100,000 for drinks in a VIP club with his Queen Bey. Jay-Z needs to please the queen, of course, even after many years of marriage. Fret not, the couple also donates to charities every now and then.

8 Lady Gaga's $60,000 Koi Fish

via: eonline.com

When you hear the name Lady Gaga, you automatically think about her songs, music videos, and her unique fashion sense (oh, and her performance in American Horror Story), but you may never remember that she is also an outrageous spender of her own fortune. Back in 2013, Lady Gaga suffered from a "severe illness" involving her hips. She badly needed surgery back then to correct the rupture on her right hip. What happened next is mind blowing. Lady Gaga said she had a dream about the Japanese Koi fish and strongly believed that this would help her recover from the surgery.

So she purchased and installed an extremely large fish tank for the 27 Koi fish she bought, which cost a heaping $60,000.

She also had another purchase that cost $50,000. She spent this money on a machine that will "keep the ghosts away".

7 Jessica Simpson's $100,000 Motorboat

via: ettonight.com

So, Jessica Simpson is also on this list. The American singer, actress, and fashion designer is not just famous because of her talent and her albums, but also popular because of her lavish lifestyle. It is no secret that she spent a lot of her money on shoes, bags, and fashion. She just spent a heaping $2 million for the delivery of her daughter. There are rumors that this delivery was even more expensive than Beyonce's, because Simpson rented out an entire hospital wing, hired more than 30 armed bodyguards, had a private plane, bought a $14,500 crib, and also hired a look-alike for the paparazzi.

Before this ever happened, Simpson was also quite generous to her ex-boyfriend and Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo.

Simpson reportedly gave a $10,000 motorboat to Romo as a gift way back in 2009. Unfortunately, they broke up and Simpson said that Romo could keep the boat.

6 Victoria Beckham

via: purseblogs.com

Who does not know Victoria Beckham has a luxurious lifestyle? She is David Beckham's wife, after all. For those who do not now, Victoria Beckham is a former Spice Girl and now a designer and socialite. As per the reports circulating the web, she loves bags! Her bags are not just ordinary bags.

Beckham owns Hermes bags (30 of them according to reports), which roughly cost $150,000, excluding the other brands of bag she has in her collection.

Reports also indicate that Beckham spends $44,000 on teeth whitening treatment, because a smile is the greatest makeup a woman can wear. There are also rumors stating that the Beckham couple also spends big when it comes to gifts. As a good son and a good daughter, they gave their mothers something really expensive. As a thank you gift, both their mothers received a $46,000 Audi.

Justin Bieber's $400,000 Romantic Date With Selena Gomez

via: vh1.in

Justin Bieber is one of those celebrities who just can't escape fame. Just like any other famous celebrity, Bieber also can't escape controversies and the swarming paparazzi. And of course, because he is earning a lot, it is no surprise that he is also spending a lot. Admit it; Bieber has good looks and in order to maintain his "pretty boy" image, rumors state that he used to pay his hairdresser $750 every session. His hair is iconic, anyway. On the romantic side of Bieber, he is also generous.

There are rumors that he rented the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California in the name of his love for Selena Gomez when they were still together.

Reports claimed that Bieber and Gomez had a romantic dinner and watched Titanic, which cost Bieber more than $400,000.

Chris Brown's $1.5 Million Bugatti

via: alux.com

Here comes another celebrity who is not just known because of his music and albums, but also because of his expensive lifestyle. Oh, and don't forget that he is also Rihanna's and Nia Guzman's ex lover. First, let us go back to the times when he was with Rihanna. Yes, that was the time when he was so down in controversies because of his violent behavior towards Rihanna. He lost a lot of his fortune because his sponsors pulled out,

but instead of laying low, he purchased a $1.5 million Bugatti.

That is not Chris Brown's only luxury car. In fact, Chris Brown has a collection of luxury cars and continued to live a very lavish life which made Nia Guzman mad because she claimed that Brown is the father of her daughter Royalty.

Paris Hilton's $2 Million Engagement Ring + 3 Weddings

via: wataweddins.com

When someone mentions "lavish lifestyle" and "outrageous spending habits", Paris Hilton will always be a part of these conversations. Hilton is more than just an actress; she is also a businesswoman, a model, a DJ, a singer, and a certified socialite. People say that she has all the right to live a luxurious life, because she is the granddaughter of the business tycoon Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotels. In case you missed the news, Paris Hilton is engaged!

She wants to be married three times in a row with her fiancé Chris Zylka at different places all over the world.

Here comes the crazy part – Hilton's engagement ring costs $2 million! Here comes the crazier part – Hilton's engagement ring has its own bodyguards for protection 24/7.

Mike Tyson's $2 Million Bathtub Purchase For His Wife

via: robertrolih.com

Who would forget how rich Mike Tyson is? He is definitely one of the richest celebrity athletes who can buy almost anything and everything he wants. This includes his $2 million bathtub! He purchased the 24-karat solid gold bathtub for his then-wife Robin Gives for Christmas. Unfortunately, they got divorced. How lavish would it be if you could take a bath in this golden bathtub?

Tyson's spending habits did not stop there. In fact, he had several purchases that can make the world go crazy. This also includes his two white Bengal tigers. Yes, this is a wild purchase for $140,000. He later decided to stop taking care of the tigers because their food was even more expensive than his meals in a day.

5 Jennifer Lopez's $600,000 Salary For Her Team Of Bodyguards

via: eonline.com

J-Lo is definitely a diva! Her extreme diva attitude is not just limited to her singing career, acting career, and business, but she is also quite the diva when it comes to spending her money. When she gave birth to her twins, she hired an on-call masseuse who was available 24/7. You can't blame her. She just gave birth and sometimes it can be one of the most stressful medical conditions. She is also a diva mother, because she bought her babies diamond-engraved rattles and one pony each. She is an extremely overprotective mother, because

she hired a team of bodyguards to watch her kids all day and all night.

Of course, this kind of protection comes with a price. J-Lo shelled out $600,000 just for the team of bodyguards.

Angelina Jolie's $12.5 Million Gift For Brad Pitt

via: vaticanenquirer.com

Yes, Brangelina may not be a thing anymore, but they were once one of the power couples of Hollywood and the whole film industry. Brangelina are also known to donate money to several charities, but unlike Keanu Reeves, they did not live a simple life. You see, Brad Pitt purchased a $1 million painting just because he wanted to. Don't forget how Angelina Jolie loved her then-husband (although they are still not divorced) when she purchased a waterfall for his 48th birthday and an island for his 50th birthday. Yes ladies and gentlemen,

Angie gave the $12.2 million heart-shaped Petra Island as a birthday gift to Brad.

That sounds crazy and outrageous, but what really piqued Angie's interest was the fact that two properties on the island were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, who is Brad's favorite architect.

Shaquille O'Neal's $1 Million Monthly Expenses

via: dailyherald.com

When someone says rich celebrity athletes, Shaquille O'Neal will always be on the list. We all know that Shaq is a retired professional NBA player that became a sports analyst. We all know that Shaq is rich, too. As one of the greatest players in NBA history, with a heaping net worth, it's no wonder Shaq is also a great spender of his own fortune.

How was his lavish lifestyle revealed to the public? It was when Shaq was in the middle of his divorce with his ex-wife. All of his expenses and fortune were divulged to the court and to the public. Rumors said that Shaq spends almost $1 million each month! According to some articles, he spends $110,000 on vacations, $60,000 on gifts, $46,000 on child care, $460,000 on mortgages, and so on.

4 Kanye West's Gifts For His Wife, Kim

via: people.com

Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West are definitely included on the list. They just don't care about their spending habits because they are rich and famous. They have this lavish lifestyle that requires them to have the finest things in life. As a Kardashian, Kim is a socialite and Kanye will do everything to please his very own queen. You know, Kanye is just trying to keep up with the Kardashians.

Kim is a lucky girl because Kanye gives her every sweet and outrageously expensive gift that the occasion requires.

Some of the gifts that Kanye gave to Kim are thousands of roses for Mother's Day, 150 bags for Christmas, and a $39,000 fur coat. He has also spent $200,000 worth of stocks for Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Adidas, and Apple, a $20,000 hand-painted Hermes bag, a $2.5 million 15-carat diamond engagement ring, a $1 million Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker and 10 branches of Burger King.

3 Kim Basinger's $20 Million Town Purchase

via: latimes.com

Let's travel back in time and take a look on how much the American actress, singer, and former fashion model Kim Basinger ridiculously spent her fortune. Sorry Angie, your $12 million heart-shaped island was not what Basinger wanted. Instead, she wanted a whole town, so she purchased a town for $20 million!

This happened in 1989 when Basinger, a native of the state of Georgia, intended to turn the town of Braselton in Georgia into a tourist destination. She garnered some partners to fulfill this plan. However, after five years, she filed for personal bankruptcy and she also sold the town at a huge loss.

2 Sir Elton John's $406,000 Decorative Flowers For His House

via: thesun.co.uk

Who doesn't love Sir Elton John's music? Probably no one can actually resist listening to Sir Elton's music, but everyone will be puzzled with the way he handles his money. Sir Elton seems to have a magical power to spend a heaping $55.44 million in just 20 months. Reports claimed that Sir Elton was spending a lot after closing a deal with the recording company Polygram. Sir Elton suddenly realized that you only live once,

so he spent $13.31 million on properties, followed by a lot of purchases on luxurious items.

Just like any other celebrity, Sir Elton also spent a large amount of money on ridiculous items. In Sir Elton's case, he spent more than $406,000 on flowers because "he likes flowers".

1 Nicolas Cage's Many Splurges

via: variety.com

Of course, this A-list Hollywood star will never be crossed off the list! The Face/Off and Ghost Rider lead star Nicolas Cage, has an outrageous spending habit that will definitely leave you in awe. Once a top earner in Hollywood, Cage has a net worth of around $150 million, but unfortunately, he totally blew that away. Now, he still owes millions to the IRS.

So, how did Cage squander his money? He simply bought expensive items including 15 residences like a $25 million waterfront home, two castles in Europe worth $10 million and $2.3 million, a $3 million island in Bahamas, a $450,000 Lamborghini, a $276,000 dinosaur skull, and a $1 million worth of comic book collection.

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