Jay-Z's High Class Restaurant Is Worth Your Money, And So Are These 19 Other Celeb-Owned Places

Opening a restaurant is a dream for many. Who wouldn't want to have a restaurant to call their own? These days, opening one is not as easy as it used to be. Rents are high, competition is tough, and the public can be pretty picky with what they want to eat. Being the owner of a restaurant has become daunting for many, but for celebrities, it's just another area in the business world they like to try conquering.

Celebrities have to make a living off screen. With their extra money, they try their hand at some business ventures that either make it or break it. A popular business venture among the world's finest is restaurants! Obviously, most celebrities don't cook in the kitchen of their restaurants but we all like the idea of going to a restaurant owned by a celebrity.

More and more, celebrities are trying their hand at the restaurant business, and needless to say they are all places we wish we could go to. Here are the 20 best restaurants owned by celebrities!

20 40/40 Club - Jay Z


Hip-hop legend Jay Z has a lot of business ventures under his name but perhaps his most well-known venture; aside from his contribution to the music industry, is high-class, New York hotspot, 40/40 Club. This place has been around since 2003 and it has a few branches in the US and it certainly matches Jay Z's lifestyle.

40/40 Club is a hybrid of three concepts; a restaurant, a nightclub, and a sports bar. It's a place where one can enjoy a meal, have fun with friends, and watch a game all at the same time. Considering who owns this place, it's no surprise that the place has a special area for premium members who could afford to pay a little extra.

19 Mermaid Oyster Bar - Zach Braff


Zach Braff's Mermaid Oyster Bar is a must-visit for New Yorkers who are big seafood nuts. The Scrubs star opened this restaurant with chef Laurence Edelman who has been close friends with the actor since they were young. True to its name, the Mermaid Oyster Bar specializes in oyster dishes so unless your stomach can't handle the shellfish, then this place is a dream come true.

The restaurant keeps a warm and intimate vibe to it. It offers 16 delicious varieties of oysters, all of which are served as fresh as they could be. The place is loved by many celebrities including One Direction's Harry Styles, who had a rather intimate dinner with Braff at the restaurant.

18 Planet Hollywood - Bruce Willis And Several Others


Planet Hollywood is a really popular spot for film buffs. It's a restaurant well-known around the world, one that has families flocking to it. Die Hard actor Bruce Willis; along with Demi Moore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone are the co-owners of the hit restaurant that began way back in 1991.

Planet Hollywood's menu consists of classic American dishes. What makes the spot more appealing however is not the food, but the ambiance. The restaurant is heavily decorated with film props and movie memorabilia that any movie geek would just adore. It's a must go for tourists, but the locals never turn it away either.

17 Trejo's Tacos - Danny Trejo


Danny Trejo looks like a mean guy, and he's played the part on television too. According to his co-stars though, he's a super nice guy. The From Dusk Till Dawn star isn't one to shy away from a business venture or two. Situated in Los Angeles is Trejo's Tacos, a safe haven for vegans. It's a top spot for those looking for a taco fix, without the guilt of getting a few calories.

Trejo's Tacos serves gourmet vegan food along with homemade salsa. Vegans will find the menu satisfying as it's literally filled with an array of vegan choices. Aside from tacos and all things vegan, Trejo's Tacos also serves Trejos very own brew of beer called Cerveca.

16 Nic And Normans - Norman Reedus


 Norman Reedus' rise to stardom came with his role as Daryl Dixon in AMC's The Walking Dead. His character became a fan-favourite, known for his crossbow and scowl. In the entertainment world, he has become a name that everyone knows. But there's more to Reedus than just his role as Daryl. He recently opened up a restaurant called Nic And Normans, and it's definitely a place worth visiting.

Despite co-owning the place with The Walking Dead director/producer Greg Nicotero, Nic and Normans isn't based on the show. So no, it's not zombie-themed, but it is still worth your time. The menu consists of amazing burgers, salads, and cocktails! The food is remarkably good, and it's just another reason to for us to love Norman Reedus.

15 Wahlburgers - Mark Wahlberg


America is slowly warming up to Wahlburgers. They already have a show with that name on its 8th season, and now Mark Wahlberg's burger joint he built with his brothers is slowly becoming a staple across the US. While the name may be a bit corny to some, there's no denying that the burgers from this place are amazing.

Wahlburgers doesn't only offer standard burgers. The menu consists of dishes deeply inspired by the childhood of the Wahlberg brothers. The dishes from this burger joint are really good and if you're looking for a quick fix, it's really worth a try. With burgers ranging from hearty to downright amazing, everyone will love at least one thing from the menu.

14 Au Fudge - Jessica Biel


Being the loving mother that she is, Jessica Biel understands how hard it is to have a pleasant night out with the family. The kids are always moving about and it's hard to know what they want to eat. To answer these woes, Biel opened up Au Fudge in Hollywood.

Biel's Au Fudge caters to families who want to eat out. The menu consists of dishes made with all-organic and healthy food so parents don't have to worry about what their children will want. Even better, kids can play in the restaurant and parents don't have to worry about them, as there are hired guardians who help the parents.

13 Southern Hospitality - Justin Timberlake

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Jessica Biel isn't the only person in the relationship making money out of a restaurant. Justin Timberlake not only loves to make music, but he also loves a good barbecue every now and then. His love for all things smoky made him open up Southern Hospitality in New York back in 2007.

Since the first branch opened, Southern Hospitality has been available in other parts of the US too. Why barbecue you ask? Well, growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, Timberlake had fond memories of barbecue. He knows his way around meats so you can expect to get amazing meals out of Southern Hospitality.

12 Joanne Trattoria - Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga's not only a trendsetter in fashion and in music, but also in food; most particularly, Italian food. Joanne Trattoria has been around for a long time and it was actually a restaurant owned by Lady Gaga's parents. It wasn't until 2010 when she decided she wanted a piece of the restaurant to call her own.

Joanne Trattoria has a cozy vibe to it, but it was made a big hit because of its authentic Italian cuisine. Since the restaurant is run by Lady Gaga's parents, the food there is what this pop diva grew up eating. For us, it's a chance to taste some of the best food that Italy has to offer.

11 Zoom - Robert Redford


With the help of Robert Redford, Park City, Utah has been one of America's top cities to visit. Aside from being the founder of the acclaimed Sundance Film Festival held there annually, the veteran actor is also the owner of a cozy restaurant called Zoom.

Zoom's menu consists of some of the finest and delicate American cuisine. The dishes include baby back pork ribs, and elk strip loin which has turned into a favourite. The place was busy all year long, but despite its good reviews, it closed its doors back in 2016.

10 Beer Bar And The Eating Establishment - Ty Burrell


Modern Family's own Ty Burrell, also known as Phil Dunphy, is slowly making the stomachs of Salt Lake City, Utah citizens happy. Though the name Beer Bar And The Eating Establishment isn't very creative, the establishment's menu will surely drown out any haters.

Beer Bar And The Eating Establishment has 150 brands of beer on the menu! Aside from that impressive offering, the restaurant also offers some pretty good grub to go with your drink. They offer house-made sausages and breakfast poutine that is served with, yes you guessed it right, beer gravy!

9 Chicken + Beer - Ludacris


It doesn't get cozier than this. Rapper and actor Ludacris opened Chicken + Beer in 2016, and yes, it's also the name of the rapper's 4th studio album. The place is the product of Ludacris' dreams of opening a restaurant and it was well executed too.

Chicken + Beer's menu consists of traditional American food. With dishes like Pork Belly Sliders, Chicken Soup, and Southern Fried Apple Pie, it's a spot for those looking to try out true and authentic American-style dishes.

8 Fat One's Hot Dogs And Italian Ice


What do you do when people tease you with your own name? For NSYNC's Joey Fatone, the practical solution would be to use that insult as an inspiration for a new restaurant. Fat One's Hot Dogs And Italian Ice opened just a few years ago but it has already captured the hearts of those in Orlando.

Fatone's restaurant offers an array of hot dogs styles to quell the hungriest customer's stomach. Since the menu of the place is quite large, they also offer a special dish called the Boybander. In it, hungry customers can get a taste of five mini variations of the signature hot dogs from the restaurant.

7 Michael Jordan's Steak House - Michael Jordan


Who doesn't love a good steak every now and then? Basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan has his own line of restaurants with branches situated across the US. The successful Michael Jordan's Steak House has been providing people with amazing cuts of meat for a long time now.

The first Michael Jordan's Steak House was opened at New York City's Grand Central. The menu of steakhouse comprises of the best cuts of meat, the freshest seafood and of course, some really tantalizing deserts. Despite what others originally thought, the restaurant was not filled with sports memorabilia. It turned out to be a fancy restaurant with an atmosphere that matches that of a Michelin-star restaurant.

6 Laughing Man Coffee - Hugh Jackman


Logan star Hugh Jackman is a good person at heart and he has helped out the unfortunate in his own little way. His kind heart and generosity pushed him to open up the New York-based cafe Laughing Man Coffee.

In 1999, he visited Ethiopia with his wife Deb. During their travel, he met with a local coffee farmer named Dukale who was a hard worker struggling to pull his family out of poverty. Inspired, Jackman opened up his cafe, making sure that the proceeds went to the Laughing Man Foundation which aids young entrepreneurs and provides educational programs all around the world.

5 Saints And Sinners - Channing Tatum


When women think of Channing Tatum, they often like to think of his role in Magic Mike. Little do they know, Tatum's actually a restaurant owner in New Orleans. His restaurant, Saints And Sinners stays true to its name by offering up a menu for the naughty and nice.

The menu of Saints and Sinners is packed with Southern dishes such as alligator and jambalaya. It's heaven for Southern food lovers. It also offers up a nice list of drinks you could enjoy with your meal, all designed to fit the theme that he offers in his restaurant.

4 Tagine - Ryan Gosling


As if he wasn't dreamy enough for the ladies, The Notebook star Ryan Gosling knows the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. With a restaurant to call his own in Beverly Hills, ladies who date Gosling are guaranteed to never go hungry ever again.

Gosling's Tagine is known for its best Moroccan dishes like Braised Beef Couscous and Lamb Tagine Couscous. His place is known for having a good vibe and it's a must-try for those going on dates. With lots of pillows, a soothing atmosphere, and candle-lit banquets, Tagine remains to be one of Beverly Hill's romantic hotspots.

3 NoBu - Robert De Niro


Veteran actor Robert De Niro has spent a majority of his life acting, but along the way he decided to try and go down a new route. In his decision, he became a prominent owner of NoBu. For those not familiar with this otherwise popular brand, NoBu is one of the top Japanese restaurants in the world.

The brand has become a global name with branches opening up in several parts of the world. It's a spot not only for the sushi lovers, it's also for true A-listers too. It is a must-visit for Japanese food connoisseurs but if they want a seat at the restaurant, they better plan ahead and book their table as early as possible.

2 Do Hwa - Quentin Tarantino


It's hard to think of food and Quentin Tarantino at the same time simply because it's rather hard to eat while watching the acclaimed director's films. Though he loves making our stomach's churn from disgust, Tarantino also loves to fill up our stomachs with Korean food!

Tarantino's Do Hwa is a restaurant that specializes in Korean BBQ and other Korean dishes. Like most Korean BBQ restaurants, dishes are served and cooked right at the table, in order to make it a true Korean cuisine experience. To top it all off, Do Hwa's decor consists of vintage posters so movie buffs can have the time of their lives while eating at the Pulp Fiction director's own restaurant.

1 Soul Kitchen - Bon Jovi


While other's ventured into the restaurant business for either passion or to make some extra money, Bon Jovi did it to give back to the community. With two branches opened in the rockstar's hometown, New Jersey, Soul Kitchen has been providing food for those in need.

Those in need of a good meal can volunteer at Soul Kitchen to get a dining certificate which they can use to get a free meal. For those with money to spend, they can opt to purchase a Pay It Forward certificate which pays for the cost of a free meal. Thanks to this concept restaurant by Bon Jovi, many New Jersey citizens who have fallen on hard times have a meal to eat.

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