Guinness World Records: 15 Records Nobody Should EVER Try To Break

Life is a beautiful and wonderful gift, with the only downside being that every living thing eventually dies, an inescapable truth that, most of the time, is in the back of our minds. We do not think about dying on a regular basis. Because if we did, everyone would practically be living a life full of either panic or depression. But just because we do not think about it daily, does not mean that we do not prepare for it. One of the scariest aspects of death is the fact that most people will be forgotten within several decades, and we all wish to be remembered in some way, to ensure that some small piece of us continues to live on. This is one of the reasons why people become politicians or why wealthy individuals make large charitable donations, and it is also why many people try to get their names recorded in history books.

Every single year, an updated version of Guinness World Records is released, and for anyone who does not know, it is a reference book that lists world records relating to extremes in nature and achievements made by human beings. The book has been keeping track of world records since 1951, and if you were to ask anyone who holds one of those records how they feel about their accomplishment, most of them would likely give a joyful answer. Some people manage to just stumble into the record book, but there are also those whose goal is to earn whatever world record they can get, just so they can be remembered for achieving something. The problem, though, is that there are some records that people should not try to break for a variety of reasons, and this article will point out 15 of those records.


15 Covered By The Heaviest Mantle Of Bees


We may not like it when they buzz around us or when they set up a hive somewhere on our property or when they sting us, but the fact of the matter is, we cannot live in a world without bees. People think that honey is the only thing bees have to offer, but they also help to preserve and spread plant life that in many cases is used to produce medicines that some people desperately need. As important as bees are, though, we still take them for granted, which is why we have seen multiple people go out of their way to cover their bodies with them. Ruan Liangming of China currently holds the record for being covered by the heaviest mantle of bees, as he was covered by roughly 637,000 of them, whose combined weighed was approximately 140 pounds. This is obviously a bad idea because whoever attempts this will definitely get bitten or stung a few hundred times.

14 Most Cockroaches Eaten In A Minute


Many of us have crossed paths with at least one cockroach in our life and have likely seen them scurrying on the floor while searching for food, but cockroaches have been scurrying all over the planet for more than 300 million years. There are roughly 4,600 different cockroach species in the world, with about 30 of them living primarily in human-occupied territory. And although they all have the same six-legged appearance, they come in an array of different sizes. When most of us see a cockroach, our first instinct is to kill it because we associate them with garbage and a lack of cleanliness. But in some cultures, the insects are a delicacy. Some people actually choose to eat cockroaches live, which just sounds disgusting. However, in 2001, Ken Edwards from the UK set a new record, which still stands today, when he ate 36 cockroaches in a single minute.

13 Sniffing The Most Feet & Armpits


We now live in a society that really values cleanliness and good hygiene because not only do those two things mean that you will find a date easier, but they also help to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease. It goes without saying that people do not like bad smells, especially body odor, which is why there is a billion-dollar industry revolving around products designed to make you smell good. But, in order to test these products, there are employees who have to perform smelling tests. A lab worker named Madeline Albrecht has the honor of holding the world record for sniffing the most armpits and feet, a record she achieved during her 15-year career at Hill Top Laboratories. Apparently, Madeline has sniffed roughly 5,600 feet, which you can try to beat if you dare, but she has also sniffed an "indeterminate" number of armpits; meaning, you will probably have to smell at least 6,000 armpits just to get close to the record.

12 Longest Time Spent Trapped Underground


Mining has always been a very dangerous job, as evidenced by all the miners who have lost their lives on the job because of things like explosions, inhaling toxic chemicals, and devastating cave-ins. In 2010, the entire world was seemingly on the edge of their seats when a cave-in at a Chilean copper-gold mine caused 33 men to be trapped roughly 2,300 feet underground, with limited food and water. Luckily, all 33 men were successfully rescued after being trapped for 69 days, which is the longest amount of time that anyone  has stayed trapped underground. The fact that all of these men managed to survive down there for that long is nothing short of a miracle, which is why absolutely no one should attempt to break this record, unless you somehow manage to get yourself trapped somewhere underground that has enough food and water to survive for more than two months.

11 Largest Scorpion Kept Inside A Mouth


Like the cockroach, the scorpion has been around for a long time, at least 430 million years to be exact. And although all of the 1,750 different species look small, they used to be A LOT bigger. After all this time, scorpions may have drastically shrunk in size, but they pretty much still look the way they did million of years ago, with their large pincers in the front and segmented tail in the back topped off with a venomous stinger. It is true that scorpions can really hurt you, and some do have venom that is strong enough to kill a person, but that has not stopped them from being kept as pets or from being consumed as food. It goes without saying that scorpions can be dangerous and that you should not put a live one in your mouth. However, in 2000, Dean Sheldon did just that when he held a live 7-inch scorpion in his mouth for 18 seconds.

10 The Smallest Waist


Women all over the world have had to endure having self-esteem issues, a problem that has peaked over the past few decades, mainly thanks to magazines and Hollywood who depict what a "real" female body should look like. This problem may still be at its peak now, but it has actually existed for centuries, as women have always seemingly had to alter their bodies in some way in order to appear more attractive in society. One of these alterations came in the form of the corset, a piece of clothing designed to produce a smaller waist and bigger rear end by holding the torso in a desired shape. It is thanks to the corset that Cathie Jung was able to land the world record for the smallest waist which, in her case, measures just 15 inches while corseted and 21 inches un-corseted. She attained this by wearing a corset for 23 hours since 1983, and anyone who has worn a corset will tell you that the discomfort is definitely not worth the record.

9 Being The Oldest Wing Walker


Over the course of history, people have used a variety of different transportation methods to travel far distances. But over the past 60 years, we have gradually turned to using airplanes for such travel. Airplanes are considered to be the safest way to travel, and they are, as long as the skies are clear and everyone stays in their seat. Also, it also helps that people do not ride on the outside of the plane while it is in the air. Thanks to airshows in the 1920's, there have been people who perform the act of wing walking, which is literally moving on the wings of an airplane mid-flight. Even with all the safety precautions in place, such a stunt is extremely dangerous no matter your age, which is why Thomas Lackey will hopefully retain his record of being the oldest wing walker for a long time. He earned the record in 2013, when he wing walked at the age of 93 years and 100 days.


8 Most Toilet Seats Broken Using Your Head In 1 Minute


We may all live different lives, but that does not mean that we do not share similarities with one another, as we all have to work, eat, and sleep. But, we also have to visit the bathroom several times a day. When we go to the bathroom, there should be a functioning toilet in it, which comes with its own toilet seat, a seat that is now either made out of plastic or wood. Apparently, some people thought it would be fun to see if they could break a toilet seat using nothing but their head, which is where Kevin Shelley comes in, because he holds the world record for breaking the most toilet seats in one minute using his head—46. Now, aside from this being a complete waste of some perfectly good toilet seats, this is a record you do not want to try to break because there is a good chance that you will give yourself a concussion.

7 The Most Straws Stuffed Into A Person's Mouth


It is fine to go out of your way to become a world record holder. But sometimes, people go a bit overboard by doing something fairly dangerous, by going through great lengths, or by trying to set as many records as possible. Har Parkash Rishi, lives in Mumbai, India, and he has earned the name "Guinness Rishi" due to the fact that he holds more than 20 world records, including longest pizza delivery and drinking a bottle of ketchup in under four minutes. In 2011, Rishi set yet another record when he stuffed 496 straws into his mouth and managed to hold them in place with his hands for 10 seconds. Rishi also happens to hold the record for holding the most lit candles in a mouth, and he was only able to achieve this record and the one with the straws by having all of his teeth removed.

6 Most Cosmetic Procedures


We have already said that women have gone through a lot in order to make themselves look more attractive, and although corsets are still used today, they are by no means the most popular method anymore. That method is now plastic/cosmetic surgery, which is essentially going under the knife to change your physical appearance forever. And though some of these surgeries are justifiable, there are many women–and some men–who have gone completely overboard. Cindy Jackson is an American, and according to Guinness World Records, she has undergone the most cosmetic surgeries as she has had 47 procedures since 1988. Included in these operations are two nose jobs and eye lifts, cheek and lip implants, liposuction, and operations on her knees, thigh, and jawline, while also receiving chemical peels, a chin bone reduction, and what is known as a semi-permanent makeup.

5 Moving The Most Maggots With Just Your Mouth In 1 Hour


We can all agree that flies are probably the most annoying insect on the entire planet because they will always buzz around your head and will repeatedly try to land on whatever piece of food you have out to eat. As disgusting as we think flies are, they are nothing compared to maggots which are, in fact, baby flies. I say this because maggots generally live inside of–and feed on–something that is either dead or dying. Granted, some people choose to eat maggots because they carry some nutrients, but the thought of putting such a thing in your mouth is enough to make most people want to throw up. In 2009, a UK man by the name of Charlie Bell set a new world record when he managed to carry the equivalent of 2 square feet of live maggots from one container to another in one hour using only his mouth.

4 Furthest Milk Squirting Distance


Milk is still a very vital part of most people's mornings, and it has been that way for decades, and although we mainly buy it in order to consume it, we have found other ways to make use of it. Normally, we drink milk, but it is also possible to suck it up through our nose, which is a rather silly thing to do, but it allows some people to then squirt the substance out of their eye. This action is why Iker Yiimaz of Turkey finds himself in the record books because in 2004, he managed to use this method to squirt some milk approximately 9 feet and 2 inches. Up until now, no one has managed to squirt milk any further than Yiimaz, which makes sense, because who in their right mind would be willing to jeopardize their eyesight in any way in order to shoot milk out of their eye.

3 Having The Largest Object Ever Removed From A Human Skull


Most of us are lucky because we will get to live life in a country that is, for the most part, pretty safe. But, that safety is not always guaranteed due to the fact that the world is actually a very dangerous place. You may not want to think about it, but the truth is that every single day, there are dozens of people all over the world who get stabbed, either by accident or because someone wanted to really hurt and/or kill someone else. Getting stabbed is, by no means, a fun experience, and generally, if you were to get stabbed in the head, you would either die or suffer a great deal of brain damage. In 1998, an American named Michael Hill was stabbed in the head with a survival knife measuring 8 inches in length, a stabbing that he was fortunate enough to survive. He currently holds the world record for having the largest object removed from a human skull, a record that no one should ever want to beat.

2 Strangest Diet


Earlier, it was mentioned that all of us have to go to the bathroom a few times a day, but in that same sentence, it was also mentioned that we all have to eat, an activity that usually occurs at least three times a day. We eat for one simple reason—our body needs nutrients in order to survive. And if you have a normal diet, then you are eating meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables on a daily basis. As a species, humans are omnivores, which means that we can practically eat anything, but we do not actually do that because there are some things that either offer no nutritional value whatsoever or that are too dangerous to consume. This did not matter to Michel Lotito of France because he has held the record for having the strangest diet since 1959, a diet which included eating at least two pounds of metal every day. Over the course of his life, Lotito was able to eat 18 bikes, a computer, glass, 7 TV sets, 6 chandeliers, a pair of skis, and 2 beds. Lotito was basically a freak of nature, which is why he has held on to this record for nearly 60 years.

1 Hardest Groin Kick


There may be a few who disagree, but the vast majority of us can all agree that no one loves pain–whether it be emotional, mental, or physical–because by the very definition of the word, it is not a pleasant feeling. When it comes to physical pain, there has always been a debate regarding how the pain of childbirth compares to the pain of a man being kicked in the groin, a debate which is pretty one-sided depending if you are a man or a woman. For a man, getting kicked in the groin is excruciating, no matter how hard the kick. But, it does stand to reason that the amount of pain felt will depend on how hard the kick actually was. Seasoned combat expert Roy Kirby currently holds the world record for receiving the hardest kick to the groin, which was delivered by MMA fighter Justice Smith at a speed of 22 mph with 1,100 pounds of force, and no, Kirby did not wear a cup.


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