Hailey Baldwin Wears $1,150 Gucci Slippers And 15 Other Celeb Kids Who Are Fashion Icons

Is there such thing as an “okay” looking celebrity? Of course there is! There have been okay looking celebrities in Hollywood forever. Sometimes, it’s something other than good looks that make them famous. It’s funny, though, how some of these “okay-looking” celebrities are pumping out children that are insanely gorgeous. We’re not even kidding; sometimes we wonder how they're related. And as if that's not enough, their offspring are total fashion icons, making a name for themselves in pop culture whether it be on the runway or on Instagram. Not only are they living the rich and fabulous life, but these celeb kids have us flipping through magazines to see what they're wearing at Coachella and tuning in on their YouTube channel for makeup tips! Funny enough, although some of these celeb kids dabble in acting, most of them have formed a career around their looks and became models. Hailey Baldwin is of the most popular among the celeb kids and has joined the likes of Kendall and Bella. She's definitely made a name for herself in the fashion industry and had recently made headlines when she was caught strutting the streets of New York in Gucci's bumble-gum-pink $1,500 slippers. Is there anything this girl can't pull off? If you're in awe of Stephen Baldwin's daughter, you need to check out these other stylish celeb kids who are hitting the silver screen and the runway.

15 Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin seems to be fairing a little bit better in the modelling world than her sister and it might have a lot to do with her statuesque profile. She’s tall, blonde and gorgeous, everything you ever wanted in a model. She is best friends with Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid and her goal these days is to be a Victoria’s Secret model. She definitely has the body for it so we may see her as the newest Angel. You can always find her on a "best dressed" or "best street style" list. She has over 11 million followers on Instagram and that’s certainly a plus for her. She told UK Daily Mail that it was her dream to work for the VS company. "I want to walk in the Victoria’s Secret show. It’s every girl’s dream."

14 Cymphonique Miller

Cymphonique Miller is what happens when Master P decides to have babies. The girl is a stunner, to say the least. Master P is a rapper, author, filmmaker, and investor just to name a few of his talents. Master P doesn’t have the looks, but he’s a hell of an entrepreneur. Cymphonique clearly did not get her looks from her daddy. This girl has been busy in the acting world and has done some pretty fun things over the years. You may recognize her in projects such as the TV series, Phineas and Ferb, How to Rock, Winx Club: Beyond Believix, and The Dempsey Sisters. She hasn’t done anything too major in the acting world, but she’s still pretty young. We look forward to seeing more of this beauty.

13 Corinne Bishop

Jamie Foxx is another celebrity who is just okay looking; it hasn’t ever been considered a major babe. Though he did somehow manage to woo the likes of Katie Holmes recently. Though we imagine she will eventually get bored of his bachelor life. Corinne Bishop, on the other hand, is gorgeous and happens to be Foxx’s daughter. You may recognize her from the red carpet or from her work as a model. Foxx has been taking his daughter to red carpet events since she was ten years old. The odd thing is, no one knows who the mother of the child is, Foxx never revealed her name. Bishop has just broken out into the acting industry in the past few years. She has a few film credits to her name but nothing serious. We wonder if she will make it as big as her father did.

12 Beth Stern

Could you imagine being a young girl and having Howard Stern as your father? This gorgeous blonde is shockingly the product of Howard Stern. She's a model, actress, and author on top of being a famous celeb kid. Again, we need to start looking at the mothers because there is no way that this is Howard’s child. She is stunning! Her father’s career has impacted the girl’s dating life. She states that she has lost interest in dating men due to what her father discusses on his show. “It’s rare I go on dates [now],” Emily tells The Post. “My dad’s emphasis on s*xuality [in his career] kept me out of the dating ring [when I was younger].” Good job there, Dad! She also found the split between her parents traumatizing. “I believed that my parents were very much in love,” Emily says, “I felt like the divorce came out of nowhere. I thought that sacred bond was so strong. He used to be one way, and then he marries a model.”

11 Sasha Spielberg

This stunner is none other than the legendary Steven Spielberg’s daughter. His success is all due to his insane talent, not so much for his looks. In her twenties, this girl has been dabbling in acting and has a music career. You may not have realized that she’s also been a part of a few of her father’s movies such as The Terminal and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. She and her adopted brother Theo have an alternative-rock band called Wardell. She speaks about her creativity and how it was inspired in her youth. “After our parents put us to bed, we’d sneak out and re-enact The Lion King with our stuffed animals,” Theo stated. “I wrote a song that needed backup vocals, and I asked Sasha to do it. I was embarrassed because her voice was so much better than mine. At that point I thought, 'there’s something to this.'” Sounds like pretty talented kids.

10 Francesca Eastwood

Talk about a unique look; this girl is breathtaking. She is the daughter of Frances Fisher and Clint Eastwood. He’s looking a bit grizzly these days, but there was a time when he wasn’t a bad looking guy. His daughter, however, is on a whole new level of gorgeous. She is an actress, model, and TV personality and she also has a brother who is acting right now as well. Her father has been in and out of relationships for years which means that she has four half-sisters and two half-brothers. She’s had to start at the bottom in her career despite having a famous father. She was one of the waitresses in the movie Jersey Boys, but since then her career has picked up a bit. She was in the TV series, Oh, You Pretty Things!, Heroes Reborn, Fargo, Twin Peaks and a few movies such as Outlaws and Angels, The Vault and Three Deaths. With looks like these, we imagine she will go far in her career.

9 Dakota Johnson

You might recognize this babe from the Fifty Shades movies. She’s certainly made a name for herself in Hollywood these days. She is the daughter of Don Johnson who is not a bad looking guy even though his wife Melanie Griffith left him for another man. It’s apparent that she probably got most of her looks from her mother though she hasn’t been in the industry in years. Dakota has been steaming up the screens these days and she has another installment of her Fifty Shades movies coming out Valentine’s day. Who needs chocolate when you have a film like that to watch? One of the funniest parts of the Golden Globes this year was Dakota getting caught looking for a reaction from Angelina Jolie while Jennifer Aniston was on stage.

8 Cori Broadus

We all are aware of the fact that Snoop Dogg is not the most attractive celebrity out there and his success is certainly not attributed to that. We love Snoop Dog because of his rap music and the fact that he’s seriously one funny dude. Watch some of his critiques on wildlife videos on YouTube and you will be dying. Cori Broadus is one of Snoop’s daughters and she looks nothing like her dad, and that’s probably a good thing. Cori is clearly a good girl who is proud of her accomplishments as well as her parents. This girl has serious swag and is taking the music industry by storm. When she graduated high school, she shared a quote in her yearbook dedicated to her parents. “Mama and Daddy, I made it," she wrote. “I do it for them.” She sounds like a really great girl and maybe now that school is over we will see her in Hollywood.

7 Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin is Alec Baldwin’s daughter and she is definitely a looker. Although her dad is famous, Ireland has made a name for herself in the fashion world as a model and style icon. Her father has always been considered an okay looking dude. The two have had their ups and downs while Ireland was growing up and some of those downs made headlines. We all remember the hideous voicemail message he left for his daughter when she was only a young teen saying that she was an ungrateful and selfish pig. It certainly wasn’t one of his brighter moments as a parent. The two seem to have saved their relationship over the years, though. She has been trying to get into the Hollywood scene but has only done a few small things despite what a major actor her father is. She has also been a special correspondent on shows such as Extra and Entertainment Tonight. Hopefully, she can get that pretty face out into the limelight a little more.

6 Sosie Bacon

Sosie Bacon is the daughter of frumpy-looking Kevin Bacon. Yes, at one point he was considered to be a babe, but when you get right down to it, he was just a regular looking guy. He makes beautiful children as well as awesome movies. You might recognize Sosie Bacon most from the hugely popular and controversial TV series 13 Reasons Why. She’s been breaking out in the acting world recently following in the footsteps of her parents. Her mother Kyra Sedgwick directed a movie called Story of Us about a girl’s tape being released and how it affected her. Sosie Bacon also had the opportunity to be part of that film as well. With two famous parents, it’s not surprising to find that Sosie has a ton of talent in her. She is now in another TV series called Here and Now.

5 Alaia Baldwin

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 09: Model Alaia Baldwin seen walking down the runway during the Leanne Marshall fashion show at Helen Mills Event Space on February 9, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images)

The Baldwin men seem to be able to make beautiful offspring. Alaia Baldwin is part of the Baldwin clan, but she is not Alec’s daughter but Stephen’s. The whole Baldwin clan is an okay looking bunch, but they aren’t heartthrob material. Stephen is probably the least attractive of all his brothers, but they all managed to have careers in Hollywood. Alaia recently got married last September to Andrew Aronow and her bridesmaids all wore floor-length black lace dresses. As for a career, Alaia has been signed with a NY modelling agency and seems to like taking to the catwalk every now and then. She’s certainly a beautiful woman so she should do well in the industry. She also has a sister Hailey who we will be looking at next. It seems that Stephen has two beautiful daughters.

4 Rainey Qualley

Rainey Qualley is the daughter of Andie McDowell who has disappeared from Hollywood. McDowell has always been considered a decent looking woman but more on the cute lines. Her daughter has surpassed her beauty by a landslide. We actually think that Rainey looks a whole lot like Megan Fox, the two could be twins. Rainey is both involved in singing and acting. She hasn’t been in anything major, but she just started a few years ago. For Rainey, she grew up pretty normal and outside of the limelight in Minnesota. “That was a really idyllic place to grow up. We didn’t have TV or anything. It was kind of a culture shock moving to North Carolina. We had neighbors! We were just used to being wilderness children.” That sort of sounds pretty awesome, growing up in the middle of nowhere.

3 Margaret Qualley

Margaret Qualley is Rainey’s sister, the other daughter of Any McDowell. She also follows the same sort of aspirations as her sister does in the music and film industry, but she also dabbles in modelling. She too hasn’t been in a whole lot, but she does get to act alongside a major heavy hitter such as Liv Tyler in the TV series The Leftovers. She has stated that both she and her sister were dancers and determined when it came to their passions. “I was very determined. I left home at 15 to go to the North Carolina School of the Arts.” She realized soon after that dancing wasn’t her passion and acting was. So, she moved to New York to pursue her dream. You can also find her in the movie Deathnote. She seems to be off to a good start with her career. These girls are definitely talented.

2 Bria And Shayne Murphy

There’s no doubt about it, Eddie Murphy isn’t the most handsome guy out there. He’s not ugly by any means, but let’s just say that he got to where he was because he makes us chuckle. Eddie Murphy has had a long career in Hollywood doing stand-up comedy and movies. He married insanely gorgeous women over the years and maybe that’s why his kids are so pretty. Shayne and Bria Murphy are currently modelling and there’s no doubt that they must have gotten their looks from their mother. For the most part, they do lingerie modelling, but they always turn heads at events.

1 Dylan Penn

Sean Penn certainly doesn’t have the looks, but he’s managed to snatch some gorgeous women like Robin Wright-Penn. Once again, this is a case where the daughter gets her looks from her mother. The only reason he's been able to land the ladies that he has over the years is due to his wealth and position in Hollywood. Dylan Penn is following in the footsteps of her parents; she has been acting for about three years, though nothing major. She spends most of her time modelling, though she says it’s not easy for her. “I’m rarely comfortable during a shoot,” she said. “There are times when I have a good time and I feel really comfortable with the photographer and the crew. But most times, it’s awkward, and I don’t really like having my picture taken anyway and modelling is kind of painful at times, but it’s what pays the bills and I’m very lucky to get the jobs I have been fortunate enough to have.”

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