Fit For A Royal: Meghan Markle's 20 Princess Worthy Outfits From Before She Got Engaged

Initially when it was announced that Prince Harry chose Meghan Markle for his life partner, women all over the world shed tears. It meant that the party loving prince was off the market.

However, none of these women stayed sad for too long: Meghan proved too adorable and too fashionable to hate. Instead, she has become a fashion icon, whose looks are to be admired and fiercely emulated among women worldwide.

But Meghan did not become a fashion icon so suddenly – a little bit of research will show you that she has always dressed elegantly and sensibly. Clearly, the princess-to-be has always possessed grace, poise and charm, something we’re sure delights the royal family to no end.

But just because she has always been elegant doesn’t mean that Meghan is boring – a closer look at her wardrobe will reveal that she is also edgy, something that makes us all incredibly happy. Who doesn’t love a princess with an edge to her fashion? It seems that Princess Kate will be in good company.

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20 Jill Jill Stuart Red Dress


Meghan wore the above stunning red dress by Jill Jill Stuart during the Today Show in July 2016. She looked absolutely stunning and no doubt turned many heads while she was there. Her hair and makeup complimented her look nicely and her shoes elongated her already long legs.

Interestingly, Princess Kate also wore a similar dress at a reception at the Government House in Victoria, Canada in September 2016. If Kate had worn the red dress before Meghan there’s no doubt that many would have suggested that Meghan was copying Kate’s style. However, the fact that Meghan chose the dress before Kate seems to suggest that they may actually be style twins!

19 An Elegant Black Dress


There’s no denying that Meghan looks absolutely fabulous in the black dress above. Once again she chose subtle shoes that played with her height, and subtle makeup which only served to add to the overall look. Meghan chose a relaxed hair-do – why bother with something extravagant when your hair is so soft and luxuriously long anyways?

Black is not the happiest of colors but it is certainly elegant and timeless, so we do hope that Meghan continues to wear black dresses now that she is engaged to Prince Harry. After all, black suits her so well!

18 Romantic White Dress


We’ve already established that Meghan looks amazing in black but we also have to admit that she also looks stunning in white. Take the above look for example – the white, ankle length summer dress suits the future Princess so well. It's as though the dress was made specifically for her.

Meghan’s darker complexion, dark hair, and brown eyes really make the white pop. As always, the Suits actress is wearing subtle makeup and has left her hair down. Could she look any more elegant? We don’t think so.

17 White Wide-Leg Trouser And White Blouse Combo


Meghan doesn’t have to wear dresses and skirts only to look elegant. In the above photo she is wearing a blouse and trouser combination, and she looks as stunning and elegant as ever. The white wide leg trousers look amazing on the future Princess, probably because she is so tall. The white blouse she chose suits the pants, and her smokey eye makeup and messy hair complete the look.

This look is certainly more unusual than anything else that Meghan has opted for but it looks amazing nonetheless. Honestly, it helps that she is so wonderfully tall, and her poise allows her to pull any outfit off. We don’t think that many people could carry this look off as well as she does.

16 A Suit-Able Look


Once again in the above photo, Meghan proves that girls don’t just have to stick to dresses and skirts if they want to look elegant. It is possible to look stylish and graceful even while sporting a suit.

Of course, the above suit is no ordinary suit – it is made up of shorts and a blazer paired with a white blouse. Meghan gives the look a bit of color by pairing it with a bright pink handbag. As always, she wears subtle nude heels to further elongate her legs and sticks to soft makeup.

15 Edgy White Outfit


Meghan clearly loves white and we love white on Meghan (and white seems to love her in return). In the above photo she wears a stunning two-piece white outfit. The two-piece outfit is made up of a skirt and a top which Meghan then paired with a white jacket casually thrown over her shoulders and black heels.

As always, her makeup is classy and not overdone. Her soft, voluminous hair is left to cascade down her shoulders in beautiful bouncy waves. This is one of our favourite outfits worn by Meghan before she got engaged – it is sleek and elegant yet still quite edgy, which we love.

14 The Dress That Showcases Meghan's Legs


Black and white suit Meghan marvelously, but so does red. In the above photo Meghan is wearing a rather short dark red dress which covers her neck but leaves her legs exposed. She is also wearing black shoes and is supporting an elegant clutch. Her red lips outshine the rest of her makeup, but allows the outfit to pop.

Meghan wore the outfit while attending ELLE’s 6th Annual Women In Television Dinner in California. We don’t think she could have chosen a better outfit for the occasion! We hope that now that Meghan’s engaged to Prince Harry she won’t have to give up shorter dresses for good, because her legs look amazing in them.

13 A Little Black Dress


Meghan knows that black suits her and so she often chooses elegant black dresses when attending special events. In the above photo we can see Meghan wearing a tasteful black dress paired with black heels and a black clutch.

As always, Meghan is wearing subtle makeup but this time instead of letting her hair down she has it up in an elegant up-do which accentuates her lovely face.

We are extremely happy Prince Harry chose such a stylish partner for life! This means that we will have another style icon we can admire and emulate. Between Kate and Meghan we’ll have fashion inspiration for life!

12 Beautiful Pink Dress


The above outfit was worn by Meghan during her attendance at ELLE’s Women In Television Celebration in 2013. For the occasion she chose a bright pink dress which she then paired with subtle shoes and a clutch.

We’re amazed at Meghan’s ability to choose her outfits so well – she obviously knows the colors, cuts and shapes that suit her and sticks to them. In fact, she has previously stated that it was Suits costumes that gave her the best fashion education she could hope for – “The fashion on Suits is gorgeous, so it also became my education of designers and really knowing what fits my body well.”

11 Blue Dress Fit For A Princess


Meghan seems to always opt for darker colors when it comes to her outfits purely because they suit her complexion better. Take the above blue Diane von Furstenberg Zarita dress – she looks absolutely stunning in it. Meghan wore it to the Characters Unite event in Los Angeles in 2012. Can you believe that was five years ago? It doesn’t seem like Meghan has aged at all.

Interestingly, Princess Kate has also worn a Zarita dress a couple of times, most recently in November 2017. However, Kate’s dress was black and much longer than the dress worn by Meghan. If this doesn’t prove that Kate and Meghan are style twins, we don’t know what will.

10 A Suit For A Suits Actress


We love seeing Meghan wear elegant dresses and skirts but we also love it when she opts for more casual outfits. The outfit in the above photo certainly falls in the “more casual outfit” category, but remains chic, elegant and fit for a princess (even though she didn’t know she was going to become one when she wore it).

The above outfit is yet another suit. But it is no ordinary suit – it is made up of a blazer and shorts which Meghan has paired with a casual white t-shirt and a black handbag.

9 Princess On Holidays


The above look is what we like to call “a princess on holidays” look. While the white and blue dress are still elegant and sophisticated, it nevertheless has a more casual look and feel to it. Meghan paired the dress with a white clutch, black and white heels, and we can’t get over how good she looks.

Meghan has previously said that she prefers monochrome looks and tends to avoid prints. We think that prints would look amazing on her but we trust her style instincts – “A lot of my personal style is reflected -I like monochromatic and tonal dressing and I don't generally wear prints.”

8 Navy Button-Down Dress


Meghan was snapped wearing the above outfit as she was leaving the Today Show in New York in 2016. The outfit seems pretty simple at first glance – navy-button down dress paired with a black handbag and leopard pumps – but somehow she makes it look amazing.

Meghan has said that with time she has grown more confident and feels more at ease when it comes to fashion – "I think as you get older you feel more confident and you don't need to put that much effort in - to be able to throw your hair up in that very French way doing things. If your outfit is on point, one thing has to be off for you to look perfect."

7 Sweet But Edgy


How amazing is the above outfit that Meghan is wearing? In the photo she is sporting a lacy white dress, silver heels and a statement leather jacket. Had Meghan only worn the dress and the heels she would have looked elegant and graceful. The leather jacket adds a more relaxed vibe, making Meghan appear sweet but edgy.

We do hope that now that Meghan is engaged to Prince Harry and will go on to become a Princess, that she will still manage to add a little originality to her outfits as she has always done. Who doesn’t love a graceful yet slightly edgy princess?

6 Simple Yet Effective Dress


In the above photo Meghan is wearing a blue and silver glittery dress which she has paired with black shoes. As always, Meghan has opted for simple yet effective makeup that only serves to enhance the outfit. This time Meghan decided to put her hair up as opposed to leaving it down which makes her outfit seem more graceful.

But Meghan has confessed that she doesn’t always look this polished, and that she hasn’t been able to avoid fashion fails – “I was going to this event and there was this DVF lace dress with a zipper up the back, and it was so fitted, and had tea length sleeves. Even buying a DVF dress was a big deal, and I bought one in navy and black. It was too tight, and too short, and my hair was too polished, and everything about it was trying too hard.”

5 Stunning Blue Dress That Rivals Kate's Engagement Dress


Meghan wore the above stunning outfit at an Instagram dinner in Toronto in May 2016. The outfit consisted of a stunning blue dress and blue heels. Her subtle makeup and her luxurious, bouncy hair make the outfit.

Meghan’s blue dress has long been compared to that of Kate’s blue dress which she wore during her and Prince William’s engagement announcement. In fact, it was Kate’s blue dress that truly cemented the idea that she was the new fashion icon for women everywhere. We do think that Meghan’s dress was just as stunning so it is no surprise that she is on her way to becoming another royal fashion icon to be admired and emulated.

4 A Dressy Dress


There’s no denying that the above outfit is one of Meghan’s best outfits ever. The maroon dress she is wearing really accentuates her complexion as well as her hair and eye color. She has paired the dress with an elegant clutch and elegant shoes (unfortunately they are not visible in the photo above).

Meghan loves to dress up and it shows in the outfits she chooses – "I love the opportunity to get properly dressed up. I've worn three Lanvin dresses and they've all been a dream. They're so well made, with the most beautiful craftsmanship. I don't tend to go with things that are ornate - just beautifully made pieces and some classic jewelry. Let the work speak for itself. I love that."

3 A Simple Yet Effective Black Dress


Doesn’t Meghan look so much like Princess Kate in the above photo? We truly think she does, which makes sense that she is the newest fashion icon to be an inspiration to women worldwide. No wonder Prince Harry fell in love with her.

In the above photo Meghan is wearing a lace black dress which she paired with subtle shoes. Her makeup is kept simple, as is her hair. Meghan doesn’t need to go over the top to make her looks work. She is a natural beauty already. Going over the top would simply ruin her looks, not enhance them.

2 The Perfect Royal Picnic Outfit


We like to think of the above outfit from August 2016 as “princess going on a picnic” outfit. It’s extremely stylish and playful but it also somehow feels very royal at the same time. In the above photo Meghan is wearing a Kate Spade checkered top and white jeans. She completed her look with yellow heels (and supplies for a picnic!)

Meghan has said in an interview with Glamour magazine that she loves wearing casual clothes. Somehow, however, she makes even casual clothes appear stunning – “My sensibility had always been relaxed California girl style, and on any given day I was in jeans, cut-offs and flip-flops.”

1 You Can't Beat A Simple Black Dress


The above photo was taken six years ago at the Anti-Defamation League Entertainment Industry Awards. For the occasion Meghan chose a stunning black dress which she paired with black heels and a simple bracelet.

While it may seem to us that Meghan can wear absolutely anything and still look stunning, the Suits actress has confessed that that is actually not the case – she just knows how to choose outfits that suit her body! She has said – “Now what I'm starting to learn is, even though things look amazing on the hanger, it doesn't mean they're going to look amazing on me. For example, I love Victoria Beckham dresses, but I don't have the long torso to support that silhouette.”

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