House Nannies Of Instagram: 15 Incredible Perks Of Working For The Rich

We talk a lot about rich kids and all the things that they got going for them — all the many perks that come along with being born into a wealthy family. But sometimes, you don’t always have to be born into a family to get those same types of perks. When it comes to wealthy- and business-minded families, you can bet there are nannies involved. Did you really think these rich kids were being raised by their parents?

It isn’t just the rich kids of the world that get the perks of being wealthy. There are some serious perks to being a nanny for the 1 per cent. Sure, we often hear the horror stories from nannies, it’s not always easy working for rich people, but there is no denying that there some serious pros.

The nannies that look after the rich kids get the same perks. They are flying on private jets, vacationing on yachts, and driving really nice cars. Plus, nannies for the rich get paid really well. We’re talking really, really well. There are some serious pros and you’re not going to believe what being a nanny for the rich is really like. These are the incredible perks of working for the rich.

15 Nannies Fly The Open Skies In Private Jets

Private jets are true perfection — the luxury, the class, the total freedom to come and go as you please. One of the perks of being wealthy is that you have private jets at your disposal. You can fly anywhere in the world and you never have to worry about long lines or overcrowded airlines. Nannies are obviously going to be traveling with the families that they work for because they are taking care of the children. They get to fly all over the world in absolute comfort; they might even get a glass of champagne for the flight, as well. You may think that working for rich kids and their parents would be a nightmare, but there are definitely some serious perks to the job, as well. This nanny is all ready to go!

14 Nannies Get Amazing Vacations And It's All Free

Now, this is an amazing view. If this is what these nannies are calling work, then where do we sign up? This nanny is definitely living the sweet life. When it comes to working for the rich, one of the massive perks is that when they go on vacation, they will usually take you along with them and you won’t have to pay a dime. This nanny is just sitting there with the child that she minds and she’s looking at one of the most beautiful views and it probably didn’t cost her a dime. Depending on how often the family you work for travels, you could be going on multiple vacations every year to very exotic and luxurious vacations. Rich people don’t stay at a motel; they are often at elite and luxury resorts with 5-star service.

13 Relaxing On Private Yachts With 5-Star Treatment

Some of us may never see a yacht in our entire lives and maybe that’s why these nannies get the jobs that they do. We get it, these jobs can be stressful, but they are also pretty awesome. These nannies are really enjoying themselves. While they are on vacation with the rich people that they work for, they also get the opportunity to be on a yacht. Whether they are baby sitting or not, we would all much rather watch a child on a yacht then be anywhere else in the world. It’s not all work either. Nannies always get time to themselves at some point and wouldn’t it be awesome to be enjoying a little R&R on a luxurious yacht?

12 Nannies Get To Visit The Most Beautiful Beaches

Would you be shocked if we told you that this is a nanny? You may think that being a nanny is all about working and that you never get a moment to yourself, but that’s not the case at all. Nannies get some free time as well, plus, when everyone else is relaxing in the water, you get to enjoy it too. This nanny’s name is Victoria and she loves to travel, which is why she became a nanny in the first place. There may not be any better way to see the world than being a nanny, plus you get to stay at some pretty amazing places. She is taking advantage of a little R&R while she is floating around on a rather large inflatable unicorn. It looks like a dream job to us.

11 Nannies Doing Yoga In Luxury Places

This looks really amazing and you may think that this is a rich woman relaxing on vacation, but it’s actually a nanny. She’s taking a moment to herself and it looks wonderful. This nanny is taking a moment to stretch and do some yoga while the kids are off doing something else. It’s not all work and no play for these nannies. They get taken on free vacations all the time and they certainly don’t look stressed out about their jobs. Talk about living the dream life, these nannies have the right idea. This nanny is having the time of her life while in Ixtapa, Mexico and we can see why some people apply to be a nanny.

10 Nannies Get To Have Their Own Fun 

We’re not sure if it’s a yacht she’s jumping off of or just a boat, but either way, she is having a blast. You wouldn’t automatically think that a nanny would have these kinds of perks, but they absolutely do. They are allowed to have fun and relax just like everyone else who is on vacation. This is Lauren Di Lorenzo and she is a nanny for the rich and she is on vacation with the family in Monte Argentario. It sounds luxurious and it looks amazing. She captioned the photo, “When the kids say jump, you jump #nannylife.” It’s so true too, kids often get close to their nannies and they want to see them have just as much fun as they are having. Lauren is clearly making the most of her career and we can see that she has some serious nanny perks.

9 Nannies Also Get To Play With The Toys

Imagine having a job as a celebrity nanny and becoming part of the family as well? There could be a lot of benefits to that. You may think that being the nanny to the rich means that you are just another employee and that may be the case sometimes. But more often than not, the nanny becomes another member of the family, not just another employee. That means that chances are, the family will allow the nanny to play with some of the toys. They will allow them to even drive their fancy boats. Don’t believe us? Just check out this nanny, her name is Jamie Steinhilber, and she is taking the boat for a spin in Hawaii. No wonder she's all smiles!

8 They Are Surrounded By Security

You would probably start to feel like royalty yourself if you had an entourage like this one following you around. This nanny is named Phillippa and she’s worked for Middle Eastern royalty, so she knows what it’s like to have security around her at all times. There were even rich people that she worked for where she wasn’t allowed to know what kind of job they had. She says that she has learned to not ask questions, she waits to see if the information comes to her. She told MailOnline Travel, “It’s always best not to ask and wait until you are told, if that day comes.” It sounds very secretive, but it’s all part of the job and sometimes nannies have to be to keep secrets for their employers. It would be pretty cool to have security all around you. To know that you were protected at all times. On the other hand, what would they need protection for?

7 They Get To Go On Many Different Adventures

Imagine having a job where you get to go on daily adventures. When you are a nanny, it is your job to entertain the children. So, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to take them out on daily adventures? When you are the nanny to the rich, that means there is money at your disposal so you can go anywhere you want with the children, possibly to places you have never seen before. Look at this amazing view, the gorgeous scenery, and the paintings on the ground. Being a nanny for the rich means that you can do amazing things with the kids, things that you may not normally be able to do on your budget. It looks like an amazing job with some serious perks. Who wouldn’t want to go on these fun adventures?

6 Nannies Get To Live In Luxury

It’s not just the rich that get to live in luxury. Most nannies have to live on site because they have to be available to the children. So that means they get to live in luxury just like the people they work for. This nanny has a butler at her disposal and you know you’re working for someone super wealthy when they have a butler. “I remember the first time I flew first class, I had no real idea of what to expect, but fortunately, the children I was caring for did. They knew where everything was located within the first-class suites, they knew where the buttons were to change the seats into beds and knew where our packaged pyjamas and pillows were kept. One of my preschoolers could even recite the flight attendant’s safety demonstration speech.” It’s definitely a very different lifestyle.

5 Nannies Are Living The Dream Life

You might find it hard to believe because sometimes, when we think about nannies, we think about people who have to work really hard. Their jobs are to care for children and that’s not always easy, but the one thing about working for rich people is that they make their lives as easy as possible, so the nanny is going to get some of that easy life as well. Look at this nanny; you would think that it was some model on vacation, but she’s actually the nanny. She’s about to go boating and she certainly doesn’t look like she’s having a bad day. She’s on vacation with the family and she’s taking a moment to embrace her life and showing off the fact that being a nanny has some perks. We believe it after seeing some of these pictures.

4 Nannies Get The Good Stuff Too

We told you that when it comes to flying on a private jet, it’s almost customary that champagne is served, apparently. Nanny Jamie is on board a private jet with the family that she works for and they are flying to Mexico. Jamie is enjoying a glass of champagne and we are more than just a little jealous. It’s pretty amazing that the nannies get to enjoy the same perks that their bosses do. Not too many people get to say that they’ve been on a private jet. There would be nothing more relaxing than flying in first class while eating and drinking the top of the top. If you’re looking for a career change, this one might be for you.

3 Nannies Get To Stay In Private Villas

Now, this is truly the life. When it comes to vacations, it’s not always hotels that the nannies stay in. It all depends on how the family likes to vacation and some families don’t want anything less than a private villa — private villas for everyone! Talk about living a luxurious lifestyle. Just look at this place, it’s amazing. The nanny gets to stay there and live in luxury just like the family. “I have been so lucky as to have been a guest in a private Italian villa with a staff of over 50, with grounds that stretch as far as the eye can see and have my own quarters. I have spent time in America, India, the Bahamas, the UAE, as well as shorter trips to European countries.” Sounds like a pretty amazing life.

2 Nannies Get To Meet Famous People

Sometimes, as a nanny, you get the opportunity to meet famous people. That can make one feel like a kid in a candy store, especially if you aren’t from that world. Well, sure, if a nanny is working for a famous person, then obviously they will meet other celebrities. But just because you are working for the rich, it doesn’t mean that it will be a celebrity. Whether you are working for a celebrity or not, you will probably run into some celebrities. Because where there is money, there is usually a celebrity around. This nanny seems super pumped about the fact that she got to meet Michael Phelps and he’s wearing just his swimming trunks. That is definitely a perk in our books.

1 Nannies Work All Year

It’s clear these nannies are having so much more fun than we are. They get to travel all year round because children need care all year round. So that means traveling to places that are warm as well as places that are cold. Talk about a stunning view and this nanny is right out there enjoying every minute of it. This nanny is soaking up some sunshine while on a work trip to Majorca, Spain. What other job in the world will allow you to travel all over and relax while you’re working? Being a nanny for the rich has some awesome perks. We’ve seen private jets, awesome vacations, yachts, and even some toys to play with. Here's hoping they at least work for a nice family.


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