Girl's Night Out: 15 Confessions From Times They Went Too Far

Every girl has had at least one girl’s night out before. It is always a great way to unwind and relax, and you are never too old for a night out with the girls. Typically, when girls go out for a girl’s night, there is usually a lot of alcohol and goofy behavior involved. Sometimes things can get totally out of hand, memories are made, and regrets happen, but that is what makes these nights so fun.

Sometimes things can get a little too crazy though, as we will learn in this article. Some women just cannot seem to control themselves, and they get totally out of hand, which actually ends up making for some pretty shocking stories. These confessions are loaded with embarrassment and regret, which is what makes them so much fun to read. If you are one of those people that gets joy in reading about other people's embarrassing mishaps then this is definitely the article for you.

Some of these women have made complete fools out of themselves and created memories that they wish that they could just forget. Some of these confessions might leave you shaking your head in disbelief, while others might actually have you thinking back to a time when you did something similar during a night out on the town with your girlfriends. So here are 15 confessions from times that a girl's night out went a little too far.


15 Jumped Into Bed Next To Her Friend's Husband

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This girl took to Whisper to confess that after a long night of partying with her friends she somehow managed to end up with a man that was not her husband. This may sound horrible at first, but actually it was a complete mistake and nothing happened between the two. She said that usually when her and her friends go out drinking, their husbands take turns picking them up, and then they crash at whoever’s house. Apparently she was so out of it that she climbed into her friend's bed, with her friends husband, thinking that she was in her own home with her husband. When she woke up she was super embarrassed, and she said that it was very awkward. My guess it that she probably was not allowed back at their house once her friend found out that she spent the night in bed with husband, even if nothing happened.

14 Partied In A Lake With Some Unexpected Visitors

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A group of four girls were having their monthly night out on the town when things got a little heated. It was getting really late, and the bar was about to close when the girls decided that they needed to cool down a little from the wild partying. That is when they had the idea to find a lake to go take a quick swim in, which probably was not the brightest idea considering how completely out of it they were. When they arrived at the spot they thought was a very secluded lake, the girls decided that they would not want to get their clothing wet, so they ended up swimming "freely." It was not too long after that they all noticed a bright light being shined at them. Apparently this “secluded” lake was actually in the middle of a family-friendly park and someone on their early morning jog phoned the police. All four of the girls were arrested that night, but released the next morning.

13 Took Off Her Wedding Ring To Get Free Drinks

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This one could either be considered very clever, or it could be looked at as a form of cheating. Think about it; if this woman found out that her man took his ring off and acted like he was single all night long at the bar, she would probably be very upset with him, regardless of whether anything happened. Yet she seems to think that it is OK to take her ring off and let other men flirt with her so that she does not have to pay for her own drinks. Imagine how let down the man buying her drinks must feel when she accepts the stuff that they buy for her only to find out that she is actually married and was just using them. This could probably end pretty badly for her one day. On the other hand, maybe her husband is totally OK with her not wearing her ring to get free drinks because that means that she is spending less money.

12 Acted Wild And Unruly At A DUI Checkpoint

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Being the designated driver is never easy; you have to stay totally sober while all of your friends can have a blast. It is also not easy when it comes to actually driving them around, as this next girl learned. She was driving her friends home after a night out on the town when they got stopped at a DUI checkpoint. As the officer approached the car, all the girls in the back began hollering and trying to hit on the officer, saying things like, “Take me away, officer,” and “I wouldn’t mind being handcuffed by you.” The officer made the girl driving step out of the car and take a field sobriety test, which she passed with flying colors. She then apologized to the officer for her friends, and he let them go on about their night. She admitted that she never drove for them again.

11 She Had Some Halloween Fun In The Closet With A "Stranger"

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Costume parties are always a blast. You get to dress up and be someone or something completely different for an entire night. One night a group of girls decided to go to a Halloween party together, where everyone was fully dressed in costumes, most of them unrecognizable. One of the girls from the group got really wild and ended up going into a dark room with a man that she had just met. They started to make out and things started getting steamy when someone interrupted them by opening the door and turning the light on. When the light came on, they both jumped back from one another in shock. As it turns out, the man she “just met” was actually her not s0 attractive friend. They were both so ashamed, and she said she feels super awkward now.

10 Went Out And Returned With Her Clothes Mysteriously Inside Out

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A small group of girls who were friends since middle school decided to meet up one night for some fun, when they sent one of the girls out for some mixers. This girl was already pretty out of it, and in reality she really should not have been going out in the condition that she was in, but when she arrived back at the house that they were hanging out at, something was a little off about her. Not only did she not have anything from the store with her, but all of her clothes were now inside out and backwards. When her friends pointed this out to her, she had no idea why they were that way, and she seemed to be super confused. To this day she claims to have no idea where she went or what she did, but her friends definitely got a kick out of it.

9 Drank A Stranger's Drink Then Chaos Ensued

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One night three best friends decided to crash a huge house party. They stuck close by each other the entire night and got super crazy. When one girl finished what was in her cup she decided to just go ahead and start drinking from a random beer can that she assumed belonged to one of the other girls. However, when she found out that it was a complete stranger’s drink she immediately threw up on the counter that they were standing at. Sounds pretty bad, right? Well this is where things get pretty disgusting, and it definitely is not a story for people with a weak stomach. The girl was so messed up that when she realized that her puke probably had beer in it, she decided it would be a good idea to consume it, instead of just seeking out a new drink for herself. I am not sure how she thought that eating her own vomit was less disgusting than drinking from a stranger’s cup, but it definitely is way worse.


8 Somehow Ended Up On A Stranger's Roof

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It was about two in the morning and two best friends were sitting together having a great time. They had been partying all night and were on about their fourth bottle of wine when they realized where they were. The girls had somehow managed to get themselves stuck on someone’s roof. They were not sure how they got there, and they knew that there was no way down, and they began to panic. One girl took out her phone and put in a call to 911; a fire truck arrived on the scene and was able to safely get them down. The girls were so embarrassed that by the time that the firemen had gotten them down they were feeling pretty sober again. They never did figure out how they got up there, but they will never forget how they got down, and they probably won't be partying that much for a while again.

7 Sent The Most Embarrassing Series Of Messages To Her Boyfriend

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The confession that this girl made on Whisper was actually pretty hilarious. She was probably so embarrassed the next day, but I'm sure that the guy got a kick out of it too. At least this guy knew that his girlfriend was not out talking to other men while she was out of it. He probably found it cute that she liked him so much that he was the only thing that she could think about while she was partying. If it were me receiving those texts and voicemails I would most certainly would have saved the Chewbacca impression to my phone just to tease her with from time to time. She definitely could have been doing much worse things, yet she was probably still horrified at what she had done by the next day. 19 texts is a lot, but he probably did not mind the inappropriate snaps one bit. However, six minutes for a Chewbacca impression seems a bit excessive, if you ask me.

6 Was So Out Of It She Thought She Was At Work

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One night a large of group of girls got together to drink a little and unwind, when one girl took it a little too far and consumed too much. She had gotten so out of it that she began to think that she was at work, which was a residential group home, and she started to knock on one of the bedroom doors to the house that they were hanging out in to “check on her client.” To her surprise, her client was not the one who answered the door, but rather, one of her friends. The girl then started to whisper, “Why are you at my job? Shhhh, I could get fired if they see you.” Apparently this kept going on until the girl passed out. The next day when her friends told her what she was doing, she did not remember a thing, and she was pretty embarrassed by her actions. To take off some embarrassment that she was feeling, she went ahead and helped herself to another drink. Some people never learn.

5 Tried To Adopt A Pine Cone

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Imagine thinking you did something as great as rescuing a hedgehog after a long night of partying, only to wake up and be told that the “hedgehog” that you thought you rescued was really just a pine cone. Talk about a fail. She must have been really intoxicated to not have realized that this thing that was not moving and not making any sound was not an animal like she thought that it was. I guess I can see how she thought that it was a hedgehog, though; at least they look somewhat similar. Her husband was probably shaking his head in disbelief that his wife was able to get that out of her head. This is definitely going to be a story to tell for years to come. In fact, when their kids are all grown up and going out getting into these situations themselves, this woman’s husband is going to be sure that he remembers this story to tell his kids as a way to tease his wife.

4 Yelled At And Harassed A Man For Nothing

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This Whisper user confessed that one night while out at the bar with her friend, her friend began to panic as she realized that she could not find her phone. Convinced that the man sitting next to them stole it, she began screaming at the man, and she continued to scream at him for over an hour with no luck of retrieving her phone. The girls decided to just let it go and leave and when they arrived home, her friend found her phone sitting there at the bottom of her purse, where it was all along. She probably felt so horrible for yelling at that poor innocent man, and if it were me, I would have gone right back to the bar to apologize. Her friend was probably super embarrassed when she pulled that phone out of her purse. Maybe next time she will look a little harder before accusing someone else of stealing from her.

3 Hooked Up With The Absolute Worst Person Possible

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Typically, when it comes to these types of parties, it is the women who are worried about the men having exotic dancers over and hooking up with them, but this girl proved that stereotype to be totally wrong. This girl got super out of hand at her bachelorette party when she began to notice how strikingly handsome the male dancer that they hired was. Things began to heat up between the two as she received a dance from him. He picked her up and took her to a more private room. When they were done, she asked for his name and number, and that was when she realized that the man that she had just hooked up with was her soon to be brother-in-law. She never met him before, but she knew that her soon to be husband had a brother who was a dancer, but she figured, what are the odds? Well, apparently the odds were really good, because it happened, and she was busted.

2 You're In The Wrong House

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Could you imagine being so out of it that you end up in someone else’s house thinking that it is yours? That is exactly what happened to this next girl after a girl’s night out. She had gotten a little crazy at the club, and she ended up having to take an uber home. When she arrived “home” she went about her usual business having a snack, getting a shower, putting on some pyjamas, and laying down in bed to sleep. Just a few hours later though, she was awoken by her neighbor. Confused, she looked up at her neighbor, all squinty-eyed and exhausted and asked, “How did you get in here? Why are you in my house?” The neighbor replied with, “Honey, you are in the wrong house.” Shocked, she shot up out of the bed and gathered all of her clothes and made her way back over to her house.

1 Had The Most Embarrassing Conversation That Didn't Actually Happen

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The next girl will be embarrassed for what she did at a girls-only party for the rest of her life because there is a video to remind her of what she did. Apparently the day after the party this girl started talking to her friends about how amazing the in-depth conversation she had with some person she met there was. The conversation however, did not go quite the way that she remembered it because when she started telling her friends about the greatest conversation of her life, they pulled out their phones to show her how it really went down. Apparently there was no new person that she was talking to, although a conversation did happen – with a poster. That's right; she had an hour long in-depth conversation with a poster and her friends managed to capture every minute of it.


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