15His "Flashy" Fur Coats

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He claims to have an entire collection that would impress most people, and the coat above was just one of his latest additions from a few months ago.

There was a time when fur coats were very popular, but that has diminished in the past decade. Korean Hulk didn't get the memo, or maybe he just doesn't agree with the anti-fur movement. During his interview with GQ, he spoke about his love for fur coats and the reasons

behind it. As you probably guessed, it has to do with style and standing out in public.

In case you didn't know, fur coats are very expensive, especially when they are as authentic as the one above. At this rate, he will have plenty of critics for choosing to invest in fur coats at a time when they are frowned upon, although that may be more common in the western culture than elsewhere.

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