15 Most Expensive Things Lindsay Lohan’s Korean Hulk Brags About On Instagram

Long gone are the days of Lindsay Lohan's prime years when she was the hottest name in Hollywood. Since then, the industry seems to have completely dropped her as her film appearances got fewer while she continued making the news for all the wrong reasons. From arrests to fights, Lohan was the center of controversy for several years and was on a destructive path that had worried her fans. Although she may not be Hollywood's sweetheart anymore, she has still a huge following today.

And thankfully, her antics seem to have stopped for the most part, and she hasn't been in any trouble with the law. Perhaps she cleaned up her act which is great to hear, especially after having seen her struggle so much for the past decade. These days, she has been the talk of the media due to her connection to Je-yong Ha, also known as The Korean Hulk.

The nickname is self-explanatory. As you can tell by the photos, he may not be tall at all but his body is huge. He claims to be a business man who travels the world and splits his time between Seoul, Dubai, and Moscow. He has reportedly opened several restaurants and clubs around the world. His Instagram following has reached 307K followers, an impressive feat, to say the least, but people have taken an interest to see his lavish lifestyle. Today, we look at the 15 most expensive things Lindsay Lohan's Korean Hulk brags about on Instagram.

15 His "Flashy" Fur Coats

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There was a time when fur coats were very popular, but that has diminished in the past decade. Korean Hulk didn't get the memo, or maybe he just doesn't agree with the anti-fur movement. During his interview with GQ, he spoke about his love for fur coats and the reasons behind it. As you probably guessed, it has to do with style and standing out in public.

He claims to have an entire collection that would impress most people, and the coat above was just one of his latest additions from a few months ago.

In case you didn't know, fur coats are very expensive, especially when they are as authentic as the one above. At this rate, he will have plenty of critics for choosing to invest in fur coats at a time when they are frowned upon, although that may be more common in the western culture than elsewhere.

14 Flashy Jewelry (Who Doesn't Love Jewelry?)

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Recently, GQ reached out to Korean Hulk to learn more about the mysterious man. Although he denied dating Lindsay Lohan and claimed to only be a close friend, he did reveal some information about his personal life. He claims to have plenty of interest, including jewelry as you can tell in the photo above.

Some say that you can never have enough jewelry and Korean Hulk is living proof,

as he shows off his expensive watch, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Some may think that he is only stunting for his Instagram followers, but jewelry is a common theme among his photos. We can't blame him because who doesn't really love jewelry? And as they say, if you have it, then show it off. Korean Hulk seems to live by that as he is never one to shy away from showing us how good he has it.

13 His Luxurious Hotel Rooms (Why Not?)

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Korean Hulk is always on the move from one country to another, so he often stays at different hotels, and all of them are expensive for most of us. The range is so high we wouldn't even bother looking at it because who wants to pay thousands of dollars for an overnight stay, right? Korean Hulk doesn't mind doing so because apparently, maintaining his lifestyle is crucial while on the road. Plus, he gets to enjoy all the perks that come with shelling out that much money for a hotel stay. The photo above was taken at a Ritz Carlton, and you should know how costly that is just by looking at the room. But

if you happen to have missed the spacious fancy room with high-quality couches, then Hulk made sure to inform everyone that it's a presidential suite.

It's only befitting for someone with his money.

12 Blowing His Money On Shopping

Lindsay Lohan and Je-yong Ha, or Korean Hulk as he likes to be called and will be referred to in this article, seem like an odd couple... or friendship as they claim. They live in different parts of the world, and it would be hard to imagine that they have many things in common. Upon further research, we noticed that he loves to show off his latest purchases. Everyone loves shopping, whether they admit it or not. We just can't afford to do it as Korean Hulk does.

While we may buy an item or a few at most from time to time, he doesn't waste any time and buys nearly the entire store.

Lohan seems to be a big fan of the lavish lifestyle, so we can imagine that they get along great just based on that common interest. Between the two of them, we can only speculate as to how much they spend every time they go shopping.

11 Magnum Rose 1990

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Korean Hulk appears to be quite the drinker as he has shared many photos of his favorite choices over the years. His taste leans towards the expensive brands that would make most of us go broke if we were to purchase them. One bottle of champagne bought by Korean Hulk is probably worth a month's rent for most people, but that's no problem for him as he has plenty of money to blow. The bottle above is a Magnum Rose Vintage 1990,

which is pretty costly, to say the least, and goes for as much as thousands of dollars.

He seems generous enough to share his finest bottles of Champagne with his good friend and possible partner, Lindsay Lohan. Some may view his spending habits as a waste of money, but he couldn't care less as he simply enjoys the most luxurious things from cars to jets and even his alcohol.

10 A Really, Really Pricey $400,000 Purse

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Korean Hulk apparently likes to spend money on purses as well. We are sure that it wasn't for himself. Perhaps he bought it as a gift for Lindsay Lohan. But that's one hell of a present regardless of how close they are, as he claims that it cost him $400,000 for the purse. He also claims that it was the second purse of that model to be bought by anyone in the world.

The edge of the purse is packed with diamonds so that is a reasonable explanation for the hefty price.

And while he is free to spend his money as he wishes, we can't help but feel like that is a gigantic waste of money. But according to Korean Hulk, he is willing to pay for anything if he deems it to be worthy. Can't argue with that logic, especially when you consider how loaded he is.

9 Golden Cake, Cake, Cake

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Korean Hulk spends big bucks on almost every possible thing, so what makes you think that food will be an exception for him? Dubai is one of his three favorite destinations, and he spends plenty of time there for business purposes and personal vacation. Wealthy folks tend to love Dubai for a reason since they feel exclusive there due to its costly reputation.

There's a price difference in food that isn't unwarranted, but since it's practically pocket change for him, then we doubt he is very concerned. While on his Dubai trip, Korean Hulk really wanted to enjoy some dessert and took it to the next level by ordering what he calls a golden sponge cake. It just seems like a regular cake surrounded by gold all around. It makes for a nice presentation but obviously doesn't affect the taste; at least not in a positive way.

8 His Very Own Private Jet (But He Can Afford It)

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That photo tells you that Korean Hulk is truly living the life, even more so than the original Hulk. Not only does he have the body size, but he has millions of dollars to spend, probably underestimating his wealth with that figure.

He refers to it as "The Korean Hulk Jet," a very original name as you can tell.

Lindsay Lohan has apparently been a guest on his private jet on more than one occasion, and seeing how empty it is in that photo makes us question the Korean Hulk's decisions. A private jet is very costly and only the richest can afford it. He has been very vague about what he actually does, but he is clearly not just stunting to impress his social media followers at this point or he would have been exposed a while ago as so many others have been in the past.

7 Kicks Always On Point

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Depending on who you ask, the interest in shoes may vary. Some couldn't care less and will wear just about anything, while others pride themselves in having the nicest shoes all the time. Korean Hulk belongs to the latter group with an impressive selection that would make most men envy his money. There are plenty of men who would never pay more than $100 for shoes, while others believe that to be in the low range as they shell out hundreds of dollars with every purchase.

Korean Hulk can't relate to either group as evidenced by his Louis Vuitton shoes, which is simply taking it to another level. His expensive shoes are just an indicator that he loves the most expensive things in the world, regardless of the quality. He is not the type of person to check the price and will likely buy anything as long it's from a high-end brand.

6 A Shirt Made Of Diamonds

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The post above is a video (not a photo) of Korean Hulk showing off his expensive shirt. He is truly shining bright like a diamond as Rihanna once said. But the entire concept of the shirt just seems bizarre and not really worth the investment.

We certainly hope that Korean Hulk will never come to regret his fancy choices as this would top the long list of regrettable choices.

After seeing his Instagram posts, we highly doubt that day will ever come since he seems to have more money than he knows what do with it—a problem that only a few of the population can relate to. The more we get to know Korean Hulk, the more we question his relationship with Lindsay Lohan. We are beginning to think that it wasn't charm or overly-bulked body that sparked a "friendship" between them after all.

5 His Casino Spendings

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When you're as flashy as Korean Hulk, it's only normal to expect him to have a casino-visiting habit. And when you are as rich as him, it's guaranteed that you will be spending so much more money than the average person. He seems to love the casino lifestyle and even more so showing off his earnings to the public. That's the whole point, so we can't necessarily blame him.

And with Hulk willing to spend a large chunk of his money on an any given night, it means that his earnings will be even higher.

He is known to be a regular at several casinos and has probably taken Lindsay Lohan to show her off how ballin' he truly is in person, just in case the mansion, cars, jewelry, and private jet hadn't already made that impression to her and the entire world.

4 His Vacation Destinations (With And Without Lindsay)

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Korean Hulk may have plenty of business to conduct around the world, but he also has free time do visit any destination that he wishes. And it seems like he leans towards Asia and Europe for the most part. Pictured above is Lindsay Lohan's good ol' buddy enjoying a pool in Mykonos, Greece. It is one of the most popular destinations for celebrities and rich people, so it's no wonder that he chose to party up in there.

He also posted photos with Lohan in Mykonos, and they were clearly having the time of their lives.

On top of Mykonos being so great that there is no way someone can't enjoy it, he also has millions of dollars to spend and get the most out of his trips all the time. It appears that he visits Greece very often but it's usually to relax and have a good time rather than do any business.

3 His Mansion (Open To Lots Of Guests)

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Despite being on the road for most of the year, it didn't stop Korean Hulk from investing in a mansion that epitomizes his lavish lifestyle. It's home after all so it has to be up to his standards. And his caption tells you everything that you need to know about him,

as he is more than willing to share his mansion with his guests, especially the ladies.

Since joining Instagram, he has shown off his mansion numerous times and loves to give his followers an insight to every corner there is to emphasize how great he has it. With a mansion that gorgeous, it explains as to why he only stays in the finest and most expensive hotel rooms—he has gotten used to a certain lifestyle and it's difficult for him to adapt to a different environment. To sum it up, he feels home at all times.

2 His Bugatti


If you thought the photo above was Photoshopped, then welcome to the club. But it isn't, as he has shared many photos in his beloved Bugatti which he often brags about and shows off on Instagram. It's just that for some reason, many of his photos have a weird quality and are sized oddly compared to normal photos. It was captured during one of his visits in Dubai as per his Instagram location, where Bugattis are much more common than the rest of the world. Korean Hulk has indicated his love towards cars through interviews and Instagram captions,

naming Bugatti as his personal favorite due to its appearance and performance.

It's hard to argue with him since it's a dream car for so many people who can only wish to drive the vehicle, let alone own it, but Korean Hulk clearly can't relate to our struggles.

1 VIP Tickets To The Most Important Events

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Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao finally faced off in 2015 after years of anticipation. It was considered to be the most hyped boxing fight of all time and broke so many records from attendance to streaming. While most boxing fans dreamed of attending the event, they couldn't afford it since the tickets had reached an unbelievably high price that most simply couldn't afford. Korean Hulk wasn't going to miss this legendary fight and made sure to buy tickets to be in attendance.

He didn't go for the cheaper options either, opting to purchase VIP tickets that surely cost him thousands of dollars.

It wasn't the first time in which he showed off that he was attending an anticipated event as he has done it several times since then. The fight didn't live up to expectations and plenty of fans thought it was a major letdown, so perhaps he would have been better off watching it in his mansion.

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