Frozen's Elsa: 20 Products That Sold The Most For This Disney Princess

It’s been nearly 5 years since Frozen was released, and it would be an understatement to say that some of us aren’t quite over the phenomena yet. When the tale of two sisters, Anna and Elsa, first burst onto our screens, nobody could’ve imagined how huge it would become or how often you would have “Let It Go” in your head (my count’s around 5 billion by this point).

Not only did the movie become Disney’s most successful film, but it also became the highest-grossing animation of all time! Frozen has become more of a movement than a film, and the mania looks set to continue with the much-anticipated release of Frozen 2 arriving in late 2019. Until then, Frozen geeks (young and old) will at least have some way of entertaining themselves—the endless amount of Elsa and Anna merch out there.

The Frozen gals have sold more toys than any other Disney princesses in history, with official dolls selling out just 4 months after the film’s release. Limited edition dolls of Elsa and Anna reportedly still go for as much as $1,750 on eBay! Crazy. To every kid born in the mid-noughties, hang on to your Frozen merch because it might just help pay for your college tuition one day! Take a look at the 20 toys that made Elsa the most minted Princess of them all.

20 Sing-Along Elsa Doll

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If there’s one thing that Frozen is known for–and always will be until the end of time–it’s the soundtrack. More specifically, the incredibly popular song “Let It Go.” Naturally, it would follow that every little girl and boy in the kingdom has wanted this at some point (and maybe even a few grownup Disney fans, let’s be real).

Sing-along Elsa is yours for around $40 on Amazon and comes with an icy blue microphone to match Elsa’s wintery palace.

The best thing about this cuddly Elsa doll isn’t her hair or her sparkly dress, it’s the fact that she can duet with you. Start singing “Let It Go” into the mic and when you pass it to Elsa, she can finish the lyric for you. Not gonna lie, I kind of want this now.

19 Fisher Price Frozen Ford Mustang

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Okay, so it might not reflect the traditional horse and carriage like the characters ride in the movie, but who cares? These are some seriously rad wheels with Anna and Elsa’s face on, so what kid is gonna complain? The ‘Power Wheels Frozen Ford Mustang’ is just that—a Disneyfied small-scale version of an open-top Mustang. And you have to admit, it’s pretty awesome. Parents of Frozen-obsessed kids on a budget will have to save up for this one because these frozen wheels definitely don’t come cheap.

Most toy stores are still selling it for between $350-$400.

Ouch! So, just what do you get for the eye-watering price tag? According to Fisher Price site, the car can go 5 mph, has a touchscreen control panel, and an mp3 player jack. So about the same as a genuine secondhand car then (with Disney Princess on). I’m sold.

18 Elsa And Anna Princess Costumes

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What’s the first thing every girl or boy wants to do once they’ve seen their favorite Disney film for the millionth time? Dress up as the characters, of course! Naturally,

the Elsa and Anna costumes sold like hot cakes after the film’s release—around $150 million worth, in fact.

Within a year of the film’s release, Disney stores selling the official Frozen ‘Princess Dresses’ shifted more than 3 million costumes. Phew! Frozen might be thought of as more of a Christmas-themed film, but the huge success of the Anna and Elsa dresses meant that the phenomenon quickly became as much a part of Halloween and Thanksgiving as the big day itself. Basically, Frozen overtook (and continues to overtake) the holiday season. To a 6-year-old, Frozen is bigger than Christmas. Fact.

17 Backpack With Hair Accessories

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80’s and 90’s kids will have fond memories of character backpacks back in the day (with matching lunchbox and thermoses too). Happily, it looks like modern kids are just as crazy about them, especially if they happen to feature Elsa and Anna all over them. As you can see,

this bestselling backpack isn’t just a bag, it’s a mobile hair salon (to a 5-year-old girl at least),

so it’s no wonder this has been a big hit with Frozen fan girls. Every little girl (and even some big girls too) had serious hair envy when we first watched the movie. That liberating moment when Elsa lets down her hair in the middle of “Let It Go” to reveal a tumbling braid of perfect platinum blonde tresses made us all want to brush our hair out (whilst stopping occasionally to sing into our hairbrush).

16 Alpine Adventure Playland

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Kids go crazy for ball pools at the best of times, but a Frozen-themed one? Some children must have been close to hyperventilating with excitement when this came on the market. The problem with a regular ball pit or bouncy castle deals of any kind is that you have to: A) share it with other kids, and B) put up with said kid’s smelly feet.

For $30, a child could have their very own ball pool at home—the Frozen ‘Alpine Adventure Playland’.

The ball pit fit for a Princess comes with two fun crawl spaces, a ‘ball toss’ roof, and an interactive side panel. The mini-adventure playland might come with 20 plastic balls, but you know these are gonna go missing in, like, a week. Parents best order a replacement bag of them, just in case. Next move, Disney, a Frozen bouncy ice palace please.

15 Snow Glow Elsa Doll

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Frozen might be loved by fans of all ages, but when the chips are down, it’s really all about the toddlers and tiny kids who still believe in magic. And for them, a Frozen toy probably doesn’t get much more magical than this. The ‘Snow Glow Elsa’ doll might look like your average movie tie-in cuddly toy, but she recreates the most iconic scene in the film; and to a 4-year-old, this is pretty much witchcraft.

The $30 Elsa doll not only sings “Let it Go” when you lift her arm up, but she also kind of becomes Elsa in that scene.

Kids found that when you press her crystal blue necklace, it makes her dress glow and sparkle as if her powers are moving through her, therefore recreating the moment Elsa’s green royal dress becomes her bad-a*s icy blue gown. Ice powers sold separately.

14 Frozen Bedroom Organizer

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Talk about a kids toy that can be enjoyed by both parents and the children. The Frozen ‘Multi-Bin Toy Organizer’ has become a bestseller on Amazon, and it’s not hard to see why. First of all, it promotes tidying up. And second of all, it promotes tidying up with pictures of Elsa and Anna plastered all over.

Kids won’t ever grumble about putting their toys away again (or at least, this was the hope by manufacturers).

At only $30 (the price of many of the dolls on here), this a pretty reasonable price for what is essentially a piece of bedroom furniture. And if it gets your kids keeping their play area neat and tidy, then this is probably the best Frozen ‘toy’ you can buy. Not sure if your 6-year-old will see it that way, though.

13 Sing-Along Boombox

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Because when a sing-along microphone isn’t enough, hardcore Frozen fans out there will want to bring out the big guns—the ‘Cool Tunes Frozen Singalong Boombox’. ‘Frozen’ and ‘Boombox’ are not two words we ever expected would go together (and are a pairing most parents are probably wishing wasn’t true). Nevertheless, it does exist–the official Frozen sing-a-long ghetto blaster–and it’s pretty awesome.

For one thing, this isn’t just restricted to Frozen tunes. You can plug in any mp3 device you want. Although, for the sake of a Happy Christmas or birthday, we’d probably stick to “Let It Go” and “Love Is An Open Door” for now. The boombox itself has also been fashioned into a pretty purse-shaped speaker so your kids can bring it with them every time you go food shopping. Touché, Disney.

12 Elsa’s Lego Ice Castle

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“The pain (of standing barefoot on tiny Lego bricks) never bothered me anyway.” Luckily, this impressive ice castle doesn’t have many small parts so mom and dad are at no real risk of experiencing one of the worst pains...ever. Currently ranked as ‘Amazon’s choice’ for Lego princess toys, this is Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle. And we’re not gonna lie, it does look pretty cool (no pun intended).

The great thing about Lego toy sets is that all kids can play along, even those who perhaps aren’t a die-hard Elsa or Anna fan. Girls and boys who aren’t too crazy about the Snow Queen’s singing and pretty dress can still have tons of fun making Elsa’s ice castle and grand staircase. The mini Olaf and Anna’s sleigh ride are pretty neat accessories too. All yours for around $64.

11 Princess Cosmetic Set

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For all the little girls (and some boys) out there who like to experiment with mom’s expensive lipstick and nail polish, parents will be happy to know that this exists—the Frozen-themed beauty kit with all the makeup and beauty accessories a kid can handle.

Disney’s Frozen Cosmetic Set is currently listed under Amazon’s bestseller tag, and it’s downright adorable.

For just under $12, you get quite a lot of Disneyfied cosmetic bang for your buck. The set includes lip glosses, lip balms, a beauty pouch adorned with Elsa and Anna, nail stickers, stick-on gems, and hair clips. Sure, the lip gloss tubes might get squeezed everywhere and you’ll still find nail gems stuck in your hair after a week, but this is a pretty cute Frozen merch and so much better for them than a smartphone on Christmas. #TheLittleThings

10 Elsa’s Crystal Kingdom Vanity

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What would any Frozen fan be without a mirror mirror on their wall (or in this case, a vanity table)?

For a pretty reasonable $49.99, kids can make believe that they’re a solitary Ice Queen sitting in a palace and making sure their hair looks on point in case someone drops by.

And there’s good news if you don’t happen to be born with Elsa-esque platinum blonde locks—the vanity table comes with an Elsa hair extension, as well as a comb and necklace. If this wasn’t enough, kids get another surprise when they press the gem button in the middle of the table because Elsa and Anna’s face appear with them in the mirror, belting out Anna’s song “First Time in Forever.” You should probably give very young kids some warning about this, though, because that sounds pretty scary to be fair.

9 Hasbro Jenga – The Frozen Edition

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Proof positive that toy makers really did think of everything when it came to Frozen merchandise, this is a Frozen version of the family-favorite Jenga, a game made even before the parents of Frozen-obsessed kids were born. I wonder if they made a Frozen-themed Lava lamp or Rubik’s cube? (Oh wait, they have). All cynicism aside though,

the Hasbro Frozen Jenga game does look pretty fun and quite well-made for the relatively small price tag of $20.

The game comes with an Elsa figurine sitting at the top of her ice palace. So when the ice blocks come tumbling down, so does everyone’s favorite Snow Queen. Come to think of it, watching Elsa fall out of her tower could traumatize tiny Frozen fans just a teensy bit!

8 Elsa & Anna Slumber Bag

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Other than the film itself (or the soundtrack, of course), we honestly can’t think of a more perfect gift for an obsessive Frozen fan girl or boy. When you consider how many repeated viewings kids will have had of Frozen by now, a sleeping bag is a fairly practical thing to have around. Mostly, though, little girls will be taking them to slumber parties where they’ll inevitably watch the film for the millionth time and can snooze in style afterward.

And why just use them for regular sleepovers or on camping trips? These cute Elsa and Anna slumber bags might also be useful for camping outside the movie theater next November. In the run-up to Frozen 2 being released, you just know crazy Elsa cosplayers are going to be first in line for those showings.

7 Elsa’s Magical Rising Castle

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Depending on how old you were when you first watched Frozen (don’t ask me, it’s not polite), the movie probably enchants everyone for a different reason. Teen girls adore the soundtrack and #hairstylegoals it inspires. Those in their twenties pretend not to be obsessed with either. And then there’s the core crazy audience of Frozen—the little girls who discovered Disney for the first time and all the magic that comes with it. Remember when Elsa actually builds the castle all around her and it rises up from a whisp of ice into a full-blown palace? Little girls do. Vividly. Which is why they need this in their life.

It plays music and lights up, but best of all, it magically moves in front of their very eyes.

You can’t usually buy that look of awe on your child’s face, but in this case, it’ll cost you $52.

6 Frozen Light-Up Microphone

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For the kids out there that still sing “Let It Go” at the top of their lungs on a daily basis but still feel like something’s missing in their lives, then this sing-along mic is probably the next logical step. The Frozen Singing Light-up Microphone is a great way to get your kids started early on karaoke and may even prep them for talent shows and eventually The X Factor? Until then, though,

let them sing their little hearts out with this $13 toy that will definitely not get old on long car journeys.

Despite being an Amazon bestseller, the Frozen mic has been criticized for not actually being a proper microphone. Instead, it plays a few bars of Demi Lovato singing “Let It Go” before letting your little one finish the song. As one mom reviewer put it through, “Great for little ones that don’t know any better.” Truth.

5 Elsa & Anna Light-Up Musical Dresses

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What could be better than regular Elsa and Anna costumes? How about ones that light up and play the soundtrack when you wear them? Bingo! Dressing up as their favorite Disney princesses just got even more exciting for kids when Toys R' Us brought these out.

For $25, girls can dress as Elsa or Anna and simply twirl around to activate the sparkles and the tunes.

There so needs to be adult versions of these for Halloween. Unsurprisingly, costumes for Frozen’s male characters, Kristoff and Olaf, haven’t been produced in anywhere near the same quantity, which is a shame because the film definitely has its male fans too. The demand is so much for Frozen toys that Disney has answered a prenatal demand for more boyish Frozen toys. Maybe you’ll be seeing plenty of Kristoffs rocking up with their pet reindeer, Sven, in your neighborhood come October.

4 Frozen Music Set

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Before young Frozen fans can work an iPod or a Spotify playlist, it’s important that they have some kind of outlet for their new obsession with Disney musicals. To that end, a 7-piece Frozen music set seems like the way to go. (Parents, you may want to invest in some earplugs). When singing “Let It Go” until their heart’s content isn’t quite enough, kids can provide their own backing track if they want to or form a band with their friends.

The $20 Sambo music set comes with a giant drum, a pair of maracas, a castanet, a harmonica, a trumpet, a recorder, and a tambourine

(seriously, ear plugs) all decked out in pretty icy blue colors and the faces of Elsa, Anna, and adorable little Olaf. You just know parents are adding noise-canceling headphones to their basket when they pick this set up.

3 Build-A-Bear Princesses

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For kids who prefer a less literal version of their Disney heroines, there are cute and cuddly teddy bear versions of everyone’s favorite snow queen and her kid sister courtesy of the ‘Build-a-Bear workshop’. Whether or not we think these teddy bear versions of Elsa and Anna look slightly creepy is irrelevant. Sometimes, you need something to cuddle on long car journeys, and that’s no fun with traditional plastic dolls. As its name suggests,

the Build-a-Bear Elsa bear can be customized to be as little or as extra ‘Elsa-fied’ as kids like.

The Elsa doll can be a simple blue-and-white teddy bear or she can be dressed up with a blonde braided wig, tiara, and blue snowflake dress. The full works will set parents back around $52. For a fluffy singing Princess? I guess that’s not so bad.

2 Ice-Skating Elsa Doll

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The Frozen ladies look awesome enough in a regular standing position but in a skating pose? A million times better. Especially if it recreates one of the sweetest scenes in the movie. Towards the end of the film (spoiler alert!), their kingdom has been saved and Elsa celebrates by teaching Anna how to ice skate. It’s a really sweet moment and can teach squabbling siblings a thing or two about teamwork.

It’s quite cute then that young Frozen fans can recreate that scene over and over with these adorable ice skating sisters. They currently go for about $24 each, which isn’t so bad considering how true to the film their costumes are. Get any detail wrong about the Snow Queen of Arendelle and you might just have a riot on your hands.

1 Play-Doh Sparkle Snow Dome

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Wait a sec, Frozen Play-Doh is nothing new. It’s what happened when you left your pot of Play-Doh out for too long and it turned rock hard. My mistake. This is Frozen-inspired Play-Doh and therefore, infinitely better than any other Play-Doh product ever made.

The Disney ‘Sparkle Snow Dome’ set by Play-Doh allows kids to not only mess around with fun squidgy plasticine, but to also make their very own Snow globe scene. Too cute!

For a pretty reasonable $25, kids can create their own Frozen winter wonderland with the help of some very sparkly white Play-Doh, some snowflakes and tree cookie cutters, and some very cute Elsa and Anna figurines to stand inside. Kids love Frozen and making a mess, so this toy is kind of a no-brainer!

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