• Girls Reveal The 15 Things They Only Do If They Don’t Like You (Reddit)

    There are tons of places to turn to in order to find the signs that a girl likes you. But have you ever thought about the signs that she doesn’t like you? Ask any girl and they will tell you that in general, guys don’t read girls well at all. They can pretty much say, “No, go away. I don’t ever want to see you again,” and some guys still won't get it. So, let me break down a few of the most common signs that a girl doesn’t like you. In order to do that, we’ve gone to the one place that every internet user has scoured looking for answers: Reddit.

    Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the best answers all in one place so you won’t have to filter out the trolls. We’ve asked Reddit as well as searched for girls that were willing to shine a light on what they do or have seen other girls do when they don’t like someone. Hopefully you can learn some valuable information straight from their honest mouths. Here we have it: the fifteen things girls do when they don’t like you (as told by Reddit). Please take these signs as tips from actual girls giving actual advice rather than some advanced psychological method. Regular girls know girls better than psychologists, anyway.

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    If She Turns Her Body Away Subconsciously (Especially Her Feet) She Wants To Get Away From You
    via: vanityfair.com

    Another Redditor says, “Feet never lie. If you start talking to anyone, and their feet immediately move to point away from you, they are not into you whatsoever.” This is a trick that psychologists have studied. Even without realizing it or doing it intentionally, our feet will point towards someone or something we’re interested in. If you are talking to someone and they turn their feet away, their body is subconsciously trying to get away. It sounds silly to put it that way, but it’s true. Bodies don’t lie, it’s hard to control them because of it.

    So, if you want a surefire way to tell if a girl is interested or wants you to leave her alone, pay attention to this. But you might not even have to look. Y our own mind will tell you that something isn’t right. When you start to get a feeling that the girl is trying to flee, well, there’s a good chance it’s because she is; her feet will be pointing away from you.

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    If She Subtly Leans Away, She Is Trying To Avoid Talking To You Or Getting Too Close
    via: collider.com

    One woman advises, "If we're having a conversation and you lean in pretty close and I start to back up, it usually means I'm not feeling it. I've had a guy unknowingly chase me around the room because every time he got too close I shuffled back a little bit, but he kept getting closer. It was pretty amusing."

    Are we learning something about body language here? Polite girls use body language instead of verbal dismissal. It’s hard to tell a guy to back off, so most girls will lean away when they are uncomfortable. This one was said time and time again. Everyone agrees that girls not only point their feet toward something they like, but lean toward it too. There is nothing worse for a girl than pulling away and having a guy chase her because he isn't getting the message. If you notice a girl doing this, go ahead and ask her if you’re making her uncomfortable, or just take the hint and back off a little. She’ll probably appreciate the opening to tell you the truth. And if she is still too polite, I think you’ll be able to tell from her response her true answer.

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    They Are Polite, But They Won't Flirt Or Go Out Of Their Way To Talk To You
    via: heyuguys.com

    How true can a statement be? You see, girls want to be nice, but they don’t want it to be confused for flirting. This Redditor puts says it wonderfully:

    "This has always been a big one for me. I think a lot of guys have trouble differentiating between niceness and flirtation. If they approach me I will be pleasant and answer their questions and do the usual small talk, but that's it. And if these guys took a moment to think, they would realize that they are always the one's approaching me. If I was interested, I would go out of my way to try and talk to them and the conversation would move beyond things like "How are you" and work/school/the weather. But this might also be a maturity thing. I'm 25 and it tends to by guys around my age or younger that are the worst with this."

    This girl pretty much says a good sign that she doesn’t like you is that she never initiates anything. Back in the day, guys were always the chasers and most of the time, they still are. But if a girl really likes you, she’ll find ways to talk to you. And if they don’t like approaching you, they will keep the conversation going when you approach them. Girls are often called rude when they aren’t “nice” enough, so don't confuse everyday politeness for flirtation.

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    If They Don't Face You 100% When Talking, They Are Not Interested In You
    via: LOLwut.com

    This is very similar to the feet tip, but since girls keep saying guys need specific details, here they are: "I call it 'side-talking'. Seriously, if a girl is faced away from you, her body is turned away from you, or she talks to you sideways in a situation where she could easily be facing you but isn't, she doesn't want to talk to you. Shy people do this because they don't want to be straightforward so as not to offend you, they just hope you take the hint. I do this both to dudes and girls that I don't want to talk to."

    If a girl all but refuses to face you, they probably don’t want to talk to you. This girl said she did it to both men and women, not just love interests. Introverted people may do this anyway, even if they like you. But if a girl who is always the life of the party won’t face you, then there’s a huge chance that she doesn’t want to be there.

    Some argue that when you have been abused you will always face the other way, as you’ve been taught to cower. Looking at someone straight on is a sign of equality. So if you know the person, you might be able to read them a bit better. This is a general observation that is true for most girls.

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    If They Never Initiate Conversation And Give Short Answers, They Aren't Playing "Hard To Get"
    via: youtube.com

    This was said time and time again. Girls that don’t like you will never initiate a conversation. It goes about like this: "I basically won't engage in any real conversation. I keep my answers short, and honestly, I'm probably more focused on something else and hoping they'll go away. But I have flat-out said no before, and that seems to work most of the time. I just hate rejecting someone, even though it's obviously better to be upfront and not string someone along (no matter how obvious you think your signs of disinterest are)."

    If they do initiate conversation, it means they like you, even if it’s just as a friend. But if they never, ever talk to you unless you talk to them first, then it’s a surefire sign they’d rather not talk to you. As for shy girls, there’s a good chance they won’t initiate conversation, but there’s a good chance if you initiate one with them, they will likely try to keep the conversation going in their own way. If you’re lucky, they will ask you a question about yourself or reveal something about their interests. If not, then I wouldn’t chase them. It can get really uncomfortable for shy girls when men won’t leave them alone.

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    If She Talks Way Less Than You, She Might Be Trying To Get You To Leave Her Alone
    via: eturnofkings.com

    This girl reveals that if a girl makes no effort to engage in conversation, she pretty much hates talking to you:

    "She doesn't facilitate conversation. I'm not saying she talks day and night to you (though that's definitely a good sign) but if you start talking to her and she doesn't really ever help it go anywhere, it's a good sign she's not into you. For me, it's always about finding out if she likes me or not by slow escalation: say hey to her, ask how she's doing, have joking small talk, ask for a way to communicate (phone number, Facebook), get into more discussion to find commonalities. If up to that point she's not dismissive, ask her out. You find out quick if she's into you or not at that point."

    This may not always be clear, but if you pay attention, if a girl likes you, she will enjoy talking to you. This in no way means that any girl that talks to you wants a relationship, but it usually means she doesn’t hate you. Almost any girl will respond to you and be polite. But if you notice she never initiates conversations, then there’s a good chance she doesn’t really like you. If she gives short, polite answers, there’s a good chance that she wants to stop talking. Some Redditors said that learning to converse with a girl before you ask her out is good anyway. Because who wants to date someone who you can’t even talk to?

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    If They Say They Aren't Interested, They Are Not Just Saying That To Be Coy
    via: Bustle.com

    This is the most straightforward sign that (almost) no guy can handle: "Saying no. Seriously, sometimes guys just think you are playing shy or something, and they try harder. No means no." When a girl says no, she doesn’t mean, “Try again next time.” She really means no. Whenever this subject was brought up, girls screamed in unison, “Yes, this is so true!” Does it shock anyone else that guys don’t take no for an answer? It is a rejection, so deal with it.

    Some women also say that the only way they can get guys to leave them alone is to tell them they are married to a man. If you tell some guys that you have a boyfriend, they will insinuate cheating. If you tell them you are a lesbian, they will suggest the three of you going out together, or that he can “convert you.” It’s really sickening to see men act this way and it gives the good men who back off readily a bad rep.

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    If They Struggle To Maintain Eye Contact Or Take Forever To Respond To Your Texts, Take The Hint
    via: SheKnows.com

    This is a two for one! Whoop! A Redditor kindly says it like it is. "Taking hours to reply to your text messages and avoiding eye contact" are the two main ways to tell if a girl doesn't like you. If you’re talking to a well-rounded girl who is not too shy, eye contact is normal. You make eye contact with everyone. However, if you find that someone is making eye contact with you A LOT, especially whenever you’re not talking, they may like you. So if you reverse that, someone who refuses to make eye contact with you probably doesn't like you. If you want to be sure, take a look at who else they make eye contact with. The other thing here is texting. Texting is ridiculously confusing when talking to a prospective mate. But it doesn’t have to be. If a girl isn’t texting you as much as you text her (unless she’s busy) then she probably isn’t that into you.

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    If She Ignores You, She Just Doesn't Care
    via: ritani.com

    Married women know how it's done: "If I put my left hand across my chest, you know, the hand that features my WEDDING RING, and the guy just keeps on with the suggestive comments, what the hell? Usually they back off once they realize another man can claim me. If I'm wearing headphones on the bus or reading a book, why do guys think that means, 'This woman is reading a book. She's wearing big orange headphones. That means she wants me, a total stranger, to talk to her right now.' Hint: It means I want to be left alone on the bus. If I say, 'Thanks for asking, I'm flattered but I can't accept,' that's misinterpreted as, 'Keep asking, text every ten minutes, stalk her on social media, and then harass mutual friends about her.'"

    This one is a biggie. If she’s pretty much the rudest person you’ve ever met, then leave her alone! If she flashes her wedding ring, she does not like you. If she tells you to go away, she doesn’t like you. Girls don’t play hard to get as much as they used to. If they do, do you really want to such childish play games?

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    If Her Smile Is Super Fake And Forced, She Is Uncomfortable
    via: vanityfair.com

    This woman is calling bull on all those guys who think that they can’t read women: "If the smile doesn't reach your eyes, you keep looking around/avoiding eye contact, and not responding with words to encourage a conversation to continue, the guy is either awful at reading social cues or he sees your discomfort as shyness/intimidation. It's the original 'send short, non-encouraging texts until he stops/realizes he's the only one making an effort.' I'm not saying these strategies are always effective or at all good. But the few times I've resorted to them, they worked as well as any other indirect method. Direct is usually the better option, though."

    She believes that with most guys, they can tell if a girl doesn’t like you; they just play dumb to get what they want. She also points out that if a girl smiles, it doesn’t mean anything. However, if the smile doesn’t reach her eyes, you know it’s not genuine. If you can’t spot a fake smile, do some studying. Because girls aren’t “polite” to guys they like… or anyone they like. They are polite to people they have no feelings for whatsoever. 

    If you learn one thing from social cues, please learn about politeness vs. flirting. Pay attention to that smile. Is it courtesy or is it delight?

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    If She Is Mysteriously Always Busy And Can't Ever Hang Out, She Simply Doesn't Want To Hang Out
    via: simbasible.com

    No one is “always” busy. If a girl likes you, she’ll make time for you no matter what. So, in turn, if a girl never ever has time for you, then you probably don’t matter to her very much.

    One woman says, "Brief, curt, infrequent responses mean something. If you don't text, she doesn't text you to ask what's up. She's unavailable to hang out, and never suggests alternatives. In short – women who like you will make time for you. If she can't go to the movies on Thursday, she'll say, 'Oh, I have time off on Saturday between 2 and 5. Want to go then?' If she doesn't like you, she'll just say 'I'm really busy, sorry.'"

    Even if she happens to be super busy, she will let you know that she really does want to see you and talk to you. If she says, “I am so sorry. I do want to go out sometime, but I can’t find time this week,” then she just may truly be busy. However, if she says, “Sorry, too busy,” she might be putting you off. She’ll let you know if she really wants to be with you, because girls should work just as hard as men. If she wants to see you, she needs to let you know that.

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    She Texts You, But Never Wants To Meet Up
    via: nicknotas.com

    It’s easy to text and it’s easy to miscommunicate via text. Leave it to Reddit to point this out:

    "It's so easy to miscommunicate or read into things wrong over texting. My best advice is to use it to make plans, send a quick text to say good morning, send puppy pics, etc. Save the conversation for face-to-face time. If she starts sending clipped replies, taking longer to text back, or not replying, it's either because she decided she's not interested in you, or she's pooping and she forgot her phone, or she's busy doing life things, or she's trying to develop a master plot for world domination and she doesn't need your help for that. Try to make plans to hang out. If she's blowing you off repeatedly, it's time to cut your losses and move on."

    So, often girls will text you when they are bored. For this reason, it’s best to talk to them in person. This is more of a tip than a thing that women do when they don’t like you. If she will never see you and only flirt via text, then she’s just playing with you and has no true interest in you. Just like men, women need to see you and touch you. It takes more than texting to build a relationship. However, if she won’t let you call her, think nothing of it. As far as I’m concerned, 90% of the modern world hates talking on the phone.

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    The Three Types Of Flirting That Guys Don't Always Recognize
    via: seventeen.com

    For those who don’t even know how to tell when a girl is flirting, this is your post: "I figure there are three types:  friendliness misinterpreted as flirting, work flirting to pass the time or for tips, and full flirting, which is to advance a potential relationship with you. If you want to test whether it's full flirting, talk about things you want to do or about places you want to go that they might be interested in as well. They can easily get excited to come along or they can ignore or flat-out reject the idea without offending you. It's subtle enough that you can make a few attempts at it without putting them on the spot."

    There are three types of “flirting.” The first is just straight-up innocuous friendliness. This is in no way flirting and is done by 99% of waitresses. The second is work flirting. This type is not real. It often happens when you get too comfortable with someone who spends all day every day with. The third type is the only type that you should take as a compliment.

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    They Only Contact You When They Need Something
    via: salon.com

    This woman has been burned, but it's good advice: "They can get fed up of you easily and only contact you when they need something."

    People don’t use people that they like. So, if a girl only talks to you when she needs something, she doesn’t like you. You’re just easy. For example, if a girl doesn’t answer your text for three months, she probably doesn’t like you. Pay attention if she comes back really friendly and at the end of the conversation, asks for something. This isn’t always straightforward. If she goes to you only when something is wrong, then she’s using you for emotional support or to get back at another guy.

    If whenever she’s all good again, she quits talking to you, she definitely doesn’t like you at all. You don’t want a user in your life. They cause nothing but hurt, no matter how much you like them. Because they don’t care about you and one-sided love is no love at all.

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    If They Do This

    The best answer goes to this dude, who said, "If they purposefully shoot you then they probably hate you."

    If a girl tries to kill you, then please, do not eat or drink anything she offers you. It may be the last thing you ever put in your mouth and that’s a real shame. So, if she offers you something after not talking to you, not making eye contact, and turning their feet away, call 911 and report a poisoning before taking a bite.

    Side note: Please don’t do this, it’s all in good humor and in no way should be taken seriously. As for the other entries, please pay attention and you may be surprised how easy girls are to read!

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